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tabLayout1->addWidget( pixmapLabel1 );
buildID = new QLabel( tab );
QString BUILD_DAY = "26";
QString BUILD_DAY = "30";
QString BUILD_MONTH = CommonStrings::november;
QString BUILD_YEAR = "2008";
QString BUILD_TIME = "";
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Scribus - 1.3.5svn
- 0007577: [PDF] Scribus PDF with embedded font breaks GPL Ghostscript 8.62 (jghali) - resolved.
- 0006489: [PDF] Adding weblinks as PDF Annotations adds Helvetica to the PDF (fschmid) - resolved.
- 0007352: [Graphics / Image Frames] All layers are on (fschmid) - resolved.
- 0007602: [Graphics / Image Frames] Image downsampling on PDF export may be wrong when the same image is used several times (fschmid) - resolved.
- 0007353: [Graphics / Image Frames] Grayscale image with embedded profile not handled correctly on PDF export (fschmid) - resolved.
- 0007500: [PDF] Documents with Render Frames Result in PDF Files With Invalid Closepath Operators (fschmid) - resolved.
- 0007290: [Import / Export] Scribus reduces equation scale on export when setting up manually dpi (fschmid) - resolved.
- 0007479: [Graphics / Image Frames] links to non existing images are deleted (fschmid) - resolved.
- 0007401: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Line following a hyphen is overlapping when in Automatic linespacing mode (jghali) - resolved.
- 0004880: [User Interface] Changing the values for bleed switches first page on canvas (cbradney) - resolved.
- 0005575: [Story Editor / Text Frames] text frames can't be placed as inline objects (fschmid) - resolved.
- 0007091: [PDF] Mauvais affichage image .psd avec transparence dans le fichier .PDF généré. (fschmid) - resolved.
- 0007631: [General] Object layers info not preserved when copying a page (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007633: [Translation] Polish translation update for 1.3.5svn (plinnell) - closed.
- 0007635: [Translation] Tr strings X-Pos and Y-Pos not translated on startup (jghali) - closed.
- 0004714: [General] More types of text distribution on paths (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007568: [PDF] Objects that are (partially) outside a page are cut and placed on the next page in PDF export (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007361: [General] Spellchecker should pick up UI language setting for new docs (subik) - closed.
- 0007627: [Usability] No close button on the Window Gabarit (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007467: [Shape Drawing] add a feature of curveing of polygon to Insert Polygon (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007015: [Usability] Manage guides will not accept manually input units if I press <TAB> (jghali) - closed.
- 0007560: [User Interface] Guide manager issue: Guide position modification discarded (jghali) - closed.
- 0007349: [Import / Export] Imported eps exported to SVG looks rasterized (fschmid) - closed.
- 0006405: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Pasting text in frames results in red squares (jghali) - closed.
- 0005663: [Graphics / Image Frames] Pasting Images From Clipboard (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007621: [User Interface] Wrong column width in Unicode Symbol Search dialog (subik) - closed.
- 0007622: [Translation] Polish translation update for 1.3.5svn (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007607: [Import / Export] Scribus can't import Gimp color palette files (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007619: [Undo/Redo] Redo an object creation crashes the program (jghali) - closed.
- 0007616: [Translation] Galician translation update (jghali) - closed.
- 0007615: [Scrapbook] Memory corruption in Scrapbook drag preview (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007611: [Styles] Scribus hangs when "first line indent" has negative value below certain value (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007614: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Load Text - fileFialog: filter for filename extensions not changeable after changing once (jghali) - closed.
- 0007543: [User Interface] Copying a page or adding it to the Scrapbook changes the first letter of each paragraph back to the default font in text frames (jghali) - closed.
- 0007487: [Styles] Text frame looses style after editing (jghali) - closed.
- 0007491: [Styles] Cant remove style from paragraph in story editor (jghali) - closed.
- 0007503: [Import / Export] text and superscript placement (jghali) - closed.
- 0007596: [Color Management] Segfault on new color from Scribus SVG palette (fschmid) - closed.
- 0006728: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Tabs arent applied to first line in Text frame/ PDF export messes up fill chars in tabs (jghali) - closed.
