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# 2005/02/07 Brazilian Portguese by Ludi Maciel & Frederico Guimarães
# 2005/05/17 Claudio Beccari <> notices about
# ISO regulations in the case of the physics
# 2005/08/28 german by Christoph Schäfer <>
# Use UTF8 as coding of this file!
# Character "#" begins a comment line, empty lines ignored too.
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# Brazilian Portguese - FIM
#  German short words START here
de=Dr. ,Prof. ,Hr. ,Hrn. ,Fr. ,Frl. ,Dr. jur. ,Dr. med. ,Dr. med. dent. ,Dr. med. vet. ,Dr. phil. ,Dr. rer. nat. ,Dr. rer. pol.,Dr. theol. ,Dr. rer. soc. ,habil. ,Frhr. ,
## physics and math
de= t, kg, g, mg, km, m, cm, mm, qm, ha, l, L, hl, HL, cl, dl, min, Min., h, s, Hz, kHz, KHz, MHz, kW, m/s, km/h, MEZ, Mrd., Mio, PS, rm, U/min, v. H., v.H., %,
## Misc
de=d. h. ,d.h. , a. a. O., a.a.O.,à ,& ,§ ,§§ , EUR, USD, DM, A. D. , A.D., a. D., a.D.,Abb. ,Best.-Nr. ,Nr. ,No. , d. Ä.,d.Ä. , d. Gr., d.Gr., d. J., d.J., d. M., d.M., n. M., n.M., n. J., n.J., dgl., et al.,gegr. ,i. J. , i. R., Jh., o. ä., o.ä.,rd. , jun., sen., u. d. M., u.d.M., ü. d. M., ü.d.M., v. Chr., v.Chr., v. J., v.J., v. M., v.M.,
#  German short words - THE END
# end of the config file