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Regard whitespace Rev 283 → Rev 282

1,14 → 1,5
Changes since Version 1.1.6
* bug #634: Can't edit Line Style name
* bug #638: Rename the translation file for Basque language
* bug #644: Crash caused by mouse cursor crossing from linked text frame # 2 to # 1
* bug #645: Update scribus.no_NO.po to remove some obsolete strings that interfere with msgmerge
* bug #646: There are many empty tr( "" ) strings that confuse and slow down xgettext on the .pot file update
* feature #592: Ability to export a page to a bitmap format
* feature #640: delete any object by pressing <del>
* bug #613: Autotools fix for Debian
* bug #625: Suggestion for Speed up of SVG Import
80,7 → 80,6
sFnumber = TempStyles.begin().key();
sFnumber = "";
146,7 → 145,6
if (sFnumber != dia->SName->text())
Replacement.insert(sFnumber, dia->SName->text());
TempStyles.insert(dia->SName->text(), dia->TempVorl);
sFnumber = dia->SName->text();
165,12 → 163,10
tr("Do you really want do delete this Style?"),
0, 0, 0);
0, QMessageBox::No, QMessageBox::Yes);
/* PFJ - 29.02.04 - Changed from 1 to QMessageBox::Yes */
/* FS - 12.05.04 the 1 is correct in this version of QMessageBox, it returns the Nr of the clicked Button either 0 or 1 or 2 */
if (exit == 1)
if (exit == QMessageBox::Yes)
Replacement.insert(sFnumber, "");
1,8 → 1,6
#include "about.h"
#include "about.moc"
#include <qpixmap.h>
#include <qtextstream.h>
#include <qtooltip.h>
#if (_MSC_VER >=1200)
#include "win-config.h"
56,7 → 54,7
tabLayout1->addWidget( PixmapLabel1 );
BuildID = new QLabel( tab, "BB" );
QString bu = tr("%1. %2 %3 ").arg("12").arg("May").arg("2004");
QString bu = tr("%1. %2 %3 ").arg("11").arg("May").arg("2004");
#ifdef HAVE_CMS
bu += "C";
223,8 → 221,6
AboutLayout->addLayout( Layout2 );
QToolTip::add( BuildID, tr( "This panel shows the version, build date and\n compiled in library support in Scribus\nThe C-C-T equates to C=CUPS C=littlecms T=TIFF support.\nMissing library support is indicated by a *" ) );
// signals and slots connections
connect( PushButton1, SIGNAL( clicked() ), this, SLOT( accept() ) );
448,7 → 448,7
DocDir = Prefs.DocDir;
splash->setStatus( tr(""));
splash->setStatus( tr("Setting up Shortcuts"));
if (CMSavail)
1581,11 → 1581,6
if (b->CPos == static_cast<int>(b->Ptext.count()))
if (b->>CPos-1)->cstyle & 256)
b->CPos -= 1;
while (b->>CPos)->cstyle & 256)
1592,17 → 1587,6
if (b->CPos == 0)
while (b->>CPos)->cstyle & 256)
if (b->CPos == 0)
if ( b->HasSel )
doc->ActPage->RefreshItem(b, true);
5365,25 → 5349,19
for (uint d = 0; d < view->>Items.count(); ++d)
ite = view->>;
if (ite->NamedLStyle != "")
if (!doc->MLineStyles.contains(ite->NamedLStyle))
ite->NamedLStyle = dia->Replacement[ite->NamedLStyle];
ite->NamedLStyle = "";
for (uint c1 = 0; c1 < view->MasterPages.count(); ++c1)
for (uint d1 = 0; d1 < view->>Items.count(); ++d1)
ite = view->>;
if (ite->NamedLStyle != "")
if (!doc->MLineStyles.contains(ite->NamedLStyle))
ite->NamedLStyle = dia->Replacement[ite->NamedLStyle];
ite->NamedLStyle = "";
File deleted
Property changes:
Deleted: svn:eol-style
## -1 +0,0 ##
\ No newline at end of property
Deleted: svn:keywords
## -1 +0,0 ##
-Author Date Id Revision
\ No newline at end of property
Index: Scribus/scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/dialog.ui.h
--- Scribus/scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/dialog.ui.h (revision 283)
+++ Scribus/scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/dialog.ui.h (nonexistent)
@@ -1,68 +0,0 @@
-** ui.h extension file, included from the uic-generated form implementation.
-** If you want to add, delete, or rename functions or slots, use
-** Qt Designer to update this file, preserving your code.
-** You should not define a constructor or destructor in this file.
-** Instead, write your code in functions called init() and destroy().
-** These will automatically be called by the form's constructor and
-** destructor.
-#include <qfiledialog.h>
-void ExportForm::OutputDirectoryButton_pressed()
- QString d = QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory(
- QDir::currentDirPath(),
- this,
- "d",
- tr("Choose a Export Directory"),
- true);
- if (d.length()>0)
- OutputDirectory->setText(d);
-void ExportForm::OkButton_pressed()
- bitmapType = BitmapType->currentText();
- writeConfig();
- accept();
-void ExportForm::CancelButton_pressed()
- reject();
-void ExportForm::IntervalPagesRadio_stateChanged(int)
- FromBox->setEnabled(TRUE);
- ToBox->setEnabled(TRUE);
-void ExportForm::AllPagesRadio_stateChanged(int)
- FromBox->setEnabled(FALSE);
- ToBox->setEnabled(FALSE);
-void ExportForm::OnePageRadio_stateChanged(int)
- FromBox->setEnabled(FALSE);
- ToBox->setEnabled(FALSE);
-void ExportForm::ToBox_valueChanged(int)
- if (ToBox->value()<FromBox->value())
- FromBox->setValue(ToBox->value()-1);
Property changes:
Deleted: svn:eol-style
## -1 +0,0 ##
\ No newline at end of property
Deleted: svn:keywords
## -1 +0,0 ##
-Author Date Id Revision
\ No newline at end of property
Index: Scribus/scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/export.cpp
--- Scribus/scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/export.cpp (revision 283)
+++ Scribus/scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/export.cpp (nonexistent)
@@ -1,155 +0,0 @@
-#include "export.h"
-#include "dialog.h"
-#include "export.moc"
-#include <qpixmap.h>
-#include <qstring.h>
-#include <qdir.h>
-#include <qcursor.h>
-QString Name()
- return QObject::tr("Save As Image...");
-int Type()
- return 3;
-void Run(QWidget *d, ScribusApp *plug)
- bool res;
- ExportBitmap *ex = new ExportBitmap(plug);
- ExportForm *dia = new ExportForm(d, ex->pageSize, ex->quality, ex->bitmapType);
- // interval widgets handling
- dia->ToBox->setMaxValue(plug->doc->PageC);
- dia->FromBox->setMaxValue(plug->doc->PageC - 1);
- dia->ToBox->setValue(plug->doc->PageC);
- // main "loop"
- if (dia->exec()==QDialog::Accepted)
- {
- QApplication::setOverrideCursor(QCursor(Qt::WaitCursor));
- ex->pageSize = dia->SizeBox->value();
- ex->quality = dia->QualityBox->value();
- ex->exportDir = dia->OutputDirectory->text();
- ex->bitmapType = dia->bitmapType;
- switch (dia->ButtonGroup1->id(dia->ButtonGroup1->selected()))
- {
- case 0: res = ex->exportActual();
- break;
- case 1: res = ex->exportAll();
- break;
- case 2: res = ex->exportInterval(
- dia->FromBox->value(),
- dia->ToBox->value()
- );
- break;
- } // switch
- QApplication::restoreOverrideCursor();
- if (!res)
- {
- QMessageBox::warning(plug, QObject::tr("Export to bitmap"),
- QObject::tr("Error writting the ouptut file(s)."));
- plug->FMess->setText(QObject::tr("Error writing the ouptut file(s)."));
- }
- else
- {
- plug->FMess->setText(QObject::tr("Hooray! Export successfull."));
- }
- } // if accepted
- // clean the trash
- delete ex;
- delete dia;
-ExportBitmap::ExportBitmap(ScribusApp *plug)
- carrier = plug;
- pageSize = static_cast<int>(carrier->doc->PageH);
- quality = 100;
- exportDir = QDir::currentDirPath();
- bitmapType = QString("PNG");
- overwrite = FALSE;
-QString ExportBitmap::getFileName(uint pageNr)
- QFileInfo path(carrier->doc->DocName);
- QString name = path.baseName();
- QString number;
- uint turn;
- // create the 00x counter
- number = number.setNum(carrier->view->Pages.count());
- turn = number.length();
- // number of the page
- number = number.setNum(pageNr);
- number = number.rightJustify(turn, '0');
- return QDir::convertSeparators(
- exportDir+ "/" + name + "-"+ number + "." + bitmapType.lower()
- );
-bool ExportBitmap::exportPage(uint pageNr, QString fileName)
- uint over = 0;
- if (!carrier->view->
- return FALSE;
- QPixmap pixmap = carrier->view->PageToPixmap(pageNr, pageSize);
- if (QFile::exists(fileName) && !overwrite)
- {
- QApplication::restoreOverrideCursor();
-/* Changed the following Code from the original QMessageBox::question to QMessageBox::warning
- to keep the Code compatible to Qt-3.1.x
- f.s 12.05.2004 */
- over = QMessageBox::warning(carrier,
- QObject::tr("File exists. Overwrite?"),
- fileName +"\n"+ QObject::tr("exists already. Overwrite?"),
- QObject::tr("No"),
- QObject::tr("Yes"),
- QObject::tr("Yes all"),
- 0, 0);
- QApplication::setOverrideCursor(QCursor(Qt::WaitCursor));
- if (over == 1)
- return, bitmapType);
- if (over == 2)
- overwrite = TRUE;
- }
- return, bitmapType);
-bool ExportBitmap::exportActual()
- uint pageNo = carrier->doc->ActPage->PageNr;
- return exportPage(pageNo, getFileName(pageNo));
-bool ExportBitmap::exportAll()
- return exportInterval(0, carrier->view->Pages.count());
-bool ExportBitmap::exportInterval(uint from, uint to)
- bool res;
- for (uint pageNo = from; pageNo<to; pageNo++)
- {
- res = exportPage(pageNo, getFileName(pageNo));
- if (!res)
- return FALSE;
- }
- return TRUE;
Property changes:
Deleted: svn:eol-style
## -1 +0,0 ##
\ No newline at end of property
Deleted: svn:keywords
## -1 +0,0 ##
-Author Date Id Revision
\ No newline at end of property
Index: Scribus/scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/dialog.h
--- Scribus/scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/dialog.h (revision 283)
+++ Scribus/scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/dialog.h (nonexistent)
@@ -1,80 +0,0 @@
-#include <qvariant.h>
-#include <qdialog.h>
-class QVBoxLayout;
-class QHBoxLayout;
-class QGridLayout;
-class QSpacerItem;
-class QLabel;
-class QLineEdit;
-class QPushButton;
-class QComboBox;
-class QSpinBox;
-class QButtonGroup;
-class QRadioButton;
-class ExportForm : public QDialog
- ExportForm( QWidget* parent, int size, int quality, QString type);
- ~ExportForm();
- QString bitmapType;
- QLabel* TextLabel1;
- QLineEdit* OutputDirectory;
- QPushButton* OutputDirectoryButton;
- QLabel* TextLabel2;
- QComboBox* BitmapType;
- QLabel* textLabel1;
- QSpinBox* QualityBox;
- QLabel* textLabel2;
- QLabel* textLabel3;
- QSpinBox* SizeBox;
- QButtonGroup* ButtonGroup1;
- QRadioButton* OnePageRadio;
- QRadioButton* AllPagesRadio;
- QRadioButton* IntervalPagesRadio;
- QSpinBox* FromBox;
- QLabel* TextLabel4;
- QSpinBox* ToBox;
- QPushButton* OkButton;
- QPushButton* CancelButton;
-public slots:
- virtual void OutputDirectoryButton_pressed();
- virtual void OkButton_pressed();
- virtual void CancelButton_pressed();
- virtual void IntervalPagesRadio_stateChanged( int );
- virtual void AllPagesRadio_stateChanged( int );
- virtual void OnePageRadio_stateChanged( int );
- virtual void ToBox_valueChanged(int);
- QGridLayout* ExportFormLayout;
- QHBoxLayout* layout9;
- QHBoxLayout* layout11;
- QSpacerItem* Spacer2;
- QHBoxLayout* layout10;
- QHBoxLayout* layout14;
- QSpacerItem* spacer4;
- QSpacerItem* spacer5;
- QHBoxLayout* layout12;
- QHBoxLayout* layout13;
- QHBoxLayout* layout13_2;
- QHBoxLayout* layout16;
- QHBoxLayout* layout8;
- QSpacerItem* Spacer1;
-protected slots:
- virtual void languageChange();
- virtual void readConfig();
- virtual void writeConfig();
-#endif // EXPORTFORM_H
Property changes:
Deleted: svn:eol-style
## -1 +0,0 ##
\ No newline at end of property
Deleted: svn:keywords
## -1 +0,0 ##
-Author Date Id Revision
\ No newline at end of property
Index: Scribus/scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/export.h
--- Scribus/scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/export.h (revision 283)
+++ Scribus/scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/export.h (nonexistent)
@@ -1,54 +0,0 @@
-#include <scribus.h>
-#include <qstring.h>
-#include <qfiledialog.h>
-/** Calls the Plugin with the main Application window as parent
- * and the main Application Class as parameter */
-extern "C" void Run(QWidget *d, ScribusApp *plug);
-/** Returns the Name of the Plugin.
- * This name appears in the relevant Menue-Entrys */
-extern "C" QString Name();
-/** Returns the Type of the Plugin.
- \retval 1 = the Plugin is a normal Plugin, which appears in the Extras Menue
- \retval 2 = the Plugin is a Import Plugin, which appears in the Import Menue
- \retval 3 = the Plugin is a Export Plugin, which appears in the Export Menue
- \retval 4 = the Plugin is a resident Plugin */
-extern "C" int Type();
-/** Handles export. */
-class ExportBitmap: public QObject
- ExportBitmap(ScribusApp *plug);
- /** nothing doing destructor. */
- ~ExportBitmap();
- QString bitmapType;
- int pageSize;
- int quality;
- QString exportDir;
- bool overwrite;
- bool exportActual();
- bool exportAll();
- bool exportInterval(uint from, uint to);
- ScribusApp *carrier;
- /** create specified filename "docfilename-005.ext" */
- QString getFileName(uint pageNr);
- /** export one specified page */
- bool exportPage(uint pageNr, QString fileName);
Property changes:
Deleted: svn:eol-style
## -1 +0,0 ##
\ No newline at end of property
Deleted: svn:keywords
## -1 +0,0 ##
-Author Date Id Revision
\ No newline at end of property
Index: Scribus/scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/
--- Scribus/scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/ (revision 283)
+++ Scribus/scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/ (nonexistent)
@@ -1,17 +0,0 @@
-pluginsdir = $(prefix)/lib/scribus/plugins
-AM_CPPFLAGS = -I$(top_builddir)/scribus
-plugins_LTLIBRARIES =
-libscribusexportpixmap_la_LDFLAGS = -version-info 0:0:0
-libscribusexportpixmap_la_METASOURCES = AUTO
-libscribusexportpixmap_la_SOURCES = export.cpp dialog.cpp
-EXTRA_DIST = dialog.cpp export.cpp dialog.ui.h dialog.h export.h
-KDE_OPTIONS = qtonly
Property changes:
Deleted: svn:eol-style
## -1 +0,0 ##
\ No newline at end of property
Deleted: svn:keywords
## -1 +0,0 ##
-Author Date Id Revision
\ No newline at end of property
Index: Scribus/scribus/plugins/libchar/charselect.cpp
--- Scribus/scribus/plugins/libchar/charselect.cpp (revision 283)
+++ Scribus/scribus/plugins/libchar/charselect.cpp (revision 282)
@@ -251,12 +251,6 @@
Zeichen->setMaximumSize(width(), 50);
- QToolTip::add( Einf, tr( "Insert the characters at the cursor in the text" ) );
- QToolTip::add( Delete, tr( "Delete the current selection(s)." ) );
- QToolTip::add( Close, tr( "Close this dialog and return to text editing." ) );
// signals and slots connections
connect(Close, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(accept()));
connect(Delete, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(DelEdit()));
3,6 → 3,6
pyt = scriptplugin
SUBDIRS = libchar svgexplugin svgimplugin printpreview pixmapexport $(pyt)
SUBDIRS = libchar svgexplugin svgimplugin printpreview $(pyt)
####### kdevelop will overwrite this part!!! (end)############
98,7 → 98,7
OldC->setMaximumSize( QSize( 50, 50 ) );
OldC->setFrameShape( QLabel::WinPanel );
OldC->setFrameShadow( QLabel::Sunken );
OldC->setText( "" );
OldC->setText( tr( "" ) );
OldC->setScaledContents( true );
OldC->setAlignment( int( QLabel::AlignCenter ) );
OldC->setPixmap( imageA );
117,7 → 117,7
NewC->setMaximumSize( QSize( 50, 50 ) );
NewC->setFrameShape( QLabel::WinPanel );
NewC->setFrameShadow( QLabel::Sunken );
NewC->setText( "" );
NewC->setText( tr( "" ) );
NewC->setScaledContents( true );
NewC->setAlignment( int( QLabel::AlignCenter ) );
NewC->setPixmap( imageN );
File deleted
Property changes:
Deleted: svn:eol-style
## -1 +0,0 ##
\ No newline at end of property
Deleted: svn:keywords
## -1 +0,0 ##
-Author Date Id Revision
\ No newline at end of property
Index: Scribus/scribus/po/scribus.no_NO.po
--- Scribus/scribus/po/scribus.no_NO.po (revision 283)
+++ Scribus/scribus/po/scribus.no_NO.po (revision 282)
@@ -8,8 +8,7 @@
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: scribus.no_NO\n"
-"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
-"POT-Creation-Date: 2004-05-12 13:39-0500\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2003-06-19 10:00+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2003-06-27 17:08+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Klaus Ade Johnstad <>\n"
"Language-Team: Norwegian <i18n-nb>\n"
@@ -17,80 +16,174 @@
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: KBabel 1.0.1\n"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Global Font Settings"
-msgstr "Globale fontinnstillinger"
+msgid "File"
+msgstr "Fil"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Available Fonts"
-msgstr "Tilgjengelige fonter"
+msgid "New"
+msgstr "Ny"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Font Substitutions"
-msgstr "Erstatnings fonter"
+msgid "Open..."
+msgstr "Åpne"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Additional Paths"
-msgstr "Andre Stier"
+msgid "Open"
+msgstr "Åpne"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Postscript"
-msgstr "Stående"
+msgid "Close"
+msgstr "Lukk"
-msgid "Yes"
-msgstr "Ja"
+msgid "Save"
+msgstr "Lagre"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Font Name"
-msgstr "Font navn"
+msgid "Save as..."
+msgstr "Lagre som"
-msgid "Use Font"
-msgstr "Bruk font"
+msgid "Save as"
+msgstr "Lagre som"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Embed in:"
-msgstr "Innleir i:"
+msgid "Revert to Saved"
+msgstr "Gå tilbake til Lagret"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Subset"
-msgstr "Senket skrift"
+msgid "Save Text..."
+msgstr "Hent tekst"
-msgid "Type"
-msgstr "Type"
+msgid "Save Page as EPS..."
+msgstr "Lagre side som EPS"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Path to Font File"
-msgstr "Sti til fontfil"
+msgid "Save as PDF..."
+msgstr "Lagre som PDF"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Available Fonts"
-msgstr "Tilgjengelige fonter"
+msgid "Document Setup..."
+msgstr "Dokument innstillinger"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Replacement"
-msgstr "Erstatning"
+msgid "Document Setup"
+msgstr "Dokument innstillinger"
-msgid "Delete"
-msgstr "Slett"
+msgid "Document Info..."
+msgstr "Dokument Info"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Font &Substitutions"
-msgstr "Erstatnings fonter"
+msgid "Print..."
+msgstr "Skriv ut"
-msgid "Change..."
-msgstr "Endre"
+msgid "Quit"
+msgstr "Avslutt"
-msgid "Add..."
-msgstr "Legg til"
+msgid "View"
+msgstr "Vis"
+msgid "Fit in Window"
+msgstr "Tilpass til vinduet"
+msgid "Actual Size"
+msgstr "Faktisk størrelse"
+msgid "Thumbnails"
+msgstr "Små sider"
+msgid "Show Tools"
+msgstr "Vis Verktøy"
+msgid "Hide Tools"
+msgstr "Skjul Verktøy"
+msgid "Hide Margins"
+msgstr "Skjul marg"
+msgid "Show Margins"
+msgstr "Vis marger"
+msgid "Hide Guides"
+msgstr "Skjul hjelpelinjer"
+msgid "Hide Images"
+msgstr "Skjul bilder"
+msgid "Show Images"
+msgstr "Vis Bilder"
+msgid "Show Guides"
+msgstr "Vis Hjelpelinjer"
+msgid "Show Measurements"
+msgstr "Vis Mål og formatering"
+msgid "Hide Measurements"
+msgstr "Skjul Mål og formatering"
+msgid "Help"
+msgstr "Hjelp"
+msgid "About Scribus"
+msgstr "Om Scribus"
+msgid "About Qt"
+msgstr "Om Qt"
+msgid "Ready"
+msgstr "Klar"
+msgid "Scaled to "
+msgstr "Skaler til"
+msgid "Get Picture..."
+msgstr "Hent bilde"
+msgid "Get Text/Picture..."
+msgstr "Hent Tekst/bilde"
+msgid "Get Text..."
+msgstr "Hent tekst fra Fil"
+msgid "New Document"
+msgstr "Nytt dokument"
+msgid "Page Size"
+msgstr "Side størrelse"
+msgid "Margin Guides"
+msgstr "Marg hjelpelinjer"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Remove"
-msgstr "Fjern"
+msgid "Column Guides"
+msgstr "Kolonne hjelpelinjer"
+msgid "Columns:"
+msgstr "Kolonner:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Additional &Paths"
-msgstr "Andre Stier"
+msgid "Gutter Width:"
+msgstr "Gutter bredde:"
+msgid "Width:"
+msgstr "Bredde:"
+msgid "Height:"
+msgstr "Høyde:"
+msgid "Top:"
+msgstr "Topp:"
+msgid "Left:"
+msgstr "Venstre:"
+msgid "Inside:"
+msgstr "Innenfor:"
+msgid "Right:"
+msgstr "Høyre:"
+msgid "Outside:"
+msgstr "Ytterside:"
+msgid "Bottom:"
+msgstr "Bunn:"
+msgid "Other"
+msgstr "Andre"
+msgid "Facing Pages"
+msgstr "Motstående sider"
msgid "OK"
msgstr "Greit"
@@ -97,270 +190,250 @@
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Avbryt"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Choose a Directory"
-msgstr "Velg en katalog"
+msgid "Autom. Textframes"
+msgstr "Automatisk Tekstrammer"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Outline"
-msgstr "Oversikt"
+msgid "W:"
+msgstr "W:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Element"
-msgstr "Objekt"
+msgid "Tabloid"
+msgstr "Tabloid"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Information"
-msgstr "Informasjon"
+msgid "Documents (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *scd.gz);; All Files (*)"
+msgstr "Dokumenter (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *scd.gz);; Alle Filer (*)"
+msgid "Documents (*.sla *.scd);; All Files (*)"
+msgstr "Dokumenter (*.sla *.scd);; Alle Filer (*)"
+msgid "Document "
+msgstr "Dokument "
+msgid "No Document"
+msgstr "Intet dokument"
msgid "Warning"
msgstr "Advarsel"
-msgid ""
-"Name \"%1\" isn't unique.\n"
-"Please choose another."
-msgstr ""
-"Navnet \"%1\" er ikke entydig.\n"
-"Velg vennligst et annet."
+msgid "Save Now"
+msgstr "Lagre nå"
-msgid "X:"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Leave Anyway"
+msgstr "Avslutt allikevel"
-msgid "Y:"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Textfiles (*.txt);;All Files (*)"
+msgstr "Tekstfiler (*.txt);;Alle filer (*)"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Font:"
-msgstr "Font"
+msgid "Images"
+msgstr "Bilder"
-msgid "Image"
-msgstr "Bilde"
+msgid ");;Vectorimages (*.eps *.pdf);;All Files (*)"
+msgstr ");;Vektorbilder (*.eps *.pdf);;Alle Filer (*)"
-msgid "Text"
-msgstr "Tekst"
+msgid "Look &in:"
+msgstr "Søk &i:"
-msgid "Line"
-msgstr "Linje"
+msgid "File &type:"
+msgstr "Fil&type:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Polygon"
-msgstr "Polygon"
+msgid "File &name:"
+msgstr "Fil&navn:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Polyline"
-msgstr "Polygon"
+msgid "PDF-Options"
+msgstr "PDF-valgmuligheter"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "PathText"
-msgstr "Tekst"
+msgid "Compatibility:"
+msgstr "Kompatibilitet:"
-msgid "Page"
-msgstr "Side"
+msgid "Images:"
+msgstr "Bilder:"
-msgid "Left"
-msgstr "Venstrejustert"
+msgid "Resolution for EPS-Images:"
+msgstr "Oppløsning for EPS-bilder:"
-msgid "Right"
-msgstr "Høyrejustert"
+msgid "Document Info"
+msgstr "Dokument info"
-msgid "Full Stop"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Description:"
+msgstr "Beskrivelse:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Comma"
-msgstr "Kommando:"
+msgid "Author:"
+msgstr "Forfatter:"
-msgid "Center"
-msgstr "Midten"
+msgid "Edit"
+msgstr "Rediger"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Position:"
-msgstr "Posisjon:"
+msgid "Cut"
+msgstr "Klipp"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "First Line:"
-msgstr "Første linje"
+msgid "Copy"
+msgstr "Kopier"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Indent:"
-msgstr "Venstre innrykk:"
+msgid "Paste"
+msgstr "Lim"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Delete All"
-msgstr "Slett"
+msgid "Clear"
+msgstr "Tøm"
-msgid "Indentation for first line of the paragraph"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Select all"
+msgstr "Marker alt"
-msgid "Indentation from the left for the whole paragraph"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Deselect all"
+msgstr "Fjern markering"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Delete all Tabulators"
-msgstr "Slett farge"
+msgid "Theme"
+msgstr "Tema"
-msgid " pt"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Other..."
+msgstr "Flere valg"
-msgid " mm"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Item"
+msgstr "Objekt"
-msgid " in"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Page"
+msgstr "Side"
-msgid " p"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Insert..."
+msgstr "Sett inn"
-msgid "Document"
-msgstr "Dokument"
+msgid "Delete..."
+msgstr "Slett"
-msgid "Background"
-msgstr "Bakgrunn"
+msgid "Delete"
+msgstr "Slett"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Nodes"
-msgstr "Noder"
+msgid "Font"
+msgstr "Font"
-# ;fuzzy
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Absolute Coordinates"
-msgstr "Absolutt Colorimetric"
+msgid "Size"
+msgstr "Størrelse"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "X-Pos:"
-msgstr "X-posisjon:"
+msgid "Font Size"
+msgstr "Font størrelse"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Y-Pos:"
-msgstr "Y-posisjon:"
+msgid "Font Size:"
+msgstr "Font størrelse"
-msgid "End Editing"
-msgstr "Avslutt redigering"
+msgid "Shade:"
+msgstr "Skygge:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Move Nodes"
-msgstr "Flytt noder"
+msgid "Shade"
+msgstr "Skygge"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Move Control Points"
-msgstr "Flytt kontrollpunkter"
+msgid "Color"
+msgstr "Farge"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Add Nodes"
-msgstr "Legg til noder"
+msgid "Colors..."
+msgstr "Farger"
-msgid "Delete Nodes"
-msgstr "Slett noder"
+msgid "Duplicate"
+msgstr "Dupliker"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Move Control Points independently"
-msgstr "Flytt et kontrollpunkt om gangen"
+msgid "New Color:"
+msgstr "Ny farge:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Move Control Points symmetrical"
-msgstr "Flytt kontrollpunktene symmetrisk"
+msgid "New Color"
+msgstr "Ny farge"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Reset Control Points"
-msgstr "Nullstill kontrollpunktene"
+msgid "OK to delete Color:"
+msgstr "Ja til å slette farge:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Reset this Control Point"
-msgstr "Nullstill dette kontrollpunkt"
+msgid "Replace it with:"
+msgstr "Erstatt den med:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Opens a Polygon or cuts a Bezier Curve"
-msgstr "Åpner et polygon eller fjerner en bezierkurve"
+msgid "Delete Color"
+msgstr "Slett farge"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Closes this Bezier Curve"
-msgstr "Lukker denne bezier kurven"
+msgid "Colors"
+msgstr "Farger"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Mirrors the Path Horizontally"
-msgstr "Speil side(r) horisontalt"
+msgid "Edit Colors"
+msgstr "Rediger farge"
+msgid "Show Outline"
+msgstr "Vis Oversikt"
+msgid "Hide Outline"
+msgstr "Skjul Oversikt"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Mirrors the Path Vertically"
-msgstr "Speil side(r) vertikalt"
+msgid "Outline"
+msgstr "Oversikt"
-msgid "Shears the Path horizontal to the right"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Rectangle"
+msgstr "Rektangel"
-msgid "Shears the Path horizontal to the left"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Shape"
+msgstr "Form"
-msgid "Shears the Path vertical up"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Edit Frame"
+msgstr "Rediger ramme"
-msgid "Shears the Path vertical down"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Image"
+msgstr "Bilde"
-msgid "Rotates the Path counter-clockwise"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Type"
+msgstr "Type"
-msgid "Rotates the Path clockwise"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Send to Back"
+msgstr "Plasser bakerst"
-msgid "Reduce the Size of the Path by 10%"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Bring to Front"
+msgstr "Plasser forrest"
-msgid "Enlarges the Size of the Path by 10%"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Lower"
+msgstr "Senk"
-msgid ""
-"When checked use Coordinates relative to the Page,\n"
-"otherwise Coordinates are relative to the Object."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Raise"
+msgstr "Flytt foran"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Apply Template"
-msgstr "Bruk mal"
+msgid "Delete Page:"
+msgstr "Slett side:"
-msgid "Template:"
-msgstr "Mal:"
+msgid "Delete Page"
+msgstr "Slett side"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Normal"
-msgstr "Normal"
+msgid "Line"
+msgstr "Linje"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Apply to Current Page"
-msgstr "Bruk Effekt på alle sider"
+msgid "Line Width"
+msgstr "Linjetykkelse"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Apply from Page:"
-msgstr "Bruk Effekt på alle sider"
+msgid "Line Width:"
+msgstr "Linjetykkelse:"
-msgid "to:"
-msgstr "til:"
+msgid "Print destination"
+msgstr "Skriv ut til"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Printer Options"
-msgstr "Skriver innstillinger"
+msgid "Print to printer:"
+msgstr "Skriv ut til skriver"
-msgid "Page Set"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Printer"
+msgstr "Skriver"
-msgid "All Pages"
-msgstr "Alle sider"
+msgid "Comment"
+msgstr "Kommentar"
-msgid "Even Pages only"
-msgstr "Kun partall sider"
+msgid "Print to file:"
+msgstr "Skriv til fil"
-msgid "Odd Pages only"
-msgstr "Kun oddetall sider"
+msgid "Browse..."
+msgstr "Kikk"
-msgid "Mirror"
-msgstr "Speil"
+msgid "Printer settings"
+msgstr "Skriver innstillinger"
-msgid "No"
-msgstr "Nei"
+msgid "Print in color if available"
+msgstr "Skriv i farge hvis det er mulig"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Orientation"
-msgstr "Retning:"
+msgid "Print in grayscale"
+msgstr "Skriv i gråskala"
+msgid "Paper format"
+msgstr "Papir format"
msgid "Portrait"
msgstr "Stående"
@@ -367,1237 +440,1374 @@
msgid "Landscape"
msgstr "Landskap"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "N-Up Printing"
-msgstr "N-UP utskriving"
+msgid "Options"
+msgstr "Innstillinger"
-msgid "Page per Sheet"
-msgstr "Sider per ark"
+msgid "Print all"
+msgstr "Skriv ut alle"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Pages per Sheet"
-msgstr "Sider per ark"
+msgid "Print range"
+msgstr "Utskrifts område:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Option"
-msgstr "Innstillinger"
+msgid "From page:"
+msgstr "Fra side:"
-msgid "Value"
-msgstr "Verdi"
+msgid "To page:"
+msgstr "Til side."
-msgid "Move Pages"
-msgstr "Flytt sider"
+msgid "Print first page first"
+msgstr "Skriv første side først"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Copy Page"
-msgstr "Kopier side"
+msgid "Print last page first"
+msgstr "Skriv siste side først"
-msgid "Move Page(s):"
-msgstr "Flytt side(r):"
+msgid "Number of copies:"
+msgstr "Antall kopier:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "before Page"
-msgstr "Før side"
+msgid "Select color"
+msgstr "Velg farge"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "after Page"
-msgstr "Etter side"
+msgid "&Basic colors"
+msgstr "&Basis farge"
-msgid "at End"
-msgstr "På slutten"
+msgid "&Custom colors"
+msgstr "&Brukerdefinerte farger"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Manage Tabulators"
-msgstr "Håndter bilder"
+msgid "&Add To Custom Colors"
+msgstr "&Legg til egne farger"
-msgid " %"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "&Define Custom Colors >>"
+msgstr "&Definer egne farger >>"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Layer"
-msgstr "Lag"
+msgid "&Red:"
+msgstr "&Rød:"
-msgid "pt"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "&Green:"
+msgstr "&Grønn:"
-msgid "mm"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Bl&ue:"
+msgstr "Bl&å:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "in"
-msgstr "Tynn"
+msgid "Select Font"
+msgstr "Velg font"
-msgid "p"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "&Font"
+msgstr "&Font"
-msgid "All"
-msgstr "Alle"
+msgid "Font st&yle"
+msgstr "Font st&il"
-msgid "Copy Here"
-msgstr "Kopier hit"
+msgid "&Size"
+msgstr "&Størrelse"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Move Here"
-msgstr "Flytt hit"
+msgid "Effects"
+msgstr "Effekter"
-msgid "Paste"
-msgstr "Lim"
+msgid "Stri&keout"
+msgstr "Gjennomstrek&king"
-msgid "Hide Margins"
-msgstr "Skjul marg"
+msgid "&Underline"
+msgstr "&Understreket"
-msgid "Show Margins"
-msgstr "Vis marger"
+msgid "Sample"
+msgstr "Prøve"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Hide Frames"
-msgstr "Skjul rammer"
+msgid "Scr&ipt"
+msgstr "Skr&ipt"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Show Frames"
-msgstr "Vis Rammer"
+msgid "Preferences..."
+msgstr "Innstillinger"
-msgid "Hide Images"
-msgstr "Skjul bilder"
+msgid "Preferences"
+msgstr "Innstillinger"
-msgid "Show Images"
-msgstr "Vis Bilder"
+msgid "General"
+msgstr "Generelt"
+msgid "Guides"
+msgstr "Guide"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Hide Grid"
-msgstr "Skjul gitter"
+msgid "Major Grid Spacing:"
+msgstr "Avstand mellom hovedlinjer:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Show Grid"
-msgstr "Vis Gitter"
+msgid "Minor Grid Spacing:"
+msgstr "Avstand mellom linjer:"
-msgid "Hide Guides"
-msgstr "Skjul hjelpelinjer"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Major Grid Color:"
+msgstr "Hoved-gitterlinjer:"
-msgid "Show Guides"
-msgstr "Vis Hjelpelinjer"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Hide Baseline Grid"
-msgstr "Skjul gitter"
+msgid "Minor Grid Color:"
+msgstr "Hoved-gitterlinjer:"
+msgid "Grid Colors"
+msgstr "Farge på Gitter"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Show Baseline Grid"
-msgstr "Vis Gitter"
+msgid "Grid Layout"
+msgstr "Gitter innstillinger"
-msgid "Snap to Grid"
-msgstr "Fest til gitter"
+msgid "Image visible"
+msgstr "Vis frem bilde"
+msgid "Is PDF-Bookmark"
+msgstr "PDF-Bokmerke"
#, fuzzy
msgid "Snap to Guides"
msgstr "Fest til hjelpelinjer"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Picture"
-msgstr "Bilde"
+msgid "Apply"
+msgstr "Bruk"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "File: "
-msgstr "Filnavn:"
+msgid "Snap to Grid"
+msgstr "Fest til gitter"
-msgid "Original ppi: "
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Mouse-Settings"
+msgstr "Museinnstillinger"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Actual ppi: "
-msgstr "Faktisk størrelse"
+msgid "Wheel-Jump"
+msgstr "Hjul-hopp"
-msgid "Linked Text"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Grab-Radius"
+msgstr "Gripe-radius"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Text Frame"
-msgstr "Tekstramme"
+msgid "Printing-Error"
+msgstr "Utskriftsfeil"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Text on a Path"
-msgstr "Forbinde tekst til sti"
+msgid "Printing completed"
+msgstr "Utskrift ferdig"
-msgid "Paragraphs: "
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Printing aborted"
+msgstr "Utskrift avbrutt"
-msgid "Words: "
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Printing..."
+msgstr "Skriver ut"
-msgid "Chars: "
+msgid "Saving aborted"
+msgstr "Lagring avbrutt"
+msgid "Loading aborted"
msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Print: "
-msgstr "Skriv ut"
+msgid "Global Fontsettings"
+msgstr "Globale fontinnstillinger"
-msgid "Enabled"
-msgstr "I bruk"
+msgid "Path to Fontfile"
+msgstr "Sti til fontfil"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Disabled"
-msgstr "I bruk"
+msgid "Embed in:"
+msgstr "Innleir i:"
-msgid "Info"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Default Size:"
+msgstr "Standard størrelse:"
-msgid "Get Picture..."
-msgstr "Hent bilde"
+msgid "Default Font:"
+msgstr "Standard font"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Image Visible"
-msgstr "Vis frem bilde"
+msgid "Woven silk pyjamas exchanged for blue quartz"
+msgstr "Woven silk pyjamas exchanged for blue quartz"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Update Picture"
-msgstr "Håndter bilder"
+msgid "Fonts"
+msgstr "Fonter"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Edit Picture"
-msgstr "Bilder"
+msgid "Missing Font"
+msgstr "Manglende font"
-msgid "Adjust Frame to Picture"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Missing"
+msgstr "Manglende"
-msgid "Get Text..."
