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Download the latest qt 4.3 snapshot for windows and unpack it to C:\Developer .
Don't get the "all" snapshot, it lacks configure.exe and can't easily be built
on Windows.
Start a command line and import your Visual Studio environment:
now cd to C:\Developer\Qt-win-whatever and run configure:
configure -debug-and-release -fast -no-qt3support -platform win32-msvc2005
and nmake.
download the sources from from and unpack.
Use the directory name 'zlib' (just 'zlib') since libpng
relies on this.
download the sources from from and unpack to your main
libraries directory. Rename the unpacked sources directory to "zlib".
libpng relies on this.
Don't bother building it. libpng will do that for us.
[TODO: use Qt zlib]
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open projects\visualc71\libpng.sln
build all
build "Release DLL"
build "Debug DLL"
If you build libpng and zlib with Visual Studio 8, you will
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[TODO: use Qt libpng]
Get jpeg sources setup from gnuwin32. Install.
In %GNUWIN32%\src\jpeg\6b\jpeg-6b-src:
Get jpeg sources from . Unpack to your libraries directory.
Now, in a command prompt:
copy Makefile
copy jconfig.h
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CMake doesn't find zlib; you have to tell it it's zlib1 by modifying FindZLIB.cmake