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Changes since 1.2.3
Changes since 1.2.4
Scribus - 1.2.4
Scribus - 1.2.5cvs
- 0004002: [Translation] Spanish Translation Update (1.2.5) (plinnell)
- 0004006: [Translation] Ukrainian translation update for the upcoming 1.2.5 release (plinnell)
- 0003982: [Translation] Finnish translation update (Tsoots)
- 0003963: [Translation] Polish translation update for 1.2.5 (plinnell)
- 0003960: [Translation] Updated German translation for 1.2.5 (plinnell)
- 0003959: [Translation] Danish Translation (plinnell)
- 0003962: [Translation] Galician Translate Update for 1.2.5 (plinnell)
- 0003882: [Import / Export] Backport Franz's RGB and Transparency fix into 1.2.5 (plinnell)
- 0003833: [Plug-ins] Add Icelandic hyphenator (plinnell)
- 0003770: [Translation] Updated Danish Translation (cbradney)
- 0003620: [Documentation] Broken menu.xml for German docs (plinnell)
- 0003665: [Translation] Updated Danish Translation (plinnell)
- 0003628: [Translation] translation update for 1.2.5 (plinnell)
- 0003620: [Documentation] Broken menu.xml for German docs (plinnel
- 0003585: [User Interface] Backport the dockable tool bars from 1.3.3 to 1.2.x (Tsoots)
- 0003551: [General] Scribus becoming painfully slow even without a single text frame in the doc (jghali)
- 0003537: [General] seemingly corrupt .sla file does not open in stable (fschmid)
- 0003509: [Build System] Move the docs to FHS compliant location (cbradney)
- 0003486: [Usability] Splash Screen Displays in all Windows (cbradney)
- 0003463: [Translation] Japanese Translation FIle for Scribus 1.2.3 (cbradney)
- 0003181: [Import / Export] Exporting a PDF with a gradient in a text frame causes "Incorrect Shading Error" in Acrobat 5.x+ (fschmid)
- 0002934: [Fonts] add fontconfig support for 1.2.X (ringerc)
- 0001659: [Documentation] Editing overlapping frames is very challenging because when selected, a frame retains its stacking order (plinnell)
- 0002060: [Scripter] Test all 1.2.x sample scripts and fix/toss as appropriate (plinnell)
- 0000221: [Story Editor / Text Frames] selecting text in a multi-column text is a chore (cbradney)
- 0003017: [Usability] Canvas Mode: SHIFT + mouseclick doesn't work as text selection tool (cbradney)
- 0002993: [Styles] Convert to Masterpage always suggests "New Masterpage" as name for a masterpage (cbradney)
- 0000952: [Documentation] Need a brief doc of what tags the HTML importer can handle (plinnell)
Scribus -
- 0002962: [Internal] Fix dlopen issue on Suse 10.0 (ringerc)
Scribus - 1.2.4cvs
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dnl Automake doc recommends to do this only here. (Janos)
dnl Add the libs and includes from --with-extra-libs and --with-extra-includes
1,6 → 1,6
This is Scribus Version 1.2.5cvs
This is Scribus Version 1.2.5
New in 1.2.5cvs is fontconfig support on Linux. Scribus uses fontconfig to
New in 1.2.5 is fontconfig support on Linux. Scribus uses fontconfig to
discover the available fonts on your system. This is a new feature and should
require any change to the way you use Scribus. New fonts added to $home/.fonts
should automatically be detected when re-starting Scribus. The recommended
41,10 → 41,10
LC_ALL, LC_MESSAGES, LANG, Qt locale, OR the command line option
of -l/--lang <lang> is set correctly.
The new EPS/PS import feature in 1.2.x uses advanced features of Ghostscript.
The EPS/PS import feature in 1.2.x uses advanced features of Ghostscript.
We recommend ALL users update to the newest version of Ghostscript available
for your distro. There are detailed hints on for installing
GS 8.x in parallel to the GS installed by your distro.
GS 8.5x in parallel to the GS installed by your distro.
If you have a 64-bit version of Qt, sometimes ./configure will not detect the
89,7 → 89,7
They are in the "Recommends" and will be installed by all sensible apt
For SuSE 9.x/10.0 Users:
For SuSE 9.x/10.x Users:
- On Suse 10.0, there is an issue with adding additional font paths in that the
font path name is short one character in the font path settings file located in
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Franz Schmid
Peter Linnell
June 2006
July 2006
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