-msgstr "Hent tekst fra Fil"
+msgid "The Font %1 is not installed."
+msgstr "Fonten %1 er ikke installert."
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Append Text..."
-msgstr "Hent tekst fra Fil"
+msgid "Use"
+msgstr "Bruk"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Edit Text..."
-msgstr "Hent tekst fra Fil"
+msgid "instead"
+msgstr "i stedet"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Insert Sample Text"
-msgstr "Sett inn tekstramme"
+msgid "Fonts..."
+msgstr "Fonter"
-msgid "Is PDF-Bookmark"
-msgstr "PDF-Bokmerke"
+msgid " loaded"
+msgstr "lastet"
-msgid "Is PDF-Annotation"
-msgstr "PDF-Kommentar"
+msgid "Picture "
+msgstr "Bilde"
+msgid "File "
+msgstr "Fil"
+msgid " saved"
+msgstr " lagret"
+msgid "Unable to create PDF-File."
+msgstr "Klarte ikke å lage PDF-fil."
+msgid "Error creating PDF-File.."
+msgstr "Feil ved laging av PDF-fil"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Annotation Properties"
-msgstr "Kommentar egenskaper"
+msgid "Error during EPS-Export"
+msgstr "Feil ved EPS-eksport"
-msgid "Field Properties"
-msgstr "Felt egenskaper"
+msgid "The following Programs are missing:"
+msgstr "Følgende programmer mangler:"
-msgid "Lock"
-msgstr "Lås"
+msgid "Ghostscript : You cannot use EPS-Images"
+msgstr "Ghostscript : Du kan ikke bruke EPS-Bilder"
-msgid "Unlock"
-msgstr "Lås opp"
+msgid "Multiple Duplicate"
+msgstr "Dupliker flere ganger"
-msgid "Lock object size"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Number of Copies:"
+msgstr "Antall kopier:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Unlock object size"
-msgstr "Angre flytting av objekt"
+msgid "Horizontal Shift:"
+msgstr "Horisontal skift1:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Send to Scrapbook"
-msgstr "Plasser i kladdebok"
+msgid "Vertical Shift:"
+msgstr "Vertikalt skift1:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Send to Layer"
-msgstr "Plasser i lag"
+msgid "Distribute/Align"
+msgstr "Fordel/Still opp på linje"
-msgid "Group"
-msgstr "Gruper"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Distribute/Align..."
+msgstr "Fordel/Still opp på linje"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Un-group"
-msgstr "Oppløs"
+msgid "Don't change"
+msgstr "Ingen endring"
-msgid "Level"
-msgstr "Nivå"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Align"
+msgstr "Stil opp"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Send to Back"
-msgstr "Plasser bakerst"
+msgid "Displacement"
+msgstr "Forskyving"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Bring to Front"
-msgstr "Plasser forrest"
+msgid "Distribute evenly"
+msgstr "Fordel jevnt"
-msgid "Lower"
-msgstr "Senk"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "between:"
+msgstr "Mellom:"
-msgid "Raise"
-msgstr "Flytt foran"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Left Sides"
+msgstr "Venstre sider"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Picture Frame"
-msgstr "Billedramme"
+msgid "Middles"
+msgstr "Midten"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Outlines"
-msgstr "Oversikt"
+msgid "Right Sides"
+msgstr "Høyre sider"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Bezier Curve"
-msgstr "Bezier kurve"
+msgid "Top Sides"
+msgstr "Øverste sider"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Convert to"
-msgstr "Konverter til"
+msgid "Bottom Sides"
+msgstr "Nederste sider"
-msgid "Cut"
-msgstr "Klipp"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Vertical"
+msgstr "Vertikalt"
-msgid "Copy"
-msgstr "Kopier"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Clear Contents"
-msgstr "Innhold"
+msgid "Horizontal"
+msgstr "Horisontalt"
+msgid "Fatal Error"
+msgstr "Alvorlig feil"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Show Properties..."
-msgstr "Egenskaper"
+msgid "There are no Postscript-Fonts on your System"
+msgstr "Det er ingen Postscript-Fonter installert"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Hide Properties..."
-msgstr "Egenskaper"
+msgid "Exiting now"
+msgstr "Avslutter nå"
-msgid "None"
-msgstr "Ingen"
+msgid "Insert Page"
+msgstr "Sett inn side"
+msgid "Inserting"
+msgstr "Setter inn"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "The Program"
-msgstr "Programmering:"
+msgid "before Page"
+msgstr "Før side"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "is missing!"
-msgstr "Manglende"
+msgid "after Page"
+msgstr "Etter side"
+msgid "at End"
+msgstr "På slutten"
+msgid "page(s)"
+msgstr "side(r)"
+msgid "To End"
+msgstr "Til slutten"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Copy of"
-msgstr "Kopi av"
+msgid "Delete Pages"
+msgstr "Slett sider"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Page "
-msgstr "Side"
+msgid "Delete from:"
+msgstr "Slett fra:"
-msgid " of %1"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Move Page(s):"
+msgstr "Flytt side(r):"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Icon Placement"
-msgstr "Ikon plassering "
+msgid "Move Pages"
+msgstr "Flytt sider"
-msgid "Layout:"
-msgstr "Utseende:"
+msgid "Move..."
+msgstr "Flytt"
+msgid "to:"
+msgstr "til:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Caption only"
-msgstr "Kun tekst"
+msgid "Select Items"
+msgstr "Marker objekt"
-msgid "Icon only"
-msgstr "Kun ikon"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Caption below Icon"
-msgstr "Tekst under ikon"
+msgid "Edit Contents of Frame"
+msgstr "Rediger innhold av ramme"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Caption above Icon"
-msgstr "Tekst over ikon"
+msgid "Zooms in or out"
+msgstr "Zoom inn eller ut"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Caption right to Icon"
-msgstr "Tekst til høyre for ikon"
+msgid "Insert Textbox"
+msgstr "Sett inn tekstramme"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Caption left to Icon"
-msgstr "Tekst til venstre for ikon"
+msgid "Insert Picture"
+msgstr "Sett inn bilde"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Caption overlays Icon"
-msgstr "Tekst ovenpå ikon"
+msgid "Insert Lines"
+msgstr "Sett inn linje"
-msgid "Scale:"
-msgstr "Skala:"
-msgid "Always"
-msgstr "Alltid"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "When Icon is too small"
-msgstr "Når ikonet er for lite"
+msgid "Insert Ovals"
+msgstr "Sett inn ellipse"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "When Icon is too big"
-msgstr "Når ikonet er for stort"
+msgid "Insert Rectangles"
+msgstr "Sett inn rektangel"
-msgid "Never"
-msgstr "Aldri"
+msgid "Rotate Item"
+msgstr "Roter objekt"
-msgid "Scale How:"
-msgstr "Skaler hvordan:"
+msgid "Modify..."
+msgstr "Endre"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Proportional"
-msgstr "Proporsjonal"
+msgid "Modify Textframe"
+msgstr "Endring av tekstramme"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Non Proportional"
-msgstr "Ikke-proporsjonal"
+msgid "Modify Frame"
+msgstr "endring av ramme"
+msgid "Other:"
+msgstr "Andre:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Icon"
-msgstr "Bruk ikoner"
+msgid "Don't print"
+msgstr "Skriv ikke ut"
-msgid "Reset"
-msgstr "Tilbakestill"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Properties:"
+msgstr "Egenskaper:"
-msgid "Select Fields"
-msgstr "Velg felt"
+msgid "Ordinary Text"
+msgstr "Vanlig tekst"
-msgid "Available Fields"
-msgstr "Tilgjengelige felter"
+msgid "Is PDF-Annotation"
+msgstr "PDF-Kommentar"
-msgid ">>"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Angle:"
+msgstr "Vinkel:"
-msgid "<<"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Textdistance"
+msgstr "Tekstmarg"
-msgid "Selected Fields"
-msgstr "Valgte felt"
+msgid "Face"
+msgstr "Ansikt"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Manage Guides"
-msgstr "Håndtering av hjelpelinjer"
+msgid "Superscript"
+msgstr "Hevet skrift"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Horizontal Guides"
-msgstr "Horisontale hjelpelinjer"
+msgid "Subscript"
+msgstr "Senket skrift"
-msgid "Add"
-msgstr "Legg til"
+msgid "Flip horizontal"
+msgstr "Speil Horisontalt"
+msgid "Flip vertical"
+msgstr "Speil Vertikalt"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Vertical Guides"
-msgstr "Vertikale hjelpelinjer"
+msgid "Scaling:"
+msgstr "Skalering"
-msgid "Lock Guides"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Disp.:"
+msgstr "Disp.:"
-msgid "Other..."
-msgstr "Flere valg"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Small Caps"
+msgstr "Små bokstaver"
-msgid "Shade:"
-msgstr "Skygge:"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Typographics"
+msgstr "Typografier"
-msgid "Shade"
-msgstr "Skygge"
+msgid "Italic"
+msgstr "Italic"
+msgid "No Fill"
+msgstr "Intet fyll"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Copy #%1 of "
-msgstr "Kopi av"
+msgid "Underline"
+msgstr "Understreket"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Delete Pages"
-msgstr "Slett sider"
+msgid "Strikethru"
+msgstr "Gjennomstreking"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Delete from:"
-msgstr "Slett fra:"
+msgid "Strikeout"
+msgstr "Gjennomstrekking"
-msgid "Edit Style"
-msgstr "Rediger Stil"
+msgid "Append"
+msgstr "Legg ved"
-msgid "Flat Cap"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Bold"
+msgstr "Bold"
+msgid "Shading:"
+msgstr "Skyggelegging:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Square Cap"
-msgstr "Firkant"
+msgid "Background Color:"
+msgstr "Bakgrunnsfarge:"
-msgid "Round Cap"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Vertical flipped"
+msgstr "Speil vertikalt"
-msgid "Miter Join"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Horizontal flipped"
+msgstr "Speil horisontalt"
-msgid "Bevel Join"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Text flows around Box"
+msgstr "Tekst flyter rundt boks"
-msgid "Round Join"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Online-Help..."
+msgstr "Online hjelp"
-msgid "Line Width:"
-msgstr "Linjetykkelse:"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Scribus Manual"
+msgstr "Scribus Håndbok"
-msgid " pt "
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Local X-Pos:"
+msgstr "Lokal X-posisjon:"
+msgid "Local Y-Pos:"
+msgstr "Lokal Y-posisjon:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Solid Line"
-msgstr "Heltrukken linje"
+msgid "Horizontal Scaling"
+msgstr "Horisontal skalering"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Dashed Line"
-msgstr "Prikket linje"
+msgid "Vertical Scaling"
+msgstr "Vertikal skalering"
+msgid "Modify Pictureframe"
+msgstr "Endring av bilderamme"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Dotted Line"
-msgstr "Prikket linje"
+msgid "Line Color:"
+msgstr "Linjefarge:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Dash Dot Line"
-msgstr "Bindestrek punktum linje"
+msgid "Fill Color:"
+msgstr "Fyllfarge:"
+msgid "Linestyle:"
+msgstr "Linjestil:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Dash Dot Dot Line"
-msgstr "Bindestrek punktum punktum linje"
+msgid "Linewidth:"
+msgstr "Linjebredde:"
-msgid "Layers"
-msgstr "Lag"
+msgid "Scaling X:"
+msgstr "Skalering X:"
+msgid "Scaling Y:"
+msgstr "Skalering Y:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Add a new Layer"
-msgstr "Tilføy et ny lag"
+msgid "Manual Kerning"
+msgstr "Manuell Kerning"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Delete Layer"
-msgstr "Slett lag"
+msgid "Linespacing"
+msgstr "Linjeavstand"
-msgid "Raise Layer"
-msgstr "Hev Lag"
+msgid "Frame"
+msgstr "Ramme"
-msgid "Lower Layer"
-msgstr "Senk Lag"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Contents"
+msgstr "Innhold"
-msgid "New Layer"
-msgstr "Nytt Lag"
+msgid "Tools"
+msgstr "Verktøy"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Do you want to delete all Objects on this Layer too?"
-msgstr "Ønsker du virkelig å slette denne stilen?"
+msgid "Create Textchains"
+msgstr "Lag tekstkjede"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Create PDF-File"
-msgstr "Lag PDF-fil"
+msgid "Break Textchains"
+msgstr "Bryt tekstkjede"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Output to File:"
-msgstr "Skriv til fil:"
+msgid "Stepping:"
+msgstr "Intervall:"
-msgid "Export Range"
-msgstr "Eksporter område"
+msgid "Placing"
+msgstr "Plassering"
-msgid "From:"
-msgstr "Fra:"
+msgid "In the Background"
+msgstr "I bakgrunnen"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "File Options"
-msgstr "Fil innstillinger"
+msgid "In the Foreground"
+msgstr "I forgrunnen"
-msgid "Compatibility:"
-msgstr "Kompatibilitet:"
+msgid "Text Color:"
+msgstr "Farge på tekst"
-msgid "Binding:"
-msgstr "Innbinding:"
+msgid "Units"
+msgstr "Enheter"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Left Margin"
-msgstr "Venstre marg"
+msgid "Points (pts)"
+msgstr "Punkter (pts)"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Right Margin"
-msgstr "Høyre marg"
+msgid "Points (pt)"
+msgstr "Punkter (pts)"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Generate Thumbnails"
-msgstr "Lag små sider"
+msgid "Millimeters (mm)"
+msgstr "Millimeter (mm)"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Save linked Text Frames as PDF-Articles"
-msgstr "Lagre lenket tekstrammer som PDF-Artikler"
+msgid "Creates a new Document"
+msgstr "Lag et nytt dokument"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Include Bookmarks"
-msgstr "Inkluder bokmerker"
+msgid "Opens a Document"
+msgstr "Åpne dokument"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Resolution:"
-msgstr "Oppløsning:"
+msgid "Saves the current Document"
+msgstr "Lagre dokument"
-msgid " dpi"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Compress Text and Vector Graphics"
-msgstr "Komprimer tekst og vektorgrafikk"
+msgid "Prints the current Document"
+msgstr "Skriver ut dokument"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Image Settings"
-msgstr "Innstillinger"
+msgid "Copy Here"
+msgstr "Kopier hit"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Method:"
-msgstr "til:"
+msgid "Move Here"
+msgstr "Flytt hit"
+msgid "About"
+msgstr "Om"
+msgid "Authors"
+msgstr "Forfattere"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Automatic"
-msgstr "Helt automatisk"
+msgid "Translations"
+msgstr "Oversettelser"
-msgid "JPEG"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Programming:"
+msgstr "Programmering:"
-msgid "Zip"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Contributions from:"
+msgstr "Bidrag fra:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Quality:"
-msgstr "Avslutt"
+msgid "Documentation:"
+msgstr "Dokumentasjon:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Maximum"
-msgstr "maksimum"
+msgid "German:"
+msgstr "Tysk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "High"
-msgstr "Høyde:"
+msgid "French:"
+msgstr "Fransk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Medium"
-msgstr "Medium"
+msgid "Spanish and Catalan:"
+msgstr "Spansk og katalansk:"
+msgid "Hungarian and Italian:"
+msgstr "Ungarsk og italiensk:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Low"
-msgstr "Senk"
+msgid "Slovak:"
+msgstr "Slovakisk:"
+msgid "Slovak"
+msgstr "Slovakia"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Minimum"
-msgstr "minimum"
+msgid "Ukrainian:"
+msgstr "Ukrainsk:"
+msgid "None"
+msgstr "Ingen"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Downsample Images to:"
-msgstr "Nedgrader bilde til:"
+msgid "Closes the current Document"
+msgstr "Lukk dokument"
+msgid "Range:"
+msgstr "Område:"
+msgid "File:"
+msgstr "Filnavn:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "&General"
-msgstr "Generelt"
+msgid "Print Normal"
+msgstr "Skriv ut normalt"
+msgid "Print Separations"
+msgstr "Skriv ut tabulatorer"
+msgid "All"
+msgstr "Alle"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Embed all Fonts"
-msgstr "Innleir alle fonter"
+msgid "Setup Printer"
+msgstr "Skriverinnstillinger"
+msgid "Old"
+msgstr "Gammel"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Embedding"
-msgstr "Innleirer"
+msgid "Color Model"
+msgstr "Fargemodell"
-msgid "Available Fonts:"
-msgstr "Tilgjengelige fonter:"
+msgid "Is Spot-Color"
+msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Fonts to embed:"
-msgstr "Fonter til innleiring:"
+msgid "Edit Color"
+msgstr "Rediger farge"
+msgid "Alignment"
+msgstr "Avsnitt"
+msgid "Left"
+msgstr "Venstrejustert"
+msgid "Center"
+msgstr "Midten"
+msgid "Right"
+msgstr "Høyrejustert"
+msgid "Edit Styles"
+msgstr "Rediger Stil"
+msgid "Edit Style"
+msgstr "Rediger Stil"
+msgid "New Style"
+msgstr "Ny stil"
+msgid "New Style:"
+msgstr "Ny stil:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Fonts"
-msgstr "Fonter"
+msgid "Show Styles"
+msgstr "Vis Stiler"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Enable Presentation Effects"
-msgstr "Bruk presentasjonseffekter"
+msgid "Hide Styles"
+msgstr "Skjul Stiler"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Show Page Previews"
-msgstr "Vis Sidevisninger"
+msgid "Styles..."
+msgstr "Stiler"
-msgid "Effects"
-msgstr "Effekter"
+msgid "Styles"
+msgstr "Stiler"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Display Duration:"
-msgstr "Varighet av visning:"
+msgid "No Style"
+msgstr "Ingen Stiler"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Effect Duration:"
-msgstr "Varighet av effekt:"
+msgid "Block"
+msgstr "Blokkjustert"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Effect Type:"
-msgstr "Effekttype:"
+msgid "Forced"
+msgstr "Tvunget"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Moving Lines:"
-msgstr "Bevegelige linjer:"
+msgid "Indentation"
+msgstr "Innrykking"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "From the:"
-msgstr "Fra:"
+msgid "Page-Colors"
+msgstr "Sidefarger"
-msgid "Direction:"
-msgstr "Retning:"
+msgid "Background:"
+msgstr "Bakgrunn:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid " sec"
-msgstr " lagret"
+msgid "Left Indent:"
+msgstr "Venstre innrykk:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "No Effect"
-msgstr "Ingen effekt"
+msgid "First Line:"
+msgstr "Første linje"
-msgid "Blinds"
-msgstr "Persienner"
+msgid "Character"
+msgstr "Tegn"
-msgid "Box"
-msgstr "Boks"
+msgid "Face:"
+msgstr "Ansikt:"
-msgid "Dissolve"
-msgstr "Oppløse"
+msgid "Size:"
+msgstr "Størrelse:"
-msgid "Glitter"
-msgstr "Glitter"
+msgid "Color:"
+msgstr "Farge:"
-msgid "Split"
-msgstr "Dele"
+msgid "Name of the Style is not unique"
+msgstr "Navnet på denne stilen er ikke entydig"
-msgid "Wipe"
-msgstr "Tørk av"
+msgid "Do you really want do delete this Style?"
+msgstr "Ønsker du virkelig å slette denne stilen?"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Horizontal"
-msgstr "Horisontalt"
+msgid "No"
+msgstr "Nei"
+msgid "Yes"
+msgstr "Ja"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Vertical"
-msgstr "Vertikalt"
+msgid "Vertical Spaces"
+msgstr "Vertikal avstand"
-msgid "Inside"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Above:"
+msgstr "Over:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Outside"
-msgstr "Ytterside"
+msgid "Below:"
+msgstr "Under:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Left to Right"
-msgstr "Fra venstre til høyre"
+msgid "AFM-File available"
+msgstr "AFM-fil tilgjengelig"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Top to Bottom"
-msgstr "Topp til bunn"
+msgid "Nodes"
+msgstr "Noder"
+msgid "End Editing"
+msgstr "Avslutt redigering"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Bottom to Top"
-msgstr "Bunn til topp"
+msgid "Add Nodes"
+msgstr "Legg til noder"
+msgid "Delete Nodes"
+msgstr "Slett noder"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Right to Left"
-msgstr "Fra høyre til venstre"
+msgid "Move Nodes"
+msgstr "Flytt noder"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Top-left to Bottom-Right"
-msgstr "Topp-venstre til bunn-høyre"
+msgid "Move Control Points"
+msgstr "Flytt kontrollpunkter"
-msgid "Apply Effect on all Pages"
-msgstr "Bruk Effekt på alle sider"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "E&xtras"
-msgstr "Ekstra"
+msgid "Move Control Points independently"
+msgstr "Flytt et kontrollpunkt om gangen"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Use Encryption"
-msgstr "Bruk kryptering"
+msgid "Move Control Points symmetrical"
+msgstr "Flytt kontrollpunktene symmetrisk"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Passwords"
-msgstr "Passord"
+msgid "Insert Bezier Curves"
+msgstr "Sett inn bezier kurve"
-msgid "User:"
-msgstr "Bruker:"
+msgid "New Entry"
+msgstr "Nytt innslag"
-msgid "Owner:"
-msgstr "Eier:"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Scrapbooks (*.scs);; All Files (*)"
+msgstr "Kladdebøker (*.scs);; Alle filer (*)"
-msgid "Settings"
-msgstr "Innstillinger"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Scrapbook"
+msgstr "Kladdebok"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Allow Printing the Document"
-msgstr "Tillat utskrivning av dokument"
+msgid "Load..."
+msgstr "Last inn"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Allow Changing the Document"
-msgstr "Tillat endring av dokument"
+msgid "Object"
+msgstr "Objekt"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Copying Text and Graphics is allowed"
-msgstr "Kopiering av tekst og grafikk er tillat"
+msgid "Show Scrapbook"
+msgstr "Vis Kladdebok"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Adding Annotations and Fields is allowed"
-msgstr "Tilføyelse av kommentarer og felter er tillatt"
+msgid "Hide Scrapbook"
+msgstr "Skjul kladdebok"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Security"
-msgstr "Sikkerhet"
+msgid "Other Options"
+msgstr "Andre innstillinger"
-msgid "General"
-msgstr "Generelt"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Save Contents on Exit"
+msgstr "Lagre innhold ved avslutning"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Output intended for:"
-msgstr "Utskrift beregnet for:"
+msgid "Preview"
+msgstr "Forhåndsvis"
+msgid "Small"
+msgstr "Liten"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Screen / Web"
-msgstr "Skjerm"
+msgid "Medium"
+msgstr "Medium"
-msgid "Printer"
-msgstr "Skriver"
+msgid "Big"
+msgstr "Stor"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Solid Colors:"
-msgstr "Massive farger:"
+msgid "Edit Templates"
+msgstr "Rediger maler"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Use ICC-Profile"
-msgstr "Bruk ICC-Profil"
+msgid "Apply Template..."
+msgstr "Bruk mal"
+msgid "Exit"
+msgstr "Avslutt"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Profile:"
-msgstr "Profiler"
+msgid "Copy of "
+msgstr "Kopi av"
-msgid "Rendering-Intent:"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Name:"
+msgstr "Navn:"
-msgid "Perceptual"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "New Template"
+msgstr "Ny mal"
-# ;fuzzy
-msgid "Relative Colorimetric"
-msgstr "Relative Colorimetric"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Normal"
+msgstr "Normal"
-msgid "Saturation"
-msgstr "Metning"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Templates..."
+msgstr "Maler"
-# ;fuzzy
-msgid "Absolute Colorimetric"
-msgstr "Absolutt Colorimetric"
+msgid "Template:"
+msgstr "Mal:"
-msgid "Images:"
-msgstr "Bilder:"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Apply Template"
+msgstr "Bruk mal"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Don't use embedded ICC profiles"
-msgstr "Bruk ikke innleirete profiler"
+msgid "Template for this Page:"
+msgstr "Mal for denne side:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Color"
-msgstr "Farge"
+msgid "Do you really want do delete this Template?"
+msgstr "Ønsker du virkelig å slette denne malen?"
-msgid "PDF/X-3 Output Intent"
-msgstr "PDF/X-3 Output Internt"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Left Page"
+msgstr "Venstre side"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Info String:"
-msgstr "Info streng:"
+msgid "Right Page"
+msgstr "Høyre side"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Output Profile:"
-msgstr "Profil for utskrift."
+msgid "Display Frames"
+msgstr "Vis rammer"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Trim Box"
-msgstr "Liste boks"
+msgid "Display Pages Side by Side"
+msgstr "Vis sider ved siden av hverandre"
-msgid "&PDF/X-3"
+msgid "Display"
msgstr ""
-msgid "Save"
-msgstr "Lagre"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Left Page first"
+msgstr "Venstre side først"
-msgid "Export all pages to PDF"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Group"
+msgstr "Gruper"
-msgid "Export a range of pages to PDF"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Ungroup"
+msgstr "Oppløs"
-msgid "First page to export when exporting a range"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid ""
+"Do you really want to overwrite the File:\n"
+"%1 ?"
msgstr ""
+"Ønsker du virkelig å overskrive filen:\n"
+"%1 ?"
-msgid "Last page to export when exporting a range"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Show Frames"
+msgstr "Vis Rammer"
-msgid ""
-"Determines the PDF compatibility. The default is Acrobat 4.0 which gives the "
-"widest compatibility.\n"
-"Choose Acrobat 5.0 if your file has PDF 1.4 features such as transparency or "
-"you require 128 bit encryption.\n"
-"PDF/X-3 is for exporting the PDF for commercial printing and is selectable "
-"when you have activated color management."
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Hide Frames"
+msgstr "Skjul rammer"
-msgid ""
-"Determines the binding of pages in the PDF. Unless you know\n"
-"you need to change it leave the default choice - Left."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Template (Left Page):"
+msgstr "Mal (Venstre side):"
-msgid ""
-"Generates thumbnails of each page in the PDF.\n"
-"Some viewers can use the thumbnails for navigation."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Template (Right Page):"
+msgstr "Mal (Høyre side):"
-msgid ""
-"Generate PDF Articles, which is useful for navigating linked articles in a "
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Manage Pictures"
+msgstr "Håndter bilder"
-msgid ""
-"Embed the bookmarks you created in your document.\n"
-"These are useful for navigating long PDF documents."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Pictures"
+msgstr "Bilder"
-msgid ""
-"Export resolution of text and vector graphics.\n"
-"This does not affect the resolution of bitmap images like photos."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Goto"
+msgstr "Gå til"
-msgid ""
-"Compression of text and graphics.\n"
-"Unless you have a reason, leave this checked. This reduces PDF size."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Search"
+msgstr "Søk"
-msgid ""
-"Version of compression for images.\n"
-"Automatic allows Scribus to choose the best method.\n"
-"ZIP is good for images with solid colors.\n"
-"JPEG is better at creating smaller PDF files which have many photos (with "
-"slight image loss possible).\n"
-"Leave it set to automatic, unless you have a need for special compression "
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Path"
+msgstr "Sti"
-msgid ""
-"Compression levels: Minimum (25\\%), Low (50\\%), Medium (75\\%), High (85\\"
-"%), Maximum (95\\%)"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Print"
+msgstr "Skriv ut"
-msgid ""
-"Downsample your bitmap images to the selected DPI.\n"
-"Leaving this unchecked will render them at their native resolution."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Status"
+msgstr "Tilstand"
-msgid "DPI (Dots Per Inch) for image export."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Margins:"
+msgstr "Marger:"
-msgid ""
-"Embed fonts into the PDF. Embedding the fonts\n"
-"will preserve the layout and appearance of your document."
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Recent Documents:"
+msgstr "Nylig brukte dokumenter:"
-msgid ""
-"Enables presentation effects when using Acrobat Reader in full screen mode."
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Recent Documents"
+msgstr "Nylig brukte dokumenter"
-msgid "Show page previews of each page listed above."
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Display unprintable Area in Margin Color"
+msgstr "Vis område som ikke kan utskrives i margin farge"
-msgid ""
-"Length of time the page is shown before the presentation starts on the "
-"selected page."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Automatic Linespaceing:"
+msgstr "Automatisk linjeavstand"
-msgid ""
-"Length of time the effect runs.\n"
-"A shorter time will speed up the effect, a longer one will slow it down."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Distances"
+msgstr "Avstander"
-msgid "Type of the display effect."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Menues"
+msgstr "Menyer"
-msgid ""
-"Direction of the effect of moving lines for the split and blind effects."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Result"
+msgstr "Resultat"
-msgid "Starting position for the box and split effects."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Search Results for: "
+msgstr "Søk i Resultat etter:"
-msgid "Direction of the glitter or wipe effects."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Select"
+msgstr "Velg"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Apply the selected effect to all pages."
-msgstr "Bruk Effekt på alle sider"
+msgid "Import..."
+msgstr "Importer"
-msgid ""
-"Enable the security features in your exported PDF.\n"
-"If you selected Acrobat 4.0, the PDF will be protected by 40 bit "
-"If you selected Acrobat 5.0, the PDF will be protected by 128 bit "
-"Disclaimer: PDF encryption is not as reliable as GPG or PGP encryption and "
-"does have some limitations."
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Export..."
+msgstr "Eksporter"
-msgid ""
-"Choose a master password which enables or disables all the\n"
-"security features in your exported PDF"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Dynamic Color Bars"
+msgstr "Dynamiske fargesøyler"
-msgid "Choose a password for users to be able to read your PDF"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Static Color Bars"
+msgstr "Statiske fargesøyler"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Allow printing of the PDF"
-msgstr "Tillat utskrivning av dokument"
+msgid "Color Management Settings"
+msgstr "Fargestyring innstillinger"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Allow modifying of the PDF"
-msgstr "Tillat utskrivning av dokument"
+msgid "Activate Color Management"
+msgstr "Aktiver fargestyring"
-msgid "Allow copying of text or graphics from the PDF"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "System Profiles"
+msgstr "System profiler"
+msgid "Pictures:"
+msgstr "Bilder:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Allow adding annotations and fields to the PDF"
-msgstr "Tilføyelse av kommentarer og felter er tillatt"
+msgid "Solid Colors:"
+msgstr "Massive farger:"
-msgid ""
-"Color model for the output of your PDF.\n"
-"Choose Screen/Web for PDFs which are used for screen display and for "
-"printing on typical inkjets.\n"
-"Choose Printer when printing to a true 4 color CMYK printer."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Monitor:"
+msgstr "Skjerm:"
-msgid "Embed a color profile for solid colors"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Printer:"
+msgstr "Skriver:"
-msgid "Color profile for solid colors"
+msgid "Rendering Intents"
msgstr ""
-msgid "Rendering intent for solid colors"
+msgid "Rendering Intent:"
msgstr ""
-msgid "Embed a color profile for images"
+msgid "Perceptual"
msgstr ""
-msgid "Do not use color profiles that are embedded in source images"
-msgstr ""
+# ;fuzzy
+msgid "Relative Colorimetric"
+msgstr "Relative Colorimetric"
-msgid "Color profile for images"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Saturation"
+msgstr "Metning"
-msgid "Rendering intent for images"
-msgstr ""
+# ;fuzzy
+msgid "Absolute Colorimetric"
+msgstr "Absolutt Colorimetric"
-msgid ""
-"Output profile for printing. If possible, get some guidance from your "
-"printer on profile selection."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Simulate Printer on the Screen"
+msgstr "Simuler utskrift på skjerm"
-msgid ""
-"Mandatory string for PDF/X-3 or the PDF will fail\n"
-"PDF/X-3 conformance. We recommend you use the title of the document."
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Color Management..."
+msgstr "Farge håndtering"
-msgid "Distance for bleed from the top of the physical page"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Input Profile:"
+msgstr "Input profil:"
-msgid "Distance for bleed from the bottom of the physical page"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "No Title"
+msgstr "Ingen tittel"
-msgid "Distance for bleed from the left of the physical page"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Unknown"
+msgstr "Ukjent"
-msgid "Distance for bleed from the right of the physical page"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Adjusting Colors"
+msgstr "Tilpasser farger"
-msgid "Save as"
-msgstr "Lagre som"
+msgid "Scribus-Document"
+msgstr "Scribus-Dokument"
+msgid "Title:"
+msgstr "Tittel:"
+msgid "Sorry, no Manual available!"
+msgstr "Beklager, det er ingen håndbok tilgjengelig. \nKanskje den ikke er installert?"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "PDF-Files (*.pdf);;All Files (*)"
-msgstr "PDF-Filer (*.pdf);; Alle filer (*)"
+msgid "Embed all Fonts"
+msgstr "Innleir alle fonter"
-msgid "Delete Color"
-msgstr "Slett farge"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Embedding"
+msgstr "Innleirer"
+msgid "Available Fonts:"
+msgstr "Tilgjengelige fonter:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Delete color:"
-msgstr "Slett farge"
+msgid "Fonts to embed:"
+msgstr "Fonter til innleiring:"
-msgid "?"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Output to File:"
+msgstr "Skriv til fil:"
-msgid "Replace it with:"
-msgstr "Erstatt den med:"
+msgid "Change..."
+msgstr "Endre"
-msgid "Tools"
-msgstr "Verktøy"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Compression"
+msgstr "Komprimering"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Select Items"
-msgstr "Marker objekt"
+msgid "Downsample Images to:"
+msgstr "Nedgrader bilde til:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Insert Text Frame"
-msgstr "Tekstramme"
+msgid "Compress Text and Vector Graphics"
+msgstr "Komprimer tekst og vektorgrafikk"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Insert Picture"
-msgstr "Sett inn bilde"
+msgid "File Options"
+msgstr "Fil innstillinger"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Insert Table"
-msgstr "Sett inn side"
+msgid "Generate Thumbnails"
+msgstr "Lag små sider"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Properties..."
-msgstr "Egenskaper"
+msgid "Resolution:"
+msgstr "Oppløsning:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Insert Polygons"
-msgstr "Sett inn polygon"
+msgid "Create PDF-File"
+msgstr "Lag PDF-fil"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Insert Lines"
-msgstr "Sett inn linje"
+msgid "X-Pos:"
+msgstr "X-posisjon:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Insert Bezier Curves"
-msgstr "Sett inn bezier kurve"
+msgid "Y-Pos:"
+msgstr "Y-posisjon:"
+msgid "Page:"
+msgstr "Side:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Insert Freehand Line"
-msgstr "Sett inn linje"
+msgid "Destination"
+msgstr "Bestemmelsessted"
-msgid "Rotate Item"
-msgstr "Roter objekt"
+msgid "Type:"
+msgstr "Type:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Zoom in or out"
-msgstr "Zoom inn eller ut"
+msgid "Annotation Properties"
+msgstr "Kommentar egenskaper"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Edit Contents of Frame"
-msgstr "Rediger innhold av ramme"
+msgid "Bookmarks"
+msgstr "Bokmerker"
-msgid "Edit the text with the Story Editor"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Include Bookmarks"
+msgstr "Inkluder bokmerker"
+msgid "Manage Keyboard Shortcuts"
+msgstr "Håndtering av hurtigtaster"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Link Text Frames"
-msgstr "Tekstramme"
+msgid "Action"
+msgstr "Handling"
+msgid "Current Key"
+msgstr "Nåværende hurtigtast"
+msgid "Select a Key for this Action"
+msgstr "Velg en hurtigtast for denne handling"
+msgid "No Key"
+msgstr "Ingen hurtigtast"
+msgid "User Defined Key"
+msgstr "Brukerdefinert hurtigtast"
+msgid "Set Key"
+msgstr "Ta denne i bruk"
+msgid "This Key-Sequence is already in use"
+msgstr "Denne hurtigtasten er allerede i bruk"
+msgid "Keyboard Shortcuts..."
+msgstr "Hurtigtaster"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Unlink Text Frames"
-msgstr "Tekstramme"
+msgid "Smart Hyphen"
+msgstr "Smart orddeling"
-msgid "Draw various Shapes"
+msgid "Align Left"
msgstr ""
+msgid "Align Right"
+msgstr ""
+msgid "Align Center"
+msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "PDF-Tools"
-msgstr "Vis PDF-verktøy"
+msgid "Insert Pagenumber"
+msgstr "Sett inn sidenummer"
+msgid "Binding:"
+msgstr "Innbinding:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Button"
-msgstr "Knapp"
+msgid "Left Margin"
+msgstr "Venstre marg"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Text Field"
-msgstr "Tekstfelt"
+msgid "Right Margin"
+msgstr "Høyre marg"
-msgid "Check Box"
-msgstr "Avkryssingsboks"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Corner Radius:"
+msgstr "Hjørneradius:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Combo Box"
-msgstr "Kombi boks"
+msgid "Save linked Text Frames as PDF-Articles"
+msgstr "Lagre lenket tekstrammer som PDF-Artikler"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "List Box"
-msgstr "Liste boks"
+msgid "Enable Presentation Effects"
+msgstr "Bruk presentasjonseffekter"
-msgid "Insert PDF-Fields"
-msgstr "Sett inn PDF-Felt"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Show Page Previews"
+msgstr "Vis Sidevisninger"
-msgid "Link"
-msgstr "Lenke"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Display Duration:"
+msgstr "Varighet av visning:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Insert PDF-Annotations"
-msgstr "Sett inn PDF-Kommentar"
+msgid "Effect Duration:"
+msgstr "Varighet av effekt:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Possible Hyphenation"
-msgstr "Mulig orddeling"
+msgid "Effect Type:"
+msgstr "Effekttype:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Accept"
-msgstr "Aksepter"
+msgid "Moving Lines:"
+msgstr "Bevegelige linjer:"
-msgid "Skip"
-msgstr "Hopp over"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "from the:"
+msgstr "Fra:"
-msgid "Missing Font"
-msgstr "Manglende font"
+msgid "Direction:"
+msgstr "Retning:"
-msgid "The Font %1 is not installed."
-msgstr "Fonten %1 er ikke installert."