- 0007580: [Typography] First character wrapped VERY prematurely when using a large font (jghali) - closed.
- 0007608: [Canvas] New rotated cursors work well for all objects apart from lines (pierremarchand) - closed.
- 0007364: [Documentation] Update about1.html (plinnell) - closed.
- 0007597: [Story Editor / Text Frames] when converting group shapes to text frame, the text is not shown (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007585: [User Interface] inconsistant color set name (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007606: [PDF] dotted tabs don't show dots in pdf (jghali) - closed.
- 0007559: [User Interface] Guide manager: wrong unit conversion (subik) - closed.
- 0007523: [User Interface] In the spell checker, the only option to change the dictionary is to open the spell checker dialog. However, changing the dictio (subik) - closed.
- 0007570: [Shape Drawing] Rotated frames placed above other frames show the wrong double-sided arrows (pierremarchand) - closed.
- 0006903: [Import / Export] Export to Image (png, jpg) doesn't work as expected (subik) - closed.
- 0007478: [General] Some pdf export preferences settings are not saved. (jghali) - closed.
- 0007592: [Printing] frame with tif file not printed (jghali) - closed.
- 0005469: [User Interface] quick character palette UI is not space savvy (subik) - closed.
- 0007360: [Styles] New styles should pick up hyphenation settings from doc settings if they do not inherit from another style (pierremarchand) - closed.
- 0007591: [Translation] Sanskrit India Translation Update (jghali) - closed.
- 0007524: [Canvas] After conversion to another frame type, a frame is no longer selected (works in (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006842: [Color Management] RFE : color palette sampler (fschmid) - closed.
- 0006570: [Canvas] magnetic snaping imprecise (jghali) - closed.
- 0007578: [Scripter] Add Scribus Color Script Collection to distribution (subik) - closed.
- 0007432: [Typography] Incorrect style assignment when loading 1.3.3.x files (jghali) - closed.
- 0005576: [Graphics / Image Frames] Default directory for images is the root directory (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007177: [Import / Export] unable to export PDF to a network share (jghali) - closed.
- 0007154: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Double spaces at end of sentence can line break between the two spaces (jghali) - closed.
- 0007497: [User Interface] The offset values for patterns in the Colour tab of the PP should use the document values. Currently it's always pt. (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007372: [Graphics / Image Frames] Bad display of .eps images (fschmid) - closed.
- 0005936: [User Interface] preview problem for Screen blend mode (jghali) - closed.
- 0007429: [Graphics / Image Frames] Properties palette shows wrong image settings (scale etc.) when object is reselected (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007496: [User Interface] In the Path along Path dialog, Gap between Objects should be greyed out if a Single..." effect has been selected (fschmid) - closed.
- 0006143: [Styles] "Points de conduite" not functionnal (jghali) - closed.
- 0007558: [Canvas] Assert fault when creating a Latex frame (jghali) - closed.
- 0007421: [Language Tools] Can't set the text box language (subik) - closed.
- 0003360: [User Interface] guides cursor shows up even when guides are in background and objects are placed in front of guides (cbradney) - closed.
- 0003594: [User Interface] Guides: possible to create new guides when guides are disabled (subik) - closed.
- 0007536: [Story Editor / Text Frames] If the fill character for a tabulator has been changed, the change is not applied to a text frame. (jghali) - closed.
- 0007549: [User Interface] Master Pages can be deleted even if they are used. There should at least be a warning if one tries to delete a used page. (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007561: [User Interface] Guide manager issue: Guides cannot be deleted at all (subik) - closed.
- 0007495: [Canvas] Selection redraw issue with multiple items selected (jghali) - closed.
- 0007542: [User Interface] In the guide manager it's possible to select multiple guides, but clicking Delete will only remove a single guide (subik) - closed.
- 0007541: [User Interface] There should be only one dropdown dialog for units in the measurement palette (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007538: [User Interface] There's no way to switch off the new cursor measurement indicator (perhaps an option for the Display tab of Doc Setup/Prefs? (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007555: [Qt4 Port] Guide positions shown with dot instead of decimal comma with german locale (subik) - closed.
