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of -l/--lang <lang> is set correctly. This is also can be changed in the preferences
and takes effect immediately.
The EPS/PS import feature in 1.3.x uses advanced features of Ghostscript. We
The EPS/PS import feature again improved in 1.3.3 uses advanced features of Ghostscript. We
recommend ALL users update to the newest version of Ghostscript available for
your distribution. In addition, if you still have GS 7.0x, there are detailed hints on for installing GS 8.x in parallel to the GS installed by your
The current importer will now import raster images within an EPS file provided you have at
least GS 8.15, with the current limitations:
* imagemask doesn't work correctly
* clip path is ignored
* creates one file for each bitmap, which can be a lot
Activating Color Management *requires* installation of CMYK and RGB ICC
profiles. Please see the included help files, FAQ's on and for details. As of the 1.3.1 release, Scribus ships with