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Scribus 1.5.8 released

The Scribus Team is pleased to announce the release of version 1.5.8. Like previous releases, work on version 1.5.8 focused mostly on bugfixes and code optimizations, the latter of which are expected to lead to reliability and speed improvements. We have also begun to prepare Scribus for using Qt6, which will make our work easier for future releases.

High Level Changes:

  • UI Improvements for dark mode and some icon updates and window interactivity
  • Improvements to file import (IDML, PDF, PNG, TIFF, SVG)
  • Improvements to PDF export
  • Improvements with respect to tables (undo/redo, styles)
  • Improvements to the Story Editor
  • Improvements to the build system
  • Translation updates
  • On mac OS, Scribus now includes a bundled Python 3 interpreter and is built for mac OS 10.15/Catalina or higher.

Please note that while some bug fixes still may be backported to the 1.4.x branch, we do not plan an official release of this version anymore. If you think you need the changes, you have to check out the SVN repository and build 1.4.9svn from source.

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