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This module is being used to track repository admin info such as appropriate permission and group settings and the reasons for them.
{{{ cvs} cvscomm } cvsadm }
cvs: read and check out
cvscomm: commit, branch, tag
cvsadm: new modules
/cvs root:scvs 2750
Everybody with cvs access needs to be able to read this, but nobody
else should be able to even traverse into it. This provides our
limit on read/checkout access.
/cvs/CVSROOT root:scvsadm 2775
Only admins should be able to write to the CVSROOT, everybody
needs to read and explore it.
/cvs/CVSROOT/* root:scvsadm 664
Only admins need to be able to alter most of these files.
/cvs/CVSROOT/history root:scvs 664
To check out a module you must be able to write to this file
/cvs/Scribus root:cvscomm 2775
Everybody needs to read this, but only committers need to write
to it.
/cvs/Scribus/CVSROOT root:cvscomm ????
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Added: svn:keywords
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