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// C++ Interface: styleslibrary
// Description:
// Author: Pierre Marchand, <> (C) 2008
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution


#include "linestyle.h"
#include "charstyle.h"
#include "paragraphstyle.h"

/** Because I’m tired running after contexts everywhere, i’ll maintain
    a dumb Styles map which can be queried from anywhere to fetch a style

class SCRIBUS_API StylesLibrary : private QMap<QString, Style*>
        static StylesLibrary *instance;
        static StylesLibrary* getThis();
                static void Add(const QString& uuid, Style* style);
                static void Remove(const QString& uuid);
                static Style* BaseStyle(const QString& uuid);
                static LineStyle* Line(const QString& uuid);
                static CharStyle* Char(const QString& uuid);
                static ParagraphStyle* Paragraph(const QString& uuid);
                static QString Find(const QString& dName);
                static int Count();