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* @file pdfoptions.h
* @author Franz Schmidt
* @author Craig Ringer
* @brief Defines class PDFOptions, used for loading/saving/passing around PDF options
#include "qstring.h"
#include "qmap.h"
#include "qvaluelist.h"
struct LPIData;
struct PDFPresentationData;
* @brief PDF Options struture. Capable of saving and loading to/from file and verifying its self.
class PDFOptions
// Note: A default constructor, copy constructor, and
// assignment operator must be defined so that this class
// can be used as a value.
// The automatically generated ones are quite sufficient.
//PDFOptions(const PDFOptions& other);
//PDFOptions& operator=(const PDFOptions& other);
//~PDFOptions() {};
enum VerifyResults
Verify_NoError = 0,
* @author Craig Ringer
* @brief Sanity check the options defined.
* Unimplemented, always returns Verify_OtherError
* Checks the PDF option structure for conflicts between mututally
* exclusive options, ensures all options are within sane ranges,
* and that there are no nonsensical options values set. If nothing
* is wrong, returns Verify_NoError, otherwise returns error code from
* PDFOptions::VerifyResults. If problemDescription is not NULL,
* it will contain a human-readable description of the error on return.
* @warning DO NOT *EVER* TEST THE VALUE OF problemDescription. Rely on the
* return code instead. problemDescription is subject to
* translation and its contents may change without notice.
* @param problemDescription Error description
* @return Verify_NoError for sane options, otherwise error code.
PDFOptions::VerifyResults verify(QString* problemDescription);
* @author Craig Ringer
* @brief Save the PDF settings to a file or other stream
* @warning unimplemented, always fails.
* @param outStream QTextStream to write output to.
* @return True for success.
bool saveTo(QTextStream& outStream) const;
bool saveTo(QString outFileName) const;
bool saveTo(FILE* outFilePtr) const;
* @author Craig Ringer
* @brief Load the PDF settings from a file or other data stream, overwriting
* any current settings
* @warning unimplemented, always fails
* @warning on failure, struct contents are undefined.
* @param inStream QTextStream to settings data from.
* @return True for success.
bool readFrom(QTextStream& inStream);
bool readFrom(QString inFileName);
bool readFrom(FILE* inFilePtr);
bool Thumbnails;
bool Articles;
bool useLayers;
bool Compress;
int CompressMethod;
int Quality;
bool RecalcPic;
bool Bookmarks;
int PicRes;
int Version;
int Resolution;
int Binding;
QValueList<QString> EmbedList;
QValueList<QString> SubsetList;
bool MirrorH;
bool MirrorV;
int RotateDeg;
bool PresentMode;
QValueList<PDFPresentationData> PresentVals;
QString Datei;
bool isGrayscale;
bool UseRGB;
bool UseProfiles;
bool UseProfiles2;
bool UseLPI;
QMap<QString,LPIData> LPISettings;
QString SolidProf;
int SComp;
QString ImageProf;
bool EmbeddedI;
int Intent2;
QString PrintProf;
QString Info;
int Intent;
double BleedTop;
double BleedLeft;
double BleedRight;
double BleedBottom;
bool Encrypt;
QString PassOwner;
QString PassUser;
int Permissions;
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