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Index: Scribus/scribus/doc/en/cygwin.html
--- Scribus/scribus/doc/en/cygwin.html (revision 2319)
+++ Scribus/scribus/doc/en/cygwin.html (revision 2320)
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
<title>Scribus and Cygwin</title>
<h2>Scribus and Cygwin</h2>
-<p>This section coming soon.</p>
+<p>Thanks to the KDE-Cygwin team, it is possible to run Scribus on Win2k or XP, via Cygwin. </p>
Index: Scribus/scribus/doc/en/images/acroinfo.png
Cannot display: file marked as a binary type.
svn:mime-type = application/octet-stream
Index: Scribus/scribus/doc/en/images/acro2.png
Cannot display: file marked as a binary type.
svn:mime-type = application/octet-stream
Index: Scribus/scribus/doc/en/images/acropass.png
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svn:mime-type = application/octet-stream
Index: Scribus/scribus/doc/en/images/acrosec.png
Cannot display: file marked as a binary type.
svn:mime-type = application/octet-stream
Index: Scribus/scribus/doc/en/menu.xml
--- Scribus/scribus/doc/en/menu.xml (revision 2319)
+++ Scribus/scribus/doc/en/menu.xml (revision 2320)
@@ -31,10 +31,10 @@
<submenuitem text="Non-Latin Fonts" file="fonts3.html"/>
<submenuitem text="Basic Font Tests" file="fonts4.html"/>
- <!-- <submenuitem text="Document Text" file="text.html" />
+ <!-- <submenuitem text="Document Text" file="text.html" />
<submenuitem text="Doc. Info" file="docinfo.html" />
<submenuitem text="Short Words Plug-in" file="short-words.html" />
- </submenuitem> -->
+ </submenuitem> -->
<submenuitem text="Importing" file="importhints.html">
<submenuitem text="Importing (Advanced)" file="importhints2.html"/>
<submenuitem text="Importing SVGs" file="scribus-svg.html"/>
Index: Scribus/scribus/po/scribus.eo.po
--- Scribus/scribus/po/scribus.eo.po (revision 2319)
+++ Scribus/scribus/po/scribus.eo.po (revision 2320)
@@ -1,3 +1,496 @@
+<<<<<<< scribus.eo.po
+<¸dÊÍ!¿`¡½ÝBh«¹#;FOiþŒ¯µ+;Ú+Oþ+["H,FH4rJÄžQÎÐSgüTÇ2V$X[*‚\•°_ÃâhD{*4´ÇZ¼Z¿Ã¦‡›Ë¦yô§Ô%»XÐ%ÖT¸æ¯ãïØ+ÔC0El5›—H5ÀVEéf¾gÕ?h¨pŒ—˜Å¡ï¥×ÀeTà¨{®ýTP™Ç‹3>Ã)4º *¦y P*» ‚*Ð% º*ÖT ä*ì0
+ü+gÕ *+‹z \+‹¯ Ž+Œ À+˜Å ì+¡ +¬ô H+°% „+¶: ®+ÏÇ Þ,Î
+ 0¶E
+H78H7fHw9”I'›ÖI5›J+‚*J6•`JcbJd1ºL™bìMb³*Mbÿ\MezŽN‹»ºN–ÀêP7ÕP@TR0—RˆÕóSmÂ%SÅÃ]TƒŠ‹T)µUZÃV}pAVŠ¥sVŠó§V®ÂÏWTûX€•'X„ÕYX·¹‘Xýô¿Y~éëYç¥*Yø:VZŠ‹Z8,»Z«çZÀ%[:E[f3u\P³­\—ÕÝ]î]û¨Rk2ž†k´nÆtw~w%îN~h³™ˆÁˎH¾•T>@—iΧ˜$‰ø˜‘šŸÅZ¨/.P©†€­¹°jt‚¶”Ž͸”Ó ¾Àê _É{é ³Î“ óÔBs!0׊ƒ!pØçå!²Ù³Ñ!üߢ¤".á ô"¡á¶5"ôè
+#Fè°ä#¿÷ƒS$pŠ$B‡$}¡>$¬ì$ýjÔ%<ô%ˆ E%»%. &B*gª&}.e&Ì0·ó']2;³'¬2á¼(;Ô(u>“(ÈCÅ)M:)MT{C)|Z»u)ÅcE¤)úfPá*QpÊå*ŠrPz*þs>+W”3Š+•Ÿ¥—+ô¥TÞ,NªÜü,Û­É-+³Õ-¸·:.
+·d¹.]¸ •.¥ɗ×/Òã®/RÒ÷®/×ԀT0\Ú])0§ß¡30þàə1Hãü1¡êWJ1Þí¯C2Wô^j2©ÿÊî3 ©_3•BÅ4.åÛ4n ì 4ªÒU4ý"0~5^5zc5£>,Å5áGðj6.X"6hY¡£6Ó]RŠ7 |s7H‡W7ˆI7ëˆJ¾8^ˆKþ8—ˆ^Ú8ԍ‹Î9+’Ð39u“x9³—ú9é™:%™ú:Ÿb3:½§–Ä;¨w9;>¨û^;©5›;˪6•;öªcb<'¬^<R­Š<­ez<ï­e³=®–À=I°7Õ=~°’=µ²ˆÕ=é²½z>³mÂ>I³£^>‚´”?´ƒŠ?b¶}Š?¶Š¥?À·T?õ¸€•@"¸„Õ@U¸ýô@Ž¹ç¥@»¹èe@躊Aº8,AF»'cAs»f3A°¼ŠA鼜ZBÃ4CBGÄáBÔÈëÎCÉÕªCMÊ8ACŽÊKÎCÆ·ŽDØƾDIá;óDãÕrD¾äÂÔEíkEMð’E¢ñí~EÛù»šF(FYwF“ñåFÁ6ôG C#îGƒDèeGËP™7H&Ws¾HfWxSH£_åµHîf/ÕI?h@žI–i+nJmnJUoéeJyÿ%Jæ}
+K7Ž˜dKkíK¾‘ÑóKî‘Ý£L/ŸöLw¥ZL¶°Ó:M±¿nM^¹?¹MÄ»€úNW¾ÃcNµ¿ÑóNÿÁºªOA×ÄO„ÉÃOÃÊ÷ÊP7Ì:PlÖrúPËä_QæÂQWìãQ˜õ‹ Qáö R8öŠÂRuùvcR´úQcRÿú²“SRüÈNS‚ý
+úSÉý±aT ý½³TMñÊT¦íTå
+ U‰îU·g¥V=/ÞV¡AšVÜIxSW-]+‚W›]cbWÒ`qcWýièšXTl^X­lƒ¾Xíp0JY.~ÏÞYi;ŸY¤„âŠZ;ˆ¨µZhŒ¯bZ£ŽÛŠZÒ•À‰[–™³[Ž˜I¼[ÐœZÂ[ý¦6Z\2¦6“\_¨¸¥\¬,¥\¿°dª\ô°¹º]&¹Êå]Y¹êå]™» b]Ù¾a¾^Ç^ÉÓj^ÒÌ5$_͇³_CΎ_Ð(À_ÊÑfR_÷Ôkã`.։´`|ØÀ¾`¯ØĘ`çÚ²NaÛÇèaqܓ~a´æ–?aåél b}éÏ
+b²ëúÃbïëýôc ì¹ócUüKc£'ܼcé*1d+­Âdp,ºÂd¥4çdÚ6(>e;°½eeV“|e”X‰•eËY ¤fe UfEeîef‰f=>fÍf‰¤gg;ggg°^gþgß,h+nŠhrs™
+h›v‰•hêxpIi8{šiv…?)i§Œ¾Êj:Že“j†• jÚ˜G%kj™‚Šk—šÇ¥kЛˆ˜ký›àŠl**l[žzŠlÅž†Šlô j9m!¡çžm´£l{mþ¦±tn3¦à%niª‹Ãn”«™ÄnɬŠo¬äo3¬@äok¬´Zo¢²vjp µ6pHÁ43p‰Âvjp៚qÅ5›qiʐ$q”ÒWƒqÌҝzrÔ\Úr\Ô·ßr™ߺºráàR£síF‰sjïòs¥ó#sÖôºtôÈêtnü3gtÍþ!žtþ3u<3u|ž#vóCvY
