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154,7 → 154,6
bool writeTo(QTextStream& outStream);
bool writeTo(QString outFileName);
bool writeTo(FILE* outFilePtr);
* @brief Load the PDF settings from a file or other data stream, overwriting
169,7 → 168,6
bool readFrom(QTextStream& inStream);
bool readFrom(QString inFileName);
bool readFrom(FILE* inFilePtr);
* @brief Return human-readable explanation of last error.
178,6 → 176,11
const QString& lastError() const;
// Build and return an XML representation of the settings.
// QString::null is returned on failure, in which case
// the error string is set.
QString PDFOptionsIO::buildXMLString();
// Populate the current DOM tree with the settings from the
// current PDFOptions instance.
void buildSettings();