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Changes since Version 0.9.9
15.05.2003 scribus.cpp Fixed "Paste"-Bug reported by Gerry Updated
14.05.2003 pslib.cpp Removed unused Code
531,7 → 531,7
PfadV = ObjMenu->insertItem(tr("Combine Polygons"), this, SLOT(UniteOb()));
PfadS = ObjMenu->insertItem(tr("Split Polygon"), this, SLOT(SplitUniteOb()));
PfadTP = ObjMenu->insertItem(tr("Convert to Polygon"), this, SLOT(TraceText()));
PfadTP = ObjMenu->insertItem(tr("Convert to Polygons"), this, SLOT(TraceText()));
ObjMenu->setItemEnabled(ShapeM, 0);
ObjMenu->setItemEnabled(DistM, 0);
2871,8 → 2871,8
PageItem *b = doc->ActPage->;
if (Buffer2.startsWith("<SCRIBUSTEXT>"))
Buffer2.remove(0, 13);
QTextStream t(&Buffer2, IO_ReadOnly);
QString Buf = Buffer2.mid(13);
QTextStream t(&Buf, IO_ReadOnly);
QString cc;
while (!t.atEnd())
2712,8 → 2712,20
msgstr "ICC-Profile anwenden"
msgid "Mark Colors out of Gamut"
msgstr "Farben aua├čerhalbe des Farbbereichs markieren"
msgstr "Farben au├čerhalb des Farbbereichs markieren"
msgid "Scale Picture to Frame Size"
msgstr "Bild an Rahmen anpassen"
msgid "Combine Polygons"
msgstr "Polygone vereinen"
msgid "Split Polygon"
msgstr "Polygone teilen"
msgid "Convert to Polygons"
msgstr "In Polygone verwandeln"
msgid "Websave RGB"
msgstr "Websicheres RGB"
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