- 0007030: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Incorrect semi-manual hyphenation (jghali) - closed.
- 0007522: [User Interface] It's possible to enter text into spin boxes and the page selector (status bar). While the result in spinboxes is resetting the v (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007547: [User Interface] In the Page > Import dialog replace Change with Select or something similar, as there is no default choice the could be changed (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006971: [Canvas] Faint diagonal line appearing when in edit mode of text frame (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007525: [User Interface] Control points in the Mesh Distortion dialog don't coincide with the grid of the dialog (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007031: [Story Editor / Text Frames] infinite loop in PageItem_TextFrame::layout() (jghali) - closed.
- 0007310: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Auto Line Spacing Doesn't seem to work (jghali) - closed.
- 0007519: [Translation] Bengali India Translation Update (plinnell) - closed.
- 0007494: [Canvas] The constraint in rotation with Ctrl doesn't work anymore. (jghali) - closed.
- 0007447: [General] Set default line width to 0 if not a line (pierremarchand) - closed.
- 0007521: [Language Tools] Measurements Palette does not change name after language change (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007485: [Plug-ins] Crash with aspell (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007520: [Canvas] Measurements Palette shows wrong dy value (jghali) - closed.
- 0007517: [Documentation] Missing plugin license info for older plugins (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007499: [Canvas] Shift Click has stopped working (for creating items between the margins) (jghali) - closed.
- 0007493: [User Interface] Mesh distortion doesn't work for rotated objects, as the mesh doesn't cover the object anymore after the rotation (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007492: [Import / Export] svg import inaccurate with sgv-compliant file from plplot (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007323: [General] Plantage lors de la réalisation de dégradé. (jghali) - closed.
- 0007430: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Selection in Text Frame with "Right To Left Writing" is inverted (jghali) - closed.
- 0007419: [Canvas] Rotation can be extremly slow (jghali) - closed.
- 0005226: [Usability] ESC key commits instead of cancels mouse operations (avox) - closed.
- 0007299: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in the Layers dialog: Blend Mode, Opacity (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007305: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in Boolean Path Operations dialog: Under Operation: no tooltips for any of the buttons; Under Options: no toolt (fschmid) - closed.
- 0004837: [Undo/Redo] changes on rotation of bezier curves are not recorded by the undo system correctly (jghali) - closed.
- 0007365: [User Interface] Underline and Underline Words, Strikethrough all are at 100% by default (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007474: [User Interface] Insert Glyph palette display issue (subik) - closed.
- 0007480: [Win32] Compilation of 2geomtools under Visual C++ (jghali) - closed.
- 0007475: [Printing] no printer displayed in printer margins dialog (jghali) - closed.
- 0007459: [General] Problem with adding Text/ Pictures... on Pages above 39 (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007201: [Graphics / Image Frames] Loading eps files gives and error about missing fonts, but the text displays correctly. (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007471: [Graphics / Image Frames] edit the nodes of a path (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007435: [User Interface] The feature to insert a glyph by its Unicode value has disappeared from the Insert > Glyph dialog (subik) - closed.
- 0007453: [User Interface] Guide selection over item issue (pierremarchand) - closed.
- 0006502: [Canvas] canvas preview mode isn't updated correctly -- problème affichage lors de bascule "affichage déficiences visuelles" (avox) - closed.
- 0007369: [PDF] Export to PDF of text with numbers wrong (numbers replaced by other numbers or letters) [TC] (pierremarchand) - closed.
- 0004596: [User Interface] Different file dialogs (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006746: [Story Editor / Text Frames] double linespacing with text flows around frame and align to baseline grid (avox) - closed.
- 0007445: [User Interface] Render frame window issues (Herm) - closed.
- 0007409: [Printing] Generation of incorrect pdfmarks in PostScript output (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007422: [User Interface] New Document "Show Settings After Creatio" (note the "n" for Creation is missing). (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007427: [General] Contents of Latex Frames can get mixed up because of non-unique temp file names (Herm) - closed.
