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#include <QDialog>
#include <QMap>
//Added by qt3to4:
#include <Q3VBoxLayout>
#include <Q3HBoxLayout>
#include "ui_smstyleimport.h"
#include "scribusapi.h"
#include "styles/styleset.h"
#include "scribusstructs.h"
class QWidget;
class Q3ListView;
class QPushButton;
class Q3CheckListItem;
class Q3VBoxLayout;
class Q3HBoxLayout;
class ParagraphStyle;
class Q3ButtonGroup;
class QRadioButton;
class SCRIBUS_API ImportDialog : public QDialog
/*! \brief Import styles from outer sla document.
User can choose what to import and what to do with the style
names here.
class SCRIBUS_API SMStyleImport : public QDialog, public Ui::SMStyleImport
ImportDialog(QWidget* parent,
StyleSet<ParagraphStyle> *pstyleList,
StyleSet<CharStyle> *cstyleList,
QMap<QString, multiLine> *lstyleList);
~ImportDialog() {};
SMStyleImport(QWidget* parent,
StyleSet<ParagraphStyle> *pstyleList,
StyleSet<CharStyle> *cstyleList,
QMap<QString, multiLine> *lstyleList);
~SMStyleImport() {};
QMap<Q3CheckListItem*, QString> storedStyles;
QMap<Q3CheckListItem*, QString> storedCharStyles;
QMap<Q3CheckListItem*, QString> storedLineStyles;
//! \brief True if the rename feature is ON.
bool clashRename();
QStringList paragraphStyles();
QStringList characterStyles();
QStringList lineStyles();
bool clashRename();
//! \brief Root items in the styleWidget
QTreeWidgetItem * pstyleItem;
QTreeWidgetItem * cstyleItem;
QTreeWidgetItem * lstyleItem;
Q3ListView* StyleView;
QPushButton* OkButton;
QPushButton* CancelButton;
/*! \brief Following constants are used as flags for searching.
Soemthing like: give me all character style related items from
the list. See commonStyles() for more info.
static const int cType = QTreeWidgetItem::UserType;
static const int pType = QTreeWidgetItem::UserType + 1;
static const int lType = QTreeWidgetItem::UserType + 2;
Q3VBoxLayout *ChooseStylesLayout;
Q3HBoxLayout *layout2;
Q3ButtonGroup *clashBox;
QRadioButton *renameButton;
QRadioButton *replaceButton;
QStringList commonStyles(QTreeWidgetItem * rootItem, int type);