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# registry as appropriate.
from supybot.questions import expect, anything, something, yn
conf.registerPlugin('Svnwatch', True)
output('The default SVN xml URI is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx')
output('The default SVN xml URI is')
if yn('Would you like to specify a SVN xml URI?'):
xmluri = something('SVN XML URI?')
40,7 → 40,7
# conf.registerGlobalValue(Svnwatch, 'someConfigVariableName',
# registry.Boolean(False, """Help for someConfigVariableName."""))
conf.registerGlobalValue(Svnwatch, 'xmluri',
"""The uri for the exported SVN XML source."""))
conf.registerGlobalValue(Svnwatch, 'fetchPeriod',
registry.PositiveInteger(60, """Indicates how many seconds the