- 0007216: [Win32] Render Frame configuration files' path settings (Herm) - closed.
- 0007443: [Documentation] The pagenumber.html file is missing in the de and fr doc directories, which results in the display of index.html instead (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006797: [Canvas] Selection with the mouse broken with certain text frames (pierremarchand) - closed.
- 0007436: [User Interface] Remove the preview option from the import dialog for colours (unnecessary and doesn't work anyway) (cbradney) - closed.
- 0002777: [Usability] Better Selection of Items for Copying (cbradney) - closed.
- 0003755: [Styles] Edit/Paragraph Styles: "lock to baseline grid" is hidden and doesn't work as expected (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007444: [Documentation] The links to images are broken in the German toolbox files (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007434: [User Interface] "First Line Offset" in the PP > Text tab needs tooltips (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007440: [Documentation] install3.html and toolbox4.html aren't displayed in the help browser (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007437: [User Interface] In DocSetup/Prefs the order of steps with the tab key is wrong (from bottom to top, not top to bottom) (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007438: [User Interface] In DocSetup/Prefs > General, moving with the tab key between fields doesn't take into account Time before a Move or Resize start (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006769: [Undo/Redo] Crash when cancelling item creation and pressing escape, and repeating this multiple times (jghali) - closed.
- 0007452: [User Interface] Move Render Frame icon and menu item (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007450: [User Interface] Tab order in ToC setup (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007451: [User Interface] Tab order in Keyboard Shortcuts prefs (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007455: [Documentation] Updated pagenumber documentation files (christoph_s) - closed.
- 0007441: [Documentation] The "Acrobat Reader" entry in the menu.xml file should be changed to "Adobe Reader" (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007433: [User Interface] The tooltip for the glyph palette needs a line break (cbradney) - closed.
- 0003754: [Usability] dropdown menu options for leading (text properties pallette) do not work (Tsoots) - closed.
- 0005197: [User Interface] Enlarge the Group Box for the "Document Layout" (cbradney) - closed.
- 0005152: [User Interface] Guide lines cannot be set precisely (cbradney) - closed.
- 0005056: [General] Unpredictable default values for page margins (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007378: [PDF] Rotated PDFs are not handled correctly when embedded (fschmid) - closed.
- 0005284: [General] Deselection feature (pierremarchand) - closed.
- 0006296: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Importing styles from another document may lose dependency information (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007358: [Translation] German Translation Update (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006607: [Undo/Redo] ISBN barcode does not resize (fschmid) - closed.
- 0006214: [Story Editor / Text Frames] re-link textframes causes problems (avox) - closed.
- 0007194: [General] Align and Distribute doesn't allow using Guides (pierremarchand) - closed.
- 0003113: [Shape Drawing] Color substitution. (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007405: [General] Crashes at launch (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006549: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Unable to enter text in Documents. (cbradney) - closed.
- 0005591: [Story Editor / Text Frames] new since text is always black and gets confused if prefs don't contain black (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006361: [Story Editor / Text Frames] cursor in text box is four lines higher than the click point (avox) - closed.
- 0007418: [Import / Export] Scribus keeps freezing when opening large .wmf files (jghali) - closed.
- 0005814: [Undo/Redo] Give barcode creator unique name for undo actions (subik) - closed.
- 0003518: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Copy/Paste dont work with select all (jghali) - closed.
- 0006991: [Story Editor / Text Frames] "Text overflow" warning when there is a text underflow in fact (jghali) - closed.
- 0007084: [PPCOSX] Startup Crash in OS X due to lack of Python (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007408: [User Interface] Field next to Linespacing icon is showing "Auto" when set to "Lock to Baseline Grid" (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007412: [Usability] Paint overflow sign [X] in selected frame color (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007417: [User Interface] Adjust margins and column resizability in Extended Image Properties dialog (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007395: [Translation] I would like to open Scribus 1.35svn korean translation file for everyone (cbradney) - closed.
- 0005216: [PDF] international characters in filenames are not printed in "crop mark" area (ringerc) - closed.
