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Scribus - 1.3.3cvs
- 0003297: [General] Scribus Crashes with Code 11 when trying to create a MasterPage of al previously layouted Page. (cbradney)
- 0000316: [User Interface] Image- and textframe creation by dragging from the right to the left side, and fom down to up isnĀ“t possible (cbradney)
- 0003298: [Translation] pt_BR translation (cbradney)
- 0000250: [Shape Drawing] Add control-click/drag for lines to keep to 45 degree angles (cbradney)
- 0003239: [Picture Frames] Picture mask not applied when using a clipping path (jghali)
- 0000390: [User Interface] constrained movement of objects with a modifier key (cbradney)
- 0000697: [User Interface] ctrl+end / ctrl+home (cbradney)
- 0002435: [General] Trying to undo actions done on Master Page Objects whilst in operating on normal Pages triggers a crash. (Tsoots)
- 0002335: [Usability] picture move mode: inconsistent cursor. the cursor randomly changes between a hand and a cross. (cbradney)
- 0003240: [Picture Frames] Clipping path still sometimes not correct (fschmid)
- 0003216: [Import / Export] Misplacing Characters/lines on eps Load (avox)
- 0002294: [User Interface] Undo System: Record multiple duplications as one action (Tsoots)
- 0003290: [Styles] ParagraphStyles are not always alphabetically listed (subik)
- 0003285: [Fonts] Loosing i and l when converting them to outline and exportig to PDF (fschmid)
- 0003286: [Integration] Attempt to edit image fails with "libgimpui-2.0-0.dll was not found" (plinnell)
- 0003272: [PDF] Exported PDFX3 with missing TITLE-Information (fschmid)
- 0003060: [Plug-ins] font preview: hold cursor down pressed updates the preview but not the font name (subik)
- 0003279: [General] Converting text frame to polygon triggers crash (avox)
- 0003154: [User Interface] Preflight button always says "ignore errors" even when it finds no errors. (subik)
- 0003269: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Clear content doesn't work (avox)
- 0002730: [Plug-ins] Barcode generation Engine via Plugin (subik)
- 0003230: [Import / Export] Master page import and deletion issues (cbradney)
- 0003231: [Printing] Images will be printing in black when you apply effects (jghali)
- 0003167: [Picture Frames] EPS previews are wrong in image frames (fschmid)
- 0002054: [General] Hang on saving a complex drawing as an scs. (fschmid)
- 0002684: [Picture Frames] Enlargement of shapes on values other than per cent (cbradney)
- 0003249: [User Interface] Allow showing and hiding of rulers (cbradney)
- 0003251: [PDF] Missing converted to path vectors in PDF export (fschmid)
- 0003254: [Plug-ins] Update for Short Words French (plinnell)
- 0003253: [Import / Export] Add Microsoft Office Word Importer (Tsoots)
- 0003260: [Import / Export] Try to make grouped images visible makes crash (cbradney)
- 0003192: [User Interface] Preview-Background-Color in Change Paragraph Style Dialoge not applied (subik)
- 0002716: [User Interface] Standard layout should only be available if it makes sense (subik)
- 0003126: [Documentation] Help index does not have headings (subik)
- 0003234: [Import / Export] Palm PDB importer (subik)
- 0003263: [Translation] new version of (cbradney)
- 0003243: [User Interface] modifying master pages jumps to page 1 (fschmid)
- 0003252: [Translation] GenericName[sv] in scribus.desktop is not in Swedish (plinnell)
- 0003253: [Import / Export] Add Microsoft Office Word Importer (Tsoots)
- 0003249: [User Interface] Allow showing and hiding of rulers (cbradney)