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#include <qmap.h>
#include "langlist.h"
insert("bg", "Bulgarian");
insert("br", "Brazilian");
insert("ca", "Catalan");
insert("cs", "Czech");
insert("cs_CZ", "Czech");
insert("cy", "Welsh");
insert("da", "Danish");
insert("da_DK", "Danish");
insert("de", "German");
insert("en_GB", "British English");
insert("es", "Spanish");
insert("es_LA", "Latin Spanish");
insert("eu", "Basque");
insert("fi", "Finnish");
insert("fr", "French");
insert("galician", "Galician");
insert("gl", "Galician");
insert("hu", "Hungarian");
insert("id", "Indonesian");
insert("it", "Italian");
insert("ko", "Korean");
insert("lt", "Lithuanian");
insert("lt_LT", "Lithuanian");
insert("nb", "Norwegian (Bokmaal)");
insert("nb_NO", "Norwegian (Bokmaal)");
insert("nl", "Dutch");
insert("nn", "Norwegian (Nnyorsk)");
insert("nn_NO", "Norwegian (Nnyorsk)");
insert("no", "Norwegian");
insert("no_NO", "Norwegian");
insert("pl", "Polish");
insert("pl_PL", "Polish");
insert("ru", "Russian");
insert("se", "Swedish");
insert("si", "Spanish");
insert("sk", "Slovak");
insert("sl", "Slovenian");
insert("tr", "Turkish");
insert("tr_TR", "Turkish");
insert("uk", "Ukranian");
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