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Scribus - 1.3.3cvs
- 0003172: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Show Unicode codes by default in "insert glyphs" dialogs (fschmid)
- 0003122: [Plug-ins] Change the sample text in the font preview window (subik)
- 0003058: [User Interface] Horizontal (vertical) guides are removed when moving them to the scratch space at the right or left side (top or bottom) (fschmid)
- 0003166: [User Interface] incorrect ruler origin, possible loss of precision in page item placement (fschmid)
- 0003139: [User Interface] Arrange Pages: Pages created in this palette do not have a page number in it (fschmid)
- 0003134: [User Interface] copy with right click and drag does not work (cbradney)
- 0003067: [Win32] home icon looks wrong (jghali)
- 0003070: [Win32] issue with activating picture edit mode with doubleclick (jghali)
- 0003116: [Printing] Add in ability to import printer minimum margins from CUPS (cbradney)
- 0002356: [Usability] File - open recent files: Add accelerators for the entries (&1, &2 etc) (cbradney)
- 0003169: [User Interface] Path separators in recent file menu should be a backslash on windows (cbradney)
- 0003165: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Inserting any character over selected text from the Insert menu doesn't overwrite the selection (cbradney)
- 0003153: [Printing] Preflight does not ignore items marked 'printing disabled' (fschmid)
- 0003136: [Win32] gimp-win-remote doesn't work (jghali)
- 0003135: [Win32] Edit picture crashes GIMP 2.2 (jghali)
- 0003142: [Fonts] Add symbols for font formats in all dialogs where the font can be changed (fschmid)