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30,15 → 30,14
- The Microsoft Platform SDK
- CMake 2.5.x (2.4.x WILL NOT WORK)
- A recent Qt 4.3 snapshot built with Visual Studio 8 2005
(see below)
- libxml2 win32 binaries from the libxml project
- libjpeg sources from
- libtiff sources from
- libpng sources from
- zlib sources from
- freetype sources from
- LittleCMS sources from
- PoDoFo 0.5.0 (and ONLY 0.5.0) sources from
- libtiff sources
- libpng sources
- zlib sources
- freetype sources
- LittleCMS sources
- PoDoFo 0.5.0 (and ONLY 0.5.0) sources.
- A Python 2.5 Windows binary build.
For debug builds, you'll need a release that contains the python25_d.dll .
73,7 → 72,7
set LIB=
set SCPNGPROJ=%PNGDIR%\projects\visualc71\
del cmakecache.txt
"%CMAKE%" -G "Visual Studio 8 2005" -DCMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH:PATH=%QTDIR%\src\3rdparty\zlib;%QTDIR%\src\3rdparty\libpng;%ZLIBDIR%;%ZLIBDIR%\include;%PNGDIR%;%PNGDIR%\include;%LCMSDIR%\include;%JPEGDIR%;%JPEGDIR%\include;%TIFFDIR%\libtiff;%TIFFDIR%\include;%FREETYPEDIR%\include;%FREETYPEDIR%\include\freetype2;%PODOFODIR%\include;%LIBXMLDIR%\include -DCMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH:PATH=%ZLIBDIR%\lib;%SCPNGPROJ%\Win32_DLL_Debug\Zlib;%SCPNGPROJ%\Win32_DLL_Release\Zlib;%PNGDIR%\lib;%SCPNGPROJ%\Win32_DLL_Debug;%SCPNGPROJ%\Win32_DLL_Release;%LCMSDIR%\lib;%LCMSDIR%\Lib\MS;%LCMSDIR%\Lib\MS\dll;%JPEGDIR%;%JPEGDIR%\lib;%TIFFDIR%\libtiff;%TIFFDIR%\lib;%FREETYPEDIR%\objs;%FREETYPEDIR%\lib;%PODOFODIR%\lib;%LIBXMLDIR%\lib -DLIBPODOFO_SHARED=%PODOFOSHARED% -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=c:\developer\scribus-bin -DJPEG_NAMES:STRING=libjpeg -DFREETYPE_LIBRARY_NAMES_RELEASE=freetype235MT -DFREETYPE_LIBRARY_NAMES_DEBUG=freetype235MT_D -DUSE_QT_ZLIB_PNGLIB=1 ..\scribus-trunk
"%CMAKE%" -G "Visual Studio 8 2005" -DCMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH:PATH=%ZLIBDIR%;%ZLIBDIR%\include;%PNGDIR%;%PNGDIR%\include;%LCMSDIR%\include;%JPEGDIR%;%JPEGDIR%\include;%TIFFDIR%\libtiff;%TIFFDIR%\include;%FREETYPEDIR%\include;%FREETYPEDIR%\include\freetype2;%PODOFODIR%\include;%LIBXMLDIR%\include -DCMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH:PATH=%ZLIBDIR%\lib;%SCPNGPROJ%\Win32_DLL_Debug\Zlib;%SCPNGPROJ%\Win32_DLL_Release\Zlib;%PNGDIR%\lib;%SCPNGPROJ%\Win32_DLL_Debug;%SCPNGPROJ%\Win32_DLL_Release;%LCMSDIR%\lib;%LCMSDIR%\Lib\MS;%JPEGDIR%;%JPEGDIR%\lib;%TIFFDIR%\libtiff;%TIFFDIR%\lib;%FREETYPEDIR%\objs;%FREETYPEDIR%\lib;%PODOFODIR%\lib;%LIBXMLDIR%\lib -DLIBPODOFO_SHARED=%PODOFOSHARED% -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=c:\developer\scribus-bin -DPNG_NAMES:STRING=libpng13 -DJPEG_NAMES:STRING=libjpeg -DFREETYPE_LIBRARY_NAMES=freetype235MT ..\scribus-trunk
The above script is designed to work with common arrangements of library
129,20 → 128,45
Zlib and LibPNG are both embedded in the QtCore library with symbols exported
for public use . If you're using a Qt binary redist you may still need to
download these libraries sources for their headers. In most cases your
copy of Qt will contain a directory called %QTDIR%\src\3rdparty\zlib
(and one for libpng), in which case you need not worry about these libraries at
download the sources from from and unpack to your main
libraries directory. Rename the unpacked sources directory to "zlib".
libpng relies on this.
Don't bother building it. libpng will do that for us.
[TODO: use Qt zlib]
get sources from:
unpack with the same parent directory as zlib.
open projects\visualc71\libpng.sln
build "Release DLL"
build "Debug DLL"
If you build libpng and zlib with Visual Studio 8, you will
get DLLs with the official names, but they will not be fully
binary compatible with the official DLLs. We can get away
with using them privately for Scribus, but for a release
it's recommended that you rebuild the DLLs with different
[TODO: use Qt libpng]
While Qt also bundles libjpeg, it's not linked to the main DLL but rather a plugin.
As such, we need to link to it directly.
Get jpeg sources from . Unpack to your libraries directory.
Now, in a command prompt:
159,8 → 183,8
Get lcms sources.
Build using VC project in Projects dir. Build the DLL ("lcmsdll"
project) in debug and release configurations.
Build using VC project in Projects dir. Only build the DLL
(right click -> build on lcmsdll).
Now modify lcms.h and remove:
175,11 → 199,8
While Qt also bundles libtiff, it's not linked to the main DLL but rather a plugin.
As such, we need to link to it directly.
download and unpack libtiff
Download libtiff sources from and unpack them.
in a vcvars/setenv window:
set INCLUDE=%INCLUDE%;\path\to\jpeg\include;\path\to\zlib\include
188,11 → 209,6
cd %LIBTIFFDIR%\libtiff
nmake /nologo /f libtiff.lib
Since we're building libtiff as a static library, there's no need to worry
about which runtime it's linked to. You can build the DLL if you like
(you need to specify LIBS= to include Qt [for zlib] and libjpeg) but
the static library should be fine.
202,9 → 218,6
build "Release Multithreaded" and "Debug Multithreaded"
Note that if you're not using Freetype 2.3.5 exactly, you will have
to change the freetype library names passed in the build.cmd script.
219,3 → 232,10
Remember that iconv from the same package must be on the
header search path too. If in doubt, just drop iconv.h
into the libxml tree.
CMake doesn't find zlib; you have to tell it it's zlib1 by modifying FindZLIB.cmake