/*************************************************************************** * Copyright (C) 2005 by Craig Bradney * * cbradney@zip.com.au * * * * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify * * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by * * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or * * (at your option) any later version. * * * * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, * * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of * * MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the * * GNU General Public License for more details. * * * * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License * * along with this program; if not, write to the * * Free Software Foundation, Inc., * * 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. * ***************************************************************************/ #include "docsections.h" #include "docsections.moc" // This class implements only the non-GUI parts of the // Document Sections dialog. Please use Qt Designer on // ui/docsectionsbase.ui if you need to modify the layout, // widget properties, etc. #include #include #include #include "pagestructs.h" DocSections::DocSections( QWidget* parent ) : DocSectionsBase( parent, "DocSections" ) { languageChange(); connect( sectionsTable, SIGNAL(valueChanged(int, int)), this, SLOT(tableItemChanged(int, int))); connect( addButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(addEntry())); connect( deleteButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(deleteEntry())); } DocSections::~DocSections() { } void DocSections::languageChange() { QToolTip::add(addButton, ""+ tr("Add a page numbering section to the document. The new section will be added after the currently selected section.") + ""); QToolTip::add(deleteButton, ""+ tr("Delete the currently selected section.") + ""); QToolTip::add(sectionsTable, ""+ tr("Name: Optional name for section eg. Index
" "Shown: Select to show the page numbers in this section if there is one or more text frames setup to do so.
" "From: The page index for this section to start at.
" "To: The page index for this section to stop at.
" "Style: Select the page number style to be used.
" "Start: The index within the Style's range to star at. Eg. If Start=2 and Style=a,b,c, ..., the numbers will begin at b.") +"
"); } void DocSections::setup(const DocumentSectionMap docSections, int maxPageIndex) { localSections=docSections; m_maxpageindex=maxPageIndex; styles << tr("1, 2, 3, ...") << tr("i, ii, iii, ...") << tr("I, II, III, ...") << tr("a, b, c, ...") << tr("A, B, C, ..."); updateTable(); } void DocSections::updateTable() { sectionsTable->setNumRows(localSections.count()); int row=0; for(DocumentSectionMap::Iterator it = localSections.begin(); it!= localSections.end(); ++it) { uint i=0; //Name QTableItem *item1 = new QTableItem(sectionsTable, QTableItem::WhenCurrent, (*it).name); sectionsTable->setItem(row, i++, item1); //Active QCheckTableItem *item2 = new QCheckTableItem(sectionsTable,""); item2->setChecked((*it).active); sectionsTable->setItem(row, i++, item2); //FromIndex QTableItem *item3 = new QTableItem(sectionsTable, QTableItem::WhenCurrent, QString::number((*it).fromindex)); sectionsTable->setItem(row, i++, item3); //ToIndex QTableItem *item4 = new QTableItem(sectionsTable, QTableItem::WhenCurrent, QString::number((*it).toindex)); sectionsTable->setItem(row, i++, item4); //Style QComboTableItem *item5 = new QComboTableItem(sectionsTable, styles); sectionsTable->setItem(row, i++, item5); item5->setCurrentItem((*it).type); //Start Page Number QTableItem *item6 = new QTableItem(sectionsTable, QTableItem::WhenCurrent, QString::number((*it).sectionstartindex)); sectionsTable->setItem(row, i++, item6); //End Page Number /* QTableItem *item7 = new QTableItem(sectionsTable, QTableItem::WhenCurrent, QString::number((*it).sectionstartindex + (*it).toindex - (*it).fromindex)); item7->setEnabled(false); sectionsTable->setItem(row, i++, item7); */ sectionsTable->verticalHeader()->setLabel(row, QString("%1").arg(row)); row++; } deleteButton->setEnabled(localSections.count()>1); } void DocSections::tableItemChanged( int row, int col ) { switch (col) { case 0: localSections[row].name=sectionsTable->text(row, col); break; case 1: localSections[row].active=static_cast(sectionsTable->item(row, col))->isChecked(); break; case 2: localSections[row].fromindex=sectionsTable->text(row, col).toUInt(); break; case 3: localSections[row].toindex=sectionsTable->text(row, col).toUInt(); break; case 4: { QComboTableItem* qcti=dynamic_cast(sectionsTable->item(row,col)); if (qcti!=NULL) { uint index=qcti->currentItem(); if (indextext(row, col).toUInt(); break; default: break; } } void DocSections::addEntry() { int currRow=sectionsTable->currentRow(); bool found=false; DocumentSectionMap::Iterator it = localSections.begin(); int count=0; for(; it!= localSections.end(); ++it) { if(count==currRow) { found=true; break; } ++count; } if (!found) //End of map, just append { struct DocumentSection blank; uint count=localSections.count(); blank.number=count; blank.name=QString::number(count); blank.fromindex=m_maxpageindex; blank.toindex=m_maxpageindex; blank.type=Type_1_2_3; blank.sectionstartindex=1; blank.reversed=false; blank.active=true; localSections.insert(count, blank); } else { //Now, copy to a temp map DocumentSectionMap tempSections(localSections); localSections.clear(); //Copy the temp map entries over. When we find the number of the current row, also insert a new entry. uint i=0; for(DocumentSectionMap::Iterator it2 = tempSections.begin(); it2!= tempSections.end(); ++it2) { it2.data().number=i; localSections.insert(i, it2.data()); if ((*it).number==i) { struct DocumentSection blank; blank.number=++i; blank.name=QString::number(i); blank.fromindex=(*it).toindex+1; blank.toindex=(*it).toindex+2; blank.type=Type_1_2_3; blank.sectionstartindex=1; blank.reversed=false; blank.active=true; localSections.insert(i, blank); } ++i; } } updateTable(); } void DocSections::deleteEntry() { int currRow=sectionsTable->currentRow(); if (currRow==0 && localSections.count()==1) return; bool found=false; DocumentSectionMap::Iterator it = localSections.begin(); int count=0; for(; it!= localSections.end(); ++it) { if(count==currRow) { found=true; break; } ++count; } if (found) { //If we arent at the start, copy the toindex of the current item //to the toindex of the previous item if (it!=localSections.begin()) { DocumentSectionMap::Iterator it2(it); (*--it2).toindex=(*it).toindex; } //Delete the currently selected entry localSections.remove(it); //Now, copy to a temp map and reinsert with consecutive keys again DocumentSectionMap tempSections(localSections); localSections.clear(); uint i=0; it = tempSections.begin(); for(; it!= tempSections.end(); ++it) { it.data().number=i; localSections.insert(i++, it.data()); } int newCount=localSections.count(); //int preIndex=QMAX(currentIndex-1, 0); localSections[0].fromindex=0; localSections[newCount-1].toindex=m_maxpageindex; updateTable(); } } const DocumentSectionMap& DocSections::getNewSections() { return localSections; } WebSVN - Scribus - Blame - Rev 4028 - /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/docsections.cpp

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