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of -l/--lang <lang> is set correctly. This is also can be changed in the preferences
and takes effect immediately.
The EPS/PS import feature in 1.3.x uses advanced features of Ghostscript. We
The EPS/PS import feature again improved in 1.3.3 uses advanced features of Ghostscript. We
recommend ALL users update to the newest version of Ghostscript available for
your distribution. In addition, if you still have GS 7.0x, there are detailed hints on for installing GS 8.x in parallel to the GS installed by your
The current importer will now import raster images within an EPS file provided you have at
least GS 8.15, with the current limitations:
* imagemask doesn't work correctly
* clip path is ignored
* creates one file for each bitmap, which can be a lot
Activating Color Management *requires* installation of CMYK and RGB ICC
profiles. Please see the included help files, FAQ's on and for details. As of the 1.3.1 release, Scribus ships with
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Scribus - 1.3.3cvs
- 0003434: [General] Snap to guides can screw up vector graphics (fschmid)
- 0003504: [Fonts] Duplicate Fonts are reported as broken, when in fact they are not (avox)
- 0003465: [Translation] update of russian translation for upcoming v1.3.3 (cbradney)
- 0003506: [Translation] (Slovenian) (plinnell)
- 0003318: [Win32] crashes after some 10 frames are moved from page to page without saving (jghali)
- 0003365: [Import / Export] Importing images from the attached ps file fails (avox)
- 0003405: [User Interface] zoom from view menu changes page displayed (fschmid)
- 0003469: [Import / Export] scribus produces broken screen and pdf output when importing a psd file with layers (fschmid)
- 0003502: [Translation] Ukrainian translation update for the upcoming 1.3.3 release (cbradney)
- 0003500: [Translation] Updated de and de_ol files (cbradney)
- 0003498: [Translation] Dutch translation update for 1.3.3 (plinnell)
- 0003499: [Translation] german 1.3.3 translation (cbradney)
- 0003272: [PDF] Exported PDFX3 with missing TITLE-Information (fschmid)
- 0003240: [Picture Frames] Clipping path still sometimes not correct (fschmid)
- 0003238: [PDF] crash when exporting PDF (fschmid)
- 0003427: [Win32] task bar reports "application scribus" if scribus windows gets grouped (cbradney)
- 0003204: [General] Missing Aktion tag value for recreated bookmarks (fschmid)
- 0003421: [Story Editor / Text Frames] inaccurate display and weird behavior of text alignment buttons in properties (cbradney)
- 0003386: [PDF] Effects in Screen PDF display all pages without stopping (fschmid)
- 0003145: [General] Switching UI language doesn't work for all dialogs (cbradney)
- 0003372: [Undo/Redo] Restored text frames lose their content and don't accept sample text (avox)
- 0003488: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Item list corruption when linking items and not renumbering them (cbradney)
- 0003496: [User Interface] Untranslatable strings (cbradney)
- 0003418: [Shape Drawing] "Round corners" in PP needs to be greyed out for polygons and shapes (fschmid)
- 0003492: [Plug-ins] colorwheel: when doing import colors it should be possible to import by double click (subik)
- 0003495: [Plug-ins] colorwheel: entering a value into radius field and pressing enter adds the colours (subik)
- 0003491: [Plug-ins] color wheel: inner circle is not updated when choosing color components (subik)
- 0003485: [Translation] Updated Danish Translation (plinnell)
- 0003487: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crash caused by middle clicking text frame when in frame linking mode. (cbradney)
- 0003478: [General] Converting page to Master Page doesn't carry margins. (cbradney)
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Plans for the next Release can be seen on website on the roadmap document.
Plans for the next Release can be seen on website on the roadmap document.