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "No Effect"
+msgstr "Ingen effekt"
-msgid "Use"
-msgstr "Bruk"
+msgid "Blinds"
+msgstr "Persienner"
-msgid "instead"
-msgstr "i stedet"
+msgid "Box"
+msgstr "Boks"
+msgid "Dissolve"
+msgstr "Oppløse"
+msgid "Glitter"
+msgstr "Glitter"
+msgid "Split"
+msgstr "Dele"
+msgid "Wipe"
+msgstr "Tørk av"
+msgid "Inside"
+msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Left Page"
-msgstr "Venstre side"
+msgid "Outside"
+msgstr "Ytterside"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Right Page"
-msgstr "Høyre side"
+msgid "Left to Right"
+msgstr "Fra venstre til høyre"
-msgid "Size:"
-msgstr "Størrelse:"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Top to Bottom"
+msgstr "Topp til bunn"
-msgid "Title:"
-msgstr "Tittel:"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Bottom to Top"
+msgstr "Bunn til topp"
-msgid "No Title"
-msgstr "Ingen tittel"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Right to Left"
+msgstr "Fra høyre til venstre"
-msgid "Author:"
-msgstr "Forfatter:"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Top-Left to Bottom-Right"
+msgstr "Topp-venstre til bunn-høyre"
-msgid "Unknown"
-msgstr "Ukjent"
+msgid "Extras"
+msgstr "Ekstra"
-msgid "Scribus-Document"
-msgstr "Scribus-Dokument"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Compress File"
-msgstr "Komprimer fil"
+msgid "Saves the current Document as PDF"
+msgstr "Lagre dokument som PDF"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Encoding:"
-msgstr "Endelser:"
+msgid "Rounded Rectangle"
+msgstr "Avrundet rektangel"
-msgid ""
-"Moves to your Document Directory.\n"
-"This can be set in the Preferences."
-msgstr ""
-"Flytter til Standard Dokumentkatalog.\n"
-"Denne kan stilles inn i Preferanser."
msgid "Align Text Left"
msgstr "Juster tekst mot venstre"
@@ -1608,91 +1818,68 @@
msgstr "Midtstill tekst"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Align Text Justified"
-msgstr "Midtstill tekst"
+msgid "Align Text Block"
+msgstr "Sidestill tekstblokk"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Align Text Forced Justified"
-msgstr "Midtstill tekst"
+msgid "Endings:"
+msgstr "Endelser:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Edit Templates"
-msgstr "Rediger maler"
+msgid "Edges:"
+msgstr "Kanter:"
-msgid "Append"
-msgstr "Legg ved"
+msgid "MiterJoin"
+msgstr ""
-msgid "New"
-msgstr "Ny"
+msgid "BevelJoin"
+msgstr ""
-msgid "Duplicate"
-msgstr "Dupliker"
+msgid "RoundJoin"
+msgstr ""
-msgid "Close"
-msgstr "Lukk"
+msgid "FlatCap"
+msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Do you really want do delete this Template?"
-msgstr "Ønsker du virkelig å slette denne malen?"
+msgid "SquareCap"
+msgstr ""
-msgid "Name:"
-msgstr "Navn:"
+msgid "RoundCap"
+msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "New Template"
-msgstr "Ny mal"
+msgid "Move Bookmark"
+msgstr "Flytt bokmerke"
+msgid "Insert Bookmark"
+msgstr "Sett inn bokmerke"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Copy of %1"
-msgstr "Kopi av"
+msgid "Copy Page"
+msgstr "Kopier side"
-msgid "New Document"
-msgstr "Nytt dokument"
+msgid "To the End"
+msgstr "Til slutten"
-msgid "Page Size"
-msgstr "Side størrelse"
+msgid "GUI"
+msgstr "GUI"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Custom"
-msgstr "Brukerdefinert"
+msgid "Fontsize"
+msgstr "Fontstørrelse"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Orientation:"
-msgstr "Retning:"
+msgid "Apply Effect on all Pages"
+msgstr "Bruk Effekt på alle sider"
-msgid "Width:"
-msgstr "Bredde:"
+msgid "Print via other Command"
+msgstr "Skriv via egen utskriftskommando"
-msgid "Height:"
-msgstr "Høyde:"
+msgid "Command:"
+msgstr "Kommando:"
-msgid "Facing Pages"
-msgstr "Motstående sider"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Left Page first"
-msgstr "Venstre side først"
+msgid "Orientation:"
+msgstr "Retning:"
-msgid "Margin Guides"
-msgstr "Marg hjelpelinjer"
-msgid "Left:"
-msgstr "Venstre:"
-msgid "Right:"
-msgstr "Høyre:"
-msgid "Top:"
-msgstr "Topp:"
-msgid "Bottom:"
-msgstr "Bunn:"
-msgid "Options"
-msgstr "Innstillinger"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "First Page Number:"
+msgid "First Pagenumber:"
msgstr "Første sidenummer:"
#, fuzzy
@@ -1700,198 +1887,180 @@
msgstr "Standardenhet:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Points (pts)"
-msgstr "Punkter (pts)"
+msgid "Send to Scrapbook"
+msgstr "Plasser i kladdebok"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Millimetres (mm)"
-msgstr "Millimeter (mm)"
+msgid "Left Point"
+msgstr "Venstre punkt"
-msgid "Inches (in)"
-msgstr "Tommer (in)"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Endpoints"
+msgstr "Endepunkter"
-msgid "Picas (p)"
-msgstr "Picas (p)"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Scaling"
+msgstr "Skalering"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Automatic Text Frames"
-msgstr "Automatisk Tekstrammer"
+msgid "Linespacing:"
+msgstr "Linjeavstand:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Column Guides"
-msgstr "Kolonne hjelpelinjer"
+msgid "Character Settings"
+msgstr "Skrifttegns innstillinger"
-msgid "Gap:"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Length:"
+msgstr "Lengde:"
-msgid "Columns:"
-msgstr "Kolonner:"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Polygon Properties"
+msgstr "Polygon egenskaper"
-msgid "Document page size, either a standard size or a custom size"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Corners:"
+msgstr "Hjørner:"
-msgid "Orientation of the document's pages"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Convex Polygon"
+msgstr "Konveks Polygon"
-msgid ""
-"Width of the document's pages, editable if you have chosen a custom page size"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Factor:"
+msgstr "Faktor:"
-msgid ""
-"Height of the document's pages, editable if you have chosen a custom page "
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Edit Polygon"
+msgstr "Endre Polygon"
-msgid "Enable single or spread based layout"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Properties..."
+msgstr "Egenskaper"
-msgid "Make the first page the left page of the document"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Lithuanian:"
+msgstr "Litauisk:"
-msgid "Distance between the top margin guide and the edge of the page"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Measurements"
+msgstr "Mål og formatering"
-msgid "Distance between the bottom margin guide and the edge of the page"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Insert Polygons"
+msgstr "Sett inn polygon"
-msgid ""
-"Distance between the left margin guide and the edge of the page.\n"
-"If Facing Pages is selected, this margin space can be used to achieve the "
-"correct margins for binding"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Rotation:"
+msgstr "Rotasjon:"
-msgid ""
-"Distance between the right margin guide and the edge of the page.\n"
-"If Facing Pages is selected, this margin space can be used to achieve the "
-"correct margins for binding"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Loading..."
+msgstr "Innleser"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "First page number of the document"
-msgstr "Første sidenummer:"
+msgid "Convert to"
+msgstr "Konverter til"
-msgid "Default unit of measurement for document editing"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Text Frame"
+msgstr "Tekstramme"
-msgid "Create text frames automatically when new pages are added"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Picture Frame"
+msgstr "Billedramme"
-msgid "Number of columns to create in automatically created text frames"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Polygon"
+msgstr "Polygon"
-msgid "Distance between automatically created columns"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Bezier Curve"
+msgstr "Bezier kurve"
-msgid "Inside:"
-msgstr "Innenfor:"
+msgid "Style"
+msgstr "Stil"
-msgid "Outside:"
-msgstr "Ytterside:"
+msgid "Modify Pathtext"
+msgstr "Endring av Stitekst"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Opacity:"
-msgstr "Gjennomsiktighet:"
+msgid "Show Curve"
+msgstr "Vis kurve"
-msgid "Horizontal Gradient"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Startoffset:"
+msgstr "Startforskyvning:"
-msgid "Vertical Gradient"
-msgstr ""
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Distance from Curve:"
+msgstr "Avstand fra kurve:"
-msgid "Diagonal Gradient"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Attach Text to Path"
+msgstr "Forbinde tekst til sti"
-msgid "Cross Diagonal Gradient"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Layers"
+msgstr "Lag"
-msgid "Radial Gradient"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Edit Line Color Properties"
-msgstr "Felt egenskaper"
+msgid "Add a new Layer"
+msgstr "Tilføy et ny lag"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Edit Fill Color Properties"
-msgstr "Felt egenskaper"
+msgid "Delete Layer"
+msgstr "Slett lag"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Saturation of color"
-msgstr "Metning"
+msgid "Raise Layer"
+msgstr "Hev Lag"
-msgid "Normal or gradient fill method"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Lower Layer"
+msgstr "Senk Lag"
-msgid "Edit the first color of object"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Closes this Dialog"
+msgstr "Lukk dette dialogvinduet"
-msgid "Edit the second color of object"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "New Layer"
+msgstr "Nytt Lag"
-msgid "Set the transparency for the color selected"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Background"
+msgstr "Bakgrunn"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Color of selected object"
-msgstr "Angre sletting av objekt"
+msgid "Reset Control Points"
+msgstr "Nullstill kontrollpunktene"
-msgid "Document Setup"
-msgstr "Dokument innstillinger"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Distribute/Align"
-msgstr "Fordel/Still opp på linje"
+msgid "Reset this Control Points"
+msgstr "Nullstill dette kontrollpunkt"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Align"
-msgstr "Stil opp"
+msgid "Opens a Polygon or cuts a Bezier Curve"
+msgstr "Åpner et polygon eller fjerner en bezierkurve"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "between:"
-msgstr "Mellom:"
+msgid "Closes this Bezier Curve"
+msgstr "Lukker denne bezier kurven"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Left Sides"
-msgstr "Venstre sider"
+msgid "Show Layers"
+msgstr "Vis Lag"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Middles"
-msgstr "Midten"
+msgid "Hide Layers"
+msgstr "Skjul Lag"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Right Sides"
-msgstr "Høyre sider"
+msgid "Sent to Layer"
+msgstr "Plasser i lag"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Don't change"
-msgstr "Ingen endring"
+msgid "Link"
+msgstr "Lenke"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Displacement"
-msgstr "Forskyving"
+msgid "Text Field"
+msgstr "Tekstfelt"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Distribute evenly"
-msgstr "Fordel jevnt"
+msgid "Button"
+msgstr "Knapp"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Top Sides"
-msgstr "Øverste sider"
+msgid "Check Box"
+msgstr "Avkryssingsboks"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Bottom Sides"
-msgstr "Nederste sider"
-msgid " pts"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Apply"
-msgstr "Bruk"
-msgid "Type:"
-msgstr "Type:"
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Properties"
msgstr "Egenskaper"
@@ -1900,16 +2069,16 @@
msgstr "Hjelpetekst:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Font for use with PDF-1.3:"
-msgstr "Font for bruk i PDF-1.3:"
+msgid "Read Only"
+msgstr "Skrivebeskyttet"
+msgid "Visibility:"
+msgstr "Synlighet:"
#, fuzzy
msgid "Border"
msgstr "Grense"
-msgid "Color:"
-msgstr "Farge:"
msgid "Thin"
msgstr "Tynn"
@@ -1916,10 +2085,6 @@
msgid "Wide"
msgstr "Bred"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Style:"
-msgstr "Stil"
msgid "Solid"
msgstr "Solid"
@@ -1927,10 +2092,6 @@
msgstr "Punktet"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Underline"
-msgstr "Understreket"
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Beveled"
msgstr "Med skrå kanter"
@@ -1937,25 +2098,7 @@
msgid "Inset"
msgstr "Sett inn"
-msgid "Other"
-msgstr "Andre"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Read Only"
-msgstr "Skrivebeskyttet"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Required"
-msgstr "Trengs"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Don't Export Value"
-msgstr "Eksporter ikke verdi"
-msgid "Visibility:"
-msgstr "Synlighet:"
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Visible"
msgstr "Synlig"
@@ -1975,6 +2118,9 @@
msgid "Appearance"
msgstr "Utseende"
+msgid "Text"
+msgstr "Tekst"
#, fuzzy
msgid "Text for Button Down"
msgstr "Tekst for knapp ned"
@@ -1984,26 +2130,6 @@
msgstr "Tekst for Rull Rundt"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Icons"
-msgstr "Bruk ikoner"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Use Icons"
-msgstr "Bruk ikoner"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Pressed"
-msgstr "Trykket ned"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Roll Over"
-msgstr "Rull rundt"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Icon Placement..."
-msgstr "Ikon plassering "
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Highlight"
msgstr "Høylys"
@@ -2067,10 +2193,6 @@
msgid "Default is Checked"
msgstr "Standard er avkrysset"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Editable"
-msgstr "Redigerbar"
msgid "Java Script"
msgstr "JavaScript"
@@ -2085,10 +2207,23 @@
msgid "Reset Form"
msgstr "Nullstill form"
-msgid "Import Data"
-msgstr "Importer data"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Flag is ignored for PDF-1.3"
+msgstr "Kan ikke benyttes i PDF-1.3"
#, fuzzy
+msgid "Font for use with PDF-1.3:"
+msgstr "Font for bruk i PDF-1.3:"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Required"
+msgstr "Trengs"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Don't Export Value"
+msgstr "Eksporter ikke verdi"
+#, fuzzy
msgid "Event:"
msgstr "Hendelse:"
@@ -2118,34 +2253,6 @@
msgstr "Skript:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Edit..."
-msgstr "Rediger "
-msgid "Submit to URL:"
-msgstr "Send til URL:"
-msgid "Submit Data as HTML"
-msgstr "Send Data som HTML"
-msgid "Import Data from:"
-msgstr "Importer data fra:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Destination"
-msgstr "Bestemmelsessted"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "To File:"
-msgstr "Filnavn:"
-msgid "Page:"
-msgstr "Side:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Action"
-msgstr "Handling"
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Field is formatted as:"
msgstr "Felt er formatert som:"
@@ -2167,6 +2274,10 @@
msgstr "Tid"
#, fuzzy
+msgid "Custom"
+msgstr "Brukerdefinert"
+#, fuzzy
msgid "Number Format"
msgstr "Nummerformat"
@@ -2207,6 +2318,18 @@
msgstr "Format:"
#, fuzzy
+msgid "Edit..."
+msgstr "Rediger "
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Combo Box"
+msgstr "Kombi boks"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "List Box"
+msgstr "Liste boks"
+#, fuzzy
msgid "Keystroke:"
msgstr "Tasteanslag:"
@@ -2229,9 +2352,6 @@
msgid "Custom validate script:"
msgstr "Brukerdefinert valideringsskript"
-msgid "Validate"
-msgstr "Valider"
#, fuzzy
msgid "Value is not calculated"
msgstr "Verdi er ikke utregnet"
@@ -2261,9 +2381,6 @@
msgid "of the following fields:"
msgstr "av de følgende felter:"
-msgid "Pick..."
-msgstr "Velg"
msgid "Custom calculation script:"
msgstr "Brukerdefinert utregningsskript:"
@@ -2270,26 +2387,13 @@
msgid "Calculate"
msgstr "Regn ut"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Flag is ignored for PDF-1.3"
-msgstr "Kan ikke benyttes i PDF-1.3"
+msgid "Validate"
+msgstr "Valider"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Enter a comma separated list of fields here"
+msgid "Enter a comma separated list of Fields here"
msgstr "Tast inn en kommaseparert liste av felter her"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "You need at least the Icon for Normal to use Icons for Buttons"
-msgstr "Du behøver i det minste normal-ikonet for å bruke ikoner på knapper"
-msgid "Open"
-msgstr "Åpne"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Images (*.tif *.png *.jpg *.xpm);;Postscript (*.eps);;All Files (*)"
-msgstr "Bilder (*.tif *.png *.jpg *.xpm);;Postscript (*.eps);;Alle filer (*)"
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Example:"
msgstr "Eksempel:"
@@ -2298,540 +2402,307 @@
msgstr "Endring av valg"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "PDF-Documents (*.pdf);;All Files (*)"
-msgstr "Dokumenter (*.sla *.scd);; Alle Filer (*)"
+msgid "Use Icons"
+msgstr "Bruk ikoner"
-msgid "Result"
-msgstr "Resultat"
-msgid "Search Results for: "
-msgstr "Søk i Resultat etter:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Preview"
-msgstr "Forhåndsvis"
+msgid "Remove"
+msgstr "Fjern"
-msgid "Select"
-msgstr "Velg"
-msgid "Document Info"
-msgstr "Dokument info"
-msgid "Description:"
-msgstr "Beskrivelse:"
-msgid "Keywords:"
-msgstr ""
-msgid ""
-"This field can be embedded in the Scribus document for reference, as well as "
-"in the metadata of a PDF"
-msgstr ""
-msgid ""
-"This field is for a brief description or abstract of the document. It is "
-"embedded in the PDF on export"
-msgstr ""
-msgid ""
-"This field is for document keywords you wish to embed in a PDF, to assist "
-"searches and indexing of PDF files"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Edit Color"
-msgstr "Rediger farge"
+msgid "Pressed"
+msgstr "Trykket ned"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Color Model"
-msgstr "Fargemodell"
+msgid "Roll Over"
+msgstr "Rull rundt"
-msgid "CMYK"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "RGB"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Web Safe RGB"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Old"
-msgstr "Gammel"
-msgid "HSB-Colormap"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "C:"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "M:"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "K:"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Dynamic Color Bars"
-msgstr "Dynamiske fargesøyler"
+msgid "Icon Placement..."
+msgstr "Ikon plassering "
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Static Color Bars"
-msgstr "Statiske fargesøyler"
+msgid "Editable"
+msgstr "Redigerbar"
-msgid "R:"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Submit to URL:"
+msgstr "Send til URL:"
-msgid "G:"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Submit Data as HTML"
+msgstr "Send Data som HTML"
-msgid "B:"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Layout:"
+msgstr "Utseende:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Name of the Color is not unique"
-msgstr "Navnet på denne stilen er ikke entydig"
+msgid "Caption only"
+msgstr "Kun tekst"
-msgid "Colors"
-msgstr "Farger"
+msgid "Icon only"
+msgstr "Kun ikon"
-msgid "Edit"
-msgstr "Rediger"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Remove Unused"
-msgstr "Fjern"
+msgid "Caption below Icon"
+msgstr "Tekst under ikon"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Color Sets"
-msgstr "Farger"
+msgid "Caption above Icon"
+msgstr "Tekst over ikon"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Current Color Set:"
-msgstr "Farge på tekst"
+msgid "Caption right to Icon"
+msgstr "Tekst til høyre for ikon"
-# ;fuzzy
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Save Color Set"
-msgstr "Relative Colorimetric"
+msgid "Caption left to Icon"
+msgstr "Tekst til venstre for ikon"
-msgid "Choose a color set to load"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Save the current color set"
-msgstr "Lagre dokument"
+msgid "Caption overlays Icon"
+msgstr "Tekst ovenpå ikon"
-msgid "Remove unused colors from current document's color set"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Scale:"
+msgstr "Skala:"
-msgid "Append colors to the current set from an existing document"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Always"
+msgstr "Alltid"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Create a new color within the current set"
-msgstr "Lag et nytt dokument"
+msgid "When Icon is too small"
+msgstr "Når ikonet er for lite"
-msgid "Edit the currently selected color"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Make a copy of the currently selected color"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Delete the currently selected color"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Make the current colorset the default color set"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Choose a Name"
-msgstr "Navn:"
+msgid "When Icon is too big"
+msgstr "Når ikonet er for stort"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Documents (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *.scd.gz);;All Files (*)"
-msgstr "Dokumenter (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *scd.gz);; Alle Filer (*)"
+msgid "Never"
+msgstr "Aldri"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Documents (*.sla *.scd);;All Files (*)"
-msgstr "Dokumenter (*.sla *.scd);; Alle Filer (*)"
+msgid "Scale How:"
+msgstr "Skaler hvordan:"
-msgid "New Color"
-msgstr "Ny farge"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Initializing..."
-msgstr "Starter innpluggingsprogrammer"
+msgid "Proportional"
+msgstr "Proporsjonal"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Scribus "
-msgstr "Scribus Håndbok"
+msgid "Non Proportional"
+msgstr "Ikke-proporsjonal"
-msgid "File"
-msgstr "Fil"
+msgid "Reset"
+msgstr "Tilbakestill"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Create a new Document"
-msgstr "Lag et nytt dokument"
+msgid "You need at least the Icon for Normal to use Icons for Buttons"
+msgstr "Du behøver i det minste normal-ikonet for å bruke ikoner på knapper"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Open a Document"
-msgstr "Åpne dokument"
+msgid "Save and Exit"
+msgstr "Lagre og avslutt"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Save the current Document"
-msgstr "Lagre dokument"
+msgid "Exit without Saving"
+msgstr "Avslutt uten å lagre"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Close the current Document"
-msgstr "Lukk dokument"
+msgid "Get Field Names"
+msgstr "Hent feltnavn"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Print the current Document"
-msgstr "Skriver ut dokument"
+msgid "JavaScripts (*.js);; All Files (*)"
+msgstr "JavaScripts (*.js);; Alle filer (*)"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Save the current Document as PDF"
-msgstr "Lagre dokument som PDF"
+msgid "Pick..."
+msgstr "Velg"
-msgid "Searching for Fonts"
-msgstr "Henter fonter"
+msgid "Export Range"
+msgstr "Eksporter område"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "There are no Postscript-Fonts on your System"
-msgstr "Det er ingen Postscript-Fonter installert"
+msgid "All Pages"
+msgstr "Alle sider"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Exiting now"
-msgstr "Avslutter nå"
+msgid "From:"
+msgstr "Fra:"
-msgid "Fatal Error"
-msgstr "Alvorlig feil"
+msgid "Insert PDF-Fields"
+msgstr "Sett inn PDF-Felt"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Smart Hyphen"
-msgstr "Smart orddeling"
+msgid "Undo"
+msgstr "Angre"
-msgid "Align Left"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Redo"
+msgstr "Pånytt"
-msgid "Align Right"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Select Fields"
+msgstr "Velg felt"
-msgid "Align Center"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Available Fields"
+msgstr "Tilgjengelige felter"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Insert Page Number"
-msgstr "Sett inn sidenummer"
+msgid "Selected Fields"
+msgstr "Valgte felt"
-msgid "Attach Text to Path"
-msgstr "Forbinde tekst til sti"
+msgid "Field Properties"
+msgstr "Felt egenskaper"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Show Layers"
-msgstr "Vis Lag"
+msgid "Global JavaScripts"
+msgstr "Globale JavaScripts"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Javascripts..."
-msgstr "JavaScript"
+msgid "Add..."
+msgstr "Legg til"
-msgid "Undo"
-msgstr "Angre"
+msgid "New Script:"
+msgstr "Nytt skript:"
-msgid "Show Page Palette"
-msgstr "Vis Arranger Sider"
+msgid "New Script"
+msgstr "Nytt skript:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Lock/Unlock"
-msgstr "Lås opp"
+msgid "Insert PDF-Annotations"
+msgstr "Sett inn PDF-Kommentar"
-msgid "Non Breaking Space"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Import Data"
+msgstr "Importer data"
-msgid "Reading Preferences"
-msgstr "Henter innstillinger"
+msgid "Import Data from:"
+msgstr "Importer data fra:"
-msgid "Getting ICC-Profiles"
-msgstr "Henter ICC-profiler"
+msgid "Undo Object Change"
+msgstr "Angre endring av objekt"
-msgid "Init Hyphenator"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Undo Object Move"
+msgstr "Angre flytting av objekt"
-msgid "Setting up Shortcuts"
-msgstr "Setter opp snarveier"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Undo Delete Object"
+msgstr "Angre sletting av objekt"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Color Management..."
-msgstr "Farge håndtering"
+msgid "Compress File"
+msgstr "Komprimer fil"
-msgid "Reading Scrapbook"
-msgstr "Setter opp kladdebok"
+msgid "Inches (in)"
+msgstr "Tommer (in)"
-msgid "Initializing Plugins"
-msgstr "Starter innpluggingsprogrammer"
+msgid "Picas (p)"
+msgstr "Picas (p)"
-msgid "Open..."
-msgstr "Åpne"
+msgid "Show Template Names"
+msgstr "Vis navn på Mal"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Recent Documents"
-msgstr "Nylig brukte dokumenter"
+msgid "Arrange Pages"
+msgstr "Arranger sider"
-msgid "Save as..."
-msgstr "Lagre som"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Revert to Saved"
-msgstr "Gå tilbake til Lagret"
+msgid "Available Templates:"
+msgstr "Tilgjengelige maler:"
-msgid "Collect for Output..."
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Get Text/Picture..."
-msgstr "Hent Tekst/bilde"
-msgid "Insert Page..."
-msgstr "Sett inn side"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Import..."
-msgstr "Importer"
+msgid "Document Pages:"
+msgstr "Dokument sider:"
-msgid "Save Text..."
-msgstr "Hent tekst"
-msgid "Save Page as EPS..."
-msgstr "Lagre side som EPS"
-msgid "Save as PDF..."
-msgstr "Lagre som PDF"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Export..."
-msgstr "Eksporter"
+msgid "Hide Page Palette"
+msgstr "Skjul Arranger Sider"
-msgid "Document Info..."
-msgstr "Dokument Info"
+msgid "Show Page Palette"
+msgstr "Vis Arranger Sider"
-msgid "Document Setup..."
-msgstr "Dokument innstillinger"
+msgid "Drag Pages or Template Pages onto the Trashbin to delete them."
+msgstr "Trekk sider eller maler til Søppelbøtten for å slette dem."
-msgid "Print..."
-msgstr "Skriv ut"
-msgid "Quit"
-msgstr "Avslutt"
-msgid "Clear"
-msgstr "Tøm"
-msgid "Select all"
-msgstr "Marker alt"
-msgid "Search/Replace..."
+msgid ""
+"Here are all your Templates, to create a new Page\n"
+"drag a Template to the Pageview below."
msgstr ""
+"Her er alle dine maler. Trekk en mal\n"
+"til vinduet nedenunder, for at lage en ny side."
-msgid "Colors..."
-msgstr "Farger"
+msgid "Here you can see all Pages of your Document."
+msgstr "Her kan du se alle sidene i ditt dokument."
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Paragraph Styles..."
-msgstr "Stiler"
+msgid "Free Scaling"
+msgstr "Fri skalering"
-msgid "Line Styles..."
-msgstr "Linjestil"
+msgid "Scale to Frame Size"
+msgstr "Skaler bilde til rammestørrelse"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Styles..."
-msgstr "Stiler"
+msgid "Hyphenate Text"
+msgstr "Orddel tekst"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Templates..."
-msgstr "Maler"
+msgid "Hyphenator..."
+msgstr "Orddeling"
#, fuzzy
msgid "General..."
msgstr "Generelt"
-msgid "Preferences..."
-msgstr "Innstillinger"
+msgid "English"
+msgstr "Engelsk"
-msgid "Fonts..."
-msgstr "Fonter"
+msgid "German"
+msgstr "Tysk"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Hyphenator..."
-msgstr "Orddeling"
+msgid "French"
+msgstr "Fransk"
-msgid "Preferences"
-msgstr "Innstillinger"
+msgid "Italian"
+msgstr "Italiensk"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Select New Font"
-msgstr "Velg ny font:"
+msgid "Spanish"
+msgstr "Spansk"
-msgid "Multiple Duplicate"
-msgstr "Dupliker flere ganger"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Distribute/Align..."
-msgstr "Fordel/Still opp på linje"
+msgid "Possible Hyphenation"
+msgstr "Mulig orddeling"
-msgid "Edit Frame"
-msgstr "Rediger ramme"
-msgid "Shape"
-msgstr "Form"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Detach Text from Path"
-msgstr "Forbinde tekst til sti"
+msgid "Accept"
+msgstr "Aksepter"
-msgid "Combine Polygons"
-msgstr "Kombiner polygoner"
+msgid "Skip"
+msgstr "Hopp over"
-msgid "Split Polygons"
-msgstr "Del opp polygoner"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Convert to Outlines"
-msgstr "Konverter polygoner"
+msgid "Hyphenator Settings"
+msgstr "Orddelings innstillinger"
-msgid "Insert..."
-msgstr "Sett inn"
-msgid "Delete..."
-msgstr "Slett"
-msgid "Move..."
-msgstr "Flytt"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Apply Template..."
-msgstr "Bruk mal"
+msgid "Check during Typing"
+msgstr "Kontroller under inntasting"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Manage Guides..."
-msgstr "Håndter hjelpelinjer"
+msgid "Enables automatic checking of your Text during Typing."
+msgstr "Automatisk kontroll av din tekst under inntasting"
-msgid "Fit in Window"
-msgstr "Tilpass til vinduet"
-msgid "50%"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "75%"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Actual Size"
-msgstr "Faktisk størrelse"
-msgid "200%"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Thumbnails"
-msgstr "Små sider"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Tool&bars"
-msgstr "Verktøy"
+msgid "Fully Automatic"
+msgstr "Helt automatisk"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Scrapbook"
-msgstr "Kladdebok"
+msgid "Language:"
+msgstr "Språk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Page Palette"
-msgstr "Vis Arranger Sider"
+msgid "Smallest Word:"
+msgstr "Minste ord:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Bookmarks"
-msgstr "Bokmerker"
+msgid "This is the length of the smallest word to be hyphenated."
+msgstr "Dette er lengden av det minste ord som deles."
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Manage Pictures"
-msgstr "Håndter bilder"
+msgid ""
+"If you uncheck this you will get an Dialog\n"
+"everytime a possible Hyphenation is found."
+msgstr ""
+"Hvis du fjerner krysset her, så vil der komme en\n"
+"dialogboks frem, hver gang en mulig orddeling er funnet."
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Hyphenate Text"
-msgstr "Orddel tekst"
-msgid "About Scribus"
-msgstr "Om Scribus"
-msgid "About Qt"
-msgstr "Om Qt"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Online-Help..."
-msgstr "Online hjelp"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Tool-Tips"
-msgstr "Hjelpetekst:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&File"
-msgstr "Fil"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Edit"
-msgstr "Rediger"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Style"
-msgstr "Stil"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Item"
-msgstr "Objekt"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Page"
-msgstr "Side"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&View"
-msgstr "Vis"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Tools"
-msgstr "Verktøy"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Windows"
+msgid "Windows"
msgstr "Vinduer"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Help"
-msgstr "Hjelp"
-msgid "Block"
-msgstr "Blokkjustert"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Forced"
-msgstr "Tvunget"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Strikethru"
-msgstr "Gjennomstreking"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Small Caps"
-msgstr "Små bokstaver"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Superscript"
-msgstr "Hevet skrift"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Subscript"
-msgstr "Senket skrift"
-msgid "Ready"
-msgstr "Klar"
msgid "Cascade"
msgstr "Overlapp"
@@ -2838,41 +2709,47 @@
msgid "Tile"
msgstr ""
-msgid "Color"
-msgstr "Farge"
+msgid "&Restore"
+msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Font"
-msgstr "Font"
+msgid "&Move"
+msgstr "&Flytt"
-msgid "Size"
-msgstr "Størrelse"
+msgid "Mi&nimize"
+msgstr "Mi&nimer"
-msgid "Alignment"
-msgstr "Avsnitt"
+msgid "Minimize"
+msgstr "Minimer"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Tabulators..."
-msgstr "Maler"
+msgid "Ma&ximize"
+msgstr "Mak&simer"
-msgid "Style"
-msgstr "Stil"
+msgid "Maximize"
+msgstr "Maksimer"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Loading..."
-msgstr "Innleser"
+msgid "System Menu"
+msgstr "System Meny"
-msgid "All Supported Formats"
+msgid "&Close"
+msgstr "&Lukk"
+msgid "Line up"
+msgstr "Stil opp"
+msgid "Restore Down"
msgstr ""
-msgid "All Files (*)"
+msgid "Document"
+msgstr "Dokument"
+msgid ""
+"Name \"%1\" isn't unique.\n"
+"Please choose another."
msgstr ""
+"Navnet \"%1\" er ikke entydig.\n"
+"Velg vennligst et annet."
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Text Files (*.txt);;All Files(*)"
-msgstr "Tekstfiler (*.txt);;Alle filer (*)"
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Can't write the File: \n"
@@ -2881,304 +2758,38 @@
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Documents (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *scd.gz);;All Files (*)"
-msgstr "Dokumenter (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *scd.gz);; Alle Filer (*)"
+msgid "Russian"
+msgstr "Russisk"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Saving..."
-msgstr "Innleser"
-msgid "Printing..."
-msgstr "Skriver ut"
msgid "Printing failed!"
msgstr "Utskrift feilet"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Scribus Manual"
-msgstr "Scribus Håndbok"
-msgid "The following Programs are missing:"
-msgstr "Følgende programmer mangler:"
-msgid "Ghostscript : You cannot use EPS-Images"
-msgstr "Ghostscript : Du kan ikke bruke EPS-Bilder"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "EPS-Files (*.eps);;All Files (*)"
-msgstr "EPS-Filer (*.eps);; Alle filer (*)"
-msgid "Some Objects are locked."
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Lock all"
+msgid "Lock"
msgstr "Lås"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Unlock all"
+msgid "Unlock"
msgstr "Lås opp"
-msgid "Loading:"
-msgstr "Laster:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Adjusting Colors"
-msgstr "Tilpasser farger"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Undo Delete Object"
-msgstr "Angre sletting av objekt"
-msgid "Undo Object Move"
-msgstr "Angre flytting av objekt"
-msgid "Undo Object Change"
-msgstr "Angre endring av objekt"
-msgid "English"
-msgstr "Engelsk"
-msgid "German"
-msgstr "Tysk"
-msgid "Spanish"
-msgstr "Spansk"
-msgid "Italian"
-msgstr "Italiensk"
-msgid "French"
-msgstr "Fransk"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Russian"
-msgstr "Russisk"
-msgid "Danish"
-msgstr "Dansk"
-msgid "Slovak"
-msgstr "Slovakia"
-msgid "Hungarian"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Czech"
-msgstr "Tsjekkisk:"
-msgid "Dutch"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Portuguese"
-msgstr "Egenskaper"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Ukrainian"
-msgstr "Ukrainsk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Polish"
-msgstr "Polsk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Greek"
-msgstr "&Grønn:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Catalan"
-msgstr "Italiensk"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Finnish"
-msgstr "Dansk"
-msgid "Irish"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Lithuanian"
-msgstr "Litauisk:"
-msgid "Swedish"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Slovenian"
-msgstr "Slovakia"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Scribus Crash"
-msgstr "Scribus Håndbok"
-msgid "Scribus crashes due to Signal #%1"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Strike Out"
-msgstr "Gjennomstrekking"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Outline Text"
-msgstr "Oversikt"
-msgid "Advanced Options"
-msgstr "Ytterliger valg"
-msgid "Mirror Page(s) horizontal"
-msgstr "Speil side(r) horisontalt"
-msgid "Mirror Page(s) vertical"
-msgstr "Speil side(r) vertikalt"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Apply ICC-Profiles"
-msgstr "Bruk ICC-Profil"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Setup Printer"
-msgstr "Skriverinnstillinger"
-msgid "Print destination"
-msgstr "Skriv ut til"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Options..."
-msgstr "Innstillinger"
-msgid "File:"
-msgstr "Filnavn:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Alternative Printer Command"
-msgstr "Skriv via egen utskriftskommando"
-msgid "Command:"
-msgstr "Kommando:"
-msgid "Range:"
-msgstr "Område:"
-msgid "To page:"
-msgstr "Til side."
-msgid "From page:"
-msgstr "Fra side:"
-msgid "Print range"
-msgstr "Utskrifts område:"
-msgid "Print all"
-msgstr "Skriv ut alle"
-msgid "Print last page first"
-msgstr "Skriv siste side først"
-msgid "Print first page first"
-msgstr "Skriv første side først"
-msgid "Number of copies:"
-msgstr "Antall kopier:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Print Normal"
-msgstr "Skriv ut normalt"
-msgid "Print Separations"
-msgstr "Skriv ut tabulatorer"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Cyan"
-msgstr "Avbryt"
-msgid "Magenta"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Yellow"
-msgstr "Under:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Black"
-msgstr "Blokkjustert"
-msgid "Print in color if available"
-msgstr "Skriv i farge hvis det er mulig"
-msgid "Print in grayscale"
-msgstr "Skriv i gråskala"
-msgid "Advanced Options..."
-msgstr "Ytterliger valg"
-msgid "Print"
-msgstr "Skriv ut"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Postscript-Files (*.ps);;All Files (*)"
-msgstr "Postscript-filer (*.ps);; Alle filer (*)"
-msgid "Insert Page"
-msgstr "Sett inn side"
-msgid "Inserting"
-msgstr "Setter inn"
-msgid "page(s)"
-msgstr "side(r)"
-msgid "Template (Left Page):"
-msgstr "Mal (Venstre side):"
-msgid "Template (Right Page):"
-msgstr "Mal (Høyre side):"
msgid ""
-"<h3>About Qt</h3><p>This program uses Qt version %1.</p><p>Qt is a C++ "
-"toolkit for multiplatform GUI &amp; application development.</p><p>Qt "
-"provides single-source portability across MS&nbsp;Windows, Mac&nbsp;OS&nbsp;"
-"X, Linux, and all major commercial Unix variants.<br>Qt is also available "
-"for embedded devices.</p><p>Qt is a Trolltech product. See <tt>http://www."
-"</tt> for more information.</p>"
+"Moves to your Document Directory.\n"
+"This can be set in the Preferences."
msgstr ""
+"Flytter til Standard Dokumentkatalog.\n"
+"Denne kan stilles inn i Preferanser."
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Copy or Move a File"
-msgstr "Komprimer fil"
+msgid "Choose a Directory"
+msgstr "Velg en katalog"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Read: %1"
-msgstr "Klar"
+msgid "Paths"
+msgstr "Stier"
-msgid "Write: %1"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Documents:"
+msgstr "Dokumenter:"
-msgid "File &name:"
-msgstr "Fil&navn:"
-msgid "File &type:"
-msgstr "Fil&type:"
msgid "One directory up"
msgstr "En katalog tilbake"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Name"
-msgstr "Navn:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Attributes"
-msgstr "Om Scribus"
-msgid "Look &in:"
-msgstr "Søk &i:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Back"
-msgstr "Blokkjustert"
msgid "Create New Folder"
msgstr "Lag ny katalog"
@@ -3188,878 +2799,284 @@
msgid "Detail View"
msgstr "Detaljer visning"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Preview File Info"
-msgstr "Forhåndsvis fil"
msgid "Preview File Contents"
msgstr "Forhåndsvis fil"
-msgid "Read-write"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Read-only"
-msgstr "Skrivebeskyttet"
+msgid "Hide Grid"
+msgstr "Skjul gitter"
-msgid "Write-only"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Inaccessible"
-msgstr "Vis frem bilde"
+msgid "Show Grid"
+msgstr "Vis Gitter"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Symlink to File"
-msgstr "Skriv til fil"
+msgid "Manage Guides..."
