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#ifndef FT_FACE_H
#define FT_FACE_H
#include <qstring.h>
#include <qvector.h>
#include <qmap.h>
#include <qarray.h>
#include "scribusapi.h"
#include "fonts/scface.h"
#include <ft2build.h>
#include FT_FREETYPE_H
#include "fpointarray.h"
FT_Error ftIOFunc( FT_Stream stream, unsigned long pos, unsigned char* buffer, unsigned long count);
/*! \brief Base Class FtFace provides an ScFace private implementation
for Freetype based fonts. Subclasses are ScFace_ps and ScFace_ttf.
Below is the old docs for class Foi:
This is subclassed by a class to handle Type1 fonts, a class
to handle TrueType fonts, and potentially any other type that becomes appropriate in
the future.
Note the virtual destructor, needed to ensure that the correct destructor is called
for subclasses
The RealName field has been changed from a data member to a member function.
This is because the only place the PostScript real name of a font is required is
the printing code, so it's cheaper to extract this information only when it is
required, for just the used fonts, than for every one of potentially hundreds at
application startup! This also allows for the fact that truetype fonts will require
a different method of extracting their names.
One implication of using a base class/subclass model for fonts: It is no longer
possible to store the ScFace structures in a QMap. This is because QMap allocates
its own structures, and copies the supplied data to them. A QMap<QString,ScFace>
would demote all subclasses to ScFace classes, and hence break the polymorphism.
QDict can be used instead, with very little change to the rest of the code, since
it stores references to the data instead of copying the data. With AutoDelete set
to true, it will automatically dispose of all data when its destructor is called,
so there are no extra cleaning-up chores to take care of.
struct SCRIBUS_API FtFace : public ScFace::ScFaceData
FtFace(QString fam, QString sty, QString variant, QString scname,
QString psname, QString path, int face);
FT_Face ftFace() const;
virtual ~FtFace();
// font metrics
double ascent(double sz=1.0) const { return m_ascent * sz; }
double descent(double sz=1.0) const { return m_descent * sz; }
double xHeight(double sz=1.0) const { return m_xHeight * sz; }
double capHeight(double sz=1.0) const { return m_capHeight * sz; }
double height(double sz=1.0) const { return m_height * sz; }
double strikeoutPos(double sz=1.0) const { return m_strikeoutPos * sz; }
double underlinePos(double sz=1.0) const { return m_underlinePos * sz; }
double strokeWidth(double sz=1.0) const { return m_strokeWidth; }
double maxAdvanceWidth(double sz=1.0) const { return m_maxAdvanceWidth * sz; }
//FIXME QMap<QString,QString> fontDictionary(double sz=1.0) const;
uint char2CMap(QChar ch) const;
double glyphKerning (uint gl1, uint gl2, double sz) const;
GlyphMetrics glyphBBox (uint gl, double sz) const;
void RawData (QByteArray & bb) const;
bool glyphNames(QMap<QChar, std::pair<uint, QString> >& GList) const;
void load () const;
void unload () const;
void loadGlyph (uint ch) const;
mutable FT_Face m_face;
static FT_Library library;
QString Ascent;
QString CapHeight;
QString Descender;
QString ItalicAngle;
QString StdVW;
QString FontEnc;
QString FontBBox;
mutable int m_encoding;
mutable double m_uniEM;
mutable double m_ascent;
mutable double m_descent;
mutable double m_height;
mutable double m_xHeight;
mutable double m_capHeight;
mutable double m_maxAdvanceWidth;
mutable double m_underlinePos;
mutable double m_strikeoutPos;
mutable double m_strokeWidth;
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