- 0006986: [PDF] Inverted images in PDF caused by incorrect handling of DecodeArray by some rips/softs (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007085: [PDF] Path tools, Boolean path operations, operation N°5 (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007126: [User Interface] [PATCH] Add keyword/regexp filter to the Outline palette (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007318: [User Interface] Importing many styles lets the SM grow, ie. the more styles one imports, the more vertical space is used by the SM on canvas. (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007133: [Styles] Wrong default values (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007138: [User Interface] naming menu item (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007144: [General] Doesn't show files/folders with non-ascii characters (jghali) - closed.
- 0005622: [Styles] Styles in imported odt and sxw files aren't listed in the style manager (pierremarchand) - closed.
- 0007118: [Graphics / Image Frames] Lose track of image with names including accent (jghali) - closed.
- 0007387: [Usability] Limit of position field of guide line (subik) - closed.
- 0007316: [User Interface] If a number of styles is imported from another SLA file, the last one is not shown in the list to import from. (pierremarchand) - closed.
- 0007384: [Styles] Importing Default Styles is allowed where they shouldnt be (pierremarchand) - closed.
- 0007315: [User Interface] If a number of styles is imported from another SLA file, the last one in the list is displayed with bold glyphs. (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007385: [Styles] After style import, the style manager is in edit mode (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006674: [Usability] Layers blocks navigation between pages (jghali) - closed.
- 0007029: [Styles] strange style selection (pierremarchand) - closed.
- 0007377: [Translation] Slovak Translation Update (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007301: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in the Font Preview dialog: Set button (subik) - closed.
- 0007363: [Documentation] GS fonts page isn't displayed in the help browser - check tags (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007374: [Translation] updated RU translation (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007296: [User Interface] Add warning to colour edit dialog when user attempts to edit the registration colour (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007166: [User Interface] About.cpp using Tables for Author credits? (ale) - closed.
- 0007362: [General] Add Elvis Stansvik ( to the list of contributors (he wrote the search and regexp enhancement to the document (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007300: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in the Arrange pages dialog: Document layout area (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007304: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in Lens Effects: No tooltips at al (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007306: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in the Mesh Distortion dialog: No tooltips at all. (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007236: [Shape Drawing] Add new start and end arrow. (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007243: [Canvas] Need option to remove drop shadow behind page (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007294: [User Interface] In the Print Preview, there's no space between the Close and Print buttons and the border of the dialog (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007292: [User Interface] The search feature in the Document Outline is case sensitive, which is inconsistent with other dialogs (jghali) - closed.
- 0007325: [User Interface] HSV colour map selector/pointer movement is erratic (jghali) - closed.
- 0007313: [User Interface] Allow drag n drop of PDF/EPS/PS onto image frames for rendered image (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007303: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in the Spell checker dialog and non standard button names (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007307: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in Advanced Select All: no tooltips at all. (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007291: [User Interface] The default in the Convert to Master Page dialog is always Right Page. (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007314: [User Interface] UCP palettes in the Insert > Glyphs dialog aren't saved with a ucp extension (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007311: [User Interface] In the New > From Template dialog, replace the Image caption with Preview. (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007317: [User Interface] Importing all styles from another document can be a chore if one wants to import all styles. There should be an option to import (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007298: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in Manage images dialog (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007295: [User Interface] Fix English in the dialog for editing colours, we have HSV-Colourmap (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007302: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in the Insert Frame dialog (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006956: [Story Editor / Text Frames] scribus crashes when i try to mark some text (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007209: [Translation] Chinese (Traditional) translation update (jghali) - closed.
- 0006190: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Error occured when I try to autohyphen text in linked text boxes (avox) - closed.
- 0007125: [Build System] Incompatibilité installation entre release et svn (malex) - closed.
- 0007179: [Styles] Translation of Default Style names still not consistent (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007186: [Graphics / Image Frames] Align and Distribute's Relative To First/Last Selection needs swapping around.... (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007195: [Translation] Japanese Translation Update (jghali) - closed.
- 0002250: [User Interface] Paragraph styles UI needs work (cbradney) - closed.
- 0003698: [Import / Export] Latex import (Herm) - closed.
