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QToolTip::add( CaliText, "<qt>" + tr( "Set the default zoom level" ) + "</qt>");
QToolTip::add( CaliGroup, "<qt>" + tr( "Place a ruler against your screen and drag the slider to set the zoom level so Scribus will display your pages and objects on them at the correct size" ) + "</qt>" );
QToolTip::add( ghostscriptLineEdit, "<qt>" + tr( "Filesystem location for the Ghostscript interpreter." ) + "</qt>" );
QToolTip::add( ghostscriptLineEdit, "<qt>" + tr( "Add the path for the Ghostscript interpreter. On Windows, please note it is important to note you need to use the program named gswin32c.exe - NOT gswin32.exe. Otherwise, this maybe cause a hang when starting Scribus." ) + "</qt>" );
QToolTip::add( GSantiText, "<qt>" + tr( "Antialias text for EPS and PDF onscreen rendering" ) + "</qt>");
QToolTip::add( GSantiGraph, "<qt>" + tr( "Antialias graphics for EPS and PDF onscreen rendering" ) + "</qt>" );
QToolTip::add( imageEditorLineEdit, "<qt>" + tr( "File system location for graphics editor. If you use gimp "