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(C) 2005 by Thomas R. Koll, <>,
(c) 2008, 2010 modifications, additional features, and some repair
by Gregory Pittman
(c) 2008, 2010, 2012 modifications, additional features, and reversion back to using PIL again! by Gregory Pittman
A simple script for exact placement of a frame (infobox)
over the current textbox, asking the user for the width
44,6 → 44,8
* Infobox has Text Flows Around Frame activated, also
Scale Image to Frame for images.
* If you load an image with the script, an exactly correct frame height is made.
Select a textframe, start the script and have phun
59,6 → 61,11
print "Unable to import the 'scribus' module. This script will only run within"
print "the Python interpreter embedded in Scribus. Try Script->Execute Script."
from PIL import Image
except ImportError:
print "Unable to import the Python Imaging Library module."
def main(argv):
unit = scribus.getUnit()
136,13 → 143,16
if (frametype == 'imageL'):
imageload = scribus.fileDialog('Load image','Images(*.jpg *.png *.tif *.JPG *.PNG *.jpeg *.JPEG *.TIF)',haspreview=1)
im =
xsize, ysize = im.size
new_height = float(ysize)/float(xsize)*new_width
new_image = scribus.createImage(new_left, float(new_top), new_width, float(new_height),framename)
scribus.loadImage(imageload, new_image)
scribus.messageBox('Please Note',"Your frame will be created once you click OK.\n\nUse the Context Menu to Adjust Frame to Image.\n\nIf your image does not fill the width completely,\nstretch the frame vertically first.",scribus.BUTTON_OK)
new_image = scribus.createImage(new_left, float(new_top), new_width, float(new_height),framename)
scribus.textFlowMode(new_image, 1)
scribus.setScaleImageToFrame(scaletoframe=1, proportional=1, name=new_image)
# scribus.setScaleImageToFrame(scaletoframe=1, proportional=1, name=new_image)
if __name__ == '__main__':
# This script makes no sense without a document open
if not scribus.haveDoc():