- 0006062: [Scripter] setStyle problem (avox) - closed.
- 0007167: [Translation] Chinese (Traditional) translation update (jghali) - closed.
- 0003867: [Graphics / Image Frames] CMYK Image rendering / output (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007163: [Translation] Japanese Translation Update (jghali) - closed.
- 0005506: [Internal] Layer duplicate uses copy paste buffer which doesnt copy all paragraph attributes (pierremarchand) - closed.
- 0006663: [General] Multiple duplicate groups groups together (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007123: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text Frames: Context menu Convert > Outlines disregards text modifiers (jghali) - closed.
- 0007132: [Translation] Chinese (Traditional) translation (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007134: [Translation] Galician translation update (trunk) (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006897: [Build System] Plugin load fails with undefined symbols (for all plugins) (cbradney) - closed.
- 0004625: [User Interface] Enable identical margins for single pages (as in bleed) (cbradney) - closed.
- 0003727: [General] group resize disables corner rounding option (cbradney) - closed.
- 0004294: [Usability] Arrange pages dialog: Improve deleting pages (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006090: [General] Snapping doesn't work for intersections of grid lines - closed.
- 0004344: [User Interface] Wrong cursor displayed: Double arrow while it should be a crossed arrows (avox) - closed.
- 0002363: [User Interface] unreadable rulers if zoom percentage < 30 % (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006407: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Pos1-key moves cursor to the end of the previous line (avox) - closed.
- 0005149: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text properties: Font selection with arrow keys loses focus (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007113: [Translation] Updated Slovenian translation for trunk (cbradney) - closed.
- 0005635: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Add in "Link to existing frame" to Insert Frame dialog (cbradney) - closed.
- 0005956: [General] Wrong values for preset layout in Doc Setup/Preferences (cbradney) - closed.
- 0005836: [Import / Export] importing eps file shows progress bar but nothing on the page after import (cbradney) - closed.
- 0005257: [General] Scaling diagonal lines then undoing changes puts lines horizontally (avox) - closed.
- 0006295: [Story Editor / Text Frames] New styles window shows standard character and paragraph style in different languages (cbradney) - closed.
- 0004874: [General] Switching UI language creates new default styles (cbradney) - closed.
- 0005732: [User Interface] ctrl+w should close windows (cbradney) - closed.
- 0005853: [Usability] Multiple duplicate of group requires negative gap (cbradney) - closed.
- 0005886: [PPCOSX] Assigning a new font in styles does not work (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006219: [General] Objects stop snapping to guides when rotated (avox) - closed.
- 0004755: [Documentation] Really outdated informations in the help files (plinnell) - closed.
- 0006437: [General] Impossible to apply colours to texts that have been converted to outlines (fschmid) - closed.
- 0005927: [General] Preset layouts in Preferences are ignored (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007116: [Build System] Errors building (jghali) - closed.
- 0007107: [Usability] Unusable options in text property dialog (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007105: [Translation] Update Korean Translation (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007087: [General] Select font size with the mouse gives a bad value (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007099: [Build System] Compilation errors (import 1.3 (jghali) - closed.
- 0006944: [Import / Export] AI file import causes system freeze (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007009: [Canvas] Outline window not refreshed (cbradney) - closed.
- 0005213: [Styles] Paragraph indent is not saved in Style Manager (jghali) - closed.
- 0007076: [Build System] Cannot link an executable while compiling without -fPIC flag. (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006929: [General] Picas behave as points in New Document (cbradney) - closed.
- 0006332: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text frames can't be unlinked (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007073: [Translation] Korean translation for scribus (cbradney) - closed.
- 0004535: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in 1.3.3.x (cbradney) - closed.
- 0001699: [Import / Export] Enhance PDF exporter to enabled embedding PDF within PDF for PDF 1.4+ (avox) - closed.
- 0006503: [Styles] Bad alignment when using tabs in paragraph styles (jghali) - closed.
- 0007027: [Plug-ins] The translation of Item > Path Tools doesn't switch unless one restarts Scribus (fschmid) - closed.
- 0006980: [Story Editor / Text Frames] The alignment of the last paragraph is used for the whole text in the SE (jghali) - closed.