+msgstr "Håndter hjelpelinjer"
-msgid "Symlink to Directory"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Symlink to Special"
-msgstr "Sett inn Spesiell"
+msgid "Manage Guides"
+msgstr "Håndtering av hjelpelinjer"
-msgid "Dir"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Special"
-msgstr "Sett inn Spesiell"
+msgid "Vertical Guides"
+msgstr "Vertikale hjelpelinjer"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Save As"
-msgstr "Lagre som"
+msgid "Horizontal Guides"
+msgstr "Horisontale hjelpelinjer"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Open"
-msgstr "Åpne"
+msgid "Add"
+msgstr "Legg til"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Save"
-msgstr "Lagre"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Rename"
-msgstr "Fjern"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Delete"
-msgstr "Slett"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "R&eload"
-msgstr "Klar"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Sort by &Name"
-msgstr "Font navn"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Sort by &Size"
-msgstr "Font størrelse"
-msgid "Sort by &Date"
+msgid "Horizontal Gradient"
msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Unsorted"
-msgstr "i stedet"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Sort"
-msgstr "Importer"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Show &hidden files"
-msgstr "Vis Hjelpelinjer"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "the file"
-msgstr "System profiler"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "the directory"
-msgstr "En katalog tilbake"
-msgid "the symlink"
+msgid "Vertical Gradient"
msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Delete %1"
-msgstr "Slett"
-msgid "<qt>Are you sure you wish to delete %1 \"%2\"?</qt>"
+msgid "Diagonal Gradient"
msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Yes"
-msgstr "Ja"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&No"
-msgstr "Nei"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "New Folder 1"
-msgstr "Lag ny katalog"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "New Folder"
-msgstr "Lag ny katalog"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "New Folder %1"
-msgstr "Lag ny katalog"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Find Directory"
-msgstr "En katalog tilbake"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Directories"
-msgstr "Retning:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Error"
-msgstr "Speil"
-msgid ""
-"File not found.\n"
-"Check path and filename."
+msgid "CrossDiagonal Gradient"
msgstr ""
-msgid "All Files (*.*)"
+msgid "Radial Gradient"
msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Select a Directory"
-msgstr "Velg en katalog"
+msgid "Polish:"
+msgstr "Polsk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Directory:"
-msgstr "Retning:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Select All"
-msgstr "Marker alt"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Undo"
-msgstr "Angre"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Redo"
-msgstr "Pånytt"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Cu&t"
-msgstr "Klipp"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Copy"
-msgstr "Kopier"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Paste"
-msgstr "Lim"
-msgid "Line up"
-msgstr "Stil opp"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Customize..."
-msgstr "Brukerdefinert"
-msgid "System Menu"
-msgstr "System Meny"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Unshade"
-msgstr "Skygge"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Normalize"
-msgstr "Normal"
-msgid "Minimize"
-msgstr "Minimer"
-msgid "Maximize"
-msgstr "Maksimer"
-msgid "&Restore"
+msgid "User Guides Color:"
msgstr ""
-msgid "&Move"
-msgstr "&Flytt"
+msgid "Guide Snap Distance:"
+msgstr "'Fest til' avstand:"
-msgid "&Size"
-msgstr "&Størrelse"
-msgid "Mi&nimize"
-msgstr "Mi&nimer"
-msgid "Ma&ximize"
-msgstr "Mak&simer"
-msgid "&Close"
-msgstr "&Lukk"
-msgid "Stay on &Top"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Restore Down"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Sh&ade"
-msgstr "Skygge"
+msgid "Use PDF-1.4 Transparency Features"
+msgstr "Bruk PDF-1.4 Transparent egenskaper"
-msgid "%1 - [%2]"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Unshade"
-msgstr "Skygge"
+msgid "Opacity:"
+msgstr "Gjennomsiktighet:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Hu&e:"
-msgstr "&Rød:"
+msgid "Font Name"
+msgstr "Font navn"
-msgid "&Sat:"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Use Font"
+msgstr "Bruk font"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Val:"
-msgstr "Verdi"
+msgid "Available Fonts"
+msgstr "Tilgjengelige fonter"
-msgid "&Red:"
-msgstr "&Rød:"
-msgid "&Green:"
-msgstr "&Grønn:"
-msgid "Bl&ue:"
-msgstr "Bl&å:"
-msgid "A&lpha channel:"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "&Basic colors"
-msgstr "&Basis farge"
-msgid "&Custom colors"
-msgstr "&Brukerdefinerte farger"
-msgid "&Define Custom Colors >>"
-msgstr "&Definer egne farger >>"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "&Add to Custom Colors"
-msgstr "&Legg til egne farger"
+msgid "Replacement"
+msgstr "Erstatning"
-msgid "Select color"
-msgstr "Velg farge"
-msgid "X, Y, Z"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Geometry"
-msgstr "Geometri"
-msgid "Rotation:"
-msgstr "Rotasjon:"
-msgid "Basepoint:"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Text flows around frame"
-msgstr "Tekst flyter rundt boks"
+msgid "Font Substitutions"
+msgstr "Erstatnings fonter"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Use Bounding Box"
-msgstr "Bruk Bounding Box"
+msgid "Additional Paths"
+msgstr "Andre Stier"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Shape:"
-msgstr "Form"
+msgid "Screen"
+msgstr "Skjerm"
-msgid "Edit Shape..."
-msgstr "Endre form"
-msgid ""
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Distance of Text"
-msgstr "Avstand til tekst"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Path Text Properties"
-msgstr "Felt egenskaper"
+msgid "Output intended for:"
+msgstr "Utskrift beregnet for:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Show Curve"
-msgstr "Vis kurve"
+msgid "Use ICC-Profile"
+msgstr "Bruk ICC-Profil"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Start Offset:"
-msgstr "Startforskyvning:"
+msgid "Profiles"
+msgstr "Profiler"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Distance from Curve:"
-msgstr "Avstand fra kurve:"
-msgid "Custom Spacing"
+msgid "Rendering-Intent:"
msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Kerning:"
-msgstr "Advarsel"
+msgid "Don't use embedded Profiles"
+msgstr "Bruk ikke innleirete profiler"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Line Spacing:"
-msgstr "Linjeavstand:"
+msgid "Options..."
+msgstr "Innstillinger"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Language:"
-msgstr "Språk:"
+msgid "Option"
+msgstr "Innstillinger"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Free Scaling"
-msgstr "Fri skalering"
+msgid "Value"
+msgstr "Verdi"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "X-Pos.:"
-msgstr "X-posisjon:"
+msgid "Printing Mode"
+msgstr "Utskrifts modus"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Y-Pos.:"
-msgstr "Y-posisjon:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "X-Scale:"
-msgstr "Skala:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Y-Scale:"
-msgstr "Skala:"
-msgid "Scale to Frame Size"
-msgstr "Skaler bilde til rammestørrelse"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Input Profile:"
-msgstr "Input profil:"
-msgid "Rendering Intent:"
+msgid "Page Set"
msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Left Point"
-msgstr "Venstre punkt"
+msgid "Mirror"
+msgstr "Speil"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "End Points"
-msgstr "Endepunkter"
+msgid "N-Up Printing"
+msgstr "N-UP utskriving"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Line Style:"
-msgstr "Linjestil:"
+msgid "Page per Sheet"
+msgstr "Sider per ark"
-msgid "Edges:"
-msgstr "Kanter:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Endings:"
-msgstr "Endelser:"
+msgid "Pages per Sheet"
+msgstr "Sider per ark"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "No Style"
-msgstr "Ingen Stiler"
+msgid "Even Pages only"
+msgstr "Kun partall sider"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Cell Lines"
-msgstr "Sett inn linje"
+msgid "Odd Pages only"
+msgstr "Kun oddetall sider"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Line at Top"
-msgstr "Stil opp"
+msgid "PDF/X-3 Output Intent"
+msgstr "PDF/X-3 Output Internt"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Line at the Left"
-msgstr "Fra høyre til venstre"
+msgid "Info String:"
+msgstr "Info streng:"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Line at the Right "
-msgstr "Fra venstre til høyre"
+msgid "Output Profile:"
+msgstr "Profil for utskrift."
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Line at Bottom"
-msgstr "Topp til bunn"
+msgid "Use Encryption"
+msgstr "Bruk kryptering"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Name of selected object"
-msgstr "Angre sletting av objekt"
+msgid "Passwords"
+msgstr "Passord"
-msgid "Horizontal position of current basepoint"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "User:"
+msgstr "Bruker:"
-msgid "Vertical position of current basepoint"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Owner:"
+msgstr "Eier:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Width"
-msgstr "Bredde:"
+msgid "Settings"
+msgstr "Innstillinger"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Height"
-msgstr "Høyde:"
+msgid "Allow Printing the Document"
+msgstr "Tillat utskrivning av dokument"
-msgid "Rotation of object at current basepoint"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Point from which measurements or rotation angles are referenced"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Select top left for basepoint"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Select top right for basepoint"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Select bottom left for basepoint"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Select bottom right for basepoint"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Select center for basepoint"
-msgstr "Velg ny font:"
+msgid "Allow Changing the Document"
+msgstr "Tillat endring av dokument"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Flip Horizontal"
-msgstr "Speil Horisontalt"
+msgid "Copying Text and Graphics is allowed"
+msgstr "Kopiering av tekst og grafikk er tillat"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Flip Vertical"
-msgstr "Speil Vertikalt"
+msgid "Adding Annotations and Fields is allowed"
+msgstr "Tilføyelse av kommentarer og felter er tillatt"
-msgid "Move one level up"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Move one level down"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Move to front"
-msgstr "Flytt kontrollpunkter"
+msgid "Security"
+msgstr "Sikkerhet"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Move to back"
-msgstr "Plasser bakerst"
+msgid "Printer Options"
+msgstr "Skriver innstillinger"
-msgid ""
-"Indicates the level the object is on, 0 means the object is at the bottom"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Lock or unlock the object"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Lock or unlock the size of the object"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Enable or disable printing of the object"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Make text in lower frames flow around the object shape"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Use the frame shape instead of the object one"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Font of selected text or object"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Font Size"
-msgstr "Font størrelse"
-msgid "Scaling width of characters"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Color of text stroke"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Color of text fill"
-msgstr "Fargemodell"
+msgid "Element"
+msgstr "Objekt"
-msgid "Saturation of color of text stroke"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "X-Pos+:"
+msgstr "X-posisjon+:"
-msgid "Saturation of color of text fill"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Y-Pos+:"
+msgstr "Y-posisjon+:"
-msgid "Reverse Writing"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Horiz. Scale:"
+msgstr "Horisontal skala:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Manual Kerning"
-msgstr "Manuell Kerning"
+msgid "Vert. Scale:"
+msgstr "Vertikal skala:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Line Spacing"
-msgstr "Linjeavstand"
+msgid "Show Bookmarks"
+msgstr "Vis Bokmerker"
-msgid "Style of current paragraph"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Hide Bookmarks"
+msgstr "Skjul Bokmerker"
-msgid "Language of object"
+msgid "Collect for Output..."
msgstr ""
-msgid "Change settings for left or end points"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Danish"
+msgstr "Dansk"
-msgid "Pattern of line"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Danish:"
+msgstr "Dansk:"
-msgid "Thickness of line"
+msgid "Lock Guides"
msgstr ""
-msgid "Type of line joins"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Mirror Page(s) horizontal"
+msgstr "Speil side(r) horisontalt"
-msgid "Type of line end"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Mirror Page(s) vertical"
+msgstr "Speil side(r) vertikalt"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Line style of current object"
-msgstr "Skriver ut dokument"
+msgid "Rotation"
+msgstr "Rotasjon"
-msgid "Choose the shape of frame..."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "by:"
+msgstr "av:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Edit shape of the frame..."
+msgid "Edit Shape..."
msgstr "Endre form"
-msgid "Set radius of corner rounding"
+msgid ""
msgstr ""
-msgid "Number of columns in text frame"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Switches between Gap or Column width"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Distance between columns"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Distance of text from top of frame"
+msgid "Distance of Text"
msgstr "Avstand til tekst"
-msgid "Distance of text from bottom of frame"
+msgid "Custom Spacing"
msgstr ""
-msgid "Distance of text from left of frame"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Character:"
+msgstr "Tegn:"
-msgid "Distance of text from right of frame"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Line:"
+msgstr "Linje:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Edit tab settings of text frame..."
-msgstr "Rediger innhold av ramme"
-msgid "Allow the image to be a different size to the frame"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Horizontal offset of image within frame"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Vertical offset of image within frame"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Resize the image horizontally"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Resize the image vertically"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Keep the X and Y scaling the same"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Keep the aspect ratio"
-msgstr "Behold høyde/bredde forhold"
-msgid "Make the image fit within the size of the frame"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Use image proportions rather than those of the frame"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Source profile of the image"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Rendering intent for the image"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "X1:"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "X2:"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Y1:"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Y2:"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Column width"
-msgstr "Kolonne hjelpelinjer"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Search/Replace"
-msgstr "Søk"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Search for:"
-msgstr "Søk i Resultat etter:"
-msgid "Paragraph Style"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Font Effects"
-msgstr "Ingen effekt"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Fill Color"
-msgstr "Fyllfarge:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Fill Shade"
-msgstr "Skygge"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Stroke Color"
-msgstr "Slett farge"
-msgid "Stroke Shade"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Replace with:"
-msgstr "Erstatt den med:"
-msgid "Whole Word"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Ignore Case"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Search"
-msgstr "Søk"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Replace"
-msgstr "Erstatning"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Replace All"
-msgstr "Erstatning"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Leave"
+msgid "Level"
msgstr "Nivå"
-msgid "Search finished"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Geometry"
+msgstr "Geometri"
-msgid "Character"
-msgstr "Tegn"
+msgid "Document:"
+msgstr "Dokument:"
-msgid "Face:"
-msgstr "Ansikt:"
+msgid "has been changed since the last save."
+msgstr "Dokumentet er endret siden sist gang det ble lagret."
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Effect:"
-msgstr "Effekter"
+msgid "Insert Page..."
+msgstr "Sett inn side"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Alignment:"
-msgstr "Avsnitt"
-msgid "Drop Caps"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Lines:"
-msgstr "Linje:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Fill Color:"
-msgstr "Fyllfarge:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Stroke Color:"
-msgstr "Ny farge:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Vertical Spaces"
-msgstr "Vertikal avstand"
-msgid "Adjust to Baseline Grid"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Above:"
-msgstr "Over:"
-msgid "Below:"
-msgstr "Under:"
-msgid "Tabulators and Indentation"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Name of your paragraph style"
-msgstr ""
-msgid ""
-"Provides an oversized first letter for a paragraph. Used for stylistic effect"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Determines the overall height, in line numbers, of the Drop Caps"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Align text to baseline grid"
-msgstr "Midtstill tekst"
-msgid "Spacing above the paragraph"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Spacing below the paragraph"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Name of the Style is not unique"
-msgstr "Navnet på denne stilen er ikke entydig"
-msgid "Manage Keyboard Shortcuts"
-msgstr "Håndtering av hurtigtaster"
-msgid "Current Key"
-msgstr "Nåværende hurtigtast"
-msgid "Select a Key for this Action"
-msgstr "Velg en hurtigtast for denne handling"
-msgid "No Key"
-msgstr "Ingen hurtigtast"
-msgid "User Defined Key"
-msgstr "Brukerdefinert hurtigtast"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "ALT+SHIFT+T"
-msgstr "Alt + Shift + t"
-msgid "Set Key"
-msgstr "Ta denne i bruk"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Alt"
-msgstr "Alle"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Ctrl"
-msgstr "Sirkel"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Shift"
-msgstr "Dele"
-msgid "Shift+"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Alt+"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Ctrl+"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "This Key-Sequence is already in use"
-msgstr "Denne hurtigtasten er allerede i bruk"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Load..."
-msgstr "Last inn"
-msgid "Small"
-msgstr "Liten"
-msgid "Big"
-msgstr "Stor"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Scrapbooks (*.scs);;All Files (*)"
-msgstr "Kladdebøker (*.scs);; Alle filer (*)"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Object"
-msgstr "Objekt"
-msgid "New Entry"
-msgstr "Nytt innslag"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Polygon Properties"
-msgstr "Polygon egenskaper"
-msgid "Corners:"
-msgstr "Hjørner:"
-msgid "Convex Polygon"
-msgstr "Konveks Polygon"
-msgid "Factor:"
-msgstr "Faktor:"
-msgid "Pictures"
-msgstr "Bilder"
-msgid "Path"
-msgstr "Sti"
-msgid "Status"
-msgstr "Tilstand"
-msgid "Goto"
-msgstr "Gå til"
-msgid "Missing"
-msgstr "Manglende"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Edit Line Styles"
-msgstr "Rediger Stil"
-msgid "New Style"
-msgstr "Ny stil"
-msgid "Do you really want do delete this Style?"
-msgstr "Ønsker du virkelig å slette denne stilen?"
msgid "Import a Page"
msgstr "Importer en side"
@@ -4078,674 +3095,86 @@
msgid "Document contains: %1 Page(s)"
msgstr "Dokumentet inneholder: %1 Side(r)"
-msgid "External Link"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Advanced Options..."
+msgstr "Ytterliger valg"
-msgid "External Web-Link"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Advanced Options"
+msgstr "Ytterliger valg"
-msgid "Leave Anyway"
-msgstr "Avslutt allikevel"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Close Anyway"
-msgstr "Avslutt allikevel"
+msgid "Apply ICC-Profiles"
+msgstr "Bruk ICC-Profil"
-msgid "Document:"
-msgstr "Dokument:"
-msgid "has been changed since the last save."
-msgstr "Dokumentet er endret siden sist gang det ble lagret."
-msgid "Save Now"
-msgstr "Lagre nå"
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Number of Rows:"
-msgstr "Antall kopier:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Number of Columns:"
-msgstr "Antall kopier:"
-msgid "Show Template Names"
-msgstr "Vis navn på Mal"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Arrange Pages"
-msgstr "Arranger sider"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Available Templates:"
-msgstr "Tilgjengelige maler:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Document Pages:"
-msgstr "Dokument sider:"
-msgid "Drag Pages or Template Pages onto the Trashbin to delete them."
-msgstr "Trekk sider eller maler til Søppelbøtten for å slette dem."
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Previews all the pages of your document."
-msgstr "Her kan du se alle sidene i ditt dokument."
-msgid ""
-"Here are all your Templates, to create a new Page\n"
-"drag a Template to the Pageview below."
-msgstr ""
-"Her er alle dine maler. Trekk en mal\n"
-"til vinduet nedenunder, for at lage en ny side."
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Story Editor"
-msgstr "Tekstbehandler"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Save to File..."
-msgstr "Lagre som PDF"
-msgid "Load from File..."
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Save and Exit"
-msgstr "Lagre og avslutt"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Exit without Saving"
-msgstr "Avslutt uten å lagre"
-msgid "Redo"
-msgstr "Pånytt"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Insert Special..."
-msgstr "Sett inn Spesiell"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Edit Styles..."
-msgstr "Rediger Stil"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Update Text Frame"
-msgstr "Tekstramme"
-msgid "Current Paragraph:"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Totals:"
-msgstr "Verktøy"
-msgid "Do you want to save your changes?"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Insert Special"
-msgstr "Sett inn Spesiell"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Do you really want to lose all your Changes?"
-msgstr "Ønsker du virkelig å slette denne stilen?"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Do you really want to clear all your Text?"
-msgstr "Ønsker du virkelig å slette denne stilen?"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Editor"
-msgstr "Rediger"
-msgid "Get Field Names"
-msgstr "Hent feltnavn"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Javascripts (*.js);;All Files (*)"
-msgstr "JavaScripts (*.js);; Alle filer (*)"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Move Bookmark"
-msgstr "Flytt bokmerke"
-msgid "Insert Bookmark"
-msgstr "Sett inn bokmerke"
-msgid "Edit Styles"
-msgstr "Rediger Stil"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Color Management Settings"
-msgstr "Fargestyring innstillinger"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Activate Color Management"
-msgstr "Aktiver fargestyring"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "System Profiles"
-msgstr "System profiler"
-msgid "Pictures:"
-msgstr "Bilder:"
-msgid "Monitor:"
-msgstr "Skjerm:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Printer:"
-msgstr "Skriver:"
-msgid "Rendering Intents"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Simulate Printer on the Screen"
-msgstr "Simuler utskrift på skjerm"
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Mark Colors out of Gamut"
msgstr "Mark Colors out of Gamut"
-msgid "Use Blackpoint Compensation"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Scale Picture to Frame Size"
+msgstr "Skaler bilde til rammestørrelse"
-msgid "Default color profile for imported images"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Combine Polygons"
+msgstr "Kombiner polygoner"
-msgid "Default color profile for solid colors on the page"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Split Polygons"
+msgstr "Del opp polygoner"
-msgid ""
-"Color profile that you have generated or received from the manufacturer.\n"
-"This profile should be specific to your monitor and not a generic profile (i."
-"e. sRGB)."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Convert to Polygons"
+msgstr "Konverter polygoner"
-msgid ""
-"Color profile for your printer model from the manufacturer.\n"
-"This profile should be specific to your printer and not a generic profile (i."
-"e. sRGB)."
+msgid "Websave RGB"
msgstr ""
-msgid ""
-"Default rendering intent for your monitor. Unless you know why to change "
-"Relative Colorimetric or Perceptual should be chosen."
+msgid "Adjust Display Size"
msgstr ""
-msgid ""
-"Default rendering intent for your printer. Unless you know why to change "
-"Relative Colorimetric or Perceptual should be chosen."
+msgid "To adjust the Display drag the Ruler below with the Slider."
msgstr ""
-msgid ""
-"Enable 'soft proofing' of how your document colors will print,\n"
-"based on the chosen printer profile."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Show PDF-Tools"
+msgstr "Vis PDF-verktøy"
-msgid ""
-"Method of showing colors on the screen which may not print properly.\n"
-"This requires very accurate profiles and serves only as a warning."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Hide PDF-Tools"
+msgstr "Skjul PDF-verktøy"
-msgid ""
-"Black Point Compensation is a method of improving contrast in photos.\n"
-"It is recommended that you enable this if you have photos in your document."
+msgid "Shears the Path horizotal to the right"
msgstr ""
-msgid ""
-"Sorry, no manual available! Please see: for updated docs "
-"and downloads."
+msgid "Shears the Path horizotal to the left"
msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Edit JavaScripts"
-msgstr "JavaScript"
-msgid "New Script:"
-msgstr "Nytt skript:"
-msgid "New Script"
-msgstr "Nytt skript:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Do you really want do delete this Script?"
-msgstr "Ønsker du virkelig å slette denne stilen?"
-msgid "Number of Copies:"
-msgstr "Antall kopier:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Horizontal Shift:"
-msgstr "Horisontal skift1:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Vertical Shift:"
-msgstr "Vertikalt skift1:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Hyphenator Settings"
-msgstr "Orddelings innstillinger"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Fully Automatic"
-msgstr "Helt automatisk"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid ""
-"If you uncheck this you will get a dialog\n"
-"everytime a possible Hyphenation is found."
+msgid "Shears the Path vertical up"
msgstr ""
-"Hvis du fjerner krysset her, så vil der komme en\n"
-"dialogboks frem, hver gang en mulig orddeling er funnet."
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Check during Typing"
-msgstr "Kontroller under inntasting"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Enables automatic checking of your text while typing."
-msgstr "Automatisk kontroll av din tekst under inntasting"
-msgid "Smallest Word:"
-msgstr "Minste ord:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Length of the smallest word to be hyphenated."
-msgstr "Dette er lengden av det minste ord som deles."
-msgid "Number of Hypenations allowed:"
+msgid "Shears the Path vertical down"
msgstr ""
-msgid ""
-"Maximum number of Hyphenations following each other.\n"
-"A value of 0 means unlimited hyphenations."
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Line Styles..."
+msgstr "Linjestil"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid ""
-"Do you really want to overwrite the File:\n"
-"%1 ?"
-msgstr ""
-"Ønsker du virkelig å overskrive filen:\n"
-"%1 ?"
+msgid "Initializing Plugins"
+msgstr "Starter innpluggingsprogrammer"
-#, fuzzy, c-format
-msgid "About Scribus%1%2"
-msgstr "Om Scribus"
+msgid "Reading Scrapbook"
+msgstr "Setter opp kladdebok"
-msgid "%1. %2 %3 "
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Setting up Shortcuts"
+msgstr "Setter opp snarveier"
-msgid ""
-"Scribus Version %1\n"
-"%2 %3"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Build-ID:"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "About"
-msgstr "Om"
-msgid "Programming:"
-msgstr "Programmering:"
-msgid "Contributions from:"
-msgstr "Bidrag fra:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Windows port:"
-msgstr "Vinduer"
-msgid "Documentation:"
-msgstr "Dokumentasjon:"
-msgid "Authors"
-msgstr "Forfattere"
-msgid "German:"
-msgstr "Tysk:"
-msgid "French:"
-msgstr "Fransk:"
-msgid "Spanish and Catalan:"
-msgstr "Spansk og katalansk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Italian:"
-msgstr "Italiensk"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Hungarian:"
-msgstr "Ungarsk og italiensk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Ukrainian:"
-msgstr "Ukrainsk:"
-msgid "Bulgarian:"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Galician:"
-msgstr "Ukrainsk:"
-msgid "Turkish:"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Lithuanian:"
-msgstr "Litauisk:"
-msgid "Polish:"
-msgstr "Polsk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Czech:"
-msgstr "Tsjekkisk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Slovak:"
-msgstr "Slovakisk:"
-msgid "Danish:"
-msgstr "Dansk:"
-msgid "Norwegian:"
-msgstr "Norsk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "English:"
-msgstr "Engelsk"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Welsh:"
-msgstr "Polsk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Russian:"
-msgstr "Russisk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Brazilian:"
-msgstr "Ukrainsk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Finnish:"
-msgstr "Dansk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Slovenian:"
-msgstr "Slovakisk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Basque:"
-msgstr "Bl&å:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Translations"
-msgstr "Oversettelser"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Homepage and online reference"
+msgid "Reading Preferences"
msgstr "Henter innstillinger"
-msgid "Mailing list"
+msgid "Init Hyphenator"
msgstr ""
-msgid "Bugs and feature requests"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Getting ICC-Profiles"
+msgstr "Henter ICC-profiler"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Online"
-msgstr "Oversikt"
+msgid "Searching for Fonts"
+msgstr "Henter fonter"
-msgid "Guides"
-msgstr "Guide"
+msgid "Print Preview"
+msgstr "Forhåndsvisning av utskrift"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Typography"
-msgstr "Typografier"
-msgid "Display"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "External Tools"
-msgstr "Ekstra"
-msgid "Misc."
-msgstr ""
-msgid "GUI"
-msgstr "GUI"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Theme:"
-msgstr "Tema"
-msgid "Font Size:"
-msgstr "Font størrelse"
-msgid "Units"
-msgstr "Enheter"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Points (pt)"
-msgstr "Punkter (pts)"
-msgid "Mouse-Settings"
-msgstr "Museinnstillinger"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Wheel-Jump:"
-msgstr "Hjul-hopp"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Grab-Radius:"
-msgstr "Gripe-radius"
-msgid " px"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Menus"
-msgstr "Menyer"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Recent Documents:"
-msgstr "Nylig brukte dokumenter:"
-msgid "Keyboard Shortcuts..."
-msgstr "Hurtigtaster"
-msgid "Paths"
-msgstr "Stier"
-msgid "Documents:"
-msgstr "Dokumenter:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "ICC-Profiles:"
-msgstr "Bruk ICC-Profil"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Scripts:"
-msgstr "Skript:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Left Page First"
-msgstr "Venstre side først"
-msgid "Autosave"
-msgstr "Autolagre"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Interval:"
-msgstr "Sett inn ellipse"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "min"
-msgstr "minimum"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Grid Layout"
-msgstr "Gitter innstillinger"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Minor Grid Spacing:"
-msgstr "Avstand mellom linjer:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Major Grid Spacing:"
-msgstr "Avstand mellom hovedlinjer:"
-msgid "Guide Snap Distance:"
-msgstr "'Fest til' avstand:"
-msgid "Grid Colors"
-msgstr "Farge på Gitter"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Minor Grid Color:"
-msgstr "Hoved-gitterlinjer:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Major Grid Color:"
-msgstr "Hoved-gitterlinjer:"
-msgid "User Guides Color:"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Placing"
-msgstr "Plassering"
-msgid "In the Background"
-msgstr "I bakgrunnen"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "In the Foreground"
-msgstr "I forgrunnen"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Baseline Grid"
-msgstr "Skjul gitter"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "On"
-msgstr "Åpne"
-msgid "Off"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Scaling:"
-msgstr "Skalering"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Displacement:"
-msgstr "Forskyving"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Baseline Grid:"
-msgstr "Skjul gitter"
-msgid "Baseline Offset:"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Automatic Line Spacing:"
-msgstr "Automatisk linjeavstand"
-msgid "Default Size:"
-msgstr "Standard størrelse:"
-msgid "Default Font:"
-msgstr "Standard font"
-msgid "Text Color:"
-msgstr "Farge på tekst"
-msgid "Woven silk pyjamas exchanged for blue quartz"
-msgstr "Woven silk pyjamas exchanged for blue quartz"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Line Color:"
-msgstr "Linjefarge:"
-msgid "Shading:"
-msgstr "Skyggelegging:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Minimum:"
-msgstr "minimum"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Maximum:"
-msgstr "maksimum"
-msgid "Stepping:"
-msgstr "Intervall:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Horizontal Scaling:"
-msgstr "Horisontal skalering"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Vertical Scaling:"
-msgstr "Vertikal skalering"
-msgid "Scale Picture to Frame Size"
-msgstr "Skaler bilde til rammestørrelse"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Keep Aspect Ratio"
-msgstr "Behold høyde/bredde forhold"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Other Options"
-msgstr "Andre innstillinger"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Save Contents on Changes"
-msgstr "Lagre innhold ved avslutning"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Display Pages Side by Side"
-msgstr "Vis sider ved siden av hverandre"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Page-Colors"
-msgstr "Sidefarger"
-msgid "Background:"
-msgstr "Bakgrunn:"
-msgid "Margins:"
-msgstr "Marger:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Display Unprintable Area in Margin Color"
-msgstr "Vis område som ikke kan utskrives i margin farge"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Use PDF-1.4 Transparency Features"
-msgstr "Bruk PDF-1.4 Transparent egenskaper"
-msgid "Adjust Display Size"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "To adjust the display drag the ruler below with the Slider."
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Postscript Interpreter"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Name of executable:"
-msgstr ""
msgid "Antialias Text"
msgstr "Antialias tekst"
@@ -4752,778 +3181,67 @@
msgid "Antialias Graphics"
msgstr "Antialias Grafikk"
-msgid "Image Processing Tool"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Printing"
-msgstr "Skriver ut"
+msgid "Russian:"
+msgstr "Russisk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Clip to Page Margins"
-msgstr "Skjul marg"
+msgid "Loading:"
+msgstr "Laster:"
-msgid ""
-"Choose the default window decoration and looks.\n"
-"Scribus inherits any available KDE or Qt themes"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Autosave"
+msgstr "Autolagre"
-msgid "Default font size for the menus and windows"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Enabled"
+msgstr "I bruk"
-msgid "Number of lines Scribus will scroll for each move of the mouse wheel"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "use Bounding Box"
+msgstr "Bruk Bounding Box"
-msgid ""
-"Radius of the area where Scribus will allow you to grab an objects handles"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Number of recently edited documents to show in the File menu"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Change the keyboard shortcuts to your preference"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Default documents directory"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Default ICC profiles directory"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Default Scripter scripts directory"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Default page size, either a standard size or a custom size"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Default orientation of document pages"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Width of document pages, editable if you have chosen a custom page size"
-msgstr ""
-msgid ""
-"Height of document pages, editable if you have chosen a custom page size"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Make the first page the left page of a document"
-msgstr ""
-msgid ""
-"When enabled, Scribus saves a backup copy of your file with the .bak "
-"each time the time period elapses"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Time period between saving automatically"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Distance between the minor grid lines"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Distance between the major grid lines"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Distance within which an object will snap to your placed guides"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Color of the minor grid lines"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Color of the major grid lines"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Color of the guide lines you insert"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Place the grid behind your page objects"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Place the grid in front of your page objects"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Turns on the basegrid"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Turns off the basegrid"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Displacement above the baseline of the font on a line"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Relative size of the superscript compared to the normal font"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Displacement below the baseline of the normal font on a line"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Relative size of the subscript compared to the normal font"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Relative size of the small caps font compared to the normal font"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Percentage increase over the font size for the line spacing"
-msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
-msgid "Text Frame Properties"
-msgstr "Felt egenskaper"
+msgid "Czech:"
+msgstr "Tsjekkisk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Picture Frame Properties"
-msgstr "Billedramme"
+msgid "Norwegian:"
+msgstr "Norsk:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Shape Drawing Properties"
-msgstr "Kommentar egenskaper"
+msgid "Select new Font:"
+msgstr "Velg ny font:"
-msgid "Magnification Level Defaults"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "Insert Special"
+msgstr "Sett inn Spesiell"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Line Drawing Properties"
-msgstr "Kommentar egenskaper"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Polygon Drawing Properties"
-msgstr "Polygon egenskaper"
-msgid "Font for new text frames"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Size of font for new text frames"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Color of font"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Number of columns in a text frame"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Gap between text frame columns"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Sample of your font"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Picture frames allow pictures to scale to any size"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Horizontal scaling of images"
-msgstr "Horisontal skalering"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Vertical scaling of images"
-msgstr "Vertikal skalering"
-msgid "Keep horizontal and vertical scaling the same"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Pictures in picture frames are scaled to the size of the frame"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Automatically scaled pictures keep their original proportions"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Fill color of picture frames"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Saturation of color of fill"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Line color of shapes"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Saturation of color of lines"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Fill color of shapes"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Line style of shapes"
-msgstr "Linjestil:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Line width of shapes"
-msgstr "Linjebredde:"
-msgid "Minimum magnification allowed"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Maximum magnification allowed"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Change in magnification for each zoom operation"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Color of lines"
-msgstr "Fargemodell"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Style of lines"
-msgstr "System profiler"
-msgid "Width of lines"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Number of corners for polygons"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Degrees of rotation for polygons"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Polygons will be convex rather than concave"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Sample Polygon"
-msgstr "Del opp polygoner"
-msgid "Change the angles at which lines of the polygon join"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Choose the size of the preview in the scrapbook palette"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Save the scrapbook contents everytime after a change"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "When using facing pages, show the two pages side by side"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Color for paper"
-msgstr "Fargemodell"
-msgid "Color for the margin lines"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Mask the area outside the margins in the margin color"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Enable transparency features within PDF 1.4 export"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Set the default zoom level"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Filesystem location for the Ghostscript interpreter"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Antialias text for EPS and PDF onscreen rendering"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Antialias graphics for EPS and PDF onscreen rendering"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Filesystem location for graphics editor"
-msgstr ""
-msgid ""
-"Do not show objects outside the margins on the printed page or exported file"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Select Character:"
+msgid "Select Character"
msgstr "Velg Tegn"
msgid "Insert"
msgstr "Sett inn"
-msgid "Print Preview"
-msgstr "Forhåndsvisning av utskrift"
+msgid "Save Page as SVG..."
+msgstr "Lagre side som SVG"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Anti-alias Text"
-msgstr "Antialias tekst"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Anti-alias Graphics"
-msgstr "Antialias Grafikk"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Display Transparency"
-msgstr "Vis rammer"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Display CMYK"
-msgstr "Vis rammer"
-msgid "C"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "M"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Y"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "K"
-msgstr "Greit"
-msgid ""
-"Provides a more pleasant view of text items in the viewer, at the expense\n"
-"of a slight slowdown in previewing. This only affects Type 1 fonts"
-msgstr ""
-msgid ""
-"Provides a more pleasant view of True Type Fonts, Open Type Fonts, EPS, PDF "
-"vector graphics in the preview, at the expense of a slight slowdown in "
-msgstr ""
-msgid ""
-"Shows transparency and transparent items in your document. Requires "
-"Ghostscript 7.07 or later"
-msgstr ""
-msgid ""
-"Gives a print preview using simulations of generic CMYK inks, instead of RGB "
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Enable/disable the C (Cyan) ink plate"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Enable/disable the M (Magenta) ink plate"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Enable/disable the Y (Yellow) ink plate"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Enable/disable the K (Black) ink plate"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Scripter Manual..."
-msgstr "Scribus Håndbok"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Scribus Scripts"
-msgstr "Senket skrift"
-msgid "Execute Script..."
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Recent Scripts"
-msgstr "Nytt skript:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Show Console"
-msgstr "Vis Verktøy"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "S&cript"
-msgstr "Skript:"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Online Reference"
-msgstr "Henter innstillinger"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Python Scripts (*.py);; All Files (*)"
-msgstr "JavaScripts (*.js);; Alle filer (*)"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Script error"
-msgstr "Skript:"
-msgid ""
-"If you are running an official script report it at <a href=\"http://bugs."
-"\"></a> please."
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Hide Console"
-msgstr "Skjul Verktøy"
-msgid "Script Console"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Oook! You're calling an object doesn't exist!"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Oook! You're trying to erase an object doesn't exist!"
-msgstr ""
-msgid "Oook! An object you're trying to textflow doesn't exist!"
-msgstr ""
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "Import SVG-Image..."
-msgstr "Importer"
-#, fuzzy
-msgid "SVG-Images (*.svg *.svgz);;All Files (*)"
-msgstr "SVG-bilde (*.svg);; Alle Filer (*)"
-#, fuzzy
msgid "SVG-Images (*.svg);;All Files (*)"
msgstr "SVG-bilde (*.svg);; Alle Filer (*)"
-msgid "Save Page as SVG..."