+H´vÒB^w=lüwÕ w³x!"CxZ5/Nx©72*y08¨iyu:æzy<c%zµ>ê:zò@ù:{?A:ƒ{„E |{¹I4º|In3|SNúb|„Uc|ÑUõC}X/Å}PX£}ÉZÁ~[eÞ~W[‹Þ~’\Ñ~Î^% cµÃXe‘“f,ÅÍl^€l¾€EsSe€|tæڀÌ{} B€ò*|‚~êÊ… ‚ †LD‚HˆÌC‚y”±‚¿›tƒ›ƒtƒL¸ö¯ƒ‡Âìê„ Æl„nË.õ„žË0„ÍÌN„ûÌ,å…3Ï¥…iÑáʅïÝôچ7âÖ£†iéJž†¥ú¼Õ†Ý ®‡•s‡^¨î‡¼Ês‡÷"ë$ˆY' ˆŒ+õeˆÄ-€ˆÿ/Óe‰:5QN‰t9ۓ‰·RŠS;ŠbZi
+Š¹c“‹gy‹Giü‹Œj¬Ã‹ÚmÙΌo‡ãŒSt‰Œ™~1)ŒË~`*ƒOžSŒÍwŒÏ—Â‚ŠôWŽ?Z’Žm‘Üʎ·šë©Žé¡¿*u¨E¯­,~ñ­F~B±×”³nêì´¦å‘(¹{ú‘dÁµ‘£Äýt‘ú×\¤’8ÜÄΒ…áƒ’ÜãPe“Cë»E“Šíu“ºï-”3÷ Ŕu6š”Õ Ù"•°{•gÁ*•Äsµ–’•–`Úµ–¥/›®–íI'—&I=î—kIûΗ¦MJî—áOêî˜[³˜V`³˜’b·^˜ÏeB“™idә[qÓN™¼~7þšH€^š‘„MûšË†íû›‡ã"›@Š!@›rŠ‹Ê›²Œ¼U›îîZœB’gªœv—|KœÅžuªŸ™tœ¨$Šž¨1sž2ªý‰že­˜cž¹­©”Ÿ®‰.Ÿ3²0^Ÿ†³ÖCŸæ¶$* @»yZ |¿øÅ ÅÇ%%¡Ç'Å¡Lǀ÷¡‚Ê Ä¡¾Êôú¢1Êö¢bÚ%Ç¢’Ú;'¢ßâÄã£+ëT£kî¦~£Íî?ó]㤃÷ª¾¤Î÷Í¥ýAs¥U \~¥ v~¥Æ «7¥û þŠ¦6 fþ¦‚ Ac¦¼ ê§ /w”§v 2“§É 5>¨ 6ó%¨U 8†e¨¥ DèE¨ß J¢©; LY©q Mgþ©§ Zìå©á \9ªª ]úªS ^ƒ3ª– _oNªÕ e_B«& e¢º«k hã>«À k¸ª«þ laô¬1 oZÓ¬` pZþ¬“ r×J¬× tє­2 zV.­a zXέà ‚±j®& ‚ï:®b ‡œã®ž ŒtÓ®å ŒvÓ¯ J¯Y ”Z“¯Ÿ •¿ž¯å —°ª°h ˜´n°¤ šêÄ°ô ¢kR±6 ¤Ð$±‚ «>ƒ±º ­‚µ² ®Z„²K µ@>²Ÿ »ß³ ¿ɳ© ÀV´´@ Àóô„ ȏ.´á ÉA^µ ʵS Ë µ‰ Ëá^µÀ Ϟ®µý Õ¶‰ Ý F¶Ô é‹g·? õ  · û¡£¸ ÿŽÚ¸Z
+… úÂ
+ýãžËH —9ËÔ œ´Ì Ì´ÌL
+rÉ̆ â•Ì¼ rƒÍ Î*Í© "±YÍæ (zÎs /§¥Î 0LJÏ ;°Ï: A”Ïj B µÏ® B>µÐ EÔ9Ѝ cÂ3ÐÒ e0eÑ, jƒ:ÑZ lCŠÑ” nLzÑê n”tÒ q$ñÒ~ sßÊÒ· wCLÒï wÇÓ1 x´nÓb }•êÓ³ ƒ JÔ …ÂÃÔ0 ŒFåԇ ßZÔ» “t~Ôë ›ˆ¸Õ& žzªÕT  ÔՄ £:ÕÁ £Ü Õý £ü ÖJ ¬åy֗ ®ÃªÖÑ °s®× °²ª×D ²vJ×p ÂvJ×® ̸×ì ̺:Ø ̺óØM ÍþêØ} ÏA“Ø® ÑúNØë Ô#Ùz Ô-DÙ× ÕzúÚ Öî#Ú` ߺšÚ¼ ë¸Úò ì6šÛe îŽÛŸ ü¬ÓÛæ ™Ü4 MÃÜt ²ãܾ [ÎÝ
+5ËÝZ îÊ݆ Û~ÝÀ ,<Þ .ÉãÞ> 3ÖZބ =êãÞÝ >ÞjßZ Aºõߋ CußË D“ƒà E°òàe GœãàÇ N”pá SñáM Xˆ*áá Yåâ' YçõâV _ê℠_¸ÞâÄ dBEã% hüjã… p¡ÃãÇ qêä täS t^
+ä¦ t¸åäá u¦™å z´úåf zÉ%å• íþåà ‚½úæ' ˆóŠæc šü¼æš Ÿí4æÓ £ì ç ¦±çL ¦²ç’ ¦³çØ §ûÃè ¯{“èu ²ï£èÎ ¶œEèþ ¹«Zé/ ¹Ñêéa ºïsé“ »séÙ ½’šê ÁUzêP ÁÞUê‰ ÄAêê ÌÜZë* ֚ë… Ü£Þëî ÝÂìM âqì‡ èÚêìÉ îUŠí ðÉùí[ þÖ\í´
+ oŠî®
+Œ Zõ/
+ÿÈ^üü‘´SüÕ ¢úý%=µýQ/ ÔýÍ7IÃþ;WÎþT>=3þ¿>?ÓþþBfšÿ<E˜ÂÿŒH;ÓÿØN“B PlùTTÕãâVxã]7…b_ä#“rcÞtw^yGŠZz±jšzï:Ì|ºîþ„BEBˆ>ƒ£¢¼ªç£æ¦zÔˆ¿ÝÚÕ¿ß: ÅÜ©BÇÆ%—ÐgþíÑ&N[ÞmÞ¾ލ>æå Aí\t‡ïýšØñ¢n%‹$Ž ½Í íÒ
+—Î Vìó Á$ÚU ö)T
+ÍJG³ TxI oWÙ ¸`è oÙ FtÔÓ Žxs å{A
+8=8Oinþ4>:to¯0&OK+;5&No+O0&Ok+[ A8G:8AllH, A8G:8AltH4B@O720=5CutJÄ B2>@8O&nQÎ0;:8 1C:28LowSg>2NewTÇ
+!B0@8OldV$B3>@5:To:[*7?>;20=5Use\•40Yes_Ã0 :@0OandhD4>:to:{*>2&New´Ç40&Y2:¼Z40&Yes¿Ã;>:Back‡›>?8@0=5Copy¦yB@O720=5Cu&t§Ô 540:B8@0=5Edit»$09;FileÐ%
+(@8DBFontÖT 48 =0Gotoæ¯8A>G8=0:HighïØO2>Left+Ô
+8=8OLine0E;>:Lock5›<5:NameH5NoneNoneVE B2>@8Openf¾!B@0=8F0PagegÕJBPathh¨
+7E>4QuitŒ 0?8H8Save˜Å  07<5@Size¡7;870=5 Exiting now¥×"8?TypeÀe(8@>G8=0:withà¨00B2>@8 B5:CI8O 4>:C<5=BClose the current Document#40@ 872J= Strike OutýT#40@ 2JB@5 Strikethru@53;54Print Preview™Ç0@0<5B@8:Short &Words...3>$&2OB =0 70?J;20=5:
+F&ill Color:)4º>?8@0=5&Copy*¦y 540:B8@0=5&Edit*»$09;&File*Ð%
+8=8O&Line+0E@5<5AB20=5...&Move+FÅ B2>@8&Open+f¾!B@0=8F0&Page+gÕ'5@25=>:&Red:+‹z'5@25=>:&Redo+‹¯
+7E>4&Quit+Œ 0?8H8&Save+˜Å  07<5@&Size+¡!:@89 @0<:8B5&Text+¬ô$09;&Tile+°%B3>@5:&Top:+¶: 73;54&View+ÏÇ!B8;>25...
+Styles...,Î><?@5A8O&Compress File0¶E0@0<5B@8:Annotation P&roperties7[³;NAB@0F88:Images:7Ü:7;870=5Editing Macro:<©8 07?@545;5=> ?>4@02=O20=5...Distribute/Align...>ìÞ2@><O=0 =0 B5:AB>20 @0<:0&Update Text Frame and Exit@QD2@><O=0 =0 B5:AB>20 @0<:0Update Text Frame and Exit@D0 ScribusAbout Short WordsDèã>4@02=O20=5AlignH/Þ A8G:8Alt+AH6ñ A8G:8Alt+DH6ô A8G:8Alt+EH6õ A8G:8Alt+IH6ù A8G:8Alt+LH6ü A8G:8Alt+MH6ý A8G:8Alt+NH6þ A8G:8Alt+SH7 A8G:8Alt+XH7 B@078 ?@><5=8B5ApplyHw9;>:BlackI'›;>:BlockI5›7G8AB20=5ClearJ+‚0B2>@8CloseJ6•&2OBColorJcb><5=B0@CommaJd1$0B0;=0 3@5H:0ErrorL™b#4515;5=FoldsMb³#4515;5=FolioMbÿ
+(@8DBFont:Mez5;5=>:GreekN‹»@C?8@0=5GroupN–À;NAB@0F8OImageP7Õ7?@0B8 =0704
+Move to backP@0#?@02;5=85 =0 8;NAB@0F88&Update PictureR0!B@0=8F0LargeRˆÕ0;:8 1C:28LowerSm 5=NB0MenusSÅÃ<5:Name:TƒŠ0?@5<5AB20=5 =0 AB@0=8F8Even Pages onlyT)J@E>25NodesUZÃ!B@0=8F0Page V}p>AB02O=5PasteVŠ¥JBPathsVŠó
+5G0BPrintWT>@<0;=>RaiseX€•B .. 4> ..RangeX„Õ >B>2>ReadyX·¹
+OA=>RightXýô">G:8 (BG.)
