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For general Scribus (>=1.3.2) copyright and licensing information please refer
to the COPYING file provided with the program. Following this notice may exist
a copyright and/or license notice that predates the release of Scribus 1.3.2
for which a new license (GPL+exception) is in place.

#include <qobject.h>
#include <qstring.h>
#include <qvaluelist.h>
#include <qmap.h>

#include "scribusapi.h"
#include "scribusstructs.h"

class QDomElement;
class QProgressBar;
class ScribusDoc;
class ScribusView;
class SCFonts;
class PrefsManager;
class FileFormat;

class SCRIBUS_API FileLoader : public QObject
        FileLoader(const QString & fileName);
        ~FileLoader() {};
        int TestFile();
        int CheckScribus();
        bool LoadPage(int PageToLoad, bool Mpage, QString renamedPageName=QString::null);
        bool LoadFile();
        bool ReadPage(const QString & fileName, SCFonts &avail, ScribusDoc *doc, int PageToLoad, bool Mpage, QString renamedPageName=QString::null);
        bool ReadDoc(const QString & fileName, SCFonts &avail, ScribusDoc *doc, QProgressBar *dia2);
        void GetItemText(QDomElement *it, ScribusDoc *doc, PageItem* obj, bool impo=false, bool VorLFound=false);
        PageItem* PasteItem(QDomElement *obj, ScribusDoc *doc);
        void GetStyle(QDomElement *pg, struct ParagraphStyle *vg, QValueList<ParagraphStyle> &docParagraphStyles, ScribusDoc* doc, bool fl);
        bool postLoad();
        void informReplacementFonts();
        QString FileName;
        int FileType;
        const FileFormat * const formatPS;
        const FileFormat * const formatSVG;
        const FileFormat * const formatSXD;
        const FileFormat * const formatODG;
        bool newReplacement;
        QMap<int, int> itemRemap;
        QMap<int, int> itemNext;
        int itemCount;
        QMap<QString,QString> ReplacedFonts;
        QMap<uint,QString> DoVorl;
        uint VorlC;
        QPtrList<Foi> dummyFois;

        static const QString getLoadFilterString();
        static QString readSLA(const QString & fileName);

        PrefsManager* prefsManager;
        double maximumX;
        double maximumY;