-msgstr "Lagre side som SVG"
-#~ msgid "Show Measurements"
-#~ msgstr "Vis Mål og formatering"
-#~ msgid "Hide Measurements"
-#~ msgstr "Skjul Mål og formatering"
-#~ msgid "Scaled to "
-#~ msgstr "Skaler til"
#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Gutter Width:"
-#~ msgstr "Gutter bredde:"
+msgid "Solid Line"
+msgstr "Heltrukken linje"
-#~ msgid "W:"
-#~ msgstr "W:"
-#~ msgid "Tabloid"
-#~ msgstr "Tabloid"
-#~ msgid "Document "
-#~ msgstr "Dokument "
-#~ msgid "No Document"
-#~ msgstr "Intet dokument"
-#~ msgid "Images"
-#~ msgstr "Bilder"
-#~ msgid ");;Vectorimages (*.eps *.pdf);;All Files (*)"
-#~ msgstr ");;Vektorbilder (*.eps *.pdf);;Alle Filer (*)"
-#~ msgid "PDF-Options"
-#~ msgstr "PDF-valgmuligheter"
-#~ msgid "Resolution for EPS-Images:"
-#~ msgstr "Oppløsning for EPS-bilder:"
-#~ msgid "Deselect all"
-#~ msgstr "Fjern markering"
-#~ msgid "OK to delete Color:"
-#~ msgstr "Ja til å slette farge:"
-#~ msgid "Edit Colors"
-#~ msgstr "Rediger farge"
-#~ msgid "Show Outline"
-#~ msgstr "Vis Oversikt"
-#~ msgid "Hide Outline"
-#~ msgstr "Skjul Oversikt"
-#~ msgid "Rectangle"
-#~ msgstr "Rektangel"
-#~ msgid "Delete Page:"
-#~ msgstr "Slett side:"
-#~ msgid "Delete Page"
-#~ msgstr "Slett side"
-#~ msgid "Line Width"
-#~ msgstr "Linjetykkelse"
-#~ msgid "Print to printer:"
-#~ msgstr "Skriv ut til skriver"
-#~ msgid "Comment"
-#~ msgstr "Kommentar"
-#~ msgid "Browse..."
-#~ msgstr "Kikk"
-#~ msgid "Printer settings"
-#~ msgstr "Skriver innstillinger"
-#~ msgid "Paper format"
-#~ msgstr "Papir format"
-#~ msgid "Select Font"
-#~ msgstr "Velg font"
-#~ msgid "&Font"
-#~ msgstr "&Font"
-#~ msgid "Font st&yle"
-#~ msgstr "Font st&il"
-#~ msgid "Stri&keout"
-#~ msgstr "Gjennomstrek&king"
-#~ msgid "&Underline"
-#~ msgstr "&Understreket"
-#~ msgid "Sample"
-#~ msgstr "Prøve"
-#~ msgid "Scr&ipt"
-#~ msgstr "Skr&ipt"
-#~ msgid "Printing-Error"
-#~ msgstr "Utskriftsfeil"
-#~ msgid "Printing completed"
-#~ msgstr "Utskrift ferdig"
-#~ msgid "Printing aborted"
-#~ msgstr "Utskrift avbrutt"
-#~ msgid "Saving aborted"
-#~ msgstr "Lagring avbrutt"
-#~ msgid " loaded"
-#~ msgstr "lastet"
-#~ msgid "File "
-#~ msgstr "Fil"
-#~ msgid "Unable to create PDF-File."
-#~ msgstr "Klarte ikke å lage PDF-fil."
-#~ msgid "Error creating PDF-File.."
-#~ msgstr "Feil ved laging av PDF-fil"
#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Error during EPS-Export"
-#~ msgstr "Feil ved EPS-eksport"
+msgid "Dashed Line"
+msgstr "Prikket linje"
-#~ msgid "To End"
-#~ msgstr "Til slutten"
#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Insert Rectangles"
-#~ msgstr "Sett inn rektangel"
+msgid "Dotted Line"
+msgstr "Prikket linje"
-#~ msgid "Modify..."
-#~ msgstr "Endre"
#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Modify Textframe"
-#~ msgstr "Endring av tekstramme"
+msgid "Dash Dot Line"
+msgstr "Bindestrek punktum linje"
#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Modify Frame"
-#~ msgstr "endring av ramme"
+msgid "Dash Dot Dot Line"
+msgstr "Bindestrek punktum punktum linje"
-#~ msgid "Other:"
-#~ msgstr "Andre:"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Don't print"
-#~ msgstr "Skriv ikke ut"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Properties:"
-#~ msgstr "Egenskaper:"
-#~ msgid "Ordinary Text"
-#~ msgstr "Vanlig tekst"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Angle:"
-#~ msgstr "Vinkel:"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Textdistance"
-#~ msgstr "Tekstmarg"
-#~ msgid "Face"
-#~ msgstr "Ansikt"
-#~ msgid "Disp.:"
-#~ msgstr "Disp.:"
-#~ msgid "Italic"
-#~ msgstr "Italic"
-#~ msgid "No Fill"
-#~ msgstr "Intet fyll"
-#~ msgid "Bold"
-#~ msgstr "Bold"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Background Color:"
-#~ msgstr "Bakgrunnsfarge:"
-#~ msgid "Vertical flipped"
-#~ msgstr "Speil vertikalt"
-#~ msgid "Horizontal flipped"
-#~ msgstr "Speil horisontalt"
-#~ msgid "Local X-Pos:"
-#~ msgstr "Lokal X-posisjon:"
-#~ msgid "Local Y-Pos:"
-#~ msgstr "Lokal Y-posisjon:"
-#~ msgid "Modify Pictureframe"
-#~ msgstr "Endring av bilderamme"
-#~ msgid "Scaling X:"
-#~ msgstr "Skalering X:"
-#~ msgid "Scaling Y:"
-#~ msgstr "Skalering Y:"
-#~ msgid "Frame"
-#~ msgstr "Ramme"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Create Textchains"
-#~ msgstr "Lag tekstkjede"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Break Textchains"
-#~ msgstr "Bryt tekstkjede"
-#~ msgid "New Style:"
-#~ msgstr "Ny stil:"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Show Styles"
-#~ msgstr "Vis Stiler"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Hide Styles"
-#~ msgstr "Skjul Stiler"
-#~ msgid "Styles"
-#~ msgstr "Stiler"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Indentation"
-#~ msgstr "Innrykking"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "AFM-File available"
-#~ msgstr "AFM-fil tilgjengelig"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Show Scrapbook"
-#~ msgstr "Vis Kladdebok"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Hide Scrapbook"
-#~ msgstr "Skjul kladdebok"
-#~ msgid "Exit"
-#~ msgstr "Avslutt"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Template for this Page:"
-#~ msgstr "Mal for denne side:"
-#~ msgid "Distances"
-#~ msgstr "Avstander"
-#~ msgid "Sorry, no Manual available!"
-#~ msgstr ""
-#~ "Beklager, det er ingen håndbok tilgjengelig. \n"
-#~ "Kanskje den ikke er installert?"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Compression"
-#~ msgstr "Komprimering"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Corner Radius:"
-#~ msgstr "Hjørneradius:"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Rounded Rectangle"
-#~ msgstr "Avrundet rektangel"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Align Text Block"
-#~ msgstr "Sidestill tekstblokk"
-#~ msgid "To the End"
-#~ msgstr "Til slutten"
-#~ msgid "Fontsize"
-#~ msgstr "Fontstørrelse"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Scaling"
-#~ msgstr "Skalering"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Character Settings"
-#~ msgstr "Skrifttegns innstillinger"
-#~ msgid "Length:"
-#~ msgstr "Lengde:"
-#~ msgid "Edit Polygon"
-#~ msgstr "Endre Polygon"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Measurements"
-#~ msgstr "Mål og formatering"
-#~ msgid "Modify Pathtext"
-#~ msgstr "Endring av Stitekst"
-#~ msgid "Closes this Dialog"
-#~ msgstr "Lukk dette dialogvinduet"
-#~ msgid "Hide Layers"
-#~ msgstr "Skjul Lag"
-#~ msgid "Global JavaScripts"
-#~ msgstr "Globale JavaScripts"
-#, fuzzy
-#~ msgid "Hide Page Palette"
-#~ msgstr "Skjul Arranger Sider"
-#~ msgid "Printing Mode"
-#~ msgstr "Utskrifts modus"
-#~ msgid "X-Pos+:"
-#~ msgstr "X-posisjon+:"
-#~ msgid "Y-Pos+:"
-#~ msgstr "Y-posisjon+:"
-#~ msgid "Horiz. Scale:"
-#~ msgstr "Horisontal skala:"
-#~ msgid "Vert. Scale:"
-#~ msgstr "Vertikal skala:"
-#~ msgid "Show Bookmarks"
-#~ msgstr "Vis Bokmerker"
-#~ msgid "Hide Bookmarks"
-#~ msgstr "Skjul Bokmerker"
-#~ msgid "Rotation"
-#~ msgstr "Rotasjon"
-#~ msgid "by:"
-#~ msgstr "av:"
-#~ msgid "Character:"
-#~ msgstr "Tegn:"
-#~ msgid "Hide PDF-Tools"
-#~ msgstr "Skjul PDF-verktøy"
#~ msgid "Align:: in"
#~ msgstr "in"
@@ -5597,6 +3315,11 @@
#~ msgid "Annot::Icons"
#~ msgstr "Ikoner"
+#~ msgid ""
+#~ "Annot::Images (*.tif *.png *.jpg *.xpm);;Postscript (*.eps);;All Files (*)"
+#~ msgstr ""
+#~ "Bilder (*.tif *.png *.jpg *.xpm);;Postscript (*.eps);;Alle filer (*)"
#~ msgid "Annot::Inset"
#~ msgstr "Sett inn"
@@ -5792,6 +3515,9 @@
#~ msgid "CMYKChoose::M:"
#~ msgstr "M:"
+#~ msgid "CMYKChoose::Name:"
+#~ msgstr "Navn:"
#~ msgid "CMYKChoose::New"
#~ msgstr "Nytt dokument"
@@ -5903,6 +3629,9 @@
#~ msgid "Druck::OK"
#~ msgstr "Greit"
+#~ msgid "Druck::Postscript-Files (*.ps);; All Files (*)"
+#~ msgstr "Postscript-filer (*.ps);; Alle filer (*)"
#~ msgid "EditStyle:: pt"
#~ msgstr "pt"
@@ -5960,6 +3689,9 @@
#~ msgid "Editor::Edit"
#~ msgstr "Redigér"
+#~ msgid "Editor::Editor"
+#~ msgstr "Tekstbehandler"
#~ msgid "Editor::File"
#~ msgstr "Fil"
@@ -6128,6 +3860,9 @@
#~ msgid "JavaDocs::Edit..."
#~ msgstr "Redigér"
+#~ msgid "KeyManager::ALT+SHIFT+T"
+#~ msgstr "Alt + Shift + t"
#~ msgid "KeyManager::Action"
#~ msgstr "Handling"
@@ -6188,6 +3923,66 @@
#~ msgid "Mdup::OK"
#~ msgstr "Greit"
+#~ msgid "ModObj:: %"
+#~ msgstr "%"
+#~ msgid "ModObj:: in"
+#~ msgstr "in"
+#~ msgid "ModObj:: mm"
+#~ msgstr "mm"
+#~ msgid "ModObj:: p"
+#~ msgstr "p"
+#~ msgid "ModObj:: pt"
+#~ msgstr "pt"
+#~ msgid "ModObj:: pts"
+#~ msgstr "pts"
+#~ msgid "ModObj:: °"
+#~ msgstr "°"
+#~ msgid "ModObj::Apply"
+#~ msgstr "Bruk"
+#~ msgid "ModObj::Cancel"
+#~ msgstr "Avbryt"
+#~ msgid "ModObj::Height:"
+#~ msgstr "Høyde"
+#~ msgid "ModObj::Image visible"
+#~ msgstr "Bildet er synlig"
+#~ msgid "ModObj::Is PDF-Annotation"
+#~ msgstr "Er PDF-Kommentar"
+#~ msgid "ModObj::Is PDF-Bookmark"
+#~ msgstr "Er PDF-bokmerke"
+#~ msgid "ModObj::Keep Aspect Ratio"
+#~ msgstr "Behold høyde/bredde forhold"
+#~ msgid "ModObj::Name:"
+#~ msgstr "Navn:"
+#~ msgid "ModObj::None"
+#~ msgstr "Ingen"
+#~ msgid "ModObj::OK"
+#~ msgstr "Greit"
+#~ msgid "ModObj::Other:"
+#~ msgstr "Annen:"
+#~ msgid "ModObj::Position:"
+#~ msgstr "Posisjon:"
+#~ msgid "ModObj::Width:"
+#~ msgstr "Bredde:"
#~ msgid "MovePages::Cancel"
#~ msgstr "Avbryt"
@@ -6209,6 +4004,81 @@
#~ msgid "MovePages::to:"
#~ msgstr "Til:"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette:: %"
+#~ msgstr "%"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette:: pt"
+#~ msgstr "pt"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette:: °"
+#~ msgstr " °"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Angle:"
+#~ msgstr "Vinkel:"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Bold"
+#~ msgstr "Fet"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Corner Radius:"
+#~ msgstr "Hjørne radius:"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Edges:"
+#~ msgstr "Kanter:"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Free Scaling"
+#~ msgstr "Fri skalering"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Height:"
+#~ msgstr "Høyde:"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Italic"
+#~ msgstr "Italic"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Keep Aspect Ratio"
+#~ msgstr "Behold høyde/bredde forhold"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Length:"
+#~ msgstr "Lengde:"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Linestyle:"
+#~ msgstr "Linjestil:"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Linewidth:"
+#~ msgstr "Linjebredde:"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Position"
+#~ msgstr "Posisjon"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Scaling"
+#~ msgstr "Skalering"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Size:"
+#~ msgstr "Størrelse:"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Underline"
+#~ msgstr "Understreket"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Width:"
+#~ msgstr "Bredde:"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::X-Dir:"
+#~ msgstr "X-retning:"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::X-Pos:"
+#~ msgstr "X-posisjon:"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::X2-Pos:"
+#~ msgstr "X2-Posisjon:"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Y-Dir:"
+#~ msgstr "Y-retning:"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Y-Pos:"
+#~ msgstr "Y-posisjon:"
+#~ msgid "Mpalette::Y2-Pos:"
+#~ msgstr "Y2-posisjon:"
#~ msgid "MusterSeiten::Copy of "
#~ msgstr "Kopi av "
@@ -6449,6 +4319,9 @@
#~ msgid "PDF_Opts::Owner:"
#~ msgstr "Eier:"
+#~ msgid "PDF_Opts::PDF-Files (*.pdf);; All Files (*)"
+#~ msgstr "PDF-Filer (*.pdf);; Alle filer (*)"
#~ msgid "PDF_Opts::PDF/X-3"
#~ msgstr "PDF/X-3"
@@ -6671,6 +4544,9 @@
#~ msgid "ScribusApp::Distribute/Align..."
#~ msgstr "Fordel/Still opp på linje"
+#~ msgid "ScribusApp::EPS-Files (*.eps);; All Files (*)"
+#~ msgstr "EPS-Filer (*.eps);; Alle filer (*)"
#~ msgid "ScribusApp::Edit"
#~ msgstr "Rediger"
@@ -6854,6 +4730,9 @@
#~ msgid "ScribusApp::Style"
#~ msgstr "Stil"
+#~ msgid "ScribusApp::Subscript"
+#~ msgstr "Senket skrift"
#~ msgid "ScribusApp::Superscript"
#~ msgstr "Hevet skrift"
@@ -6983,6 +4862,9 @@
#~ msgid "Tree::Ellipse"
#~ msgstr "Ellipse"
+#~ msgid "Tree::Information"
+#~ msgstr "Informasjon"
#~ msgid "Tree::Item"
#~ msgstr "Emne"
@@ -7237,15 +5119,19 @@
#~ msgid "Preferences::Width:"
#~ msgstr "Bredde:"
+#: charselect.cpp:93
+msgid "ZAuswahl::Clear"
+msgstr "Slett"
-#~ msgid "ZAuswahl::Clear"
-#~ msgstr "Slett"
+#: charselect.cpp:99
+msgid "ZAuswahl::Close"
+msgstr "Lukk"
-#~ msgid "ZAuswahl::Close"
-#~ msgstr "Lukk"
+#: charselect.cpp:87
+msgid "ZAuswahl::Insert"
+msgstr "Innsett"
-#~ msgid "ZAuswahl::Insert"
-#~ msgstr "Innsett"
+#: charselect.cpp:33
+msgid "ZAuswahl::Select Character"
+msgstr "Marker Skrifttegn"
-#~ msgid "ZAuswahl::Select Character"
-#~ msgstr "Marker Skrifttegn"
0,0 → 1,4343
# translation of scribus.po to basque
# translation of scribus.es_ES.po to
# This is a Qt message file in .po format. Each msgid starts with
# a scope. This scope should *NOT* be translated - eg. "Foo::Bar"
# would be translated to "Pub", not "Foo::Pub".
# Hizkuntza Politikarako Sailburuordetza <>, 2003.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: scribus\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 1999-02-23 15:38+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2003-12-15 23:36+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Hizkuntza Politikarako Sailburuordetza <>\n"
"Language-Team: basque <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: KBabel 1.0.2\n"
#: scribus/align.cpp:10
msgid "Distribute/Align"
msgstr "Banatu/Lerrokatu"
#: scribus/align.cpp:10 scribus/align.cpp:44 scribus/align.cpp:92
msgid "Align"
msgstr "Lerrokatu"
#: scribus/align.cpp:19 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:359
msgid "Horizontal"
msgstr "Horizontala"
#: scribus/align.cpp:29 scribus/align.cpp:77
msgid "between:"
msgstr "hauen artean:"
#: scribus/align.cpp:34
msgid "Left Sides"
msgstr "Ezkerreko aldeak"
#: scribus/align.cpp:35 scribus/align.cpp:83
msgid "Middles"
msgstr "Erdikoak"
#: scribus/align.cpp:36
msgid "Right Sides"
msgstr "Eskuineko aldeak"
#: scribus/align.cpp:40 scribus/align.cpp:88
msgid "Don't change"
msgstr "Ez aldatu"
#: scribus/align.cpp:47 scribus/align.cpp:95
msgid "Displacement"
msgstr "Desplazamendua"
#: scribus/align.cpp:60 scribus/align.cpp:128
msgid "Distribute evenly"
msgstr "Banatu uniformeki"
#: scribus/align.cpp:67 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:360
msgid "Vertical"
msgstr "Bertikala"
#: scribus/align.cpp:82
msgid "Top Sides"
msgstr "Goikoak"
#: scribus/align.cpp:84
msgid "Bottom Sides"
msgstr "Behekoak"
#: scribus/align.cpp:104 scribus/align.cpp:105 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:91
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:988 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1082
#: scribus/modify.cpp:183 scribus/modify.cpp:195 scribus/modify.cpp:570
msgid " pts"
msgstr " pts"
#: scribus/align.cpp:108 scribus/align.cpp:109 scribus/frameedit.cpp:229
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:230 scribus/guidemanager.cpp:154
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2024 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2025
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2026 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2027
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2028 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2029
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2030 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2031
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2032 scribus/mdup.cpp:48 scribus/mdup.cpp:49
#: scribus/modify.cpp:924 scribus/modify.cpp:925 scribus/modify.cpp:926
#: scribus/modify.cpp:927 scribus/modify.cpp:930 scribus/modify.cpp:931
#: scribus/modify.cpp:934 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:650
msgid " mm"
msgstr " mm"
#: scribus/align.cpp:112 scribus/align.cpp:113 scribus/frameedit.cpp:233
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:234 scribus/guidemanager.cpp:157
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2036 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2037
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2038 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2039
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2040 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2041
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2042 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2043
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2044 scribus/mdup.cpp:52 scribus/mdup.cpp:53
#: scribus/modify.cpp:937 scribus/modify.cpp:938 scribus/modify.cpp:939
#: scribus/modify.cpp:940 scribus/modify.cpp:943 scribus/modify.cpp:944
#: scribus/modify.cpp:947 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:653
msgid " in"
msgstr " in"
#: scribus/align.cpp:116 scribus/align.cpp:117 scribus/frameedit.cpp:237
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:238 scribus/guidemanager.cpp:160
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2048 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2049
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2050 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2051
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2052 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2053
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2054 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2055
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2056 scribus/mdup.cpp:56 scribus/mdup.cpp:57
#: scribus/modify.cpp:950 scribus/modify.cpp:951 scribus/modify.cpp:952
#: scribus/modify.cpp:953 scribus/modify.cpp:956 scribus/modify.cpp:957
#: scribus/modify.cpp:960 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:656
msgid " p"
msgstr " p"
#: scribus/align.cpp:141 scribus/annot.cpp:1043 scribus/annota.cpp:137
#: scribus/applytemplate.cpp:31 scribus/buttonicon.cpp:84
#: scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:179 scribus/cmykfw.cpp:119 scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:176
#: scribus/dcolor.cpp:66 scribus/delpages.cpp:52 scribus/docinfo.cpp:63
#: scribus/druck.cpp:60 scribus/druck.cpp:385 scribus/edit1format.cpp:211
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:243 scribus/edit1format.cpp:257
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:176 scribus/guidemanager.cpp:93
#: scribus/hysettings.cpp:57 scribus/inspage.cpp:98 scribus/keymanager.cpp:91
#: scribus/keymanager.cpp:162 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1559
#: scribus/mdup.cpp:74 scribus/missing.cpp:115 scribus/modify.cpp:623
#: scribus/modify.cpp:985 scribus/movepage.cpp:75 scribus/multiline.cpp:125
#: scribus/multiline.cpp:318 scribus/newfile.cpp:266 scribus/newtemp.cpp:50
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:714 scribus/picstatus.cpp:106 scribus/picstatus.cpp:143
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:175 scribus/picstatus.cpp:221
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:230 scribus/picstatus.cpp:256
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:265 scribus/polyprops.cpp:112 scribus/query.cpp:46
#: scribus/reformdoc.cpp:94 scribus/scribus.cpp:2522 scribus/scribus.cpp:2558
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2787 scribus/scribus.cpp:5257 scribus/scribus.cpp:5377
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:6531 scribus/selfield.cpp:85
msgid "OK"
msgstr "Ados"
#: scribus/align.cpp:147 scribus/modify.cpp:630
msgid "Apply"
msgstr "Aplikatu"
#: scribus/align.cpp:152 scribus/annot.cpp:1047 scribus/annota.cpp:141
#: scribus/applytemplate.cpp:37 scribus/bookmwin.cpp:197
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:88 scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:186 scribus/cmykfw.cpp:123
#: scribus/colorm.cpp:70 scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:181 scribus/dcolor.cpp:71
#: scribus/delpages.cpp:58 scribus/docinfo.cpp:69 scribus/druck.cpp:65
#: scribus/druck.cpp:389 scribus/edit1format.cpp:216
#: scribus/editformats.cpp:52 scribus/fontprefs.cpp:179
#: scribus/guidemanager.cpp:99 scribus/hyask.cpp:64 scribus/hysettings.cpp:64
#: scribus/inspage.cpp:104 scribus/keymanager.cpp:97
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1565 scribus/lineformats.cpp:52
#: scribus/mdup.cpp:80 scribus/mergedoc.cpp:65 scribus/missing.cpp:111
#: scribus/modify.cpp:636 scribus/movepage.cpp:81 scribus/multiline.cpp:131
#: scribus/newfile.cpp:272 scribus/newtemp.cpp:56 scribus/page.cpp:309
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:721 scribus/picsearch.cpp:64 scribus/polyprops.cpp:118
#: scribus/query.cpp:52 scribus/reformdoc.cpp:100 scribus/scribuswin.cpp:46
#: scribus/selfield.cpp:89
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Utzi"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:26 scribus/page.cpp:1948
msgid "Field Properties"
msgstr "Eremu-propietateak"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:56 scribus/annot.cpp:493 scribus/annota.cpp:49
msgid "Type:"
msgstr "Mota:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:60 scribus/werktoolb.cpp:184
msgid "Button"
msgstr "Botoia"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:61 scribus/werktoolb.cpp:185
msgid "Text Field"
msgstr "Testu-eremua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:62 scribus/werktoolb.cpp:186
msgid "Check Box"
msgstr "Kontrol-laukia"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:63 scribus/werktoolb.cpp:187
msgid "Combo Box"
msgstr "Konbinazio-koadroa"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:64 scribus/werktoolb.cpp:188
msgid "List Box"
msgstr "Zerrenda-koadroa"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:75 scribus/modify.cpp:151
msgid "Properties"
msgstr "Propietateak"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:84 scribus/cmykfw.cpp:42 scribus/edit1format.cpp:17
#: scribus/modify.cpp:606
msgid "Name:"
msgstr "Izena:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:96
msgid "Tool-Tip:"
msgstr "Argibidea:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:106 scribus/annot.cpp:240 scribus/annota.cpp:53
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:49 scribus/tree.cpp:110 scribus/werktoolb.cpp:195
msgid "Text"
msgstr "Testua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:113
msgid "Font for use with PDF-1.3:"
msgstr "PDF 1.3rekin erabiltzeko letra-tipoa:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:116
msgid "Courier"
msgstr "Courier"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:117
msgid "Courier Bold"
msgstr "Courier lodia"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:118
msgid "Courier Italic"
msgstr "Courier etzana"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:119
msgid "Courier Bold Italic"
msgstr "Courier lodi etzana"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:120
msgid "Helvetica"
msgstr "Helvetica"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:121
msgid "Helvetica Bold"
msgstr "Helvetica lodia"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:122
msgid "Helvetica Italic"
msgstr "Helvetica etzana"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:123
msgid "Helvetica Bold Italic"
msgstr "Helvetica lodi etzana"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:124
msgid "Times"
msgstr "Times"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:125
msgid "Times Bold"
msgstr "Times lodia"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:126
msgid "Times Italic"
msgstr "Times etzana"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:127
msgid "Times Bold Italic"
msgstr "Times lodi etzana"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:128
msgid "Zapf Dingbats"
msgstr "Zapf Dingbats"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:129
msgid "Symbol"
msgstr "Symbol"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:137
msgid "Border"
msgstr "Ertza"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:144
msgid "Color:"
msgstr "Kolorea:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:149 scribus/annot.cpp:168 scribus/annot.cpp:378
#: scribus/annot.cpp:497 scribus/annot.cpp:1736 scribus/annot.cpp:1979
#: scribus/annot.cpp:2022 scribus/cpalette.cpp:201
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:911 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:936
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1225 scribus/modify.cpp:248
#: scribus/modify.cpp:392 scribus/modify.cpp:501 scribus/modify.cpp:524
#: scribus/modify.cpp:721 scribus/modify.cpp:743 scribus/modify.cpp:805
#: scribus/modify.cpp:821 scribus/page.cpp:5154 scribus/page.cpp:5187
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:1664 scribus/scribus.cpp:1819 scribus/scribus.cpp:4129
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:4317 scribus/scribus.cpp:4792 scribus/scribus.cpp:4795
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:4798 scribus/scribus.cpp:4822 scribus/scribus.cpp:4848
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:4905 scribus/scribus.cpp:4908 scribus/scribus.cpp:4911
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:4935 scribus/scribus.cpp:4961 scribus/scribus.cpp:6018
msgid "None"
msgstr "Bat ere ez"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:165 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:270 scribus/modify.cpp:98
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:87 scribus/mpalette.cpp:847 scribus/mpalette.cpp:885
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:930 scribus/mpalette.cpp:1608 scribus/newfile.cpp:92
msgid "Width:"
msgstr "Zabalera:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:169
msgid "Thin"
msgstr "Mehea"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:170 scribus/annot.cpp:275 scribus/applytemplate.cpp:22
#: scribus/cpalette.cpp:80 scribus/inspage.cpp:65 scribus/inspage.cpp:87
#: scribus/muster.cpp:224 scribus/muster.cpp:241 scribus/muster.cpp:251
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:708 scribus/scribus.cpp:5612 scribus/seiten.cpp:591
#: scribus/seiten.cpp:726 scribus/seiten.cpp:733
msgid "Normal"
msgstr "Normala"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:171
msgid "Wide"
msgstr "Zabala"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:176
msgid "Style:"
msgstr "Estiloa:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:179
msgid "Solid"
msgstr "Lisoa"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:180
msgid "Dashed"
msgstr "Marratxoduna"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:181 scribus/mpalette.cpp:621 scribus/scribus.cpp:712
msgid "Underline"
msgstr "Azpimarra"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:182
msgid "Beveled"
msgstr "Alakatua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:183
msgid "Inset"
msgstr "Barnekoa"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:190 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:677 scribus/modify.cpp:39
msgid "Other"
msgstr "Bestelakoak"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:197
msgid "Read Only"
msgstr "Irakurtzeko soilik"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:203
msgid "Required"
msgstr "Beharrezkoa"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:209
msgid "Don't Export Value"
msgstr "Ez esportatu balioa"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:215
msgid "Visibility:"
msgstr "Ikusgaitasuna:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:218
msgid "Visible"
msgstr "Ikusgai"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:219
msgid "Hidden"
msgstr "Ezkutatuta"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:220
msgid "No Print"
msgstr "Inprimatzerik ez"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:221
msgid "No View"
msgstr "Ikuspegirik ez"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:227
msgid "Appearance"
msgstr "Itxura"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:247
msgid "Text for Button Down"
msgstr "Behera joateko botoiaren testua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:250
msgid "Text for Roll Over"
msgstr "Buelta emateko testua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:261
msgid "Icons"
msgstr "Ikonoak"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:268
msgid "Use Icons"
msgstr "Erabili ikonoak"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:285 scribus/annot.cpp:301 scribus/annot.cpp:317
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:157
msgid "Remove"
msgstr "Kendu"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:291
msgid "Pressed"
msgstr "Sakatuta"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:307
msgid "Roll Over"
msgstr "Eman buelta"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:324
msgid "Icon Placement..."
msgstr "Ikonoaren kokalekua..."
#: scribus/annot.cpp:371
msgid "Highlight"
msgstr "Nabarmendu"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:379 scribus/scribus.cpp:1896 scribus/scribus.cpp:6576
msgid "Invert"
msgstr "Alderantzikatu"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:380
msgid "Outlined"
msgstr "Kanpoko ertza"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:381
msgid "Push"
msgstr "Bultza"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:396
msgid "Multi-Line"
msgstr "Marra anizkoitza"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:400
msgid "Password"
msgstr "Pasahitza"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:405
msgid "Limit of"
msgstr "Muga:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:424
msgid "Characters"
msgstr "Karaktere"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:430
msgid "Do Not Scroll"
msgstr "Ez korritu"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:434
msgid "Do Not Spell Check"
msgstr "Ez egiaztatu ortografia"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:448
msgid "Check Style:"
msgstr "Egiaztatu estiloa:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:451
msgid "Check"
msgstr "Egiaztatu"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:452
msgid "Cross"
msgstr "Gurutzea"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:453
msgid "Diamond"
msgstr "Diamantea"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:454
msgid "Circle"
msgstr "Zirkulua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:455
msgid "Star"
msgstr "Izarra"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:456
msgid "Square"
msgstr "Karratua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:465
msgid "Default is Checked"
msgstr "Lehenetsia egiaztatuta dago"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:478
msgid "Editable"
msgstr "Editagarria"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:485 scribus/druck.cpp:307 scribus/newfile.cpp:199
msgid "Options"
msgstr "Aukerak"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:498 scribus/annot.cpp:1980 scribus/annot.cpp:2023
msgid "Java Script"
msgstr "Java Script"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:499 scribus/annot.cpp:1981
msgid "Go To"
msgstr "Joan"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:500 scribus/annot.cpp:1982
msgid "Submit Form"
msgstr "Bidali inprimakia"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:501 scribus/annot.cpp:1983
msgid "Reset Form"
msgstr "Berrezarri forma"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:502 scribus/annot.cpp:1984
msgid "Import Data"
msgstr "Inportatu datuak"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:528
msgid "Event:"
msgstr "Gertaera:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:531 scribus/annot.cpp:1961
msgid "Mouse Up"
msgstr "Sagua gora"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:532 scribus/annot.cpp:1962
msgid "Mouse Down"
msgstr "Sagua behera"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:533 scribus/annot.cpp:1963
msgid "Mouse Enter"
msgstr "Sagua sartu"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:534 scribus/annot.cpp:1964
msgid "Mouse Exit"
msgstr "Sagua irten"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:535 scribus/annot.cpp:1965
msgid "On Focus"
msgstr "Enfokatuta:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:536 scribus/annot.cpp:1966
msgid "On Blur"
msgstr "Lausotuta"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:543
msgid "Script:"
msgstr "Script-a:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:556 scribus/annot.cpp:862 scribus/annot.cpp:883
#: scribus/annot.cpp:955 scribus/annot.cpp:1020 scribus/javadocs.cpp:28
msgid "Edit..."
msgstr "Editatu..."
#: scribus/annot.cpp:566
msgid "Submit to URL:"
msgstr "Bidali URL honetara:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:574
msgid "Submit Data as HTML"
msgstr "Bidali datuak HTML gisa"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:585
msgid "Import Data from:"
msgstr "Inportatu datuak hemendik:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:596 scribus/annota.cpp:66
msgid "Destination"
msgstr "Helburua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:605
msgid "To File:"
msgstr "Fitxategira:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:612 scribus/annota.cpp:80 scribus/druck.cpp:181
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:151 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:197
#: scribus/mergedoc.cpp:35 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:44
msgid "Change..."
msgstr "Aldatu..."
#: scribus/annot.cpp:615 scribus/annota.cpp:89
#: scribus/plugins/printpreview/preview.cpp:67
msgid "Page:"
msgstr "Orrialdea:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:634 scribus/annota.cpp:108 scribus/frameedit.cpp:160
#: scribus/guidemanager.cpp:65 scribus/modify.cpp:92 scribus/mpalette.cpp:81
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:846 scribus/mpalette.cpp:884 scribus/mpalette.cpp:929
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:1607 scribus/scribus.cpp:732
msgid "X-Pos:"
msgstr "X posizioa:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:637 scribus/annot.cpp:646 scribus/annota.cpp:111
#: scribus/annota.cpp:120 scribus/edit1format.cpp:51
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:84 scribus/edit1format.cpp:92
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:162 scribus/edit1format.cpp:171
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:180 scribus/frameedit.cpp:225
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:226 scribus/guidemanager.cpp:151
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2012 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2013
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2014 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2015
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2016 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2017
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2018 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2019
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:2020 scribus/mdup.cpp:44 scribus/mdup.cpp:45
#: scribus/modify.cpp:108 scribus/modify.cpp:116 scribus/modify.cpp:124
#: scribus/modify.cpp:133 scribus/modify.cpp:239 scribus/modify.cpp:274
#: scribus/modify.cpp:318 scribus/modify.cpp:326 scribus/modify.cpp:417
#: scribus/modify.cpp:597 scribus/modify.cpp:911 scribus/modify.cpp:912
#: scribus/modify.cpp:913 scribus/modify.cpp:914 scribus/modify.cpp:917
#: scribus/modify.cpp:918 scribus/modify.cpp:921 scribus/mpalette.cpp:93
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:98 scribus/mpalette.cpp:103 scribus/mpalette.cpp:106
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:272 scribus/mpalette.cpp:300 scribus/mpalette.cpp:305
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:310 scribus/mpalette.cpp:315 scribus/mpalette.cpp:341
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:458 scribus/mpalette.cpp:462 scribus/mpalette.cpp:503
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:506 scribus/mpalette.cpp:584 scribus/multiline.cpp:96
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:647
msgid " pt"
msgstr " pt"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:642 scribus/annota.cpp:116 scribus/frameedit.cpp:168
#: scribus/guidemanager.cpp:33 scribus/modify.cpp:95 scribus/mpalette.cpp:84
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:848 scribus/mpalette.cpp:886 scribus/mpalette.cpp:931
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:1609 scribus/scribus.cpp:738
msgid "Y-Pos:"
msgstr "Y posizioa:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:650 scribus/keymanager.cpp:39
msgid "Action"
msgstr "Ekintza"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:671
msgid "Field is formatted as:"
msgstr "Eremuak formatu hau du:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:674
msgid "Plain"
msgstr "Soila"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:675
msgid "Number"
msgstr "Zenbakia"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:676
msgid "Percentage"
msgstr "Ehunekoa"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:677
msgid "Date"
msgstr "Data"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:678
msgid "Time"
msgstr "Ordua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:679 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:248 scribus/newfile.cpp:76
msgid "Custom"
msgstr "Pertsonalizatua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:694
msgid "Number Format"
msgstr "Zenbaki-formatua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:702 scribus/annot.cpp:759
msgid "Decimals:"
msgstr "Hamartarrak:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:714
msgid "Use Currency Symbol"
msgstr "Erabili moneta-ikurra"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:723
msgid "Prepend Currency Symbol"
msgstr "Erantsi moneta-ikurra"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:727 scribus/annot.cpp:770
msgid "Formatting"
msgstr "Formatua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:751
msgid "Percent Format"
msgstr "Ehuneko-formatua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:794
msgid "Date Format"
msgstr "Data-formatua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:827
msgid "Time Format"
msgstr "Ordu-formatua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:850
msgid "Custom Scripts"
msgstr "Script pertsonalizatuak"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:859
msgid "Format:"
msgstr "Formatua:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:880
msgid "Keystroke:"
msgstr "Tekla-sakatzea:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:903
msgid "Format"
msgstr "Formatua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:918
msgid "Value is not validated"
msgstr "Balioa balidatu gabe dago"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:925
msgid "Value must be greater than or equal to:"
msgstr "Balioak honen berdina edo handiagoa izan behar du:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:929
msgid "and less or equal to:"
msgstr "edo honen berdina edo txikiagoa:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:942
msgid "Custom validate script:"
msgstr "Script-aren balidazio pertsonalizatua:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:960
msgid "Validate"
msgstr "Balidatu"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:975
msgid "Value is not calculated"
msgstr "Balioa kalkulatu gabe dago"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:982
msgid "Value is the"
msgstr "Balioa hau da:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:986
msgid "sum"
msgstr "batuketa"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:987
msgid "product"
msgstr "produktua"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:988
msgid "average"
msgstr "batez bestekoa"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:989
msgid "minimum"
msgstr "gutxienekoa"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:990
msgid "maximum"
msgstr "gehienezkoa"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:994
msgid "of the following fields:"
msgstr "eremu hauena:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:1002
msgid "Pick..."
msgstr "Aukeratu..."