+Points (pts)Y~é
+!O=:0ShadeYç¥B2JB@5: &Inside:Yø: 07<5@:Size:ZŠ
+0;J:SmallZ8,0;5?5=>insteadZ«!B8;StyleZÀ%B3>@5:To&p:[:=AB@C<5=B8Tools[f348=8F8Units\P³7?>;20=5Usage\—Õ@>AB B5:ABClear all Text]î(8@>G8=0:Width]û¨!B8;>25...&Line Styles...k2ž5G0B0=5...Initializing...k´n75<8 B5:AB...&Edit :0B>...&Save Source As...w%î#4515;5=words~h³7?@0B8 =0704
+Send to BackˆÁ
+?F88 &Options...ŽH¾:B?5G0B20=5 =0 B5:CI 4>:C<5=BColor not found.•T>$0?8H8 :0B> PDF...&Save to File...—iÎP>:C<5=B8 (*.scd);; A8G:8 4>:C<5=B8 (*)9Documents (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *.scd.gz);;All Files (*)˜$‰(8?A20I8 ?@8;>65=8O:$The following Programs are missing:˜‘š7E>4 2J2 D09;:Output &Profile:ŸÅZ C@A82Italian¨/.R08AB8=0 ;8 8A:0B5 40 87B@85B5 B>78 AB8;?-Do you really want to lose all your Changes?©†:B?5G0B20=5 =0 B5:CI 4>:C<5=BColour not found­¹"0;5?8 70 @0AB5@0
+Snap to Grid°jt7B@89 F25B0Delete all macros.¶”Ž ?F88 =0 <8H:0B0Style Settings¸”Ó(<J:20=5 =0 AB@0=8F0Import Page(s):¾Àê#:@09=A:8:Portuguese (BR)É{é 073@C?8@0=5 Un&groupΓ@C38 >?F88Other OptionsÔBs0@0<5B@8:Field P&roperties׊ƒ5G0B 2J2 D09;:Use ICC ProfileØçå
+8?A8 is missing!Ù³Ñ:B?5G0B20=5 =0 B5:CI 4>:C<5=BAllow &Changing the Documentߢ¤(<J:20=5 =0 AB@0=8F0Importing textá ô$0?8H8 :0B> PDF...Save Text to Fileá¶5D5D8=8@0=5 =0 =03;0A5=8 F25B>25 >>&Define Custom Colors >>è
+>2 4>:C<5=B
+New Documentè°ä0 ScribusReturn to Scribus÷ƒS#:@09=A:8: Brazilian:pŠ0@0<5B@8:Path Text Properties‡$>@<8...&Tabulators...¡>%>@87>=B0;=> Horizontal¬ì"0;5?8 70 @0AB5@0Sn&ap to GridjÔ
+Outline TextôF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0%Can't get info from a non-text frame E>?85 =0 
+Copy #%1 of %.  @>9 =0 :>?8OB0:N&umber of Copies:*gªF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0/Cannot set text alignment on a non-text frame..e5G0B 2J2 D09;:Getting ICC Profiles0·óD0@0<5B@8 =0 ?5G0B0I>B> CAB@>9AB2>Rendering Settings2;³*%>@87>=B0;=> >1@JI0=5Flip Horizontal2á¼(#25;8G020=5/0<0;O=5Zoom in or out;Ô 073@C?8@0=5 Un-group>“ 07<5@ =0 H@8DBSort by &SizeCÅ
+$09;: To File:M:>;5= @538ABJ@&Scribus ScriptsT{C57 AB8; No StyleZ»u*O20B0 AB@0=8F0 ?J@2>Left &Page FirstcE¤>2 F2OB
+New Folder 1fPá8<5B> =0 AB8;0 =5 5 C=8:0;=> Name of the Color is not uniquepÊå0 0745;8B5;=0 A?>A>1=>AB:
+&Resolution:rPz?8A0=85:&Use Encryptions>0%>@87>=B0;=> 87<5AB20=5:&Horizontal Shift:”3Š,<J:20=5 =0 8;NAB@0F8OClose this dialogŸ¥—F 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0+Cannot set text shade on a non-text frame.¥TÞ&5@B8:0;=> >1@JI0=5Flip VerticalªÜüP"5:AB>2 D09; (*.txt);;A8G:8 D09;>25 (*)!EPS-Files (*.eps);;All Files (*)­É(>:068 8=AB@C<5=B8B5Show &Console³Õ( 540:B8@0=5 =0 @0<:0&Picture Frame·:7;57 =5728A8<>C&lose Anyway·d¹8<5B> =0 AB8;0 =5 5 C=8:0;=> Name of the Style is not unique¸ •@53;54Print Previe&wɗ×F 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0#Cannot get text of non-text frame.Òã®F 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0#Cannot set text of non-text frame.Ò÷®"8?A20I8 H@8DB>25
+Missing FontԀT(<J:20=5 =0 AB@0=8F0Export as Image(s)Ú]) ?F88 =0 <8H:0B0Font Settingsß¡3* 07?@545;8 =57028A8<>Distribute &Evenlyàə0 Scribus
+About ScriptãüF>4?@8<5@ G5@=>-1O;0 8;NAB@0F80 =0:&Downsample Images to:êWJ >:068 F25B>25B5Stroke Color Settingsí¯C0&2OB =0 >A=>2=8O @0AB5@:&User Guides Color:ô^jF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0*Cannot delete a color with an empty name.ÿÊîR08AB8=0 ;8 8A:0B5 40 87B@85B5 B>78 AB8;?+Do you really want to clear all your Text?©_!B8;>25...paragraph styleBÅ>:0720=5&Display CMYKåÛ(<J:20=5 =0 AB@0=8F0Import Page(s) ì .0>8A =0 B5:CI 4>:C<5=BFailed to export imageÒU<J:20=5...&Insert Special..."0~>:C<5=B8&Recent Scripts5zc"848<8 8;NAB@0F88I&mage Visible>,Å !8<2>;Select Character:Gðj00B2>@8 B5:CI8O 4>:C<5=BColor not found - python errorX">@5 :@09
+Top SidesY¡£>2 F2OB:St&roke Color:]RŠ& 540:B8@0=5 =0 F2OBEdit &Contour Line|s>:C<5=B8 Writer Documents‡WD0@0<5B@8 =0 ?5G0B0I>B> CAB@>9AB2>Character SettingsˆI#:@09=A:8: UkranianˆJ¾>4@02=O20=5 AlbanianˆKþ0 0745;8B5;=0 A?>A>1=>AB: &Relation:ˆ^Ú><>I=8 ?>;5B0Manage &Guides...‹Î>20 D>@<0Own Templates’Ð3  048CA&Grab Radius:“x&"8? D09;: File &type:—ú0?@5<5AB20=5 =0 AB@0=8F8C&hoose Pages™Datei&name: File &name:™ú 0@:8@0=8 >15:B8 NewslettersŸb30 ?@>4C:B0&About§–Ä B@078 ?@><5=8B5&Apply¨w90 Scribus&Load Extension Script...¨û^;>:&Block©5›0B2>@8&Closeª6•&2OB&Colorªcb6(@8DBJB %1 =5 5 8=AB0;8@0=.The Font %1 is not installed.¬^
+8F5:Apply &Factor°’!B@0=8F0&Large²ˆÕ
+O2>:&Left:²½z0;:8 1C:28&Lower³mÂF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0 Cannot unlink a non-text frame.³£^.%>@87>=B0;=> <0I018@0=5Horizontal Gradient´”<5:&Name:´ƒŠ!B@0=8F0&Page:¶}Š>AB02O=5&Paste¶Š¥
+5G0B&Print·T>@<0;=>&Raise¸€•B .. 4> ..&Range¸„Õ
+$>@<0&Shape¹èe 07<5@:&Size:ºŠ
+0;J:&Smallº8,>78F8O ?> X:&X-Pos»'c=AB@C<5=B8&Tools»f3"8?&Type:¼Š7?>;20=5&User:¼œZP><?@5A8@0=5 =0 B5:AB 8 25:B>@=0 3@0D8:0!Allow Cop&ying Text and GraphicsÃ4C7G8AB20=5
+CalendarsÄá7B@820=5... &Delete...ÈëÎ 07<5AB20=5&Displacement:ÉÕª7B@820=5
+Delete %1Ê8A7B@820=5...
