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<title>Scribus Downloads</title>
<h3>Scribus Downloads</h3>

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<h4>Getting Scribus 1.3.x:</h4>

<p>Windows 2000/XP:<a> <a href=""></a></a>
<p>MacOSX: <a href=""></a></p>

<p>Debian and Ubuntu Packages </b><a href="">apt-get setup</a> Note: We do not have 64-bit Ubuntu Packages available in our repo.</p>

<p>You can:<br />
Download source tarballs and document templates and some rpms from
our :
<a href="">Sourceforge Download page</a></p>

<h4>RPM Distros</h4>
<p>Thanks to the <a href="">Open Suse Build Service</a>, we are pleased offer a <a href="">Scribus RPM Repository</a>. The repository with both 32-bit and 64-bit rpms has updated 1.3.3.x stable and for the more adventurous, 1.3.x-devel versions of Scribus. These rpms are updated regularly with svn snapshots for Fedora 5-7, Mandrake 2007 and Suse 10.+. This includes SLED 10 (Suse Enterprise Desktop 10).  The only limitation at the moment is we cannot provide -devel versions for all distributions as they may not have shipped with the latest versions of libraries which our development version may require.
<br />You can use these repositories with Yast, Yum or Smart easily, as they provide rpm metadata. We use the same build server to provide the rpms for normal releases. For stable releases, the 1.3.3.x rpms have been tested a fair amount and do not vary significantly from the rpms which ship with the distro. If you have any issues with the rpms, please file a bug on </p>
<p>In addition, there are a number of packages in this repository which are built to complement Scribus like GSview, ICC profiles and some other useful tools. </p>

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<!--<li><b>Translation source files</b> (not needed for Scribus usage) -</li>-->
<h4>Downloading SVN</h4>See: <a href="install1.html">SVN Checkout Instructions</a>