#: scribus/annot.cpp:1007
msgid "Custom calculation script:"
msgstr "Script-aren kalkulu pertsonalizatua:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:1024
msgid "Calculate"
msgstr "Kalkulatu"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:1099 scribus/annot.cpp:1100
msgid "Flag is ignored for PDF-1.3"
msgstr "PDF 1.3rako bandera ez da kontuan hartzen"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:1101
msgid "Enter a comma separated list of Fields here"
msgstr "Sartu komaz bereizitako eremu-zerrenda hemen"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:1102
msgid "You need at least the Icon for Normal to use Icons for Buttons"
msgstr "Gutxienez normalaren ikonoa behar duzu botoien ikonoak erabiltzeko"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:1200 scribus/annot.cpp:1231 scribus/annot.cpp:1250
#: scribus/annot.cpp:2181 scribus/annota.cpp:276 scribus/colorm.cpp:94
#: scribus/colorm.cpp:96 scribus/mergedoc.cpp:89 scribus/mergedoc.cpp:91
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2141 scribus/scribus.cpp:2143 scribus/scribus.cpp:2472
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2490
msgid "Open"
msgstr "Ireki"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:1200 scribus/annot.cpp:1231 scribus/annot.cpp:1250
msgid "Images (*.tif *.png *.jpg *.xpm);;Postscript (*.eps);;All Files (*)"
msgstr "Irudiak (*.tif *.png *.jpg *.xpm);;Postscript (*.eps);;Fitxategi guztiak (*)"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:1358
msgid "Example:"
msgstr "Adibidea:"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:2014
msgid "Selection Change"
msgstr "Hautapen-aldaketa"
#: scribus/annot.cpp:2181 scribus/annota.cpp:276
msgid "PDF-Documents (*.pdf);;All Files (*)"
msgstr "Dokumentuak (*.pdf);; Fitxategi guztiak (*)"
#: scribus/annota.cpp:19 scribus/page.cpp:1946
msgid "Annotation Properties"
msgstr "Oharpen-propietateak"
#: scribus/annota.cpp:54 scribus/werktoolb.cpp:196
msgid "Link"
msgstr "Esteka"
#: scribus/annota.cpp:55
msgid "External Link"
msgstr "Kanpoko esteka"
#: scribus/applytemplate.cpp:8
msgid "Apply Template"
msgstr "Aplikatu txantiloia"
#: scribus/applytemplate.cpp:14
msgid "Template for this Page:"
msgstr "Orrialde honetarako txantiloia:"
#: scribus/bookmwin.cpp:108 scribus/bookpalette.cpp:27
msgid "Bookmarks"
msgstr "Laster-markak"
#: scribus/bookmwin.cpp:195
msgid "Move Bookmark"
msgstr "Lekuz aldatu laster-marka"
#: scribus/bookmwin.cpp:196
msgid "Insert Bookmark"
msgstr "Txertatu laster-marka"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:9
msgid "Icon Placement"
msgstr "Ikonoaren kokalekua"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:14
msgid "Layout:"
msgstr "Diseinua:"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:17
msgid "Caption only"
msgstr "Epigrafea bakarrik"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:18
msgid "Icon only"
msgstr "Ikonoa bakarrik"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:19
msgid "Caption below Icon"
msgstr "Ikonoaren azpiko epigrafea"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:20
msgid "Caption above Icon"
msgstr "Ikonoaren gaineko epigrafea"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:21
msgid "Caption right to Icon"
msgstr "Ikonoaren eskuineko epigrafea"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:22
msgid "Caption left to Icon"
msgstr "Ikonoaren ezkerreko epigrafea"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:23
msgid "Caption overlays Icon"
msgstr "Epigrafeak ikonoa gainjartzen du"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:27
msgid "Scale:"
msgstr "Eskalatu:"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:30
msgid "Always"
msgstr "Beti"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:31
msgid "When Icon is too small"
msgstr "Ikonoa txikiegia denean"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:32
msgid "When Icon is too big"
msgstr "Ikonoa handiegia denean"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:33
msgid "Never"
msgstr "Inoiz ez"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:37
msgid "Scale How:"
msgstr "Eskalatu horrela:"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:40 scribus/mpalette.cpp:549
msgid "Proportional"
msgstr "proportzionalki"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:41
msgid "Non Proportional"
msgstr "ez-proportzionalki"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:60
msgid "Icon"
msgstr "Ikonoa"
#: scribus/buttonicon.cpp:91
msgid "Reset"
msgstr "Berrezarri"
#: scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:17
msgid "Color Management Settings"
msgstr "Koloreak kudeatzeko ezarpenak"
#: scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:26
msgid "Activate Color Management"
msgstr "Aktibatu kolore-kudeaketa"
#: scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:33
msgid "System Profiles"
msgstr "Sistemaren profilak"
#: scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:43
msgid "Pictures:"
msgstr "Irudiak:"
#: scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:47 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:468
msgid "Solid Colors:"
msgstr "Kolore lisoak:"
#: scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:51 scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:127
msgid "Monitor:"
msgstr "Monitorea:"
#: scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:55 scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:131
msgid "Printer:"
msgstr "Inprimagailua:"
#: scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:117
msgid "Rendering Intents"
msgstr "Errendatze-modua"
#: scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:135 scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:146 scribus/modify.cpp:459
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:488 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:520
msgid "Perceptual"
msgstr "Pertzepziokoa"
#: scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:136 scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:147 scribus/modify.cpp:460
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:489 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:521
msgid "Relative Colorimetric"
msgstr "Koloremetria erlatiboa"
#: scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:137 scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:148 scribus/modify.cpp:461
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:490 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:522
msgid "Saturation"
msgstr "Saturazioa"
#: scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:138 scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:149 scribus/modify.cpp:462
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:491 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:523
msgid "Absolute Colorimetric"
msgstr "Koloremetria absolutua"
#: scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:159
msgid "Simulate Printer on the Screen"
msgstr "Simulatu inprimagailua pantailan"
#: scribus/cmsprefs.cpp:164
msgid "Mark Colors out of Gamut"
msgstr "Markatu kolore-gamatik kanpoko koloreak"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:31
msgid "Edit Color"
msgstr "Editatu kolorea"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:54
msgid "Color Model"
msgstr "Kolore-eredua"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:59 scribus/cmykfw.cpp:447
msgid "CMYK"
msgstr "CMYK"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:60
msgid "RGB"
msgstr "RVB"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:61 scribus/cmykfw.cpp:479
msgid "Websave RGB"
msgstr "Websave RGB"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:78 scribus/colorm.cpp:51 scribus/cpalette.cpp:407
#: scribus/editformats.cpp:28 scribus/editor.cpp:20 scribus/lineformats.cpp:28
#: scribus/muster.cpp:28 scribus/scrap.cpp:131 scribus/scribus.cpp:435
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:438 scribus/scribus.cpp:4091
msgid "New"
msgstr "Berria"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:97
msgid "Old"
msgstr "Zaharra"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:153 scribus/cmykfw.cpp:451
msgid "C:"
msgstr "C:"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:187 scribus/cmykfw.cpp:452
msgid "M:"
msgstr "M:"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:221 scribus/cmykfw.cpp:453
msgid "Y:"
msgstr "Y:"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:255
msgid "K:"
msgstr "K:"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:315
msgid "Dynamic Color Bars"
msgstr "Kolore-barra dinamikoak"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:316
msgid "Static Color Bars"
msgstr "Kolore-barra estatikoak"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:469
msgid "R:"
msgstr "G:"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:470
msgid "G:"
msgstr "B:"
#: scribus/cmykfw.cpp:471
msgid "B:"
msgstr "U:"
#: scribus/colorm.cpp:34 scribus/mpalette.cpp:64
msgid "Colors"
msgstr "Koloreak"
#: scribus/colorm.cpp:48
msgid "Append"
msgstr "Erantsi"
#: scribus/colorm.cpp:55 scribus/editformats.cpp:32 scribus/editor.cpp:38
#: scribus/lineformats.cpp:32 scribus/scribus.cpp:660
msgid "Edit"
msgstr "Editatu"
#: scribus/colorm.cpp:60 scribus/editformats.cpp:38 scribus/lineformats.cpp:38
#: scribus/muster.cpp:32 scribus/scribus.cpp:524 scribus/scribus.cpp:525
msgid "Duplicate"
msgstr "Bikoiztu"
#: scribus/colorm.cpp:64 scribus/editformats.cpp:43 scribus/fontprefs.cpp:136
#: scribus/guidemanager.cpp:47 scribus/guidemanager.cpp:79
#: scribus/javadocs.cpp:36 scribus/lineformats.cpp:43 scribus/muster.cpp:36
#: scribus/page.cpp:2000 scribus/scrap.cpp:262 scribus/scribus.cpp:528
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:529
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Ezabatu"
#: scribus/colorm.cpp:67 scribus/editformats.cpp:48 scribus/lineformats.cpp:48
#: scribus/scrap.cpp:132 scribus/scribus.cpp:444 scribus/scribus.cpp:445
msgid "Save"
msgstr "Gorde"
#: scribus/colorm.cpp:94 scribus/mergedoc.cpp:89 scribus/scribus.cpp:2141
msgid "Documents (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *.scd.gz);; All Files (*)"
msgstr "Dokumentuak (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *.scd.gz);; Fitxategi guztiak (*)"
#: scribus/colorm.cpp:96 scribus/mergedoc.cpp:91 scribus/scribus.cpp:2143
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2541
msgid "Documents (*.sla *.scd);;All Files (*)"
msgstr "Dokumentuak (*.sla *.scd);; Fitxategi guztiak (*)"
#: scribus/colorm.cpp:139 scribus/colorm.cpp:162
msgid "New Color:"
msgstr "Kolore berria:"
#: scribus/colorm.cpp:139 scribus/colorm.cpp:162
msgid "New Color"
msgstr "Kolore berria"
#: scribus/colorm.cpp:140
msgid "Copy of"
msgstr "Honen kopia"
#: scribus/cpalette.cpp:53 scribus/scribus.cpp:681 scribus/scribus.cpp:694
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:4626
msgid "Other..."
msgstr "Bestelakoak..."
#: scribus/cpalette.cpp:81
msgid "Horizontal Gradient"
msgstr "Gradiente horizontala"
#: scribus/cpalette.cpp:82
msgid "Vertical Gradient"
msgstr "Gradiente bertikala"
#: scribus/cpalette.cpp:83
msgid "Diagonal Gradient"
msgstr "Gradiente diagonala"
#: scribus/cpalette.cpp:84
msgid "CrossDiagonal Gradient"
msgstr "Gradiente diagonal gurutzatua"
#: scribus/cpalette.cpp:85
msgid "Radial Gradient"
msgstr "Gradiente biribila"
#: scribus/cpalette.cpp:116
msgid "Opacity:"
msgstr "Opakutasuna"
#: scribus/cpalette.cpp:122 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:589
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:598 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:629
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:638 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:665
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:693 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:926
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:950 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1045
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1120 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1130
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1140 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1187
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1196 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1215
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1318 scribus/modify.cpp:264
#: scribus/modify.cpp:334 scribus/modify.cpp:342 scribus/modify.cpp:407
#: scribus/modify.cpp:515 scribus/modify.cpp:539 scribus/mpalette.cpp:512
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:518 scribus/multiline.cpp:115 scribus/polyprops.cpp:82
#, c-format
msgid " %"
msgstr " %"
#: scribus/cpalette.cpp:407 scribus/scribus.cpp:4091
msgid "Shade:"
msgstr "Itzala:"
#: scribus/cpalette.cpp:407 scribus/scribus.cpp:1923 scribus/scribus.cpp:1964
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:1984 scribus/scribus.cpp:4091
msgid "Shade"
msgstr "Itzala"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:30
msgid "Printer Options"
msgstr "Inprimagailuaren aukerak"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:44
msgid "Option"
msgstr "Aukerak"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:45
msgid "Value"
msgstr "Balioa"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:107
msgid "Page Set"
msgstr "Orrialde-ezarpena"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:114 scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:118
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:63
msgid "All Pages"
msgstr "Orrialde guztiak"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:115
msgid "Even Pages only"
msgstr "Orrialde bikoitiak soilik"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:116
msgid "Odd Pages only"
msgstr "Orrialde bakoitiak soilik"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:121
msgid "Mirror"
msgstr "Ispilua"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:128 scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:131
#: scribus/editformats.cpp:133 scribus/fontprefs.cpp:70
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:405 scribus/lineformats.cpp:128
#: scribus/muster.cpp:100 scribus/plugins/svgexplugin/svgexplugin.cpp:50
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2551
msgid "No"
msgstr "Ez"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:129 scribus/editformats.cpp:134
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:68 scribus/fontprefs.cpp:403
#: scribus/lineformats.cpp:129 scribus/muster.cpp:101 scribus/picstatus.cpp:99
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:136 scribus/plugins/svgexplugin/svgexplugin.cpp:49
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2552
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "Bai"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:134
msgid "Orientation"
msgstr "Orientazioa"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:141 scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:144
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:254 scribus/newfile.cpp:83
msgid "Portrait"
msgstr "Bertikala"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:142 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:255
#: scribus/newfile.cpp:84
msgid "Landscape"
msgstr "Horizontala"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:147
msgid "N-Up Printing"
msgstr "N-Up inprimatzea"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:154 scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:161
msgid "Page per Sheet"
msgstr "Orrialde orriko"
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:155 scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:156
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:157 scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:158
#: scribus/cupsoptions.cpp:159
msgid "Pages per Sheet"
msgstr "Orrialde orriko"
#: scribus/customfdialog.cpp:123 scribus/edit1format.cpp:59
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:262 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1386
#: scribus/newfile.cpp:43
msgid "Size:"
msgstr "Tamaina:"
#: scribus/customfdialog.cpp:142 scribus/docinfo.cpp:43
msgid "Title:"
msgstr "Izenburua:"
#: scribus/customfdialog.cpp:145
msgid "No Title"
msgstr "Izenbururik ez"
#: scribus/customfdialog.cpp:147 scribus/docinfo.cpp:35
msgid "Author:"
msgstr "Egilea:"
#: scribus/customfdialog.cpp:150
msgid "Unknown"
msgstr "Ezezaguna"
#: scribus/customfdialog.cpp:152
msgid "Scribus-Document"
msgstr "Scribus-eko dokumentua"
#: scribus/customfdialog.cpp:184
msgid "Compress File"
msgstr "Konprimatu fitxategia"
#: scribus/customfdialog.cpp:204
msgid "Encoding:"
msgstr "Kodeketa:"
#: scribus/customfdialog.cpp:262
msgid ""
"Moves to your Document Directory.\n"
"This can be set in the Preferences."
msgstr ""
"Zure dokumentuaren historiara joaten da.\n"
"Hau hobespenetan ezar dezakezu."
#: scribus/dcolor.cpp:26
msgid "Delete Color"
msgstr "Ezabatu kolorea"
#: scribus/dcolor.cpp:35
msgid "OK to delete Color:"
msgstr "Ados kolorea ezabatzeko:"
#: scribus/dcolor.cpp:41
msgid "?"
msgstr "?"
#: scribus/dcolor.cpp:44
msgid "Replace it with:"
msgstr "Ordeztu honekin:"
#: scribus/delpages.cpp:23
msgid "Delete Pages"
msgstr "Ezabatu orrialdeak"
#: scribus/delpages.cpp:32
msgid "Delete from:"
msgstr "Ezabatu hemendik:"
#: scribus/delpages.cpp:40 scribus/movepage.cpp:49 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:75
msgid "to:"
msgstr "hona:"
#: scribus/docinfo.cpp:25
msgid "Document Info"
msgstr "Dokumentuaren informazioa"
#: scribus/docinfo.cpp:51
msgid "Description:"
msgstr "Azalpena:"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:31
msgid "Advanced Options"
msgstr "Aukera aurreratuak"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:37
msgid "Mirror Page(s) horizontal"
msgstr "Ispilatu orrialdea(k) horizontalki"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:41
msgid "Mirror Page(s) vertical"
msgstr "Ispilatu orrialdea(k) bertikalki"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:48
msgid "Apply ICC-Profiles"
msgstr "Aplikatu ICC profilak"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:81
msgid "Setup Printer"
msgstr "Konfiguratu inprimagailua"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:88
msgid "Print destination"
msgstr "Inprimatze-helburua"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:149 scribus/druck.cpp:394 scribus/druck.cpp:518
#: scribus/druck.cpp:526 scribus/editor.cpp:37 scribus/scrap.cpp:153
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:104 scribus/scribus.cpp:659
msgid "File"
msgstr "Fitxategia"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:161
msgid "Options..."
msgstr "Aukerak..."
#: scribus/druck.cpp:172
msgid "File:"
msgstr "Fitxategia:"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:188
msgid "Print via other Command"
msgstr "Inprimatu beste komando baten bidez"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:195
msgid "Command:"
msgstr "Komandoa:"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:207
msgid "Range:"
msgstr "Barrutia:"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:229
msgid "To page:"
msgstr "Orrialde honetara:"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:252
msgid "From page:"
msgstr "Orrialde honetatik:"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:257
msgid "Print range"
msgstr "Inprimatze-area"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:262
msgid "Print all"
msgstr "Inprimatu dena"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:280
msgid "Print last page first"
msgstr "Inprimatu azken orria lehenbizi "
#: scribus/druck.cpp:285
msgid "Print first page first"
msgstr "Inprimatu lehen orria lehenbizi "
#: scribus/druck.cpp:291
msgid "Number of copies:"
msgstr "Kopia-kopurua:"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:329
msgid "Print Normal"
msgstr "Inprimatu normal"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:334
msgid "Print Separations"
msgstr "Inprimatu banantzeak"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:339 scribus/plugins/printpreview/preview.cpp:208
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:5223 scribus/scribusview.cpp:926
#: scribus/scribusview.cpp:1216
msgid "All"
msgstr "Denak"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:361
msgid "Print in color if available"
msgstr "Inprimatu koloretan ahal bada"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:366
msgid "Print in grayscale"
msgstr "Inprimatu gris-eskalan"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:372
msgid "Advanced Options..."
msgstr "Aukera aurreratuak..."
#: scribus/druck.cpp:583 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:1160
#: scribus/plugins/svgexplugin/svgexplugin.cpp:41 scribus/scribus.cpp:2539
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2541 scribus/scribus.cpp:3099 scribus/scribus.cpp:5253
msgid "Save as"
msgstr "Gorde honela"
#: scribus/druck.cpp:583
msgid "Postscript-Files (*.ps);; All Files (*)"
msgstr "PostScript fitxategiak (*.ps);; Fitxategi guztiak (*)"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:9 scribus/multiline.cpp:20
msgid "Edit Style"
msgstr "Editatu estiloa"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:28
msgid "Character"
msgstr "Karakterea"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:36
msgid "Face:"
msgstr "Aurpegia:"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:64
msgid "Indentation"
msgstr "Koska"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:75
msgid "Left Indent:"
msgstr "Ezkerreko koska:"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:80
msgid "First Line:"
msgstr "Lehen lerroa:"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:101 scribus/scribus.cpp:1921
msgid "Alignment"
msgstr "Lerrokatzea"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:111 scribus/scribus.cpp:674
msgid "Left"
msgstr "Ezkerrean"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:116 scribus/scribus.cpp:676
msgid "Right"
msgstr "Eskuinean"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:120 scribus/scribus.cpp:675
msgid "Center"
msgstr "Erdian"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:124 scribus/scribus.cpp:677
msgid "Block"
msgstr "Blokeatu"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:128 scribus/scribus.cpp:678
msgid "Forced"
msgstr "Behartuta"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:151
msgid "Vertical Spaces"
msgstr "Tarte bertikalak"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:190 scribus/mpalette.cpp:618
msgid "Linespacing"
msgstr "Lerroartea"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:195
msgid "Above:"
msgstr "Gainean:"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:200
msgid "Below:"
msgstr "Azpian:"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:243 scribus/edit1format.cpp:257
#: scribus/editformats.cpp:131 scribus/keymanager.cpp:160
#: scribus/lineformats.cpp:126 scribus/modify.cpp:985
#: scribus/multiline.cpp:318 scribus/muster.cpp:98
#: scribus/plugins/svgexplugin/svgexplugin.cpp:47 scribus/scribus.cpp:2522
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2549 scribus/scribus.cpp:2558 scribus/scribus.cpp:2787
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:5120 scribus/scribus.cpp:5257 scribus/scribus.cpp:5377
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:6531 scribus/scribuswin.cpp:43
msgid "Warning"
msgstr "Abisua"
#: scribus/edit1format.cpp:243 scribus/edit1format.cpp:257
msgid "Name of the Style is not unique"
msgstr "Estiloaren izena ez da bakarra"
#: scribus/editformats.cpp:11
msgid "Edit Styles"
msgstr "Editatu estiloak"
#: scribus/editformats.cpp:81 scribus/lineformats.cpp:85
#: scribus/muster.cpp:131
msgid "Copy of "
msgstr "Honen kopia: "
#: scribus/editformats.cpp:102 scribus/lineformats.cpp:105
msgid "New Style"
msgstr "Estilo berria"
#: scribus/editformats.cpp:132 scribus/lineformats.cpp:127
msgid "Do you really want do delete this Style?"
msgstr "Benetan ezabatu nahi duzu estilo hau?"
#: scribus/editor.cpp:13
msgid "Editor"
msgstr "Editorea"
#: scribus/editor.cpp:21 scribus/scrap.cpp:133 scribus/scribus.cpp:447
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:448
msgid "Save as..."
msgstr "Gorde honela..."
#: scribus/editor.cpp:22 scribus/scrap.cpp:134
msgid "Load..."
msgstr "Kargatu..."
#: scribus/editor.cpp:24
msgid "Save and Exit"
msgstr "Gorde eta irten"
#: scribus/editor.cpp:25
msgid "Exit without Saving"
msgstr "Irten gorde gabe"
#: scribus/editor.cpp:27 scribus/scribus.cpp:312 scribus/scribus.cpp:482
msgid "Undo"
msgstr "Desegin"
#: scribus/editor.cpp:28
msgid "Redo"
msgstr "Berregin"
#: scribus/editor.cpp:30 scribus/page.cpp:1997 scribus/scribus.cpp:484
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:489
msgid "Cut"
msgstr "Ebaki"
#: scribus/editor.cpp:31 scribus/page.cpp:1998 scribus/scribus.cpp:485
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:490 scribus/scribus.cpp:576 scribus/scribus.cpp:577
msgid "Copy"
msgstr "Kopiatu"
#: scribus/editor.cpp:32 scribus/scribus.cpp:486 scribus/scribus.cpp:491
msgid "Paste"
msgstr "Itsatsi"
#: scribus/editor.cpp:33 scribus/plugins/libchar/charselect.cpp:168
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:487 scribus/scribus.cpp:492
msgid "Clear"
msgstr "Garbitu"
#: scribus/editor.cpp:35
msgid "Get Field Names"
msgstr "Eskuratu eremu-izenak"
#: scribus/editor.cpp:59 scribus/editor.cpp:74
msgid "JavaScripts (*.js);; All Files (*)"
msgstr "JavaScripts (*.js);; Fitxategi guztiak (*)"
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:14
msgid "Global Fontsettings"
msgstr "Letra-tipoen ezarpen orokorrak"
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:43 scribus/fontprefs.cpp:379
msgid " "
msgstr " "
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:54 scribus/fontprefs.cpp:390
msgid "Postscript"
msgstr "Postscript"
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:80 scribus/fontprefs.cpp:114
msgid "Font Name"
msgstr "Letra-tipoaren izena"
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:81
msgid "Use Font"
msgstr "Erabili letra-tipoa"
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:82
msgid "Embed in:"
msgstr "Hemen kapsulatua:"
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:83 scribus/tree.cpp:36
msgid "Type"
msgstr "Mota"
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:84
msgid "Path to Fontfile"
msgstr "Letra-tipoen fitxategirako bide-izena"
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:86
msgid "AFM-File available"
msgstr "AFM fitxategia erabilgarri"
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:101
msgid "Available Fonts"
msgstr "Erabilgarri dauden letra-tipoak:"
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:115
msgid "Replacement"
msgstr "Ordeztea"
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:142
msgid "Font Substitutions"
msgstr "Letra-tipoen ordezteak"
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:154 scribus/javadocs.cpp:32
msgid "Add..."
msgstr "Gehitu..."
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:162
msgid "Additional Paths"
msgstr "Bide-izen gehigarriak"
#: scribus/fontprefs.cpp:264 scribus/fontprefs.cpp:298
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1631 scribus/scribus.cpp:6402
msgid "Choose a Directory"
msgstr "Aukeratu direktorioa"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:12
msgid "Nodes"
msgstr "Nodoak"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:178
msgid "End Editing"
msgstr "Bukatu editatzea"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:180
msgid "Move Nodes"
msgstr "Lekuz aldatu nodoak"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:181
msgid "Move Control Points"
msgstr "Lekuz aldatu kontrol-puntuak"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:182
msgid "Add Nodes"
msgstr "Gehitu nodoak"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:183
msgid "Delete Nodes"
msgstr "Ezabatu nodoak"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:184
msgid "Move Control Points independently"
msgstr "Lekuz aldatu kontrol-puntuak independenteki"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:185
msgid "Move Control Points symmetrical"
msgstr "Lekuz aldatu kontrol-puntuak simetrikoki"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:186
msgid "Reset Control Points"
msgstr "Berrezarri kontrol-puntuak"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:187
msgid "Reset this Control Points"
msgstr "Berrezarri kontrol-puntu hau"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:188
msgid "Opens a Polygon or cuts a Bezier Curve"
msgstr "Poligono bat irekitzen du edo Bezier kurba ebakitzen du"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:189
msgid "Closes this Bezier Curve"
msgstr "Bezier kurba hau ixten du"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:190
msgid "Mirrors the Path horizontal"
msgstr "Bide-izena horizontalki ispilatzen du"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:191
msgid "Mirrors the Path vertical"
msgstr "Bide-izena bertikalki ispilatzen du"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:192
msgid "Shears the Path horizotal to the right"
msgstr "Bide-izena horizontalki eskuinerantz zizailatzen du"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:193
msgid "Shears the Path horizotal to the left"
msgstr "Bide-izena horizontalki ezkerrerantz zizailatzen du"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:194
msgid "Shears the Path vertical up"
msgstr "Bide-izena bertikalki gorantz zizailatzen du"
#: scribus/frameedit.cpp:195
msgid "Shears the Path vertical down"
msgstr "Bide-izena bertikalki beherantz zizailatzen d"
#: scribus/guidemanager.cpp:10
msgid "Manage Guides"
msgstr "Kudeatu gidak"
#: scribus/guidemanager.cpp:22
msgid "Horizontal Guides"
msgstr "Gida horizontalak"
#: scribus/guidemanager.cpp:43 scribus/guidemanager.cpp:75
msgid "Add"
msgstr "Gehitu"
#: scribus/guidemanager.cpp:54
msgid "Vertical Guides"
msgstr "Gida bertikalak"
#: scribus/guidemanager.cpp:86
msgid "Lock Guides"
msgstr "Bloketau gidak"
#: scribus/helpbrowser.cpp:87
msgid "Sorry, no Manual available!"
msgstr "Ez dago eskulibururik erabilgarri!"
#: scribus/hyask.cpp:38
msgid "Possible Hyphenation"
msgstr "Hitz-zatiketa egin daiteke"
#: scribus/hyask.cpp:53
msgid "Accept"
msgstr "Onartu"
#: scribus/hyask.cpp:59
msgid "Skip"
msgstr "Saltatu"
#: scribus/hysettings.cpp:11
msgid "Hyphenator Settings"
msgstr "Hitz-zatitzailearen ezarpenak"
#: scribus/hysettings.cpp:17
msgid "Fully Automatic"
msgstr "Automatikoki"
#: scribus/hysettings.cpp:19
msgid ""
"If you uncheck this you will get an Dialog\n"
"everytime a possible Hyphenation is found."
msgstr ""
"Honi marka kentzen badiozu elkarrizketa-koadroa\n"
"bistaratuko da hitz-zatiketa egiteko aukera dagoen bakoitzean."
#: scribus/hysettings.cpp:21
msgid "Check during Typing"
msgstr "Egiaztatu idaztean"
#: scribus/hysettings.cpp:23
msgid "Enables automatic checking of your Text during Typing."
msgstr "Testua idaztean automatikoki egiaztatzea gaitzen du."
#: scribus/hysettings.cpp:36
msgid "Language:"
msgstr "Hizkuntza:"
#: scribus/hysettings.cpp:41
msgid "Smallest Word:"
msgstr "Hitz laburrena"
#: scribus/hysettings.cpp:47
msgid "This is the length of the smallest word to be hyphenated."
msgstr "Hau zatitu beharreko hitz laburrenaren luzera da."
#: scribus/inspage.cpp:16
msgid "Insert Page"
msgstr "Txertatu orrialdea"
#: scribus/inspage.cpp:25 scribus/inspage.cpp:46
msgid "Inserting"
msgstr "Txertatzen"
#: scribus/inspage.cpp:32
msgid "page(s)"
msgstr "orrialdea(k)"
#: scribus/inspage.cpp:35 scribus/movepage.cpp:58
msgid "before Page"
msgstr "orrialde hau baino lehen:"
#: scribus/inspage.cpp:36 scribus/movepage.cpp:59
msgid "after Page"
msgstr "orrialde honen ondoren:"
#: scribus/inspage.cpp:37 scribus/movepage.cpp:60
msgid "at End"
msgstr "Amaieran"
#: scribus/inspage.cpp:53
msgid "Template (Left Page):"
msgstr "Txantiloia (ezker-orrialdea):"
#: scribus/inspage.cpp:55
msgid "Template:"
msgstr "Txantiloiak:"
#: scribus/inspage.cpp:77
msgid "Template (Right Page):"
msgstr "Txantiloia (eskuin-orrialdea):"
#: scribus/javadocs.cpp:10
msgid "Global JavaScripts"
msgstr "JavaScripts orokorra"
#: scribus/javadocs.cpp:42 scribus/libabout/about.cpp:145
#: scribus/plugins/libchar/charselect.cpp:174 scribus/scrap.cpp:135
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:441 scribus/scribus.cpp:442
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Itxi"
#: scribus/javadocs.cpp:63
msgid "New Script"
msgstr "Script berria"
#: scribus/keymanager.cpp:12
msgid "Manage Keyboard Shortcuts"
msgstr "Kudeatu laster-teklak"
#: scribus/keymanager.cpp:40
msgid "Current Key"
msgstr "Uneko tekla"
#: scribus/keymanager.cpp:50
msgid "Select a Key for this Action"
msgstr "Hautatu tekla bat ekintza honetarako"
#: scribus/keymanager.cpp:60
msgid "No Key"
msgstr "Teklarik ez"
#: scribus/keymanager.cpp:65
msgid "User Defined Key"
msgstr "Erabiltzaileak definitutako tekla"
#: scribus/keymanager.cpp:72
msgid "ALT+SHIFT+T"
msgstr "Alt+Shift+T"
#: scribus/keymanager.cpp:79
msgid "Set Key"
msgstr "Ezarri tekla"
#: scribus/keymanager.cpp:135 scribus/keymanager.cpp:191
msgid "Alt"
msgstr "Alt"
#: scribus/keymanager.cpp:135 scribus/keymanager.cpp:191
msgid "Ctrl"
msgstr "Ktrl"
#: scribus/keymanager.cpp:135 scribus/keymanager.cpp:191
msgid "Shift"
msgstr "Shift"
#: scribus/keymanager.cpp:143
msgid "Shift+"
msgstr "Shift+"
#: scribus/keymanager.cpp:147
msgid "Alt+"
msgstr "Alt+"
#: scribus/keymanager.cpp:151
msgid "Ctrl+"
msgstr "Ctrl+"
#: scribus/keymanager.cpp:161
msgid "This Key-Sequence is already in use"
msgstr "Tekla-segida hau dagoeneko erabili da"
#: scribus/layers.cpp:18
msgid "Layers"
msgstr "Geruzak"
#: scribus/layers.cpp:46
msgid "Add a new Layer"
msgstr "Erantsi geruza berria"
#: scribus/layers.cpp:54
msgid "Delete Layer"
msgstr "Ezabatu geruza"
#: scribus/layers.cpp:62
msgid "Raise Layer"
msgstr "Igo geruza"
#: scribus/layers.cpp:70
msgid "Lower Layer"
msgstr "Jaitsi geruza"
#: scribus/layers.cpp:78
msgid "Closes this Dialog"
msgstr "Elkarrizketa-koadro hau ixten du"
#: scribus/layers.cpp:175
msgid "New Layer"
msgstr "Geruza berria"
#: scribus/lineformats.cpp:11
msgid "Edit Line Styles"
msgstr "Editatu marra-estiloak"
#: scribus/mdup.cpp:16 scribus/scribus.cpp:526 scribus/scribus.cpp:527
msgid "Multiple Duplicate"
msgstr "Kopia bat baino gehiago"
#: scribus/mdup.cpp:61
msgid "Number of Copies:"
msgstr "Kopia-kopurua:"
#: scribus/mdup.cpp:64
msgid "Horizontal Shift:"
msgstr "Desplazatu horizontalki:"
#: scribus/mdup.cpp:67
msgid "Vertical Shift:"
msgstr "Desplazatu bertikalki:"
#: scribus/mergedoc.cpp:21
msgid "Import a Page"
msgstr "Inportatu orrialde bat"
#: scribus/mergedoc.cpp:27
msgid "Document to load:"
msgstr "Kargatu beharreko dokumentua:"
#: scribus/mergedoc.cpp:40
msgid "Document contains: 0 Page(s)"
msgstr "Dokumentuaren edukia: 0 orrialde"
#: scribus/mergedoc.cpp:45
msgid "Import Page Nr:"
msgstr "Inportatu orrialde hau:"
#: scribus/mergedoc.cpp:58
msgid "Import"
msgstr "Inportatu"
#: scribus/mergedoc.cpp:111 scribus/mergedoc.cpp:124
msgid "Document contains: %1 Page(s)"
msgstr "Dokumentuaren edukia: %1 orrialde"
#: scribus/missing.cpp:69
msgid "Missing Font"
msgstr "Letra-tipoa falta da"
#: scribus/missing.cpp:71
msgid "Select Font"
msgstr "Hautatu letra-tipoa"
#: scribus/missing.cpp:81
msgid "The Font %1 is not installed."
msgstr "%1 letra-tipoa ez dago instalatuta."
#: scribus/missing.cpp:83
msgid "Select new Font:"
msgstr "Hautatu letra-tipo berria:"
#: scribus/missing.cpp:94
msgid "Use"
msgstr "Erabili"
#: scribus/missing.cpp:103
msgid "instead"
msgstr "horren ordez"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:52
msgid "Horizontal flipped"
msgstr "Horizontalki iraulita"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:57
msgid "Vertical flipped"
msgstr "Bertikalki iraulita"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:62 scribus/mpalette.cpp:277
msgid "Text flows around Box"
msgstr "Testua koadroaren inguruan"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:67
msgid "Use Bounding Box"
msgstr "Erabili txertatze-kutxa"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:73
msgid "Don't print"
msgstr "Ez inprimatu"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:80
msgid "Position"
msgstr "Kokalekua"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:281 scribus/modify.cpp:101
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:90 scribus/mpalette.cpp:849 scribus/mpalette.cpp:887
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:932 scribus/mpalette.cpp:1610 scribus/newfile.cpp:102
msgid "Height:"
msgstr "Altuera:"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:104
msgid "Angle:"
msgstr "Angelua:"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:171
msgid "Modify Pathtext"
msgstr "Aldatu bide-izenaren testua"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:174
msgid "Show Curve"
msgstr "Erakutsi kurba"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:179
msgid "Startoffset:"
msgstr "Hasi desplazamendua:"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:191
msgid "Distance from Curve:"
msgstr "Distantzia kurbatik:"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:203
msgid "Modify Textframe"
msgstr "Aldatu testu-markoa"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:206
msgid "Ordinary Text"
msgstr "Testu arrunta"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:210 scribus/page.cpp:1939
msgid "Is PDF-Bookmark"
msgstr "PDF laster-marka da"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:214 scribus/page.cpp:1941
msgid "Is PDF-Annotation"
msgstr "PDF oharpena da"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:227
msgid "Textdistance:"
msgstr "Testu-distantzia:"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:231 scribus/modify.cpp:382
msgid "Background Color:"
msgstr "Atzeko planoaren kolorea:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:891 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:899
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1019 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1184
#: scribus/modify.cpp:235 scribus/modify.cpp:386 scribus/modify.cpp:481
#: scribus/modify.cpp:490
msgid "Shading:"
msgstr "Itzaldura:"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:270 scribus/modify.cpp:413 scribus/modify.cpp:593
msgid "Corner Radius:"
msgstr "Izkinako erradioa:"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:283
msgid "Modify Pictureframe"
msgstr "Aldatu irudi-markoa"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:286
msgid "Scaling"
msgstr "Eskalatzen"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1168 scribus/modify.cpp:295
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:494
msgid "Free Scaling"
msgstr "Eskalatze librea"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:302
msgid "Local X-Pos:"
msgstr "X posizio lokala:"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:306
msgid "Local Y-Pos:"
msgstr "Y posizio lokala:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1172 scribus/modify.cpp:310
msgid "Horizontal Scaling"
msgstr "Eskalatu horizontalki"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1176 scribus/modify.cpp:314
msgid "Vertical Scaling"
msgstr "Eskalatu bertikalki"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1209 scribus/modify.cpp:356
msgid "Scale Picture to Frame Size"
msgstr "Eskalatu irudia markoaren tamainara"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1212 scribus/modify.cpp:361
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:545
msgid "Keep Aspect Ratio"
msgstr "Mantendu aspektu-erlazioa"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:377 scribus/page.cpp:1931
msgid "Image visible"
msgstr "Irudia ikusgai"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:428
msgid "Input Profile:"
msgstr "Sarrera-profila:"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:456
msgid "Rendering Intent:"
msgstr "Errendatze-modua:"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:476
msgid "Modify Frame"
msgstr "Aldatu markoa"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:887 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1015
#: scribus/modify.cpp:478
msgid "Line Color:"
msgstr "Marraren kolorea:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:895 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1180
#: scribus/modify.cpp:484
msgid "Fill Color:"
msgstr "Kolore betegarria:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:903 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1023
#: scribus/modify.cpp:487 scribus/mpalette.cpp:576
msgid "Linestyle:"
msgstr "Marra-estiloa:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:907 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1027
#: scribus/modify.cpp:493 scribus/mpalette.cpp:581 scribus/multiline.cpp:91
msgid "Linewidth:"
msgstr "Marra-zabalera:"
#: scribus/modify.cpp:985 scribus/multiline.cpp:318
msgid ""
"Name \"%1\" isn't unique.\n"
"Please choose another."
msgstr ""
"\"%1\" izena badago lehendik ere.\n"
"Aukeratu beste bat."
