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For general Scribus (>=1.3.2) copyright and licensing information please refer
to the COPYING file provided with the program. Following this notice may exist
a copyright and/or license notice that predates the release of Scribus 1.3.2
for which a new license (GPL+exception) is in place.
#include <QString>
#include <QTextStream>
#include <QSizeF>
#include <QBuffer>
#include <QColor>
#include <QBrush>
#include <QPen>
#include <QImage>
#include <QList>
#include <QTransform>
#include <QStack>
#include <QDebug>
#include "fpointarray.h"
#include "pageitem.h"
#include "scribusdoc.h"
#include "selection.h"
#include "vgradient.h"
#include <goo/gtypes.h>
#include <Object.h>
#include <OutputDev.h>
#include <Gfx.h>
#include <GfxState.h>
#include <Stream.h>
#include <GfxFont.h>
#include <PDFDoc.h>
#include <Error.h>
#include <Page.h>
#include <Catalog.h>
#include <CharCodeToUnicode.h>
#include <FontEncodingTables.h>
#include <fofi/FoFiTrueType.h>
#include <splash/SplashFontFileID.h>
#include <splash/SplashFontFile.h>
#include <splash/SplashFontEngine.h>
#include <splash/SplashFont.h>
#include <splash/SplashMath.h>
#include <splash/SplashPath.h>
#include <splash/SplashGlyphBitmap.h>
// SplashOutFontFileID
class SplashOutFontFileID: public SplashFontFileID
SplashOutFontFileID(Ref *rA) { r = *rA; }
~SplashOutFontFileID() {}
GBool matches(SplashFontFileID *id)
return ((SplashOutFontFileID *)id)->r.num == r.num && ((SplashOutFontFileID *)id)->r.gen == r.gen;
Ref r;
class SlaOutputDev : public OutputDev
SlaOutputDev(ScribusDoc* doc, QList<PageItem*> *Elements, QStringList *importedColors, int flags);
virtual ~SlaOutputDev();
void startDoc(XRef *xrefA, Catalog *catA);
GBool isOk() { return gTrue; }
virtual GBool upsideDown() { return gTrue; }
virtual GBool useDrawChar() { return gTrue; }
virtual GBool interpretType3Chars() { return gTrue; }
virtual GBool useTilingPatternFill() { return gTrue; }
virtual GBool useShadedFills(int type) { return type <= 7; }
virtual GBool useFillColorStop() { return gTrue; }
virtual void startPage(int pageNum, GfxState *state);
virtual void endPage();
// grapics state
virtual void saveState(GfxState *state);
virtual void restoreState(GfxState *state);
//----- path painting
virtual void stroke(GfxState *state);
virtual void fill(GfxState *state);
virtual void eoFill(GfxState *state);
virtual void clipToStrokePath(GfxState *state) { qDebug() << "clip to stroke path"; }
virtual GBool tilingPatternFill(GfxState *state, Catalog *cat, Object *str, double *pmat, int paintType, Dict *resDict,
double *mat, double *bbox, int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1, double xStep, double yStep);
virtual GBool axialShadedFill(GfxState *state, GfxAxialShading *shading, double tMin, double tMax);
virtual GBool axialShadedSupportExtend(GfxState *state, GfxAxialShading *shading) { return (shading->getExtend0() == shading->getExtend1()); }
virtual GBool radialShadedFill(GfxState *state, GfxRadialShading *shading, double sMin, double sMax);
virtual GBool radialShadedSupportExtend(GfxState *state, GfxRadialShading *shading) { return (shading->getExtend0() == shading->getExtend1()); }
virtual GBool gouraudTriangleShadedFill(GfxState *state, GfxGouraudTriangleShading *shading) { qDebug() << "triangle shaded fill"; return gTrue; }
virtual GBool patchMeshShadedFill(GfxState *state, GfxPatchMeshShading *shading);
//----- path clipping
virtual void clip(GfxState *state);
virtual void eoClip(GfxState *state);
//----- text drawing
virtual void beginTextObject(GfxState *state);
virtual GBool deviceHasTextClip(GfxState *state) { return gFalse; }
virtual void endTextObject(GfxState *state);
virtual void drawChar(GfxState *state, double /*x*/, double /*y*/, double /*dx*/, double /*dy*/, double /*originX*/, double /*originY*/, CharCode /*code*/, int /*nBytes*/, Unicode * /*u*/, int /*uLen*/);
// If current colorspace is pattern,
// does this device support text in pattern colorspace?
