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<p>For those running BSD, Linux or Unix <a href="">LProf</a> is an essential tool for making color management work reliably in Scribus. Why so?</p>

<h3>LProf is like visiting your eye doctor.</h3>

<p>LProf is the only graphical tool for creating ICC monitor profiles. It also works on Windows and, soon, Mac&nbsp;OS&nbsp;X. Very simply LProf is a tool for creating an ICC profile of your monitor which helps make color managed previews more accurate. Think of a monitor profile as a set of glasses which magically transform your eyes to see with perfect color balance. Within Scribus a correct monitor profile can make a big difference in viewing accurately how your print or PDF will appear on a postscript printer or when printed commercially. Without an individual profile of your monitor&nbsp;&mdash; no two monitors are alike&nbsp;&mdash; you have no real assurance the color transforms will be anywhere near close, when you are for example sending PDFs to a printer. </p>
<p>LProf has a simple step by step method to walk you through creating a profile of your monitor which then can be used in Scribus. You should take the 5 minutes it takes to create a profile and then add this to your Scribus Color management preferences. LProf can also create profiles for your scanner or digital camera. A look at the LProf's documentation will give you a more detailed understanding of its capabilities. </p>
<p>Currently available released version (0.11.4) doesn't allow using calibration devices yet. Adding this feature is a work in progress and quite successful one: with the next version of LProf you will be able to use devices like X-Rite DTP94, EyeOne Display 2 and EyeOne Display LT to measure your display on both Windows and Linux.</p>

<p>On Mac&nbsp;OS&nbsp;X, you can also use the native built in ColorSync applet to create a monitor profile. On Windows, if you have installed Photoshop, Indesign or Illustrator, Adobe Gamma performs a similar, if more simplistic method of creating a monitor profile.</p>

<table width="100%"><tr><td align="center"><img src="images/lprof.png" alt="LProf creating a profile." /></td></tr></table>