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return QRectF(x,y,w,h);
bool Selection::containsItemType(PageItem::ItemType type) const
if (m_SelList.isEmpty())
return false;
SelectionList::ConstIterator it = m_SelList.begin();
SelectionList::ConstIterator itend = m_SelList.end();
PageItem::ItemType itemType = (*it)->itemType();
for (; it != itend; ++it)
if ((*it)->itemType() == itemType)
return true;
return false;
bool Selection::itemsAreSameType() const
//CB Putting count=1 before isempty test as its probably the most likely, given our view code.
150,8 → 150,6
QRectF getGroupRect();
void getVisualGroupRect(double *x, double *y, double *w, double *h);
QRectF getVisualGroupRect();
//!\brief Test if selection contains object of specified item type
bool containsItemType(PageItem::ItemType type) const;
//!\brief Test to see if all items in the selection are the same typedef
bool itemsAreSameType() const;