+Delete...ÊKÎ!B8;>25...&Paragraph Styles...·ŽJ;30@A:8
+BulgarianØƾ<0;:8 1C:28 Small Capsá;ó >:068 F25B>25B5
+Stroke ColorãÕr72048 >B?@54Bring to &FrontäÂÔ(B15;O70= ;8 5 PDF-0Is PDF &Bookmarkík$>@A8@0=
+Source Code:ð’0?8H8 :0B>... Save &As...ñí~#:@09=A:8:
+8=8OLine upw!J7409 PDF-D09;Create PDF Fileñå2!J74020=5 =0 =>2 4>:C<5=B*Create a new color within the current set6ô0?8H8 B5:AB...Save &Text...C#î,=>3>:@0B=> ?>2B>@5=85Multiple DuplicateDèe0I018@0=5:&Free ScalingP™70@5640=5... &Load...Ws¾"<C:20=5 =0 ;8=88
+Insert LinesWxS(<J:20=5 =0 AB@0=8F0
+Insert Table_åµ,<J:20=5 =0 8;NAB@0F8OInsert Picturef/ÕF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0#Edit tab settings of text frame...h@ž&25B>25...
+Colors...i+n&25B>25... C& 540:B8@0=5 =0 F2OB&Reset Contour Lineoée(<J:20=5 =0 AB@0=8F0
+Insert valueyÿ%>;>=8:
+($>@<0B =0 AB@0=8F0B0Page per SheetŽ˜d !@545=Maximumí#<0;5=8 :>?8O Thumbnails‘Ñó8F528 AB@0=8F8&Facing Pages‘Ý£ 07B>O=85all instances ofŸö,$>@<0 70 B078 AB@0=8F0&Template (Left Page):¥Z8AB@81CF8O >B:&Contributors:°Ó::B?5G0B20=5 =0 B5:CI 4>:C<5=BFont not found.±¿nN81;8>B5:0 (*.scs);; A8G:8 D09;>25 (*))SVG-Images (*.svg *.svgz);;All Files (*)¹?¹4@5<5AB20=5 =0 AB@0=8F0(8)Move Page(s):»€ú72048 >B?@54Searching for Fonts¾Ãc#<0;5=8 :>?8O &Thumbnails¿Ñó7B@820=5 >B:
+Delete from:ÁºªJ2 D>=0In the &Background×Ä>0?8H8 AJ4J@60=85B> =0 87;870=5Sa&ve Contents on ChangesÉÃ'5@25=>: &Method:Ê÷Ê.%>@87>=B0;=> <0I018@0=5&Horizontal Scaling:Ì:!B0=40@B=>
+Script File:Örú ?F88 =0 <8H:0B0Scripter &Settingsä_7B@89 F25B0
+Delete ColoræÂ 0@:8@0=8 >15:B8
+Select Itemsìã,0AB@>9:8 =0 4>:C<5=B0Document Setupõ‹ !B0=40@B=>
+Script errorö 715@8 F2OB
+Select coloröŠÂ"7B@820=5 =0 2@JE
+Delete Nodesùvc*7B@820=5 =0 AB@0=8F8
+Delete PagesúQc !@54=>Middlesú²“@C38 >?F88Ad&vanced Options...üÈN57 4>:C<5=BFrom Document:ý
+ú0 ScribusAbout Scribus %1ý±a, 540:B8@0=5 =0 AB8;>25Edit Line Stylesý½³0<5=8 A:Replace it with:ñÊ !@545=MinimumíD0@0<5B@8 =0 ?5G0B0I>B> CAB@>9AB2>Hyphenator Settings
+ 4=D>@<0F8O 70 4>:C<5=B0...Document Info...îF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0'Can't set bookmark on a non-text frameg¥>4@02=O20=5A&lign=/Þ&&25B>25 =0 @0AB5@0:&Solid Colors:Aš<>1028 :J< =03;0A5=8B5 F25B>25&Add to Custom ColorsIxS7G8AB20=5C&lear]+‚&2OBC&olor]cb*7B@820=5 =0 AB@0=8F8&Selected frames`qc*5@B8:0;=> <0I018@0=5&Vertical Scaling:ièš@5<5AB20=5...Move...l^@5<5AB20=5... &Move...lƒ¾>20 D>@<0 &Template:p0J>4@02=O20=5Al&ign~ÏÞR08AB8=0 ;8 8A:0B5 40 87B@85B5 B>78 AB8;?)Do you really want to delete this Style?;Ÿ
+*3J;:Angle:„âŠ078@0=0 =0:Basqueˆ¨µ 2B>@:AuthorŒ¯b !8=L>:Bl&ue:ŽÛŠP"5:AB>2 D09; (*.txt);;A8G:8 D09;>25 (*)!PDF Files (*.pdf);;All Files (*)•À‰!:@89 @0<:8B5 Hide Frames–™³
+B:07Cancel˜I¼ A@540B0CenterœZÂ
+&2OB:Color:¦6Z&25B>25Colors¦6“ !8<2>;Create¨¸¥7B@820=5Delete¬,¥ !O=:0:
+&Endings:°dª$@5=A:8:Czech:°¹º53=0; D>@<0B
+Landscape¹Êå53=0; D>@<0B
+landscape¹êå 540:B8@0=5Editor» b00B2>@8 B5:CI8O 4>:C<5=B#Color not found in default colors.¾a¾>:C<5=B0F8OScribus - Set Macro ShortcutÇ 07<5AB20=5D&isplacement:ÉÓj >B>2>R&eloadÌ5$$!:@89 8;NAB@0F88B5 Hide Images͇³PDF-?F88
+&PDF OptionsΎ
+$09; File: Ð(À>2 F2OB New FolderÑfR&&25B>25 =0 AB@0=8F0 Page ColorsÔkã$>@A8@0=Forced։´J;30@A:8
+HungarianØÀ¾$@5=A:8:FrenchØĘ(<J:20=5 =0 AB@0=8F0Import &Page(s)...Ú²N>;>==8 ;8=88
+Column widthÛÇè5<A:8:Germanܓ~R08AB8=0 ;8 8A:0B5 40 87B@85B5 B>78 AB8;?*Do you really want to delete this Script?æ–?@C?8@0=5Group él B .. 4> .. &Language:éÏ
+><>I=8GuidesëúÃ8A>G8=0:Heightëýô&&25B>25 =0 @0AB5@0: Grid Colorsì¹ó>20 D>@<0New &from Template...üK 0?8H8Le&vel'ܼ, 540:B8@0=5 =0 AB8;>25&Edit Styles...*1 A@540B0Ledger+­Â A@540B0Letter,ºÂ@53;54Leave preview4ç( 540:B8@0=5 =0 @0<:0&Edit Shape...6(> !@545=Medium;°½!B0=40@B=>NormalV“|!:@89 @0<:8B5Reload Text from FrameX‰•
+15:BObjectY ¤ 07<5@ =0 H@8DB
+Font Namee U 07<5@ =0 H@8DB
+Font Sizeeîe>;5= @538ABJ@Scribus - Script Pluginf=>"?F88 =0 @0AB5@0: Grid Layoutf‰¤N8?A20B Postscript H@8DB>25 2 A8AB5<0B0-There are no Postscript-Fonts on your Systemg;
+?F88Optiong°^ B?5G0B09 2A8G:8 Print &Allgß,"8?T&ype:nŠ @>9 =0 :>?8OB0:Number of Columns:s™
+!:@89 @0<:8B5&Reload Text from Framev‰•A?0=A:8:Spanish (Latin)xpI !O=:0: Loading:{šP"5:AB>2 D09; (*.txt);;A8G:8 D09;>25 (*)'Postscript-Files (*.ps);;All Files (*)…?)$(8@>G8=0 =0 ;8=8O: Line Width:Œ¾Ê$&2OB =0 70?J;20=5:Fill Color SettingsŽe“N81;8>B5:0 (*.scs);; A8G:8 D09;>25 (*)&Python Scripts (*.py);; All Files (*)• 
+"J@A8Search›ˆ˜ 07<5@:Si&ze:›àŠ:B?5G0B09 A AB5?5=8 =0 A82>B>Print In Gra&yscale* !O=:0:Shade:žzŠ
+$>@<0Shape:ž†ŠP>:C<5=B8 (*.scd);; A8G:8 4>:C<5=B8 (*)'Documents (*.sla *.scd);;All Files (*) j90?8H8 :0B>...Save as &Image...¡çž!;>20H:8:Slovak£l{0;5?5=>
+&Unsorted¦±t!B8;St&yle¦à%!JAB>O=85Statusª‹Ã>;5= @538ABJ@Subset«™Ä!B8;Style:¬Š>:C<5=B 
+&Document¬ä>:C<5=B  Document¬@ä:&2OB =0 A?><030B5;=8O @0AB5@:Min&or Grid Color:¬´Z>78F8O ?> X:X-Pos:²vj57 ?@><O=0Do &Not Changeµ6*%>@87>=B0;=> >1J@=0B>Horizontal GuidesÁ43>78F8O ?> Y:Y-Pos:Âvj>:C<5=B0F8O:Other Documentation:Ÿš;>:UnlockÅ5›!B0=40@B=>S&criptʐ$!:@89 ?>;5B0B0Clip to Page &MarginsÒWƒ86 8 &2<J:=8:
+Look &in:ҝz0I018@0=5: Trac&king:Ô\Ú>:C<5=B0F8OScribus - New MacroÔ·ß(8@>G8=0:Width:ߺº, 540:B8@0=5 =0 AB8;>25 Edit StylesàR£"8?>3@0D8O TypographyíF‰
+!O=:0 CSV_headerïòB AB@0=8F0: F&rom the:ó#(!?><030B5;5= @0AB5@:M&inor Grid Spacing:ôº0&2OB =0 >A=>2=8O @0AB5@:Majo&r Grid Color:ôÈêB4>;C:Yellowü3g45=B8G=>AB Orientationþ!žOA=0 AB@0=0 Right Sides3F 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0'Cannot select text in a non-text frame3,>:068 ?><>I=8B5 ;8=88 Short Wordsž#D0@0<5B@8 =0 ?5G0B0I>B> CAB@>9AB2>&Hyphenation SuggestionsóC:B?5G0B20=5 =0 B5:CI 4>:C<5=BLine style not found
+H´V>:C<5=BJB 5 ?@><5=5= A;54 ?>A;54=8O 70?8A.&has been changed since the last save.B^&25B>28 <>45;
+Color &Modellü@C38 >?F88Printer Options w³(B15;O70= ;8 5 PDF-0 &Bookmarks!"CF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0%Cannot set font on a non-text frame.5/N&2OB =0 ;8=8O:
+&Line Color:72*¤;NAB@0F88 (*.tif *.png *.jpg *.xpm);;5:B>@=0 3@0D8:0 (*.eps);;A8G:8 D09;>25 (*)DImages (*.tif *.png *.jpg *.xpm);;Postscript (*.eps);;All Files (*)8¨i=AB@C<5=B8
+Toolti&ps:æB AB@0=8F0: Homepage<c%"8=59=> @07B>O=85Line &Spacing:>ê:&2OB =0 B5:AB:
+&Text Color:@ù:&25B>25 Color SetsA:ƒ&0@:8@0=5 =0 2A8G:> &Set AccelE |$&2OB =0 70?J;20=5:
+&Fill Color:I4º
+$09;: Text FilesIn3& 540:B8@0=5 =0 F2OB Edit ColorNúbA8G:8 2J@E>25
+Add NodesUc>:C<5=B8Text DocumentsUõCF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0Edit Contents of FrameX/Å,>:068 ?><>I=8B5 ;8=88
+&Lock GuidesX£!J4J@60=85 ContentsZÁ(@8DB>25... Fonts...[eÞ(@8DB>25...
