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Manufacturing Artwork

Reporter: DigiDio | Date: Nov, 2014

Allround Promotion Artwork

We did a project for a big printing company who created hardware for one of their printer series. The main focus was to create a full set of inspirational art concerning: Manuals, serie number stickers and single color package print. Important question before we start was if it has to be printed offset or not. I Choose to start this project again with Scribus V1.4.3 and later V1.4.4 It did work out very very well. The manual itself took the most power of my workstation. This document went up at 12800 levels. This manual was fully loaded with vectors and no raster images where brought in. At the end the customer was very happy with the end result.

1. Manual fully based on vector styles 12800 levels !!
2. Same manual detailed view inside
3. Carbon Boxprint one color offset print
4. Scribus screenshot project files

Perfect job Scribus, cheers developers and the community. 2015 bring us hopefully the new upcoming v1.6 release let we hope for it.