#: scribus/movepage.cpp:25
msgid "Move Pages"
msgstr "Lekuz aldatu orrialdeak"
#: scribus/movepage.cpp:27
msgid "Copy Page"
msgstr "Kopiatu orria"
#: scribus/movepage.cpp:37 scribus/movepage.cpp:69
msgid "Move Page(s):"
msgstr "Lekuz aldatu orrialdea(k):"
#: scribus/movepage.cpp:39
msgid "Copy Page:"
msgstr "Kopiatu orrialdea:"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:13
msgid "Measurements"
msgstr "Neurriak"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:39
msgid "X, Y, Z"
msgstr "X, Y, Z"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:44 scribus/scribus.cpp:553
msgid "Shape"
msgstr "Forma"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:54 scribus/tree.cpp:102
msgid "Image"
msgstr "Irudia"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:59 scribus/tree.cpp:114
msgid "Line"
msgstr "Lerroa"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:74
msgid "Geometry"
msgstr "Geometria"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:115
msgid "Level"
msgstr "Maila"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:162
msgid "Rotation"
msgstr "Biraketa"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:220
msgid "by:"
msgstr "honen inguruan:"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:262
msgid "Edit Shape..."
msgstr "Editatu forma..."
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:268
msgid ""
msgstr ""
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:281
msgid "Distance of Text"
msgstr "Distantzia testutik"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:359 scribus/mpalette.cpp:288
#: scribus/newfile.cpp:148 scribus/reformdoc.cpp:46
msgid "Top:"
msgstr "Goian:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:356 scribus/mpalette.cpp:291
#: scribus/newfile.cpp:151 scribus/reformdoc.cpp:62
msgid "Bottom:"
msgstr "Behean:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:365 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1668
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:294 scribus/newfile.cpp:142 scribus/newfile.cpp:615
#: scribus/reformdoc.cpp:54 scribus/reformdoc.cpp:153
msgid "Left:"
msgstr "Ezkerrean:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:362 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1669
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:297 scribus/newfile.cpp:145 scribus/newfile.cpp:616
#: scribus/reformdoc.cpp:70 scribus/reformdoc.cpp:154
msgid "Right:"
msgstr "Eskuinean:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:88 scribus/mpalette.cpp:337
msgid "Fontsize:"
msgstr "Letra-tipoaren tamaina"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:450
msgid "Custom Spacing"
msgstr "Script pertsonalizatuak"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:466
msgid "Kerning:"
msgstr "Karaktere arteko tartea:"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:470
msgid "Linespacing:"
msgstr "Lerroartea:"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:476
msgid "Styles"
msgstr "Estiloak"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:500
msgid "Position:"
msgstr "Kokalekua:"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:509
msgid "Horiz. Scale:"
msgstr "Eskalatu horizontalki"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:515
msgid "Vert. Scale:"
msgstr "Eskalatu bertikalki:"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:530
msgid "Scale to Frame Size"
msgstr "Eskalatu markoaren tamainara"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:566
msgid "Left Point"
msgstr "Ezkerreko puntua"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:567
msgid "Endpoints"
msgstr "Amaiera-puntuak"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:588
msgid "Edges:"
msgstr "Ertzak:"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:592 scribus/multiline.cpp:83
msgid "MiterJoin"
msgstr "Angelu-elkartzea"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:593 scribus/multiline.cpp:84
msgid "BevelJoin"
msgstr "Alaka-elkartzea"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:594 scribus/multiline.cpp:85
msgid "RoundJoin"
msgstr "Elkartze biribila"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:597
msgid "Endings:"
msgstr "Amaierak:"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:601 scribus/multiline.cpp:76
msgid "FlatCap"
msgstr "Estalki laua"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:602 scribus/multiline.cpp:77
msgid "SquareCap"
msgstr "Estalki karratua"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:603 scribus/multiline.cpp:78
msgid "RoundCap"
msgstr "Estalki biribila"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:608 scribus/mpalette.cpp:1931 scribus/spalette.cpp:25
#: scribus/spalette.cpp:42
msgid "No Style"
msgstr "Estilorik ez"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:617
msgid "Font Size"
msgstr "Letra-tamaina"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:619
msgid "Manual Kerning"
msgstr "Doitu karaktere arteko tartea eskuz"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:620
msgid "Reverse Writing"
msgstr "Alderantzizko idazketa"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:649 scribus/mpalette.cpp:622
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:716
msgid "Small Caps"
msgstr "Maiuskula txikiak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:568 scribus/mpalette.cpp:623
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:718
msgid "Subscript"
msgstr "Azpindizea"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:609 scribus/mpalette.cpp:624
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:717
msgid "Superscript"
msgstr "Goi-indizea"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:625
msgid "Strikeout"
msgstr "Marratua"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:626
msgid "Align Text Left"
msgstr "Lerrokatu testua ezkerrean"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:627
msgid "Align Text Right"
msgstr "Lerrokatu testua eskuinean"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:628
msgid "Align Text Block"
msgstr "Lerrokatu testu-blokea"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:629
msgid "Align Text Center"
msgstr "Lerrokatu testua erdian"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:630
msgid "Flip horizontal"
msgstr "Irauli horizontalki"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:631
msgid "Flip vertical"
msgstr "Irauli bertikalki"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:632
msgid "Move one Level up"
msgstr "Eraman maila bat gorago"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:633
msgid "Move one Level down"
msgstr "Eraman maila bat beherago"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:634
msgid "Move to Front"
msgstr "Ekarri aurrera"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:635
msgid "Move to Back"
msgstr "Bidali atzera"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:837 scribus/mpalette.cpp:1617
msgid "X1:"
msgstr "X1 :"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:838 scribus/mpalette.cpp:1618
msgid "X2:"
msgstr "X2 :"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:839 scribus/mpalette.cpp:1619
msgid "Y1:"
msgstr "Y1 :"
#: scribus/mpalette.cpp:840 scribus/mpalette.cpp:1620
msgid "Y2:"
msgstr "Y2 :"
#: scribus/multiline.cpp:206 scribus/multiline.cpp:286
msgid " pt "
msgstr " pt "
#: scribus/multiline.cpp:210 scribus/multiline.cpp:225
#: scribus/multiline.cpp:290 scribus/multiline.cpp:305
msgid "Solid Line"
msgstr "Marra jarraitua"
#: scribus/multiline.cpp:213 scribus/multiline.cpp:293
msgid "Dashed Line"
msgstr "Marratxoduna"
#: scribus/multiline.cpp:216 scribus/multiline.cpp:296
msgid "Dotted Line"
msgstr "Puntukatua"
#: scribus/multiline.cpp:219 scribus/multiline.cpp:299
msgid "Dash Dot Line"
msgstr "Marratxoak eta puntuak"
#: scribus/multiline.cpp:222 scribus/multiline.cpp:302
msgid "Dash Dot Dot Line"
msgstr "Marra puntua puntua"
#: scribus/muster.cpp:11
msgid "Edit Templates"
msgstr "Editatu txantiloiak"
#: scribus/muster.cpp:43
msgid "Exit"
msgstr "Irten"
#: scribus/muster.cpp:99
msgid "Do you really want do delete this Template?"
msgstr "Benetan ezabatu nahi duzu txantiloi hau?"
#: scribus/muster.cpp:181
msgid "New Template"
msgstr "Txantiloi berria"
#: scribus/newfile.cpp:29
msgid "New Document"
msgstr "Dokumentu berria"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:207 scribus/newfile.cpp:35
msgid "Page Size"
msgstr "Orrialde-tamaina"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:215 scribus/newfile.cpp:80
msgid "Orientation:"
msgstr "Orientazioa:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:299 scribus/newfile.cpp:114
#: scribus/reformdoc.cpp:78 scribus/seiten.cpp:553
msgid "Facing Pages"
msgstr "Aurrez aurre dauden orrialdeak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:304 scribus/newfile.cpp:118
#: scribus/reformdoc.cpp:82 scribus/seiten.cpp:556
msgid "Left Page first"
msgstr "Ezkerreko orrialdea lehenbizi"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:313 scribus/newfile.cpp:130
#: scribus/reformdoc.cpp:34
msgid "Margin Guides"
msgstr "Marjinen gidak"
#: scribus/newfile.cpp:206
msgid "First Pagenumber:"
msgstr "Lehen orrialde-zenbakia:"
#: scribus/newfile.cpp:213
msgid "Default Unit:"
msgstr "Unitate lehenetsia:"
#: scribus/newfile.cpp:216
msgid "Points (pts)"
msgstr "Puntuak (pts)"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:108 scribus/newfile.cpp:217
msgid "Millimeters (mm)"
msgstr "Milimetroak (mm)"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:109 scribus/newfile.cpp:218
msgid "Inches (in)"
msgstr "Hazbete (in)"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:110 scribus/newfile.cpp:219
msgid "Picas (p)"
msgstr "Pika (p)"
#: scribus/newfile.cpp:226
msgid "Autom. Textframes"
msgstr "Testu-marko automatikoak"
#: scribus/newfile.cpp:230
msgid "Column Guides"
msgstr "Zutabeen gidak"
#: scribus/newfile.cpp:242
msgid "Gutter Width:"
msgstr "Barne-marjinaren zabalera:"
#: scribus/newfile.cpp:245
msgid "Columns:"
msgstr "Zutabeak:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1662 scribus/newfile.cpp:609
#: scribus/reformdoc.cpp:147
msgid "Inside:"
msgstr "Barruan:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1663 scribus/newfile.cpp:610
#: scribus/reformdoc.cpp:148
msgid "Outside:"
msgstr "Kanpoan:"
#: scribus/newtemp.cpp:40
msgid "Left Page"
msgstr "Ezkerreko orrialdea"
#: scribus/newtemp.cpp:41
msgid "Right Page"
msgstr "Eskuineko orrialdea"
#: scribus/page.cpp:307
msgid "Copy Here"
msgstr "Kopiatu hemen"
#: scribus/page.cpp:308
msgid "Move Here"
msgstr "Ekarri hona"
#: scribus/page.cpp:1930 scribus/scribus.cpp:1881
msgid "Get Picture..."
msgstr "Eskuratu irudia..."
#: scribus/page.cpp:1936 scribus/scribus.cpp:1904 scribus/scribus.cpp:1946
msgid "Get Text..."
msgstr "Eskuratu testua..."
#: scribus/page.cpp:1952 scribus/scribus.cpp:522 scribus/scribus.cpp:523
msgid "Modify..."
msgstr "Aldatu..."
#: scribus/page.cpp:1955 scribus/scribus.cpp:535 scribus/scribus.cpp:2061
msgid "Lock"
msgstr "Blokeatu"
#: scribus/page.cpp:1956 scribus/scribus.cpp:537 scribus/scribus.cpp:538
msgid "Send to Back"
msgstr "Bidali atzera"
#: scribus/page.cpp:1957 scribus/scribus.cpp:539 scribus/scribus.cpp:540
msgid "Bring to Front"
msgstr "Ekarri aurrera"
#: scribus/page.cpp:1958 scribus/scribus.cpp:541 scribus/scribus.cpp:542
msgid "Lower"
msgstr "Beheratu"
#: scribus/page.cpp:1959 scribus/scribus.cpp:543 scribus/scribus.cpp:544
msgid "Raise"
msgstr "Goratu"
#: scribus/page.cpp:1962 scribus/scribus.cpp:2057
msgid "Unlock"
msgstr "Desblokeatu"
#: scribus/page.cpp:1963
msgid "Send to Scrapbook"
msgstr "Bidali berri laburren albumera"
#: scribus/page.cpp:1972
msgid "Sent to Layer"
msgstr "Geruzara bidali da"
#: scribus/page.cpp:1979 scribus/page.cpp:1990
msgid "Picture Frame"
msgstr "Irudiaren markoa"
#: scribus/page.cpp:1980 scribus/page.cpp:1985
msgid "Polygon"
msgstr "Poligonoa"
#: scribus/page.cpp:1984 scribus/page.cpp:1989
msgid "Text Frame"
msgstr "Testuaren markoa"
#: scribus/page.cpp:1991
msgid "Bezier Curve"
msgstr "Bezier kurba"
#: scribus/page.cpp:1993
msgid "Convert to"
msgstr "Bihurtu "
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:16
msgid "Create PDF-File"
msgstr "Sortu PDF fitxategia"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:27
msgid "Output to File:"
msgstr "Irteera fitxategi honetara:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:56
msgid "Export Range"
msgstr "Esportatu barrutia"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:68
msgid "From:"
msgstr "Hemendik:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:90
msgid "File Options"
msgstr "Fitxategi-aukerak"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:99
msgid "Compatibility:"
msgstr "Bateragarritasuna:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:125
msgid "Binding:"
msgstr "Lotura:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:129
msgid "Left Margin"
msgstr "Ezkerreko marjina"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:130
msgid "Right Margin"
msgstr "Eskuineko marjina"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:135
msgid "Generate Thumbnails"
msgstr "Sortu koadro txikiak"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:139
msgid "Save linked Text Frames as PDF-Articles"
msgstr "Gorde estekatutako testu-markoak PDF artikulu gisa"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:143
msgid "Include Bookmarks"
msgstr "Sartu laster-markak"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:147
msgid "Resolution:"
msgstr "Bereizmena:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:154 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:172
msgid " dpi"
msgstr " dpi"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:159
msgid "Compression"
msgstr "Konpresioa"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:168
msgid "Downsample Images to:"
msgstr "Murriztu irudiak honetara:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:182
msgid "Compress Text and Vector Graphics"
msgstr "Konprimatu testua eta bektore grafikoak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:48 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:186
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:447
msgid "General"
msgstr "Orokorra"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:192
msgid "Embed all Fonts"
msgstr "Kapsulatu letra-tipo guztiak"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:195
msgid "Embedding"
msgstr "Kapsulatzen"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:207
msgid "Available Fonts:"
msgstr "Erabilgarri dauden letra-tipoak:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:229 scribus/selfield.cpp:48
msgid ">>"
msgstr ">>"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:233 scribus/selfield.cpp:51
msgid "<<"
msgstr "<<"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:241
msgid "Fonts to embed:"
msgstr "Kapsulatzeko letra-tipoak:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:257
msgid "Fonts"
msgstr "Letra-tipoak"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:264
msgid "Enable Presentation Effects"
msgstr "Gaitu aurkezpen-efektuak"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:276 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:293 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:1052
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:1059 scribus/picstatus.cpp:51 scribus/scribus.cpp:663
#: scribus/scribusview.cpp:62 scribus/scribusview.cpp:220
#: scribus/scribusview.cpp:245 scribus/scribusview.cpp:403
#: scribus/scribusview.cpp:502 scribus/scribusview.cpp:544 scribus/tree.cpp:47
#: scribus/tree.cpp:84
msgid "Page"
msgstr "Orrialdea"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:305 scribus/seiten.cpp:81
msgid "Show Page Previews"
msgstr "Erakutsi orrialdeen aurrebistak"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:310
msgid "Effects"
msgstr "Efektuak"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:319
msgid "Display Duration:"
msgstr "Bistaratu iraupena:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:322
msgid "Effect Duration:"
msgstr "Efektuaren iraupena:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:325
msgid "Effect Type:"
msgstr "Efektu-mota:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:328
msgid "Moving Lines:"
msgstr "Lerroak lekuz aldatzen:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:331
msgid "from the:"
msgstr "Hemendik:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:334
msgid "Direction:"
msgstr "Helbidea:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:337 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:343
msgid " sec"
msgstr ""
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:349
msgid "No Effect"
msgstr "Efekturik ez"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:350
msgid "Blinds"
msgstr "Pertsianak"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:351
msgid "Box"
msgstr "Kutxa"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:352
msgid "Dissolve"
msgstr "Disolbatu"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:353
msgid "Glitter"
msgstr "Distira"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:354
msgid "Split"
msgstr "Zatitu"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:355
msgid "Wipe"
msgstr "Ezabatu"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:364
msgid "Inside"
msgstr "Barruan"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:365
msgid "Outside"
msgstr "Kanpoan"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:369
msgid "Left to Right"
msgstr "Ezkerretik eskuinera"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:370
msgid "Top to Bottom"
msgstr "Goitik behera"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:371
msgid "Bottom to Top"
msgstr "Behetik gora"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:372
msgid "Right to Left"
msgstr "Eskuinetik ezkerrera"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:373
msgid "Top-Left to Bottom-Right"
msgstr "Goiko ezkerretik beheko eskuinera"
# New in Version 0.8
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:377
msgid "Apply Effect on all Pages"
msgstr "Aplikatu efektua orri guztietan"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:380 scribus/scribus.cpp:668
msgid "Extras"
msgstr "Gehigarriak"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:385
msgid "Use Encryption"
msgstr "Erabili enkriptatzea"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:390
msgid "Passwords"
msgstr "Pasahitzak"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:397
msgid "User:"
msgstr "Erabiltzailea:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:400
msgid "Owner:"
msgstr "Jabea:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:414
msgid "Settings"
msgstr "Ezarpenak"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:421
msgid "Allow Printing the Document"
msgstr "Baimendu dokumentua inprimatzea"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:425
msgid "Allow Changing the Document"
msgstr "Baimendu dokumentu-aldaketak"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:429
msgid "Copying Text and Graphics is allowed"
msgstr "Testua eta irudiak kopiatzea onartzen da"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:433
msgid "Adding Annotations and Fields is allowed"
msgstr "Oharpenak eta eremuak gehitzea onartzen da"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:442
msgid "Security"
msgstr "Segurtasuna"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:454
msgid "Output intended for:"
msgstr "Honentzako irteera:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:457
msgid "Screen"
msgstr "Pantaila"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:458
msgid "Printer"
msgstr "Inprimagailua"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:475 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:503
msgid "Use ICC-Profile"
msgstr "Erabili ICC profilak"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:479 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:511
msgid "Profile:"
msgstr "Profila:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:482 scribus/pdfopts.cpp:514
msgid "Rendering-Intent:"
msgstr "Asmoa errendatzen:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:496
msgid "Images:"
msgstr "Irudiak:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:507
msgid "Don't use embedded Profiles"
msgstr "Ez erabili profil kapsulatuak"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:576 scribus/scribus.cpp:1894 scribus/scribus.cpp:1922
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:1963 scribus/scribus.cpp:1983 scribus/scribus.cpp:6575
msgid "Color"
msgstr "Kolorea"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:581
msgid "PDF/X-3 Output Intent"
msgstr "PDF/X-3 irteera"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:608
msgid "Info String:"
msgstr "Informazio-katea"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:611
msgid "Output Profile:"
msgstr "Irteera-profila:"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:615
msgid "Trim Box"
msgstr "Mozte-koadroa"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:642
msgid "PDF/X-3"
msgstr "PDF/X-3"
#: scribus/pdfopts.cpp:1160
msgid "PDF-Files (*.pdf);;All Files (*)"
msgstr "PDF fitxategiak (*.pdf);;Fitxategi guztiak (*)"
#: scribus/picsearch.cpp:11
msgid "Result"
msgstr "Emaitza"
#: scribus/picsearch.cpp:24
msgid "Search Results for: "
msgstr "Bilaketaren emaitzak: "
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1376 scribus/picsearch.cpp:49
#: scribus/scrap.cpp:154
msgid "Preview"
msgstr "Aurrebista"
#: scribus/picsearch.cpp:57
msgid "Select"
msgstr "Hautatu"
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:34
msgid "Pictures"
msgstr "Irudiak"
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:49
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Izena:"
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:50
msgid "Path"
msgstr "Bide-izena"
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:53
msgid "Print"
msgstr "Inprimatu"
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:54
msgid "Status"
msgstr "Egoera"
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:92 scribus/picstatus.cpp:95 scribus/picstatus.cpp:130
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:132
msgid "Goto"
msgstr "Joan"
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:108 scribus/picstatus.cpp:145
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:223 scribus/picstatus.cpp:232
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:258 scribus/picstatus.cpp:267
msgid "Missing"
msgstr "Falta da"
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:110 scribus/picstatus.cpp:111
#: scribus/picstatus.cpp:147 scribus/picstatus.cpp:148
msgid "Search"
msgstr "Bilatu"
#: scribus/polyprops.cpp:27
msgid "Polygon Properties"
msgstr "Poligonoaren propietateak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1275 scribus/polyprops.cpp:36
msgid "Corners:"
msgstr "Izkinak:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1287 scribus/polyprops.cpp:50
msgid "Rotation:"
msgstr "Biraketa:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1306 scribus/polyprops.cpp:70
msgid "Convex Polygon"
msgstr "Poligono ganbila"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1315 scribus/polyprops.cpp:79
msgid "Factor:"
msgstr "Faktorea:"
#: scribus/reformdoc.cpp:28
msgid "Document Setup"
msgstr "Dokumentuaren konfigurazioa"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:53 scribus/scrap.cpp:123 scribus/scrap.cpp:275
msgid "Scrapbook"
msgstr "Berri laburren albuma"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1390 scribus/scrap.cpp:137
msgid "Small"
msgstr "Txikia"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1391 scribus/scrap.cpp:138
msgid "Medium"
msgstr "Tartekoa"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1392 scribus/scrap.cpp:139
msgid "Big"
msgstr "Handia"
#: scribus/scrap.cpp:196 scribus/scrap.cpp:208
msgid "Scrapbooks (*.scs);; All Files (*)"
msgstr "Berri laburren albumak (*.scd);; Fitxategi guztiak (*)"
#: scribus/scrap.cpp:323
msgid "Object"
msgstr "Objektua"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:100
msgid "Scribus "
msgstr "Scribus "
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:105
msgid "Creates a new Document"
msgstr "Dokumentu berria sortzen du "
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:106
msgid "Opens a Document"
msgstr "Dokumentua irekitzen du"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:107
msgid "Saves the current Document"
msgstr "Uneko dokumentua gordetzen du"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:108
msgid "Closes the current Document"
msgstr "Uneko dokumentua ixten du"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:109
msgid "Prints the current Document"
msgstr "Uneko dokumentua inprimatzen du"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:110
msgid "Saves the current Document as PDF"
msgstr "Uneko dokumentua PDF gisa gordetzen du"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:162
msgid "Searching for Fonts"
msgstr "Letra-tipoak bilatzen"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:166
msgid "There are no Postscript-Fonts on your System"
msgstr "Ez dago Postscript-en letra-tiporik zure sisteman"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:167
msgid "Exiting now"
msgstr "Irteten"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:168
msgid "Fatal Error"
msgstr "Errore larria"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:304
msgid "Smart Hyphen"
msgstr "Marratxo dotorea"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:305
msgid "Align Left"
msgstr "Lerrokatu ezkerrean"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:306
msgid "Align Right"
msgstr "Lerrokatu eskuinean"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:307
msgid "Align Center"
msgstr "Lerrokatu erdian"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:308
msgid "Insert Pagenumber"
msgstr "Sartu orrialde-zenbakia"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:309 scribus/scribus.cpp:554
msgid "Attach Text to Path"
msgstr "Lotu testua bide-izenari"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:310 scribus/scribus.cpp:633 scribus/scribus.cpp:3407
msgid "Show Layers"
msgstr "Erakutsi geruzak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:311 scribus/scribus.cpp:502
msgid "JavaScripts..."
msgstr "JavaScript-ak..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:313 scribus/scribus.cpp:634 scribus/scribus.cpp:3427
msgid "Show Page Palette"
msgstr "Erakutsi orrialdearen paleta"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:314
msgid "Lock/Unlock"
msgstr "Blokeatu/desblokeatu"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:315
msgid "Nonbreaking Space"
msgstr "Zuriune zatiezina"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:316
msgid "Getting ICC-Profiles"
msgstr "ICC profilak eskuratzen"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:318
msgid "Init Hyphenator"
msgstr "Abiarazi hitz-zatitzailea"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:320
msgid "Reading Preferences"
msgstr "Hobespenak irakurtzen"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:325
msgid "Setting up Shortcuts"
msgstr "Laster-bideak ezartzen"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:329
msgid "Color Management..."
msgstr "Kolore-kudeaketa..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:358
msgid "Reading Scrapbook"
msgstr "Berri laburren albuma irakurtzen"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:368
msgid "Initializing Plugins"
msgstr "Plugin-ak hasieratzen"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:436 scribus/scribus.cpp:439
msgid "Open..."
msgstr "Ireki..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:437
msgid "Recent Documents"
msgstr "Azken dokumentuak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:450
msgid "Collect for Output..."
msgstr "Bildu irteerarako..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:454 scribus/scribus.cpp:1859 scribus/scribus.cpp:1973
msgid "Get Text/Picture..."
msgstr "Eskuratu testua/irudia..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:456
msgid "Insert Page..."
msgstr "Txertatu orrialdea..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:458
msgid "Import..."
msgstr "Inportatu..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:460
msgid "Save Text..."
msgstr "Gorde testua..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:462
msgid "Save Page as EPS..."
msgstr "Gorde orrialdea EPS gisa..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:464
msgid "Save as PDF..."
msgstr "Gorde PDF gisa..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:466
msgid "Export..."
msgstr "Esportatu..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:469 scribus/scribus.cpp:471
msgid "Document Info..."
msgstr "Dokumentuaren informazioa..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:472 scribus/scribus.cpp:474
msgid "Document Setup..."
msgstr "Dokumentuaren konfigurazioa..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:475 scribus/scribus.cpp:477
msgid "Print..."
msgstr "Inprimatu..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:479 scribus/scribus.cpp:480
msgid "Quit"
msgstr "Irten"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:488 scribus/scribus.cpp:493
msgid "Select all"
msgstr "Hautatu dena"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:495 scribus/scribus.cpp:496
msgid "Colors..."
msgstr "Koloreak..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:497 scribus/scribus.cpp:499
msgid "Styles..."
msgstr "Estiloak..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:498
msgid "Line Styles..."
msgstr "Marra-estiloak..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:500 scribus/scribus.cpp:501
msgid "Templates..."
msgstr "Txantiloiak..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:504
msgid "General..."
msgstr "Orokorra..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:505
msgid "Preferences..."
msgstr "Hobespenak..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:506 scribus/scribus.cpp:507
msgid "Fonts..."
msgstr "Letra-tipoak..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:508
msgid "Hyphenator..."
msgstr "Hitz-zatitzailea..."
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:38 scribus/scribus.cpp:509
msgid "Preferences"
msgstr "Hobespenak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:531 scribus/scribus.cpp:532
msgid "Group"
msgstr "Elkartu"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:533 scribus/scribus.cpp:534
msgid "Ungroup"
msgstr "Banandu"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:545 scribus/scribus.cpp:546
msgid "Distribute/Align..."
msgstr "Banatu/Lerrokatu..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:549 scribus/tree.cpp:106
msgid "Rectangle"
msgstr "Laukizuzena"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:550
msgid "Rounded Rectangle"
msgstr "Laukizuzen biribildua"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:551
msgid "Oval"
msgstr "Ovale"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:552
msgid "Edit Frame"
msgstr "Editatu markoa"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:555
msgid "Combine Polygons"
msgstr "Konbinatu poligonoak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:556
msgid "Split Polygons"
msgstr "Zatitu poligonoak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:558
msgid "Convert to Polygons"
msgstr "Bihurtu poligono"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:572 scribus/scribus.cpp:573
msgid "Insert..."
msgstr "Txertatu..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:574 scribus/scribus.cpp:575
msgid "Delete..."
msgstr "Ezabatu..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:578 scribus/scribus.cpp:579
msgid "Move..."
msgstr "Lekuz aldatu..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:580 scribus/scribus.cpp:581
msgid "Apply Template..."
msgstr "Aplikatu txantiloia..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:582 scribus/scribus.cpp:583
msgid "Manage Guides..."
msgstr "Kudeatu gidak..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:587 scribus/scribus.cpp:588
msgid "Fit in Window"
msgstr "Doitu leihora"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:590
#, c-format
msgid "50%"
msgstr "% 50"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:592
#, c-format
msgid "75%"
msgstr "% 75"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:593 scribus/scribus.cpp:594
msgid "Actual Size"
msgstr "Uneko tamaina"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:596
#, c-format
msgid "200%"
msgstr "% 200"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:597 scribus/scribus.cpp:598
msgid "Thumbnails"
msgstr "Koadro txikiak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:600 scribus/scribus.cpp:601 scribus/scribus.cpp:2656
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3327
msgid "Hide Margins"
msgstr "Ezkutatu marjinak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:602 scribus/scribus.cpp:603 scribus/scribus.cpp:1707
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2657 scribus/scribus.cpp:3342
msgid "Hide Frames"
msgstr "Ezkutatu markoak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:604 scribus/scribus.cpp:605 scribus/scribus.cpp:2658
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3494
msgid "Hide Images"
msgstr "Ezkutatu irudiak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:606 scribus/scribus.cpp:607 scribus/scribus.cpp:2659
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3515
msgid "Show Grid"
msgstr "Erakutsi sareta"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:608 scribus/scribus.cpp:609
msgid "Snap to Grid"
msgstr "Atxiki saretari"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:610 scribus/scribus.cpp:2660 scribus/scribus.cpp:3545
msgid "Hide Guides"
msgstr "Ezkutatu gidak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:611
msgid "Snap to Guides"
msgstr "Atxiki gidei"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:624 scribus/scribus.cpp:625 scribus/scribus.cpp:3464
msgid "Hide Tools"
msgstr "Ezkutatu tresnak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:626 scribus/scribus.cpp:3480
msgid "Hide PDF-Tools"
msgstr "Ezkutatu PDF tresnak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:627 scribus/scribus.cpp:628 scribus/scribus.cpp:3354
msgid "Show Measurements"
msgstr "Erakutsi neurriak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:629 scribus/scribus.cpp:630 scribus/scribus.cpp:3371
msgid "Show Outline"
msgstr "Erakusi eskema"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:631 scribus/scribus.cpp:632 scribus/scribus.cpp:3391
msgid "Show Scrapbook"
msgstr "Erakutsi berri laburren albuma"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:635 scribus/scribus.cpp:3443
msgid "Show Bookmarks"
msgstr "Erakutsi laster-markak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:637 scribus/scribus.cpp:638
msgid "Manage Pictures"
msgstr "Kudeatu irudiak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:639 scribus/scribus.cpp:641
msgid "Hyphenate Text"
msgstr "Zatitu testua"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:19 scribus/scribus.cpp:646
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:647
msgid "About Scribus"
msgstr "Scribus-i buruz"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:648 scribus/scribus.cpp:649 scribus/scribus.cpp:3080
msgid "About Qt"
msgstr "Qt-i buruz"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:651 scribus/scribus.cpp:652
msgid "Online-Help..."
msgstr "On line laguntza..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:653 scribus/scribus.cpp:654
msgid "Tool-Tips"
msgstr "Argibideak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:661 scribus/scribus.cpp:1920 scribus/scribus.cpp:1962
msgid "Style"
msgstr "Estiloa"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:662 scribus/tree.cpp:52 scribus/tree.cpp:91
msgid "Item"
msgstr "Elementua"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:666
msgid "View"
msgstr "Ikusi"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:52 scribus/scribus.cpp:667
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:29
msgid "Tools"
msgstr "Tresnak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:670
msgid "Windows"
msgstr "Leihoak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:672
msgid "Help"
msgstr "Laguntza"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:715
msgid "Strikethru"
msgstr "Marratua"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:1378 scribus/scribus.cpp:2434 scribus/scribus.cpp:2560
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2671 scribus/scribus.cpp:2794
msgid "Ready"
msgstr "Prest"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:1557
msgid "Cascade"
msgstr "Teilakatuta"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:1558
msgid "Tile"
msgstr "Lauza moduan"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:1709 scribus/scribus.cpp:3337
msgid "Show Frames"
msgstr "Erakutsi markoak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:1918 scribus/scribus.cpp:1960
msgid "Font"
msgstr "Letra-tipoa"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:1919 scribus/scribus.cpp:1961
msgid "Size"
msgstr "Tamaina"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2258
msgid "Loading..."
msgstr "Kargatzen..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2472
msgid "Images"
msgstr "Irudiak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2472
msgid ");;Vectorimages (*.eps *.pdf);; All Files (*)"
msgstr ");;Irudi bektorialak (*.eps *.pdf);; Fitxategi guztiak (*)"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2490 scribus/scribus.cpp:3099
msgid "Textfiles (*.txt);;All Files (*)"
msgstr "Testu-fitxategiak (*.txt);;Fitxategi guztiak (*)"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2522 scribus/scribus.cpp:2558 scribus/scribus.cpp:5257
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:5377 scribus/scribus.cpp:6531
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Can't write the File: \n"
msgstr ""
"Ezin da fitxategi hau idatzi:\n"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2539
msgid "Documents (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *scd.gz);; All Files (*)"
msgstr "Dokumentuak (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *scd.gz);; Fitxategi guztiak (*)"
#: scribus/plugins/svgexplugin/svgexplugin.cpp:48 scribus/scribus.cpp:2550
msgid ""
"Do you really want to overwrite the File:\n"
"%1 ?"
msgstr ""
"Benetan gainidatzi nahi duzu fitxategia:\n"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2566
msgid "Saving..."
msgstr "Gordetzen..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2705
msgid "Printing..."
msgstr "Inprimatzen..."
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:2787
msgid "Printing failed!"
msgstr "Inprimatzeak huts egin du!"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3085
msgid "Scribus Manual"
msgstr "Scribus-en eskuliburua"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3322
msgid "Show Margins"
msgstr "Erakutsi marjinak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3360 scribus/scribus.cpp:5089
msgid "Hide Measurements"
msgstr "Ezkutatu neurriak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3378 scribus/scribus.cpp:5091
msgid "Hide Outline"
msgstr "Ezkutatu eskema"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3396 scribus/scribus.cpp:5093
msgid "Hide Scrapbook"
msgstr "Ezkutatu berri laburren albuma"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3414 scribus/scribus.cpp:5095
msgid "Hide Layers"
msgstr "Ezkutatu geruzak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3432 scribus/scribus.cpp:5097
msgid "Hide Page Palette"
msgstr "Ezkutatu orrialdearen paleta"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3448 scribus/scribus.cpp:5099
msgid "Hide Bookmarks"
msgstr "Ezkutatu laster-markak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3458 scribus/scribus.cpp:5085
msgid "Show Tools"
msgstr "Erakutsi tresnak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3474 scribus/scribus.cpp:5087
msgid "Show PDF-Tools"
msgstr "Erakutsi PDF tresnak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3489
msgid "Show Images"
msgstr "Erakutsi irudiak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3520
msgid "Hide Grid"
msgstr "Ezkutatu sareta"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:3540
msgid "Show Guides"
msgstr "Erakutsi gidak"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:5117
msgid "The following Programs are missing:"
msgstr "Programa hauek falta dira:"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:5119
msgid "Ghostscript : You cannot use EPS-Images"
msgstr "Ghostscript : Ezin dituzu EPS irudiak erabili"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:5253
msgid "EPS-Files (*.eps);; All Files (*)"
msgstr "EPS fitxategiak (*.eps);; Fitxategi guztiak (*)"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:5788
msgid "Loading:"
msgstr "Kargatzen:"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:5949
msgid "Adjusting Colors"
msgstr "Koloreak doitzen"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:6241
msgid "Undo Delete Object"
msgstr "Desegin objektu-ezabatzea"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:6245
msgid "Undo Object Move"
msgstr "Desegin objektu-mugimendua"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:6249
msgid "Undo Object Change"
msgstr "Desegin objektu-aldaketa"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:6270 scribus/scribus.cpp:6294
msgid "English"
msgstr "Ingelesa"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:6272
msgid "German"
msgstr "Alemana"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:6274
msgid "Spanish"
msgstr "Gaztelera"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:6276
msgid "Italian"
msgstr "Italiera"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:6278
msgid "French"
msgstr "Frantsesa"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:6280
msgid "Russian"
msgstr "Errusiera"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:6282
msgid "Danish"
msgstr "Daniera"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:6284
msgid "Slovak"
msgstr "Eslovakiera"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:6286
msgid "Hungarian"
msgstr "Hungariera"
#: scribus/scribus.cpp:6288
msgid "Czech"
msgstr "Txekiera"
#: scribus/scribusXml.cpp:1129 scribus/scribusdoc.cpp:89
msgid "Background"
msgstr "Atzeko planoa"
#: scribus/scribusview.cpp:69
msgid "Layer"
msgstr "Geruza"
#: scribus/scribuswin.cpp:44
msgid "Document:"
msgstr "Dokumentua:"
#: scribus/scribuswin.cpp:44
msgid "has been changed since the last save."
msgstr "aldatu egin da azken aldiz gorde zenetik."
#: scribus/scribuswin.cpp:45
msgid "Save Now"
msgstr "Gorde orain"
#: scribus/scribuswin.cpp:47
msgid "Leave Anyway"
msgstr "Utzi hala ere"
#: scribus/seiten.cpp:154
msgid "Show Template Names"
msgstr "Erakutsi txantiloi-izenak"
#: scribus/seiten.cpp:509
msgid "Arrange Pages"
msgstr "Antolatu orrialdeak"
#: scribus/seiten.cpp:519
msgid "Available Templates:"
msgstr "Erabilgarri dauden txantiloiak:"
#: scribus/seiten.cpp:528
msgid "Document Pages:"
msgstr "Dokumentuaren orrialdeak:"
#: scribus/seiten.cpp:577
msgid "Drag Pages or Template Pages onto the Trashbin to delete them."
msgstr "Arrastatu orrialdeak edo txantiloi-orrialdeak zakarrontzira ezabatzeko."
#: scribus/seiten.cpp:578
msgid "Here you can see all Pages of your Document."
msgstr "Hemen zure dokumentuko orrialde guztiak ikus ditzakezu."
#: scribus/seiten.cpp:579
msgid ""
"Here are all your Templates, to create a new Page\n"
"drag a Template to the Pageview below."
msgstr ""
"Hemen daude zure txantiloi guztiak; orrialde berria sortzeko, arrastatu\n"
"txantiloia beheko orrialde-ikuspegira."