+&Fonts...[‹ÞO20 AB@0=0 Left Sides\Ñ& 540:B8@0=5 =0 AB8; Edit Style^%=AB@C<5=B8 TooltipscµÃ>2 F2OBNew Folder %1e‘!:@89 @0<:8B5 &Text Framef,ÅB2>@8...Open...l^B2>@8... &Open...l¾( 540:B8@0=5 =0 @0<:0 &Edit ShapesSe  07<5@ =0 H@8DB: &Font Size:tæÚ
+?F88Options{!B@0=8F0(8)Page(s)} >:C<5=B0F8O:Official Documentation:€ò*J@20 ;8=8O:
+First &Line:‚~ê 07<5AB20=5: Spanish:… 0 :@0Oat End†LD>20 D>@<0Downloading TemplatesˆÌC,>:068 ?><>I=8B5 ;8=88
+Show Grid”±@02 D>@<0B portrait›t@02 D>@<0B Portrait›ƒtN0AB8=0;8 8A:0B5 40 70?8H5B5 2JEC:
+%1 ?/Do you really want to overwrite the File:
+%1 ?¸ö¯8AB@81CF8O >B:Contributions from:Âìê
+0 Qt
+About &QtÆl
+8=88 &OutlineË.õ
+SlovenianÌN7B@820=5D&eleteÌ,åF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0$Can't set style on a non-text frameÏ¥O2> >B<5AB20=5Left Ind&ent:ÑáÊ <564C:
+Bet&ween:ÝôÚ0@0<5B@8: &PropertiesâÖ£715@8...
+Browse...éJž;NAB@0F8O Pictureú¼Õ45=B8G=>ABFurther &Information ®0#?@02;5=85 =0 8;NAB@0F88Manage Tabulators•s$>@<8...T&abulators...¨î.%>@87>=B0;=> <0I018@0=5Export a range of pagesÊs @>AB> Simple Dot"ë$>AB02O=5:Placing' >2B>@5=85 D&uplicate+õe>20 D>@<0 Template: -€>2B>@5=85
+Duplicate/Óe(@8DB>25...&Display Font...5QN20;5?8 70 ?><>I=8B5 ;8=88Sna&p to Guides9ۓ&@5<5AB20=5 =0 2@JE Move NodesR0?@5<5AB20=5 =0 AB@0=8F8 Move PagesS;#:@09=A:8:Portuguese (Brazilian):Zi
+><>I=8 ?>;5B0Margin Guidesc“!:@89 ?>;5B0B0
+Hide Marginsgy(<J:20=5 =0 AB@0=8F0
+Importer:iü>AB02O=5Postersj¬Ã0?8H8 :0B>... Save as...mÙÎ><>I=8 ?>;5B0Manage Guideso‡ã >B>2>
+Read-onlyt‰:@0==8 @0<:8Display Trans&parency~1)>20 D>@<0 T&emplates:~`*@53;54&Fonts Preview...ƒOž@53;54 &PreviewŒÍw@53;54PreviewŒÏ—&2OB =0 B5:AB:Current Color Set:‚Š
+5G0BPrint: W&5G0B0I> CAB@>9AB2>PrinterZ’B3>@5:Abo&ve:‘ÜÊN81;8>B5:0 (*.scs);; A8G:8 D09;>25 (*)"Scrapbooks (*.scs);;All Files (*)šë©>AB02O=5:
+Tracking:¡¿*>20 D>@<0New From Template¨E&75<8 8;NAB@0F8O...Get Picture...­,~&75<8 8;NAB@0F8O...&Get Picture...­F~*5@B8:0;=> <0I018@0=5Vertical Gradient±×?8A0=85:Descri&ption:³nê>?8@09 BC:
+Copy Here´¦å;NAB@0F88:
+Image &Type:¹{ú.!B@0=8F8 70 >B?5G0B20=5
+Print &RangeÁµ 07<5AB20=5 ReplacementÄýt($>@<0B =0 AB@0=8F0B0 Page Set×\¤(<J:20=5 =0 AB@0=8F0Importing Pages...ÜÄÎ.%>@87>=B0;=> <0I018@0=5Horizontal scaling of imagesáƒ0I018@0=5 Scale &To Frame SizeãPe!B8; Font st&yleë»E@B?5G0B09 A F2OB, 0:> 5 2J7<>6=>Pr&int In Color If Availableíu@>3@0<8@0=5: The Programï-,<J:20=5 =0 8;NAB@0F8OClose this Bezier Curve÷ Å#:@09=A:8: Ukrainian:6š(<J:20=5 =0 AB@0=8F0Insert Page Number Ù".>:0720=5 =0 181;8>B5:0Send to S&crapbook°{(<J:20=5 =0 AB@0=8F0F&irst Page Number:Á*>20 D>@<0Removing a templatesµ>20 D>@<0Preparing a template’• @548 AB@0=8F0B0 before PageÚµ#:@09=A:8: Galician/›®72048 >B?@54Bring to FrontI'@><O=0... C&hange...I=î@><O=0... Ch&ange...IûÎ@><O=0...
+Change...MJî@><O=0... &Change...Oêî=AB@C<5=B8
+PDF Tools[³=AB@C<5=B8 P&DF Tools`³75<8 B5:AB...
+&Get Text...b·^@C38 >?F88CSV Importer OptionseB“*5@B8:0;=> <0I018@0=5Vertical scaling of imagesidÓF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0*Cannot set text fill on a non-text frame.qÓN><>I=8 ?>;5B0Manage Guides...~7þ#:@09=A:8:
+Ukrainian€^81;8>B5:0 &Scrapbook„Mû81;8>B5:0
+Scrapbook†íû !8<2>;
+Character‡ã"><>I...Scribus Online HelpŠ!@078@0=0 =0:Basque:Š‹Ê& 540:B8@0=5 =0 F2OB&Use Contour LineŒ¼U>;5B0:
+&Margins:îZ @>9 =0 :>?8OB0:&Number of Copies:’gª,!:@820=5 =0 181;8>B5:0Reading Scrapbook—|KH2B><0B8G=> @07B>O=85 <564C ;8=88B5:Automatic &Line Spacing:žuª.0>8A =0 B5:CI 4>:C<5=BSave the current color setŸ™t C@A82 Catalan:¨$Š0B2>@8 Catalogs¨1s>:C<5=B0F8O Scribus Macro Files (*.pymacro)ªý‰B AB@0=8F0:&Apply Effect on all Pages­˜cJB PathText­©”$0?8H8 :0B> PDF...&Load from File...®‰.20AB@>9:8 =0 4>:C<5=B0...Document Setup...²0^0#?@02;5=85 =0 8;NAB@0F88Manage Macros³ÖC0;5?5=> A:
+Embed in:¶$*5G0B 2J2 D09;:&ICC Profiles:»yZ&!:@89 8=AB@C<5=B8B5Hide &Console¿øÅ0<5=8 A: &ReplaceÇ%%0<5=8 A:ReplaceÇ'Å0?8H8 A530
+&Save Nowǀ÷:B?5G0B20=5 =0 B5:CI 4>:C<5=BAllow &Printing the DocumentÊ Ä 2B>@: &Author:Êôú 2B>@:Author:Êö"!J15@8 2 ?@>7>@5F&Fit in WindowÚ%Ç"!J15@8 2 ?@>7>@5FFit in WindowÚ;'!J4J@60=85C&lear ContentsâÄã.0>8A =0 B5:CI 4>:C<5=BFailed to open documentëT2!J74020=5 =0 =>2 4>:C<5=B$Cannot create layer without a name.î¦~7?@0B8 =0704Send to &Backîï›#<0;5=8 :>?8OGenerate &Thumbnailsó]ã0?8H8 B5:AB...Save as &Template...÷ª¾$@5=A:8: Fre&quency:÷Í0 Scribus AttributesýAs5G0B...
