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<p>Although developed primarily for Linux, the team is aware of ports or successful compilation for Scribus on FreeBSD, NetBSD, Fink (GPL applications running on OSX with XFree86), Solaris-Sparc and Solaris-x86, HP-UX11 and IRIX. In addition, the author has successfully complied and run earlier versions of Scribus under Solaris/Intel 8 using Sun's Openwin. Scribus has very little platform dependent code, except for Xlibs. News of other successful ports would be welcome. For running Scribus with KDE-Cygwin, see: <a href="cygwin.html">Windows with Cygwin</a>.</p>
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<p>Scribus is currently included, packaged or ported for the following distributions or platforms as of 2004-04-30:</p>
<li>Debian - unstable and testing</li>
<li>Gentoo ebuilds</li>
<li>Knoppix 3.2+ (v. 0.9.7 or newer Scribus versions are on the latest ISOs)</li>
<li>Mandrake 8.2+ - The most recent development versions are frequently available in RPM in cooker. Scribus 1.0.1 is included in Mandrake 9.2</li>
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<li>Suse Linux Professional 9.x includes Scribus 1.1.6 See here: Suse 9.x Graphics Page -</li>
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<li>Lindows - from Click and Run - 1.01 stable is available.</li>
<li>Lycoris - as a downloadable IRIS package.</li>
<li>Fink 0.4+ (GPL Xfree86 applications for OSX).</li>
<li>Open Darwin 1.0 (GPL Xfree86 applications for OSX).</li>
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<li>Fedora Extras has Scribus in Stable. RPMS are available at
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<li>Thanks to Martin Gansser - How to for Compiling Scribus on HP-UX11.</li>
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<li>Alt Linux includes most recent Scribus packages in RPM -"</li>
<li> is an education oriented distro based on Mandrake 9.1.</li>
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<li>Ark Linux has downloadable rpms and includes Scribus as a standard package.</li>
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<li></a> has Slackware 9.x packages.</li>
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<li>Konstruct which allows one to build KDE 3.2 versions, also includes the latest development version of Scribus in the /unstable section.</li>
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