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This is Scribus Version 1.2.1
This is Scribus Version 1.2.2
The Scribus 1.2.x versions feature a complete rewrite of the rendering engine.
All rendering is done via libart and freetype2.
This requires that libart_lgpl and freetype2 are installed.
Scribus 1.2.1 also has a new Writer and Draw importer. This
Version 1.2.2 now includes the Short Words plug-in, which was previously
installed as a separate plug-in. To prevent upgrade problems, you might want to
uninstall if it was installed via a package or RPM. This was also shiped as the
scribus-vlna package in both source and rpm format.
Scribus 1.2.x also has a new Writer and Draw importer. This
requires libxml2, preferably version 2.6.x+. The Writer importer
will import styles from the doc and will create similar styles
within your Scribus document.
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Franz Schmid
Peter Linnell
in January 2005
in February 2005