+&Print... \~5G0B... Print... v~5G0B0=5... Printing «7&5G0B0I> CAB@>9AB2>
+P&rinter: þŠ#:@09=A:8:
+Brazilian fþ,>:068 ?><>I=8B5 ;8=88Show &hidden files Ac6@09 =0 @540:B8@0=0B0 @0<:0
+&End Editing ê,>:068 ?><>I=8B5 ;8=88 Show &Grid /w”@52>40G8&Translations 2“(<J:20=5 =0 AB@0=8F0 Insert Page 5>(<J:20=5 =0 AB@0=8F0 Import done 6ó%!B0=40@B=>
+Normalize 8†e,=>3>:@0B=> ?>2B>@5=85&Multiple Duplicate DèE>2 F2OB
+New Color J¢>2 2E>4
+New Entry LY?8A0=85: Description Mgþ>2 AB8;
+New Style Zìå0I018@0=5:
+X-Sc&ale: \9ª5G0B 2J2 D09;: Profile: ]ú@>3@0<8@0=5: Programs ^ƒ3!:@89 @0<:8B5Can only link text frames. _oN7?@0B8 =0704Send to La&yer e_B*(@8DB ?> ?>4@0718@0=5Default &Font: e¢º45=B8G=>AB Information hã>B4>;C: &Bottom: k¸ª
+0 Qt About Qt laô
+Text Filters oZÓ0@0<5B@8:Hide P&roperties... pZþ0>;5<8=0 ?> ?>4@0718@0=5Default &Size: r×J
+(@8DB Use Font tє275<8 ;NAB@0F8O/"5:AB...Get Text/Picture... zV.275<8 ;NAB@0F8O/"5:AB...&Get Text/Picture... zXÎ0I018@0=5:
+S&caling: ‚±j0I018@0=5:
+&Scaling: ‚ï:!:@89 @0<:8B5Link Text Frames ‡œã0?8H8 :0B>Save As ŒtÓ0?8H8 :0B>Save as ŒvÓB AB@0=8F0:Apply from &Page: J!B8;>25...Pack paragraph styles ”Z“F 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0!Cannot have an empty layer name. •¿ž0I018@0=5:
+Y-Scal&e: —°ª"B@078 D>@<0B0...Apply Template... ˜´n>;5= @538ABJ@
+Subscript šêÄ>:C<5=B0F8OScribus - Macro Manager ¢kR!B0=40@B=>Scr&ipt ¤Ð$B .. 4> ..&Info and
+Languages «>ƒ"848<8 8;NAB@0F88
+Inaccessible ­‚µ(B20@O=5 =0 4>:C<5=BOpen a Document ®Z„45CA?5H=> AJ74020=5 =0 PDFUnable to save pixmap. µ@>R08AB8=0 ;8 8A:0B5 40 87B@85B5 B>78 AB8;?5Do you want to delete all Objects on this Layer too? »ßP"5:AB>2 D09; (*.txt);;A8G:8 D09;>25 (*) Draw (*.sxd);;All Files (*) ¿É>@5= @538ABJ@ Superscript ÀV´,<J:20=5 =0 8;NAB@0F8OInsert Bezier Curves ÀóÃ!;>20H:8:Serbian ȏ.<J:20=5...
+Insert... ÉA^<J:20=5
+Inserting Ê<J:20=5 &Inserting Ë <J:20=5... &Insert... Ëá^F 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0*Cannot change a color with an empty name. Ϟ®5:CA=0B ?5G0BBPrinting failed! Õ.0>8A =0 B5:CI 4>:C<5=B!Save the current Document as PDF Ý F5G0B0=5...N-Up Printing é‹gP>:C<5=B8 (*.scd);; A8G:8 4>:C<5=B8 (*)%PDF-Documents (*.pdf);;All Files (*) õ  >:C<5=B8OpenDocument Text Documents û¡£
+"J@A8 Search for: ÿŽÚR08AB8=0 ;8 8A:0B5 40 87B@85B5 B>78 AB8;?,Do you really want to delete this Template?
+?8A0=85: &Position:
+Sz*O20B0 AB@0=8F0 ?J@2>Left Page first
+³z J@B5=5 =0 >15:B Rotate Item
+.`=":BC0;=0 3>;5<8=0
+Actual PPI: 
+/÷°P>:C<5=B8 (*.scd);; A8G:8 4>:C<5=B8 (*)8Documents (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *scd.gz);;All Files (*)
+2™>2 4>:C<5=BScribus Document
+3öd7E>4 2J2 D09;:O&utput to File:
+6Ǻ7B@820=5 Delete &All
+8fì&0@:8@0=5 =0 2A8G:> Select &All
+;fœF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0(Cannot get a colour with an empty name.
+<_.715@8 H@8DB Select Font
+=äF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0,Cannot set text stroke on a non-text frame.
+?ç.2!J74020=5 =0 =>2 4>:C<5=B+Cannot replace a color with an empty name.
+Lþ!:@89 @0<:8B5Load Text from File
+Uȥ$B?5G0B09 >?8A0=85Print Destination
+Uö® 73;54
+List View
+eς>?85 =0 Copy of
+g·!B8;>25...Update paragraph styles
+h†c$>@A8@0= &Source:
+nÚ ?F88 =0 <8H:0B0Mouse Settings
+s”311 x 17 8=G0Tabloid
+},å>:068 ?>;5B0B0Show &Margins
+~MS:B?5G0B20=5 =0 B5:CI 4>:C<5=BPrint the current Document
+~’¤75<8 B5:AB... Get Text...
+‚·^ C@A82 Italian:
+㉻ 07<5AB20=5:Danish:
+… ú>102O=5&Append
+‡ld0 0745;8B5;=0 A?>A>1=>AB: &Rotation:
+Œ6Š>:C<5=B0F8O Scribus 
+Pú:B?5G0B20=5 =0 B5:CI 4>:C<5=BLayer not found.
+˜Iœ A@540B0&Center
+¦6³ 07B>O=85
+¬,…5G0B0=5... Printing...
+³^:&2OB =0 A?><030B5;=8O @0AB5@:Base&line Grid Color:
+·Ñú>:C<5=B0F8OS&cripter Manual...
+¹n;NAB@0F88 &Pictures:
+¾:šN81;8>B5:0 (*.scs);; A8G:8 D09;>25 (*)"Javascripts (*.js);;All Files (*)
+Ét57 ?@><O=0&Undo Object Change
+ʏÅ"<J:20=5 =0 >20;8 &Interval:
+Ëwª>4G5@B020=5 &Underline
+։”0@0<5B@8:Text Frame Properties
+ØTcF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0'Cannot get a color with an empty name.
+án42B><0B8G=0 B5:AB>20 :CB8O&Automatic Text Frames
+è¼:@53;54&Fonts Preview
+éx7@53;54Fonts Preview
+éz×@C38... Other...
+ì|n.0>8A =0 B5:CI 4>:C<5=BSave the current Document
+õ…„0I018@0=5 &Scale Picture to Frame Size
+ø1u;NAB@0F88 Directories
+ý‡sF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0*Cannot set font size on a non-text frame.