- 0005889: [General] Make automatic frame creation with Shift+click less responsive to mouse movements (cbradney) - closed.
- 0007028: [User Interface] "Item->Send to Layer" should be disabled when there is only one layer (fschmid) - closed.
- 0005145: [User Interface] wrong cursor when a line is snapped to a guide (avox) - closed.
- 0007007: [Plug-ins] Cannot insert barcode onto objects (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007046: [Undo/Redo] Crash after selecting "Initial State" and "Show selected Object only" in "Action History" (jghali) - closed.
- 0006594: [General] Text frames lose alignment when sent to the Scrapbook (jghali) - closed.
- 0007025: [Shape Drawing] Link Buttons in the Transform Tool do not work (fschmid) - closed.
- 0007022: [Import / Export] incorrect handling of transparency in tiff file (jghali) - closed.
- 0006560: [User Interface] incorrect icon for paragraph alignment in SE (jghali) - closed.
- 0007058: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Story Editor / File / Load from File: first two characters cut off (jghali) - closed.
- 0006950: [Import / Export] Crash after selecting AI file in the file dialog (fschmid) - closed.
- 0005405: [Import / Export] SXD/ODF/SVG import : text alignement not correct when importing file in a new doc (jghali) - closed.
- 0004709: [General] Attach text to multiple paths (fschmid) - resolved.
- 0007046: [Undo/Redo] Crash after selecting "Initial State" and "Show selected Object only" in "Action History" (jghali) - resolved.
- 0006560: [User Interface] incorrect icon for paragraph alignment in SE (jghali) - resolved.
5,7 → 5,7
gpg --verify ./tarball.sig ./tarball.tar.bz2
While we also note md5sums and shasums, gpg --verify is more secure and reliable.
While we also note md5sums and shasums, gpg --verify are more secure and reliable.
* The font sampler script, requires tkinter to run properly and optionally
python-imaging to enable print previews. Please consider adding these as
53,7 → 53,7
* We have included a scribus.xml file for updating the mime info database.
We are still missing some locales, but in our testing it works properly.
We are awaiting IANA approval for our mime type.
We have IANA approval for our mime type.
An example command to install and refresh the mime database in a spec file
(distro specfic macros might vary):
39,15 → 39,14
Fontconfig >= 2.0
LibXML2 >= 2.6.0
GhostScript >= 8.0 (8.56 or greater preferred)
GhostScript >= 8.0 (8.6+ or greater preferred)
Python >= 2.3
tkinter for the font sampler script
python-imaging for the font sampler preview
pkgconfig (to assist finding other libraries)
apspell for the spell checker
podofo - 0.5.0 for enhanced Illustrator AI/EPS import, svn versions
after 0.5.0 have a different API and Scribus will not compile using
newer versions currently
podofo - 0.5.0+ for enhanced Illustrator AI/EPS import, svn versions
If any recommended libraries (and their dev/devel packages or headers) are not
96,8 → 95,8
Qt 4.3 is now the *minimum*. Older versions of Qt are *not* supported.
If you build Qt from sources, the recommended ./configure switches are the
Qt 4.4 is now the *minimum*. Older versions of Qt are *not* supported.
If you build Qt from sources, the recommended ./configure/cmake switches are the
same as used by KDE. Use of other switches aside from those used by distro
packages can make trouble shooting
issues very difficult at times.
109,7 → 108,7
It is strongly recommended that you install the CUPS development packages if
you are compiling Scribus. Without CUPS, Scribus will have significantly
reduced printing functionality, and building without CUPS is poorly tested.
reduced printing functionality and building without CUPS is poorly tested.
Fontconfig, if installed, will let Scribus find fonts using the same method as
most other major desktop applications such as all KDE and GNOME applications.
261,7 → 260,7
You can install these packages using YaST. You may find it difficult to compile
Scribus 1.3.5+ on anything older than Suse 10.0.
Scribus 1.3.5+ on anything older than Suse 10.3.
Please note we do provide frequently updated packages including debuginfo rpms
on the Suse Build Server. at http// .