#: scribus/selfield.cpp:10
msgid "Select Fields"
msgstr "Hautatu eremuak"
#: scribus/selfield.cpp:18
msgid "Available Fields"
msgstr "Erabilgarri dauden eremuak"
#: scribus/selfield.cpp:58
msgid "Selected Fields"
msgstr "Hautatutako eremuak"
#: scribus/tree.cpp:27
msgid "Outline"
msgstr "Eskema"
#: scribus/tree.cpp:35
msgid "Element"
msgstr "Elementua"
#: scribus/tree.cpp:37
msgid "Information"
msgstr "Informazioa"
#: scribus/tree.cpp:98
msgid "Ellipse"
msgstr "Elipsea"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:31
msgid "Select Items"
msgstr "Hautatu elementuak"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:34
msgid "Rotate Item"
msgstr "Biratu elementua"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:37
msgid "Edit Contents of Frame"
msgstr "Editatu markoaren edukia"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:40
msgid "Zooms in or out"
msgstr "Handiagotu edo txikiagotu"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:42
msgid "Insert Textbox"
msgstr "Txertatu testu-koadroa"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:44
msgid "Insert Picture"
msgstr "Txertatu irudia"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:46
msgid "Insert Rectangles"
msgstr "Txertatu laukizuzenak"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:48
msgid "Insert Ovals"
msgstr "Txertatu obaloak"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:51
msgid "Properties..."
msgstr "Propietateak..."
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:52
msgid "Insert Polygons"
msgstr "Txertatu poligonoak"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:56
msgid "Insert Lines"
msgstr "Txertatu marrak"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:58
msgid "Insert Bezier Curves"
msgstr "Txertatu Bezier kurbak"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:60
msgid "Create Textchains"
msgstr "Sortu testu-kateak"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:63
msgid "Break Textchains"
msgstr "Hautsi testu-kateak"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:181
msgid "PDF-Tools"
msgstr "PDF tresnak"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:189
msgid "Insert PDF-Fields"
msgstr "Txertatu PDF eremuak"
#: scribus/werktoolb.cpp:197
msgid "Insert PDF-Annotations"
msgstr "Txertatu PDF oharrak"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:62
msgid "About"
msgstr "Honi buruz"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:68
msgid "Programming:"
msgstr "Programazioa:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:71
msgid "Contributions from:"
msgstr "Kolaboratzaileak:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:76
msgid "Documentation:"
msgstr "Dokumentazioa:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:82
msgid "Authors"
msgstr "Egileak"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:88
msgid "German:"
msgstr "Alemana:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:91
msgid "French:"
msgstr "Frantsesa:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:96
msgid "Spanish and Catalan:"
msgstr "Gaztelania eta katalana:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:99
msgid "Hungarian and Italian:"
msgstr "Hungariera eta italiera:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:102
msgid "Ukrainian:"
msgstr "Ukrainera:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:105
msgid "Bulgarian:"
msgstr "Bulgariera:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:108
msgid "Galician:"
msgstr "Galiziera:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:111
msgid "Turkish:"
msgstr "Turkiera:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:114
msgid "Lithuanian:"
msgstr "Lituaniera:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:117
msgid "Polish:"
msgstr "Poloniera:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:120
msgid "Czech:"
msgstr "Txekera:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:123
msgid "Slovak:"
msgstr "Eslovakiera:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:126
msgid "Danish:"
msgstr "Daniera:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:129
msgid "Norwegian:"
msgstr "Norvegiera:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:133
msgid "English:"
msgstr "Ingelesa:"
#: scribus/libabout/about.cpp:137
msgid "Translations"
msgstr "Itzulpenak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:49
msgid "Document"
msgstr "Dokumentua"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:50
msgid "Guides"
msgstr "Gidak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:51
msgid "Typographics"
msgstr "Tipografikoak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:54
msgid "Display"
msgstr "Bistaratu"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:66
msgid "GUI"
msgstr "GUI"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:75
msgid "Theme"
msgstr "Gaia"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:98
msgid "Units"
msgstr "Unitateak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:107
msgid "Points (pt)"
msgstr "Puntuak (ptu)"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:119
msgid "Mouse-Settings"
msgstr "Saguaren ezarpenak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:132
msgid "Wheel-Jump"
msgstr "Gurpil-jauzia"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:142
msgid "Grab-Radius"
msgstr "Hartu erradioa"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:157
msgid "Menues"
msgstr "Menuak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:167
msgid "Recent Documents:"
msgstr "Azken dokumentuak:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:175
msgid "Keyboard Shortcuts..."
msgstr "Laster-teklak..."
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:180
msgid "Paths"
msgstr "Bide-izenak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:189
msgid "Documents:"
msgstr "Dokumentuak:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:373
msgid "Autosave"
msgstr "Gorde automatikoki"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:380
msgid "Enabled"
msgstr "Gaituta"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:387
msgid "Intervall:"
msgstr "Tartea"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:406
msgid "Grid Layout"
msgstr "Saretaren diseinua"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:419
msgid "Minor Grid Spacing:"
msgstr "Saretaren bigarren mailako tartea:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:423
msgid "Major Grid Spacing:"
msgstr "Saretaren tarte nagusia:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:437
msgid "Guide Snap Distance:"
msgstr "Giden atxikitze-distantzia:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:459
msgid "Grid Colors"
msgstr "Sareta-koloreak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:472
msgid "Minor Grid Color:"
msgstr "Saretaren bigarren mailako kolorea:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:476
msgid "Major Grid Color:"
msgstr "Saretaren kolore nagusia:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:512
msgid "User Guides Color:"
msgstr "Erabiltzaile-giden kolorea:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:533
msgid "Placing"
msgstr "Kokalekua"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:546
msgid "In the Background"
msgstr "Atzeko planoan"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:553
msgid "In the Foreground"
msgstr "Aurreko planoan"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:582 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:622
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:662
msgid "Scaling:"
msgstr "Eskalatzea:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:586 scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:626
msgid "Disp.:"
msgstr "Desp.:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:690
msgid "Automatic Linespaceing:"
msgstr "Lerroarte automatikoa:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:783
msgid "Default Size:"
msgstr "Tamaina lehenetsia:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:787
msgid "Default Font:"
msgstr "Letra-tipo lehenetsia:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:846
msgid "Text Color:"
msgstr "Testuaren kolorea:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:865
msgid "Woven silk pyjamas exchanged for blue quartz"
msgstr "Laino guztien azpitik eta sasi guztien gainetik"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1109
msgid "Minimum:"
msgstr "Gutxienekoa:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1113
msgid "Maximum:"
msgstr "Gehienezkoa:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1117
msgid "Stepping:"
msgstr "Urratsak:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1359
msgid "Other Options"
msgstr "Bestelako aukerak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1369
msgid "Save Contents on Exit"
msgstr "Gorde edukia irtetean"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1432
msgid "Display Frames"
msgstr "Bistaratu markoak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1439
msgid "Display Pages Side by Side"
msgstr "Bistaratu orrialdeak alboz albo"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1450
msgid "Page-Colors"
msgstr "Orrialde-koloreak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1460
msgid "Background:"
msgstr "Atzeko planoa:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1480
msgid "Margins:"
msgstr "Marjinak:"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1502
msgid "Display unprintable Area in Margin Color"
msgstr "Bistaratu inprimatu ezin den area marjinaren kolorean"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1509
msgid "Use PDF-1.4 Transparency Features"
msgstr "Erabili PDF 1.4ren gardentasun ezaugarriak"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1514
msgid "Adjust Display Size"
msgstr "Doitu bistaratzearen tamaina"
#: scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp:1521
msgid "To adjust the Display drag the Ruler below with the Slider."
msgstr "Bistaratzea doitzeko, arrastatu erregela graduatzailea erabiliz"
#: scribus/plugins/libchar/charselect.cpp:43
msgid "Select Character"
msgstr "Hautatu karakterea"
#: scribus/plugins/libchar/charselect.cpp:162
msgid "Insert"
msgstr "Txertatu"
#: scribus/plugins/printpreview/preview.cpp:47
msgid "Print Preview"
msgstr "Inprimatzeko aurrebista"
#: scribus/plugins/printpreview/preview.cpp:92
msgid "Antialias Text"
msgstr "Aplikatu antialiasing-a testuan"
#: scribus/plugins/printpreview/preview.cpp:96
msgid "Antialias Graphics"
msgstr "Aplikatu antialiasing-a irudietan"
#: scribus/plugins/svgexplugin/svgexplugin.cpp:41
msgid "SVG-Images (*.svg);; All Files (*)"
msgstr "SVG-irudiak (*.svg);; Fitxategi guztiak (*)"
#~ msgid "Revert to Saved"
#~ msgstr "Itzuli gordetakora"
#~ msgid "Scaled to "
#~ msgstr "Eskalatu hona "
#~ msgid "Automatic Text Box"
#~ msgstr "Testu-koadro automatikoa"
#~ msgid "W:"
#~ msgstr "W:"
#~ msgid "Tabloid"
#~ msgstr "Tabloidea"
#~ msgid "No Document"
#~ msgstr "Dokumenturik ez"
#~ msgid "Look &in:"
#~ msgstr "Begiratu &hemen:"
#~ msgid "File &type:"
#~ msgstr "Fitxategi-&mota:"
#~ msgid "File &name:"
#~ msgstr "Fitxategi-&izena:"
#~ msgid "PDF-Options"
#~ msgstr "PDF aukerak"
#~ msgid "Resolution for EPS-Images:"
#~ msgstr "EPS irudien bereizmena:"
#~ msgid "Deselect all"
#~ msgstr "Desautatu dena"
#~ msgid "Font Size:"
#~ msgstr "Letra-tamaina:"
#~ msgid "Edit Colors"
#~ msgstr "Editatu koloreak"
#~ msgid "Hide Colors"
#~ msgstr "Ezkutatu koloreak"
#~ msgid "Show Colors"
#~ msgstr "Erakutsi koloreak"
#~ msgid "Delete Page:"
#~ msgstr "Ezabatu orria:"
#~ msgid "Delete Page"
#~ msgstr "Ezabatu orria"
#~ msgid "Line Width"
#~ msgstr "Lerro-zabalera"
#~ msgid "Line Width:"
#~ msgstr "Lerro-zabalera:"
#~ msgid "Print to printer:"
#~ msgstr "Inprimatu inprimagailuan:"
#~ msgid "locally connected"
#~ msgstr "lokalki konektatuta"
#~ msgid "Comment"
#~ msgstr "Iruzkina"
#~ msgid "Browse..."
#~ msgstr "Arakatu..."
#~ msgid "Printer settings"
#~ msgstr "Inprimagailuaren ezarpenak"
#~ msgid "Paper format"
#~ msgstr "Paper-formatua"
#~ msgid "Select color"
#~ msgstr "Hautatu kolorea"
#~ msgid "&Basic colors"
#~ msgstr "&Oinarrizko koloreak"
#~ msgid "&Custom colors"
#~ msgstr "&Kolore pertsonalizatuak"
#~ msgid "&Add To Custom Colors"
#~ msgstr "&Gehitu kolore pertsonalizatuei"
#~ msgid "&Define Custom Colors >>"
#~ msgstr "&Zehaztu kolore pertsonalizatuak>>"
#~ msgid "&Red:"
#~ msgstr "&Gorria:"
#~ msgid "Bl&ue:"
#~ msgstr "&Urdina:"
#~ msgid "&Font"
#~ msgstr "&Letra-tipoa"
#~ msgid "Font st&yle"
#~ msgstr "Letra-tipoaren e&stiloa"
#~ msgid "&Size"
#~ msgstr "&Tamaina"
#~ msgid "Stri&keout"
#~ msgstr "&Marratua"
#~ msgid "&Underline"
#~ msgstr "&Azpimarra"
#~ msgid "Sample"
#~ msgstr "Adibidea"
#~ msgid "Scr&ipt"
#~ msgstr "Scr&ipt-a"
#~ msgid "Platinum-Style"
#~ msgstr "Platinum estiloa"
#~ msgid "Motif-Style"
#~ msgstr "Motif estiloa"
#~ msgid "Motif-Plus-Style"
#~ msgstr "Motif-Plus estiloa"
#~ msgid "CDE-Style"
#~ msgstr "CDE estiloa"
#~ msgid "Printing-Error"
#~ msgstr "Inprimatze-errorea"
#~ msgid "Printing completed"
#~ msgstr "Inprimatzea bukatuta"
#~ msgid "Saving aborted"
#~ msgstr "Abortatua gordetzen"
#~ msgid "Loading aborted"
#~ msgstr "Abortatua kargatzen"
#~ msgid "Sample Text"
#~ msgstr "Testuaren adibidea"
#~ msgid " loaded"
#~ msgstr " kargatuta"
#~ msgid "Picture "
#~ msgstr "Irudia "
#~ msgid "File "
#~ msgstr "Fitxategia "
#~ msgid "Unable to create PDF-File."
#~ msgstr "Ezin da PDF fitxategia sortu."
#~ msgid "Error creating PDF-File.."
#~ msgstr "Errorea gertatu da PDF fitxategia sortzean.."
#~ msgid "Error during EPS-Export"
#~ msgstr "Errorea EPS esportatzean"
#~ msgid "Downsample Color-Images to:"
#~ msgstr "Murriztu kolore-irudiak:"
#~ msgid "Downsample Grayscale-Images to:"
#~ msgstr "Murriztu gris-eskalako irudiak:"
#~ msgid "Downsample Mono-Images to:"
#~ msgstr "Murriztu mono irudiak:"
#~ msgid "Compatibility"
#~ msgstr "Bateragarritasuna"
#~ msgid "Device Settings"
#~ msgstr "Gailuaren ezarpenak"
#~ msgid "To End"
#~ msgstr "Amaierara"
#~ msgid "Properties:"
#~ msgstr "Propietateak:"
#~ msgid "Face"
#~ msgstr "Aurpegia"
#~ msgid "Shift+Click to add Point; Ctrl+Click to delete Point"
#~ msgstr "Maius+Klik puntua gehitzeko; Ktrl+Klik puntua ezabatzeko"
#~ msgid "No Fill"
#~ msgstr "Ez dago betegarririk"
#~ msgid "Bold"
#~ msgstr "Lodia"
#~ msgid "Scaling X:"
#~ msgstr "X eskalatzen:"
#~ msgid "Scaling Y:"
#~ msgstr "Y eskalatzen:"
#~ msgid "Frame"
#~ msgstr "Markoa"
#~ msgid "Contents"
#~ msgstr "Edukia"
#~ msgid "Is Spot-Color"
#~ msgstr "Orban-kolorea da"
#~ msgid "New Style:"
#~ msgstr "Estilo berria:"
#~ msgid "Show Styles"
#~ msgstr "Erakutsi estiloak"
#~ msgid "Hide Styles"
#~ msgstr "Ezkutatu estiloak"
#~ msgid "New Entry"
#~ msgstr "Sarrera berria"
#~ msgid "Based on:"
#~ msgstr "Honetan oinarrituta:"
#~ msgid "Remove Items from previous Template"
#~ msgstr "Kendu elementuak aurreko txantiloitik"
#~ msgid "Left Page based on:"
#~ msgstr "Ezkerreko orrialdea hemen oinarritua:"
#~ msgid "Right Page based on:"
#~ msgstr "Eskuineko orrialdea hemen oinarritua:"
#~ msgid "Distances"
#~ msgstr "Distantziak"
#~ msgid "X-Coor.:"
#~ msgstr "X koor.:"
#~ msgid "Y-Coor.:"
#~ msgstr "Y koor.:"
#~ msgid "To the End"
#~ msgstr "Bukaerara"
#~ msgid "X-Dir:"
#~ msgstr "Xen noranzkoa:"
#~ msgid "Y-Dir:"
#~ msgstr "Yren noranzkoa:"
#~ msgid "Length:"
#~ msgstr "Luzera:"
#~ msgid "Scale When:"
#~ msgstr "Eskalatu:"
#~ msgid "New Script:"
#~ msgstr "Script berria:"
Property changes:
Added: svn:eol-style
## -0,0 +1 ##
\ No newline at end of property
Added: svn:keywords
## -0,0 +1 ##
+Author Date Id Revision
\ No newline at end of property
Index: Scribus/scribus/qm/
Cannot display: file marked as a binary type.
svn:mime-type = application/octet-stream
Index: Scribus/scribus/mpalette.cpp
--- Scribus/scribus/mpalette.cpp (revision 283)
+++ Scribus/scribus/mpalette.cpp (revision 282)
@@ -207,7 +207,7 @@
RotationGroupLayout->setAlignment( Qt::AlignTop );
Layout12 = new QGridLayout( 0, 1, 1, 0, 0, "Layout12");
TopLeft = new QRadioButton( RotationGroup, "TopLeft" );
- TopLeft->setText( "" );
+ TopLeft->setText( tr( "" ) );
TopLeft->setChecked( true );
Layout12->addWidget( TopLeft, 0, 0, Qt::AlignCenter );
Line1 = new QFrame( RotationGroup, "Line1" );
@@ -219,7 +219,7 @@
Line1->setFrameShape( QFrame::HLine );
Layout12->addWidget( Line1, 0, 1, Qt::AlignCenter );
TopRight = new QRadioButton( RotationGroup, "TopRight" );
- TopRight->setText( "" );
+ TopRight->setText( tr( "" ) );
Layout12->addWidget( TopRight, 0, 2, Qt::AlignCenter );
Line2 = new QFrame( RotationGroup, "Line2" );
Line2->setMinimumSize( QSize( 4, 20 ) );
@@ -230,7 +230,7 @@
Line2->setFrameShape( QFrame::VLine );
Layout12->addWidget( Line2, 1, 0, Qt::AlignCenter );
Center = new QRadioButton( RotationGroup, "Center" );
- Center->setText( "" );
+ Center->setText( tr( "" ) );
Layout12->addWidget( Center, 1, 1, Qt::AlignCenter );
Line4 = new QFrame( RotationGroup, "Line4" );
Line4->setMinimumSize( QSize( 4, 20 ) );
@@ -240,7 +240,7 @@
Line4->setFrameShape( QFrame::VLine );
Layout12->addWidget( Line4, 1, 2, Qt::AlignCenter );
BottomLeft = new QRadioButton( RotationGroup, "BottomLeft" );
- BottomLeft->setText( "" );
+ BottomLeft->setText( tr( "" ) );
Layout12->addWidget( BottomLeft, 2, 0, Qt::AlignCenter );
Line5 = new QFrame( RotationGroup, "Line5" );
Line5->setMinimumSize( QSize( 20, 4 ) );
@@ -251,7 +251,7 @@
Line5->setFrameShape( QFrame::HLine );
Layout12->addWidget( Line5, 2, 1, Qt::AlignCenter );
BottomRight = new QRadioButton( RotationGroup, "BottomRight" );
- BottomRight->setText( "" );
+ BottomRight->setText( tr( "" ) );
Layout12->addWidget( BottomRight, 2, 2, Qt::AlignCenter );
RotationGroupLayout->addLayout( Layout12 );
QSpacerItem* spacer12 = new QSpacerItem( 0, 0, QSizePolicy::Expanding, QSizePolicy::Minimum );
@@ -348,7 +348,7 @@
ShapeGroup = new QButtonGroup( page_2, "ShapeGroup" );
ShapeGroup->setFrameShape( QButtonGroup::NoFrame );
- ShapeGroup->setTitle( "" );
+ ShapeGroup->setTitle( tr( "" ) );
ShapeGroup->setExclusive( true );
ShapeGroup->setColumnLayout(0, Qt::Vertical );
ShapeGroup->layout()->setSpacing( 2 );
486,7 → 486,7
TextLabel4->setText( tr( "Major Grid Color:" ) );
Layout11->addWidget( TextLabel4, 1, 0 );
minColor = new QPushButton( GroupBox2, "minColor" );
minColor->setText( tr( "" ) );
minColor->setAutoDefault( false );
QPixmap pm = QPixmap(40, 20);
pm.fill(ap->HaveDoc ? ap->doc->minorColor : Vor->DminColor);
494,7 → 494,7
Layout11->addWidget( minColor, 0, 1 );
MaxColor = new QPushButton( GroupBox2, "MaxColor" );
MaxColor->setText( tr( "" ) );
MaxColor->setAutoDefault( false );
QPixmap pm1 = QPixmap(40, 20);
pm1.fill(ap->HaveDoc ? ap->doc->majorColor : Vor->DmajColor);
507,7 → 507,7
TextLabel4g->setText( tr( "User Guides Color:" ) );
Layout11->addWidget( TextLabel4g, 2, 0 );
GuideColor = new QPushButton( GroupBox2, "GuideColor" );
GuideColor->setText( tr( "" ) );
GuideColor->setAutoDefault( false );
QPixmap pm12 = QPixmap(40, 20);
pm12.fill(ap->HaveDoc ? ap->doc->guideColor : Vor->guideColor);
715,7 → 715,7
tabLayout_4->setSpacing( 0 );
tabLayout_4->setMargin( 10 );
ButtonGroup2 = new QButtonGroup( tab_3, "ButtonGroup2" );
ButtonGroup2->setTitle( "" );
ButtonGroup2->setTitle( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup2->setExclusive( true );
ButtonGroup2->setColumnLayout(0, Qt::Vertical );
ButtonGroup2->layout()->setSpacing( 0 );
728,7 → 728,7
Layout16->setSpacing( 6 );
Layout16->setMargin( 0 );
TextButton = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup2, "TextButton" );
TextButton->setText( "" );
TextButton->setText( tr( "" ) );
TextButton->setToggleButton( true );
TextButton->setOn( true );
735,37 → 735,37
ButtonGroup2->insert( TextButton, -1 );
Layout16->addWidget( TextButton, 0, 0 );
BildButton = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup2, "BildButton" );
BildButton->setText( "" );
BildButton->setText( tr( "" ) );
BildButton->setToggleButton( true );
ButtonGroup2->insert( BildButton, -1 );
Layout16->addWidget( BildButton, 0, 1 );
RectButton = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup2, "RectButton" );
RectButton->setText( "" );
RectButton->setText( tr( "" ) );
RectButton->setPixmap(loadIcon("Rechtecke.xpm") );
RectButton->setToggleButton( true );
ButtonGroup2->insert( RectButton, -1 );
Layout16->addWidget( RectButton, 1, 0 );
OvalButton = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup2, "OvalButton" );
OvalButton->setText( "" );
OvalButton->setText( tr( "" ) );
OvalButton->setToggleButton( true );
ButtonGroup2->insert( OvalButton, -1 );
Layout16->addWidget( OvalButton, 1, 1 );
ZoomButton = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup2, "ZoomButton" );
ZoomButton->setText( "" );
ZoomButton->setText( tr( "" ) );
ZoomButton->setToggleButton( true );
ButtonGroup2->insert( ZoomButton, -1 );
Layout16->addWidget( ZoomButton, 2, 0 );
LineButton = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup2, "LineButton" );
LineButton->setText( "" );
LineButton->setText( tr( "" ) );
LineButton->setToggleButton( true );
ButtonGroup2->insert( LineButton, -1 );
Layout16->addWidget( LineButton, 2, 1 );
PolyButton = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup2, "PolyButton" );
PolyButton->setText( "" );
PolyButton->setText( tr( "" ) );
PolyButton->setToggleButton( true );
ButtonGroup2->insert( PolyButton, -1 );
1382,7 → 1382,7
tabLayout_6->setSpacing( 6 );
tabLayout_6->setMargin( 11 );
GroupBox10 = new QGroupBox( tab_6, "GroupBox10" );
GroupBox10->setTitle( "" );
GroupBox10->setTitle( tr( "" ) );
GroupBox10->setColumnLayout(0, Qt::Vertical );
GroupBox10->layout()->setSpacing( 0 );
GroupBox10->layout()->setMargin( 0 );
1413,7 → 1413,7
TextLabel4a->setText( tr( "Background:" ) );
GroupBox20aLayout->addWidget( TextLabel4a);
PapColor = new QPushButton( GroupBox20a, "PapColor" );
PapColor->setText( "" );
PapColor->setText( tr( "" ) );
PapColor->setAutoDefault( false );
QPixmap pm1a = QPixmap(40, 20);
pm1a.fill(ap->HaveDoc ? ap->doc->papColor : Vor->DpapColor);
1426,7 → 1426,7
TextLabel4b->setText( tr( "Margins:" ) );
GroupBox20aLayout->addWidget( TextLabel4b);
RandColor = new QPushButton( GroupBox20a, "RColor" );
RandColor->setText( "" );
RandColor->setText( tr( "" ) );
RandColor->setAutoDefault( false );
pm1a.fill(ap->HaveDoc ? ap->doc->margColor : Vor->DmargColor);
Crand = ap->HaveDoc ? ap->doc->margColor : Vor->DmargColor;
44,7 → 44,7
NewLayer = new QPushButton( this, "NewLayer" );
NewLayer->setMinimumSize( QSize( 50, 24 ) );
NewLayer->setMaximumSize( QSize( 50, 24 ) );
NewLayer->setText( "" );
NewLayer->setText( tr( "" ) );
QToolTip::add( NewLayer, tr( "Add a new Layer" ) );
Layout1->addWidget( NewLayer );
52,7 → 52,7
DeleteLayer = new QPushButton( this, "DeleteLayer" );
DeleteLayer->setMinimumSize( QSize( 50, 24 ) );
DeleteLayer->setMaximumSize( QSize( 50, 24 ) );
DeleteLayer->setText( "" );
DeleteLayer->setText( tr( "" ) );
QToolTip::add( DeleteLayer, tr( "Delete Layer" ) );
Layout1->addWidget( DeleteLayer );
60,7 → 60,7
RaiseLayer = new QPushButton( this, "RaiseLayer" );
RaiseLayer->setMinimumSize( QSize( 50, 24 ) );
RaiseLayer->setMaximumSize( QSize( 50, 24 ) );
RaiseLayer->setText( "" );
RaiseLayer->setText( tr( "" ) );
QToolTip::add( RaiseLayer, tr( "Raise Layer" ) );
Layout1->addWidget( RaiseLayer );
68,7 → 68,7
LowerLayer = new QPushButton( this, "LowerLayer" );
LowerLayer->setMinimumSize( QSize( 50, 24 ) );
LowerLayer->setMaximumSize( QSize( 50, 24 ) );
LowerLayer->setText( "" );
LowerLayer->setText( tr( "" ) );
QToolTip::add( LowerLayer, tr( "Lower Layer" ) );
Layout1->addWidget( LowerLayer );
27,7 → 27,6
QPushButton* CancelB;
QString sFnumber;
QMap<QString,multiLine> TempStyles;
QMap<QString,QString> Replacement;
ScribusDoc *Docu;
void UpdateFList();
771,11 → 771,11
QToolTip::add( Encry, tr( "Enable the security features in your exported PDF.\nIf you selected Acrobat 4.0, the PDF will be protected by 40 bit encryption.\nIf you selected Acrobat 5.0, the PDF will be protected by 128 bit encryption.\nDisclaimer: PDF encryption is not as reliable as GPG or PGP encryption and does have some limitations." ) );
QToolTip::add( PassOwner, tr( "Choose a master password which enables or disables all the\nsecurity features in your exported PDF" ) );
QToolTip::add( PassUser, tr( "Choose a password for users to be able to read your PDF." ) );
QToolTip::add( PrintSec, tr( "Allow printing of the PDF. If un-checked, printing is prevented. " ) );
QToolTip::add( ModifySec, tr( "Allow modifying of the PDF. If un-checked, modifying the PDF is prevented." ) );
QToolTip::add( CopySec, tr( "Allow copying of text or graphics from the PDF. \nIf un-checked, text and graphics cannot be copied." ) );
QToolTip::add( AddSec, tr( "Allow adding annotations and fields to the PDF. \nIf un-checked, editing annotations and fileds is prevented." ) );
QToolTip::add( PassUser, tr( "Choose a password for users to be able to read your PDF" ) );
QToolTip::add( PrintSec, tr( "Allow printing of the PDF" ) );
QToolTip::add( ModifySec, tr( "Allow modifying of the PDF" ) );
QToolTip::add( CopySec, tr( "Allow copying of text or graphics from the PDF" ) );
QToolTip::add( AddSec, tr( "Allow adding annotations and fields to the PDF" ) );
QToolTip::add( OutCombo, tr( "Color model for the output of your PDF.\nChoose Screen/Web for PDFs which are used for screen display and for printing on typical inkjets.\nChoose Printer when printing to a true 4 color CMYK printer." ) );
QToolTip::add( EmbedProfs, tr( "Embed a color profile for solid colors" ) );
218,7 → 218,7
ButtonGroup5 = new QButtonGroup( Umfang, "ButtonGroup5" );
ButtonGroup5->setFrameShape( QButtonGroup::NoFrame );
ButtonGroup5->setTitle( "" );
ButtonGroup5->setTitle( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup5->setColumnLayout(0, Qt::Vertical );
ButtonGroup5->layout()->setSpacing( 0 );
ButtonGroup5->layout()->setMargin( 0 );
272,7 → 272,7
ButtonGroup4 = new QButtonGroup( Umfang, "ButtonGroup4" );
ButtonGroup4->setFrameShape( QButtonGroup::NoFrame );
ButtonGroup4->setTitle( "" );
ButtonGroup4->setTitle( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup4->setColumnLayout(0, Qt::Vertical );
ButtonGroup4->layout()->setSpacing( 0 );
ButtonGroup4->layout()->setMargin( 0 );
324,7 → 324,7
ButtonGroup3 = new QButtonGroup( Optionen, "ButtonGroup3" );
ButtonGroup3->setGeometry( QRect( 11, 19, 138, 95 ) );
ButtonGroup3->setFrameShape( QButtonGroup::NoFrame );
ButtonGroup3->setTitle( "" );
ButtonGroup3->setTitle( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup3->setColumnLayout(0, Qt::Vertical );
ButtonGroup3->layout()->setSpacing( 0 );
ButtonGroup3->layout()->setMargin( 0 );
28,7 → 28,6
#ifdef HAVE_CUPS
#include <cups/cups.h>
#include <qtooltip.h>
extern QPixmap loadIcon(QString nam);
CupsOptions::CupsOptions(QWidget* parent, QString Geraet) : QDialog( parent, "prin", true, 0 )
193,9 → 192,6
setMinimumSize( sizeHint() );
QToolTip::add( Table, tr( "This panel displays various CUPS options when printing. \nThe exact parameters available will depend on your printer driver.\nYou can confirm CUPS support by selecting Help > About.\nLook for the listings: C-C-T These equate to C=CUPS C=littlecms T=TIFF support.\nMissing library support is indicated by a *" ) );
// signals and slots connections
connect( PushButton2, SIGNAL( clicked() ), this, SLOT( reject() ) );
connect( PushButton1, SIGNAL( clicked() ), this, SLOT( accept() ) );
53,7 → 53,7
GroupButton = new QGroupBox( this, "GroupButton" );
GroupButton->setMinimumSize( QSize( 150, 150 ) );
GroupButton->setMaximumSize( QSize( 150, 150 ) );
GroupButton->setTitle( "" );
GroupButton->setTitle( tr( "" ) );
TextLabel3 = new QLabel( GroupButton, "TextLabel3" );
TextLabel3->setGeometry( QRect( 50, 50, 48, 48 ) );
TextLabel3->setFrameShape( QLabel::Box );
386,7 → 386,7
FramOp->addWidget( Frame4a , 2);
OptTextFeld = new QGroupBox( tab_3, "OptTextFeld" );
OptTextFeld->setTitle( "" );
OptTextFeld->setTitle( tr( "" ) );
OptTextFeld->setColumnLayout(0, Qt::Vertical );
OptTextFeld->layout()->setSpacing( 6 );
OptTextFeld->layout()->setMargin( 11 );
429,7 → 429,7
FramOp->addWidget( OptTextFeld , 3);
OptCheck = new QGroupBox( tab_3, "OptCheck" );
OptCheck->setTitle( "" );
OptCheck->setTitle( tr( "" ) );
OptCheck->setColumnLayout(0, Qt::Vertical );
OptCheck->layout()->setSpacing( 6 );
OptCheck->layout()->setMargin( 11 );
460,7 → 460,7
FramOp->addWidget( OptCheck, 4);
OptCombo = new QGroupBox( tab_3, "OptCombo" );
OptCombo->setTitle( "" );
OptCombo->setTitle( tr( "" ) );
OptCombo->setColumnLayout(0, Qt::Vertical );
OptCombo->layout()->setSpacing( 6 );
OptCombo->layout()->setMargin( 11 );
794,7 → 794,7
LayoutFN1c->addItem( spacer_4c );
DateGroupLayout->addLayout( LayoutFN1c );
TextDa1 = new QLabel( DateGroup, "TextNu1" );
TextDa1->setText( "" );
TextDa1->setText( tr( "" ) );
DateGroupLayout->addWidget( TextDa1 );
FoFram->addWidget(DateGroup, 3);
882,7 → 882,7
tabLayout_4 = new QVBoxLayout( tab_4, 11, 6, "tabLayout_4");
ValidateGroup = new QButtonGroup( tab_4, "ValidateGroup" );
ValidateGroup->setTitle( "" );
ValidateGroup->setTitle( tr( "" ) );
ValidateGroup->setColumnLayout(0, Qt::Vertical );
ValidateGroup->layout()->setSpacing( 6 );
ValidateGroup->layout()->setMargin( 11 );
939,7 → 939,7
tabLayout_5 = new QVBoxLayout( tab_5, 11, 6, "tabLayout_5");
CalcGroup = new QButtonGroup( tab_5, "CalcGroup" );
CalcGroup->setTitle( "" );
CalcGroup->setTitle( tr( "" ) );
CalcGroup->setColumnLayout(0, Qt::Vertical );
CalcGroup->layout()->setSpacing( 6 );
CalcGroup->layout()->setMargin( 11 );
16,7 → 16,7
ButtonGroup1 = new QButtonGroup( this, "ButtonGroup1" );
ButtonGroup1->setFrameShape( QButtonGroup::NoFrame );
ButtonGroup1->setFrameShadow( QButtonGroup::Plain );
ButtonGroup1->setTitle( "" );
ButtonGroup1->setTitle( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup1->setExclusive( true );
ButtonGroup1->setColumnLayout(0, Qt::Vertical );
ButtonGroup1->layout()->setSpacing( 0 );
27,23 → 27,23
ButtonGroup1Layout->setMargin( 0 );
MoveNode = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "MoveNode" );
MoveNode->setText( "" );
MoveNode->setText( tr( "" ) );
MoveNode->setToggleButton( true );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( MoveNode, 0, 0 );
MoveControl = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "MoveControl" );
MoveControl->setText( "" );
MoveControl->setText( tr( "" ) );
MoveControl->setToggleButton( true );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( MoveControl, 0, 1 );
AddNode = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "AddNode" );
AddNode->setText( "" );
AddNode->setText( tr( "" ) );
AddNode->setToggleButton( true );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( AddNode, 0, 2 );
DeleteNode = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "DeleteNode" );
DeleteNode->setText( "" );
DeleteNode->setText( tr( "" ) );
DeleteNode->setToggleButton( true );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( DeleteNode, 0, 3 );
50,88 → 50,88
AsymMove = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "AsymMove" );
AsymMove->setEnabled( false );
AsymMove->setText( "" );
AsymMove->setText( tr( "" ) );
AsymMove->setToggleButton( true );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( AsymMove, 1, 0 );
SymMove = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "SymMove" );
SymMove->setEnabled( false );
SymMove->setText( "" );
SymMove->setText( tr( "" ) );
SymMove->setToggleButton( true );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( SymMove, 1, 1 );
ResNode = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "resnode" );
ResNode->setEnabled( false );
ResNode->setText( "" );
ResNode->setText( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( ResNode, 1, 2 );
Res1Node = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "res1node" );
Res1Node->setEnabled( false );
Res1Node->setText( "" );
Res1Node->setText( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( Res1Node, 1, 3 );
PolySplit = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "PolySplit" );
PolySplit->setEnabled( false );
PolySplit->setText( "" );
PolySplit->setText( tr( "" ) );
PolySplit->setToggleButton( true );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( PolySplit, 2, 0 );
BezierClose = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "BezierClose" );
BezierClose->setEnabled( false );
BezierClose->setText( "" );
BezierClose->setText( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( BezierClose, 2, 1 );
PolyMirrorH = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "MirrorH" );
PolyMirrorH->setText( "" );
PolyMirrorH->setText( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( PolyMirrorH, 2, 2 );
PolyMirrorV = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "MirrorV" );
PolyMirrorV->setText( "" );
PolyMirrorV->setText( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( PolyMirrorV, 2, 3 );
PolyShearL = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "ShearL" );
PolyShearL->setText( "" );
PolyShearL->setText( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( PolyShearL, 3, 0 );
PolyShearR = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "ShearR" );
PolyShearR->setText( "" );
PolyShearR->setText( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( PolyShearR, 3, 1 );
PolyShearU = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "ShearU" );
PolyShearU->setText( "" );
PolyShearU->setText( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( PolyShearU, 3, 2 );
PolyShearD = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "ShearD" );
PolyShearD->setText( "" );
PolyShearD->setText( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( PolyShearD, 3, 3 );
RotateCCW = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "RotateCCW" );
RotateCCW->setText( "" );
RotateCCW->setText( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( RotateCCW, 4, 0 );
RotateCW = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "RotateCW" );
RotateCW->setText( "" );
RotateCW->setText( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( RotateCW, 4, 1 );
Expand = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "Expand" );
Expand->setText( "" );
Expand->setText( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( Expand, 4, 2 );
Crop = new QToolButton( ButtonGroup1, "Crop" );
Crop->setText( "" );
Crop->setText( tr( "" ) );
ButtonGroup1Layout->addWidget( Crop, 4, 3 );
51,7 → 51,7
HomeB->sizePolicy().hasHeightForWidth() ) );
HomeB->setMinimumSize( QSize( 0, 0 ) );
HomeB->setMaximumSize( QSize( 32767, 32767 ) );
HomeB->setText( "" );
HomeB->setText( tr( "" ) );
Layout13->addWidget( HomeB );
115,9 → 115,6
scribus/libpostscript/pslib.cpp \
scribus/libprefs/prefs.cpp \
scribus/plugins/libchar/charselect.cpp \
scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/dialog.cpp \
scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/dialog.ui.h \
scribus/plugins/pixmapexport/export.cpp \
scribus/plugins/printpreview/preview.cpp \
scribus/plugins/scriptplugin/cmdcolor.cpp \
scribus/plugins/scriptplugin/cmddialog.cpp \
168,7 → 168,6