+ýãž">G:8 (BG.) Points (pt) —9<J:20=5...&Insert œ´<J:20=5...&Invert Ì´>:0720=5Display
+rÉ.!B@0=8F8 70 >B?5G0B20=5Print Current Pa&ge â•P><?@5A8@0=5 =0 B5:AB 8 25:B>@=0 3@0D8:0#Compress Text and &Vector Graphics rƒ!B0=40@B=>
+&New Script: Î*P"5:AB>2 D09; (*.txt);;A8G:8 D09;>25 (*)!Text Files (*.txt);;All Files(*) "±YA=>25= @0AB5@:Ma&jor Grid Spacing: (z"<C:20=5 =0 ;8=88 Dashed Line /§¥
+8=8O&Lines: 0LJ !@545=&Medium ;°7B@89 F25B0Save all macros A”2@><O=0 =0 B5:AB>20 @0<:0"&Exit Without Updating Text Frame B µ2@><O=0 =0 B5:AB>20 @0<:0!Exit Without Updating Text Frame B>µ715@8 F2OBSelect a Directory EÔ942B><0B8G=0 B5:AB>20 :CB8O
+Automatic cÂ3
+8=88&Online e0e=AB@C<5=B8Totals: jƒ:*!:@89 ?><>I=8B5 ;8=88Baseline &Grid: lCŠ @C38:&Owner: nLz2!J74020=5 =0 =>2 4>:C<5=BCreate a new Document n”t>?85 =0  Copy of %1 q$ñWindowsWindows port: sßÊ%>@87>=B0;=>P&roportional wCL >B>2> Read: %1 wÇ"B@078 D>@<0B0...&Apply Template... x´n"8=59=> @07B>O=85L&ine Spacing: }•ê
+&Quality: ƒ J>;5= @538ABJ@Scribus - Scripter Preferences …ÂÃ'5@25=>:&Remove ŒFå OA=>:&Right: ßZ><>I...Online-Help... “t~
+"J@A8&Search ›ˆ¸ !O=:0:&Shade: žzª@02 D>@<0B Postscript  Ô>2 F2OB&Save Color Set £:&0@:8@0=5 =0 2A8G:> Select All £Ü &0@:8@0=5 =0 2A8G:> Select all £ü !B0=40@B=>
+S&ecurity ¬åy>20 D>@<0&Theme: ®Ãª 540:B8@0=5 &Edit... °s®$09;&Title: °²ª>78F8O ?> X:&X-Pos: ²vJ>78F8O ?> Y:&Y-Pos: ÂvJ D5:B8 &Effects ̸ D5:B8Effect: ̺: D5:B8Effects ̺ó OA=>: Ri&ghts: Íþê>;5= :@09
+Bottom Sides ÏA“F 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0-Cannot set line spacing on a non-text frame. ÑúN0#?@02;5=85 =0 8;NAB@0F88&Manage Pictures Ô#2>5= C40@ Stri&keout Ô-D"@>9 :>?8O Number of Rows: Õzú0#?@02;5=85 =0 8;NAB@0F88Manage Pictures Öî#(8@>G8=0:&Width: ߺš:B?5G0B20=5 =0 B5:CI 4>:C<5=BLine style of current object ë¸?8A0=85: D&irection: ì6šPDF 0=>B0F8OIs PDF A&nnotation îŽ5G0B 2J2 D09;:Apply &ICC Profiles ü¬Ó45=B8G=>ABOrie&ntation: ™7B@89 F25B0Delete all Tabulators MÃ(5@B8:0;=8 8=B5@20;8Vertical Spaces ²ã75<8 B5:AB...Append &Text... [Î;>:Un&lock
+5Ë>:C<5=B  &Documents: îÊ045=>AB8...P&references... Û~ 07<5AB20=5Element ,<07>28 F25B>25&Basic colors .Éã,5@B8:0;=> 87<5AB20=5:&Vertical Shift: 3ÖZD0@0<5B@8 =0 ?5G0B0I>B> CAB@>9AB2>En&able Presentation Effects =êã$>=:
+&Background: >Þj;NAB@0F8O &Edit Picture Aºõ!;54 AB@0=8F0B0 after Page Cu,>:068 ?><>I=8B5 ;8=88
+Show G&uides D“ƒ8!J74020=5 =0 B5:AB>28 2@J7:8Create filter E°ò!:@89 @0<:8B5Unlink Text Frames Gœã 073@C?8@0=5 &Ungroup N”pF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B02Cannot set number of columns on a non-text frame. Sñ!J2<5AB8<>AB:Compatibilit&y: Xˆ*
+!O=:0 &Unshade Yå
+!O=:0Unshade Yçõ078@0=0 =0: &Basepoint: _ê20AB@>9:8 =0 4>:C<5=B0...Document &Setup... _¸Þ2@><O=0 =0 B5:AB>20 @0<:0Update Text Frame dBE7B@89 F25B0Delete color: hüj"03;0A5=8 F25B>25&Custom colors p¡Ã078@0=0 =0: Basepoint: qê"<C:20=5 =0 ;8=88Insert Freehand Line t> ABJ?:8: &Stepping: t^
+@5<5AB8 BC:
+Move Here t¸å#:@09=A:8:Portuguese (Brazilian) u¦™
+8F5: &Factor: z´úB AB@0=8F0:Apply to &Current Page zÉ%>:C<5=B0F8OScribus &Manual... íþ0I018@0=5:
+Sc&aling: ‚½ú!;>20H:8: Serbian: ˆóŠ5@B8:0;=> Vertical šü¼ 07<5AB20=5Dis&placement Ÿí47B@820=5 Delete All £ì @02 D>@<0BPostScript Level &1 ¦±@02 D>@<0BPostScript Level &2 ¦²@02 D>@<0BPostScript Level &3 ¦³&1I8 H@8DB>28 >?F88Global Font Settings §ûÃ@C38 >?F88' Writer Importer Options ¯{“
+&Outlines ²ï£ 2B>@8 Autosave ¶œE B2J=:
+O&utside: ¹«Z B2J=:
+&Outside: ¹Ñê ?F88 =0 <8H:0B0
+&Settings ºïs ?F88 =0 <8H:0B0 Settings »s <564C:
+&Between: ½’š!;>20H:8: Slovenian: ÁUz.0>8A =0 B5:CI 4>:C<5=BSave changes and close ÁÞU0?8H8 :0B>Save as Image ÄA4@5<5AB20=5 =0 AB@0=8F0(8) Co&verage: ÌÜZ00B2>@8 B5:CI8O 4>:C<5=BColor not found in document. ֚.=D>@<0F8O 70 4>:C<5=B0Document Information Ü£Þ045=>AB8 Preferences ÝÂ>:C<5=B0F8OScribus Crash âq*(@8DB ?> ?>4@0718@0=5&Default Unit: èÚêB .. 4> .. Lan&guage: îUŠ* 07?@545;8 =57028A8<>Distribute E&venly ðÉù0<5=8 A:
+Replace &All þÖ\$>@<8...
+ڎ&5G0B0I> CAB@>9AB2>
+&Wheel Jump:
+ oŠ(B15;O70= ;8 5 PDF-0&Include Bookmarks
+ŒSF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0*Cannot delete text from a non-text frame.
+WÞ 07<5AB20=5Di&splacement
+'4>20 D>@<0Save as Template
+,åÅB@078 D>@<0B0Import Template
+0EB@078 D>@<0B0Apply Template
+CNj(5@B8:0;=8 8=B5@20;8Vertical Guides
+D1ã@><O=0... Cha&nge...
+Iÿ>B AB@0=8F0:Apply to all &even Pages
+L¤ó !@545=
+PºD0@0<5B@8 =0 ?5G0B0I>B> CAB@>9AB2>PDF Presentations
+RòS>:C<5=B0F8OScribus - Rename Macro
+`êÏ.JB 4> D09;0 A H@8DB>25Path to Font File
+c%528 AB@0=8F8
+Left Page
+(@8DB F&ormat:
+i<ú045=>AB8Reading Preferences
+lr>2 4>:C<5=BSave &Document
+m($>@<0B =0 AB@0=8F0B0
+Page Size
+u×uF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0(Cannot get text size of non-text frame.
+‰PJ;30@A:8 Hungarian:
+ŒIúJ;30@A:8 Bulgarian:
+Œl:B>:068 =5 ?5G0B05<>B> ?>;5 2 F2OB*Display &Unprintable Area in Margin Color
+·³8F528 AB@0=8F8
+Facing Pages
+‘݃(JAB0=>28 >B 70?8A0=Re&vert to Saved
+•l4^Ghostscript : O<0 2J7<>6=>AB 70 EPS-;NAB@0F88(Ghostscript : You cannot use EPS Images
+›=“75<8 B5:AB...&Append Text...
+£Þ*!:@89 ?><>I=8B5 ;8=88Adjust to Baseline &Grid
+°À”&"5:AB >:>;> :CB8OB0Text &Flows Around Frame
+µt4 07?5@545;5=> ?>4@02=O20=5Distribute/Align
+ÄÈ<1I8 &General
+É8Z715@8 F2OB&Export to Directory:
+ÉEú 2B>@8 A&uthors
+Êò£$ JG5=> <564C1C:285Manual Tracking
+Ϫw>:C<5=B8:&Recent Documents:
+F 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0+Cannot set column gap on a non-text frame.
+ëA^ !@545=
+ð:"<C:20=5 =0 ;8=88Insert PDF Fields
+ú³ó 07<5AB20=5Icon Placement
+üi„2!J74020=5 =0 =>2 4>:C<5=B*Cannot create a color with an empty name.