virtual GBool supportTextCSPattern(GfxState *state) {
return state->getFillColorSpace()->getMode() == csPattern; }
// If current colorspace is pattern,
// need this device special handling for masks in pattern colorspace?
virtual GBool fillMaskCSPattern(GfxState * state) {
return state->getFillColorSpace()->getMode() == csPattern; }
virtual void endMaskClip(GfxState *state) { qDebug() << "End Mask Clip"; }
//----- grouping operators
virtual void beginMarkedContent(char *name, Dict *properties);
virtual void endMarkedContent(GfxState *state);
//----- image drawing
virtual void drawImageMask(GfxState *state, Object *ref, Stream *str,
int width, int height, GBool invert, GBool interpolate,
GBool inlineImg) { qDebug() << "Draw Image Mask"; }
virtual void drawImage(GfxState *state, Object *ref, Stream *str, int width, int height, GfxImageColorMap *colorMap, GBool interpolate, int *maskColors, GBool inlineImg);
virtual void drawSoftMaskedImage(GfxState *state, Object *ref, Stream *str,
int width, int height,
GfxImageColorMap *colorMap,
GBool interpolate,
Stream *maskStr,
int maskWidth, int maskHeight,
GfxImageColorMap *maskColorMap,
GBool maskInterpolate);
virtual void drawMaskedImage(GfxState *state, Object *ref, Stream *str,
int width, int height,
GfxImageColorMap *colorMap,
GBool interpolate,
Stream *maskStr,
int maskWidth, int maskHeight,
GBool maskInvert, GBool maskInterpolate) { qDebug() << "Draw Masked Image"; }
//----- transparency groups and soft masks
virtual void beginTransparencyGroup(GfxState *state, double *bbox, GfxColorSpace * /*blendingColorSpace*/, GBool /*isolated*/, GBool /*knockout*/, GBool /*forSoftMask*/);
virtual void paintTransparencyGroup(GfxState *state, double *bbox) {}
virtual void endTransparencyGroup(GfxState *state);
virtual void setSoftMask(GfxState * /*state*/, double * /*bbox*/, GBool /*alpha*/, Function * /*transferFunc*/, GfxColor * /*backdropColor*/);
virtual void clearSoftMask(GfxState * /*state*/);
virtual void updateFillColor(GfxState *state);
virtual void updateFont(GfxState *state);
void getPenState(GfxState *state);
QString getColor(GfxColorSpace *color_space, GfxColor *color);
QString convertPath(GfxPath *path);
int getBlendMode(GfxState *state);
bool pathIsClosed;
bool firstLayer;
QString CurrColorFill;
QString CurrColorStroke;
Qt::PenCapStyle PLineEnd;
Qt::PenJoinStyle PLineJoin;
QVector<double> DashValues;
double DashOffset;
QString Coords;
struct clipEntry
PageItem* ClipItem;
FPointArray ClipCoords;
int grStackDepth;
QStack<clipEntry> m_clipStack;
struct groupEntry
QList<PageItem*> Items;
GBool forSoftMask;
GBool alpha;
QString maskName;
QStack<groupEntry> m_groupStack;
QString m_currentMask;
ScribusDoc* m_doc;
Selection* tmpSel;
QList<PageItem*> *m_Elements;
QStringList *m_importedColors;
QTransform m_ctm;
int grStackDepth;
int layerNum;
int currentLayer;
int importerFlags;
bool firstPage;
int pagecount;
XRef *xref; // xref table for current document
Catalog *catalog;
SplashFontEngine *m_fontEngine;
SplashFont *m_font;