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## Status
This file is geared toward the Scribus github repository which serves as a mirror for the Scribus Subversion repository `svn://`. The Scribus development team prefer svn over git. This mirror is updated manually.
Complex text layout features available right now:
- support RTL languages (Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hebrew).
- support Bi-directional text.
- support Indic Scripts and Languages.
- support more than 500 languages.
- support OpenType Font Features.
- allow customization of hyphenation character
- add ability to link selected text frames directly
- Loading and render long docs are faster.
## Contributing
For Bugs and patches: please send them to the [Scribus Bugtracker]( to be evaluated. If you do send a PR here, someone will either ask you to do the same or submit the PR as a patch to the bugtracker for you.