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#ifndef SCPATHS_H
#define SCPATHS_H
#include "qstring.h"
class ScPaths
* @brief Get a reference to the ScPaths instance
* creating it if necessary.
* @sa ScPaths::destroy()
static const ScPaths& instance();
* @brief Destroy the ScPaths instance, if any.
* @sa ScPaths::instnace()
static void destroy();
/** @brief Return path to documentation directory */
const QString& docDir() const;
/** @brief Return path to icons directory*/
const QString& iconDir() const;
/** @brief Return path to lib directory containing translations,
* keysets, etc. */
const QString& libDir() const;
/** @brief Return path to dir containing plugins. */
const QString& pluginDir() const;
/** @brief Return path to dir containing sample Python scripts */
const QString& sampleScriptDir() const;
/** @brief Return path to dir containing "official" Python scripts */
const QString& scriptDir() const;
/** @brief Return path to containing stock templates */
const QString& templateDir() const;
/** @brief Constructor. Use ScPaths::instance() instead. */
/** @brief Destructor. Use ScPaths::destroy() instead. */
/** @brief Pointer to existing instance of ScPaths, if any. */
static ScPaths* m_instance;
// Members to hold system paths
QString m_docDir;
QString m_iconDir;
QString m_libDir;
QString m_pluginDir;
QString m_sampleScriptDir;
QString m_scriptDir;
QString m_templateDir;
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