! Resene Colour Values Files ! For further information refer to http://www.resene.co.nz ! Copyright Resene Paints Ltd 2009 ! ! Permission to copy the Resene Colour Values files, to modify them, ! to redistribute them, to distribute modified versions, and to use ! them for any purpose is granted, subject to the following restrictions ! and understandings. ! ! 1. Any text copy made of these Resene Colour Values list must include ! this copyright notice in full. ! ! 2. Any redistribution in binary form must reproduce this copyright ! notice in the documentation or other materials provided with the ! distribution. ! ! 3. Resene Paints Ltd makes no warranty or representation that this ! dictionary is error-free, and is under no obligation to provide any ! services, by way of maintenance, update, or otherwise. ! ! 4. There shall be no use of the name of Resene or Resene Paints Ltd ! in any advertising, promotional, or sales literature without prior ! written consent in each case. ! ! 5. These electronic colour formulations may not be used to the detriment ! of Resene Paints Ltd. WebSVN - Scribus - Blame - Rev 17074 - /trunk/Scribus/resources/swatches/COPYING_RESENE.txt

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