+ÿÈ^$0B0;=0 3@5H:0 Fatal ErrorWindows &Windows´S5G0B 2J2 D09;:Input Profile: ¢úD>:068 AB@0=8F8B5 AB@0=0 ?> AB@0=0Display Pages &Side by Side%=µ715@8 H@8DBSelect New Font/ Ô@C38 >?F88Advanced Options7IÃ:0?8H8 AB@0=8F0B0 :0B> EPS...Save Page as &SVG...;WÎ0 Scribus&About Scribus>=30 ScribusAbout Scribus>?Ó7E>4 2J2 D09;:Output &Intended For:Bfš"?F88 =0 ?@8=B5@0Setup PrinterE˜Â
+$09;: HTML FilesH;Ó$&2OB =0 70?J;20=5: Fill ColorN“BP>:C<5=B8 (*.scd);; A8G:8 4>:C<5=B8 (*)"SVG-Images (*.svg);;All Files (*)Plù!B@0=8F0 &All PagesTÕã"<C:20=5 =0 ;8=88 Cell LinesVxã
+!O=:0 Fill Shade]7…PDF 0=>B0F8OInsert PDF Annotations_ä#!B@0=8F0 &All itemsrc75<8 B5:AB...
+Edit^>4@02=O20=5 &Alignment:yGŠ !O=:0:
+S&hading:z±j !O=:0:
+&Shading:zï:0@0<5B@8:Show P&roperties...|ºî2@><O=0 =0 B5:AB>20 @0<:0&Update Text Frame„BE>;>==8 ;8=88Column Guidesˆ>ƒ D5:B8Effect T&ype:¢¼ª2!J74020=5 =0 =>2 4>:C<5=B<qt>Create a new macro.</qt>£æ ;8F520B0 G0ABIn the Fore&ground¦zÔ8A>G8=0: &Height:¿ÝÚ8A>G8=0:Height:¿ß:*7B@820=5 =0 AB@0=8F8Create Page(s)ÅÜ©,<J:20=5 =0 8;NAB@0F8O&Bezier CurveÇÆ%D0@0<5B@8 =0 ?5G0B0I>B> CAB@>9AB2>&PresentationÐgþ.=D>@<0F8O 70 4>:C<5=B0Document &Information...Ñ&N$0?8H8 :0B> PDF...Save as P&DF...ÞmÞ$>=:&Background...ލ>>@<0;5= ?5G0BPrint &Normalæå (B20@O=5 =0 4>:C<5=B
+Open &Recentí\t$(8@>G8=0 =0 ;8=8O:
+Line &Width:ïýš8 07?@545;5=> ?>4@02=O20=5...Distribute/&Align...ñ¢n 07B>O=85Distance of Text‹$>20 D>@<0
+New Template ½!J7409 PDF-D09;Create New Folder íÒ:0?8H8 AB@0=8F0B0 :0B> EPS...Save Page as &EPS...—Î D5:B8
+Font Effectsìó5G0B 2J2 D09;:Symlink to File$ÚU@>AB B5:AB&Insert Sample Text)TO2> >B<5AB20=5
+Identi&fier:69ú>:068 @0<:8B5
+Show &FramesG*ã.B?5G0B09 F25B>>B45;5=>Print &SeparationsJG³8;8<5B@8 (<<)Millimetres (mm)TxI"8=59=> @07B>O=85
+Line SpacingWÙ5A:8 AB@0=8F8 Right Page`è7;57 =5728A8<>&Leave AnywayoÙ, 540:B8@0=5 =0 D>@<8B5Edit TemplatestÔÓ4<J:20=5 =0 B5:AB>20 :CB8OInsert Text FramexsN0AB8=0;8 8A:0B5 40 70?8H5B5 2JEC:
+%1 ?Can't write the File:
+%1{A&>:068 8;NAB@0F88B5
+Show &Images|ãF 540:B8@0=5 =0 ?@><5=8B5 =0 @0<:0B0-Cannot convert a non-text frame to outlines.€mÎB AB@0=8F0:Apply to all &odd Pages‡É357 ?@><O=0&Do Not Change‹0>20 D>@<0Installing Templates‘Xc>:068 <5@:8B5Do measurements˜„c2!J74020=5 =0 =>2 4>:C<5=BCannot render an empty sample.¥X®;NAB@0F88 Pictures«Í£>:C<5=B0F8OScribus Manual¹Â¼0<5=8 A:Replace with:»-z0 Scribus&About Script...ï>,$>@<0 70 B078 AB@0=8F0Template (Right Page):ÅÊ, 07<0@:8@0=5 =0 2A8G:>Yes allÅh|2?0@0<5B@8 =0 CAB@>9AB2>B>Image Settingsǔs.!B@0=8F8 70 >B?5G0B20=5&Current pageËÿu>:C<5=B0F8OScribus - Manage MacrosÏSÓ8!J74020=5 =0 B5:AB>28 2@J7:8
+Created withÏx45=B8G=>AB
+Orientation:âJ>4@02=O20=5 &Alignmentç”t0@5640=5...&Load Source ...ð&ž2<J:20=5 =0 ?@02>J3J;=8F8&Insert Special÷",=======
# translation of scribus.eo.po to Italiano
# translation of scribus.eo1.po to esperanto
# translation of scribus.po to esperanto
@@ -7332,3 +7825,4 @@
#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "Brazilian Portuguese"
#~ msgstr "Portugala"
+>>>>>>> 1.13
Index: Scribus/scribus/story.cpp
--- Scribus/scribus/story.cpp (revision 2319)
+++ Scribus/scribus/story.cpp (revision 2320)
@@ -169,8 +169,10 @@
connect(QApplication::clipboard(), SIGNAL(selectionChanged()), this, SLOT(SelClipChange()));
void SEditor::imEndEvent(QIMEvent *e)
+ qDebug(QString("imEnd '%1'").arg(e->text()));
QString uc = e->text();
if ((uc != "") && ((*doc->AllFonts)[CurrFont]->CharWidth.contains(uc[0].unicode())))
@@ -178,11 +180,13 @@
emit SideBarUp(true);
emit SideBarUpdate();
- }
+ }
void SEditor::keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *k)
+ qDebug(QString("keyPress '%1'").arg(k->text()));
emit SideBarUp(false);
int p, i;
getCursorPosition(&p, &i);
@@ -1766,7 +1770,10 @@
result = 0;
QTextCodec * cdc;
cdc = QTextCodec::codecForCStrings();
+ qDebug(QString("codec for cstrings %1\n").arg(cdc ? cdc->name() : "0"));
cdc = QTextCodec::codecForLocale();
+ qDebug(QString("codec for locale %1\n").arg(cdc ? cdc->name() : "0"));
+ qDebug(QString("locale %1\n").arg(QTextCodec::locale()));
1,3 → 1,6
[Desktop Entry]
128,6 → 128,7
setInputMethodEnabled( true );
} // ScribusApp::ScribusApp()
1084,8 → 1085,78
void ScribusApp::imStartEvent( QIMEvent *e )
if ( isReadOnly() ) {
if (currItem->HasSel)
preeditStart = cursor->index();
void ScribusApp::imComposeEvent( QIMEvent *e )
qDebug(QString("app::imCompose '%1'").arg(e->text()));
/* if ( isReadOnly() ) {
doc->removeSelection( QTextDocument::IMCompositionText );
doc->removeSelection( QTextDocument::IMSelectionText );
if ( d->preeditLength > 0 && cursor->paragraph() )
cursor->paragraph()->remove( d->preeditStart, d->preeditLength );
cursor->setIndex( d->preeditStart );
insert( e->text() );
d->preeditLength = e->text().length();
cursor->setIndex( d->preeditStart + d->preeditLength );
QTextCursor c = *cursor;
cursor->setIndex( d->preeditStart );
doc->setSelectionStart( QTextDocument::IMCompositionText, *cursor );
doc->setSelectionEnd( QTextDocument::IMCompositionText, c );
cursor->setIndex( d->preeditStart + e->cursorPos() );
int sellen = e->selectionLength();
if ( sellen > 0 ) {
cursor->setIndex( d->preeditStart + e->cursorPos() + sellen );
c = *cursor;
cursor->setIndex( d->preeditStart + e->cursorPos() );
doc->setSelectionStart( QTextDocument::IMSelectionText, *cursor );
doc->setSelectionEnd( QTextDocument::IMSelectionText, c );
cursor->setIndex( d->preeditStart + d->preeditLength );
void ScribusApp::imEndEvent(QIMEvent *e)
qDebug(QString("app::imEnd '%1'").arg(e->text()));
QKeyEvent k(QEvent::KeyPress, 0, 0, 0, e->text());
keyPressEvent( &k );
void ScribusApp::keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *k)
qDebug(QString("app::keypress '%1'").arg(k->text()));
QWidgetList windows;
QWidget* w = NULL;
struct Pti *hg;
116,6 → 116,9
bool atf, bool fp, int einh, bool firstleft, int Ori, int SNr, QString pagesize);
bool DoFileSave(QString fn);
void closeEvent(QCloseEvent *ce);
void imStartEvent(QIMEvent *e);
void imComposeEvent(QIMEvent *e);
void imEndEvent(QIMEvent *e);
void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *k);
void wheelEvent(QWheelEvent *w);
void DeleteSel(PageItem *b);