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Scribus - 1.3.2cvs
- 0002606: [General] "Delete" key doesn't delete frames (cbradney)
- 0002710: [Shape Drawing] Change the keyboard modifiers for size locking. (cbradney)
- 0002083: [Story Editor / Text Frames] inserting any text places the cursor in front of the inserted text although it should be after the inserted text (cbradney)
- 0002698: [Win32] Crash in ScImage when loading the textbased template (fschmid)
- 0002697: [Import / Export] "collect for output" should change picture-paths to the archive output path (subik)
- 0002702: [User Interface] Tweak linked frame markers for size and colour (cbradney)
- 0002246: [Import / Export] Possibility to export PDF/X3 without infotext (fschmid)
- 0002677: [Import / Export] OO Draw Import Crashes on Import - Regression from 1.2.x (fschmid)
- 0002699: [General] running the scripter font sampler with current cvs crashes on run (cbradney)
- 0002681: [Printing] Bug in print preview (fschmid)
- 0002692: [Usability] warning dialog when closing unsaved document (cbradney)
- 0002682: [Usability] "Add Node" button looses state (fschmid)
- 0002689: [Printing] Spotcolours are converted to Processcolours when applied to Text. (fschmid)
- 0002696: [Fonts] crash when replacing missing fonts in NL1 template (fschmid)
- 0002687: [Internal] Latest font refactoring breaks code on linux but not on AVox Mac (avox)
- 0002655: [Fonts] Startup font scan is very slow (fschmid)
- 0002690: [Import / Export] User requested compression choice not respected when exporting .jpg files into PDF (fschmid)
- 0002509: [Win32] Trying to load Arial Unicode MS with font preview cause crash (Win32) (jghali)
- 0002234: [User Interface] Add a count to the copy page dialog (cbradney)
- 0002675: [Translation] Polish localization for the script (subik)
- 0002671: [Build System] message in Xterminal (avox)
- 0002569: [Plug-ins] Short-words: punctuation is not handled (subik)
- 0002658: [Translation] Polish Translation Update for 1.3.1 (plinnell)
- 0002654: [Internal] Possible bug in slotEditCopy (avox)
- 0002653: [Translation] updated translation into Russian (cbradney)
- 0002070: [PPCOSX] Print preview does not work (avox)
- 0002070: [PPCOSX] Print preview does not work (avox)