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Scribus - 1.3.2cvs
- 0002817: [Usability] on the property palette the x/y,rotation values can still be changed after locking the objects (cbradney)
- 0002355: [Import / Export] PDF Export: add accelerator for export layers and change resolution (cbradney)
- 0002825: [User Interface] guidelines and grids are too thick (cbradney)
- 0002282: [General] Scribus crashes when opening a file from the tutorial from Niyam Bhushan (fschmid)
- 0000774: [User Interface] option to add guidelines to every page in a document (subik)
- 0002855: [General] In manage guides, automatic guides row/col gap uses pts while displaying inches (subik)
- 0002634: [Story Editor / Text Frames] "Automatic guides" referring to "selection" doesn' t work for columns (subik)
- 0002633: [Story Editor / Text Frames] "Automatic Guides" doesn't take into account different page margins (subik)
- 0002859: [User Interface] Bright fonts in the paragraph preview are unreadable (subik)
- 0002783: [User Interface] Tidy up section numbering GUI and add some more functionality (cbradney)
- 0002798: [PPCOSX] Scribus crashes when duplicating a text area with colour graduation (avox)
- 0002775: [General] color profile discarded or swapped (fschmid)
- 0002774: [PPCOSX] Silently stops at launch during ICC profiles readings (International characters) (ringerc)
- 0002757: [General] When I insert a pdf field into a document and use underline only, it is not editable in the pdf. (fschmid)
- 0002630: [Scripter] Constant FIRSTPAGERIGHT/FIRSTPAGELEFT works in the wrong direction (subik)
- 0002807: [Import / Export] Crash when opening *.sla file (cbradney)
- 0002720: [Styles] replace paragraph style on delete (fschmid)
- 0002837: [User Interface] Sig11 on duplicate or import of master pages (cbradney)
- 0001083: [User Interface] Smaller font size for tool palettes (Tsoots)
- 0002856: [Import / Export] Running collect for output a subsequent time does not copy the images or update their paths (subik)
- 0000709: [User Interface] Switched Yes/No and Yes/No/Cancel dialogues (cbradney)
- 0002398: [Internal] Get plugins to compile on Windows (win32) (jghali)
- 0002634: [Story Editor / Text Frames] "Automatic guides" referring to "selection" doesn' t work for columns (subik)