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173,10 → 173,16
bool readFrom(QString inFileName);
bool readFrom(FILE* inFilePtr);
* @brief Return human-readable explanation of last error.
* @warning Do not depend on particular values of this in your code.
const QString& lastError() const;
// Populate the current DOM tree with the settings from the
// current PDFOptions instance.
bool buildSettings();
void buildSettings();
// Helper functions. Add elements under the root element
// with a single attribute "value=" set to the passed value.
184,6 → 190,7
void addElem(QString name, QString value);
void addElem(QString name, int value);
void addElem(QString name, double value);
void addList(QString name, QValueList<QString>& value);
// The QDomDocument used by the class for all its XML work
QDomDocument doc;
195,6 → 202,10
// Version, of the form Mmpr: Major, minor, patch, revision
// eg 1300 - 1.3.0r0
static const int formatVersion;
// Error explanation if a function fails
// For user only, do not depend on particular values of this.
QString error;