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<h4>Some notes on Zoom/Magnification</h4>
<p>The default for the <em>Minimum</em> setting can be as low as 1%, while <em>Maximum</em> can go no higher than 3200%. Stepping is shown as a percentage, which only makes sense if you are going to a higher magnification. It would be better to think of this as a factor, where 200% = a factor of 2. Going upward, and starting at 100%, you then go to a factor of 2 (200%), of 4 (400%), of 8 (800%), and so on up to your maximum. Going downward, you go to a factor of 1/2 (50%), of 1/4 (25%), of 1/8 (12.5%), and so on down to your minimum. If you change your <em>Stepping</em> to 150%, for example, then 1.5 would be your factor.</p>
<p>If what you want to do is to change the starting point, i.e., the default magnification of the page, then use the <em>Adjust Display Size</em> setting, as shown below under <a href="#14"><strong>Display</strong></a>.</p>
<h3><a name="6"></a>Hyphenation</h3>
<p>Hyphenation details are described here: <a href="hyphenator.html">Hyphenation in Scribus</a>.</p>