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gpg --verify ./tarball.sig ./tarball.tar.bz2
While we also note md5sums, gpg --verify is more secure and reliable.
While we also note md5sums and shasums, gpg --verify is more secure and reliable.
* The font sampler script, requires tkinter to run properly and optionally
python-imaging to enable print previews. Please consider adding these as
34,7 → 34,11
licenses, not the GPL. Details for each are in the README_XX.xx.txt for
each corresponding language.
* You might notice that configure can check for the cairo libaries, this is not the
default, and can be considered experimental. We do not recommend building against cairo
for packaging.
Recommended Spec File Description:
44,7 → 48,7
commerical grade output in PDF and Postscript, primarily, though not exclusively
for Linux.
Recommended Spec File Summary: Scribus - Open Source Desktop Publishing
Recommended Spec File Summary: Scribus - Open Source Page Layout
Please remove all references to proprietary applications.
77,6 → 81,7
We do appreciate the effort in maintaining packagers make for Scribus.
Please file issues or enhancement requests at
Detailed notes on exact library requirements are detailed in the BUILDING file with the source tarball.
There is a lively on-line community, both on IRC @ #scribus on
and the mailing list. Mailing list info can be found at:
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For the Scribus Team,
Peter Linnell
in June 2005
in October 2005