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\brief Renders the Preview to a file on Disk
\param Seite int page number
\param Res int
\retval bool Flag indicating succsess
\retval int Flag indicating error
int PPreview::RenderPreview(int Seite, int Res)
588,8 → 588,10
void PPreview::blendImages(QImage &target, ScImage &source, ScColor col)
int h = target.height();
int w = target.width();
//FIXME: if source and target have different sizesomething went wrong.
// eg. loadPicture() failed and returned a 1x1 image
int h = QMIN(target.height(),source.height());
int w = QMIN(target.width(),source.width());
int cyan, c, m, yc, k, cc, mm, yy, kk;
col.getCMYK(&c, &m, &yc, &k);
for (int y=0; y < h; ++y )
640,6 → 642,7
qApp->setOverrideCursor(QCursor(arrowCursor), true);
APage = Seite;
return Bild;