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<p>So, how does one get the latest GS for Scribus and GSview - without breaking your existing distribution printing setup? The secret: a parallel build of GS.</p>
<p><strong>Disclaimer:</strong> This works for me. It could wreck your system, catch your hair on fire and other nastiness. </p>
<p>First Steps:</p>
<ul><li>Get the latest GS from here: </li>
<ul><li>Get the latest GS from here: <a href="">Ghostscript Downloads</a> </li>
<li>You can manually tweak the make files the old way or </li>
<li>Use the new configure script with the following options (and optionally <code>-with-jasper</code> and <code>-with-rinkj</code> with very latest versions): </li></ul>