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For general Scribus (>=1.3.2) copyright and licensing information please refer
to the COPYING file provided with the program. Following this notice may exist
a copyright and/or license notice that predates the release of Scribus 1.3.2
for which a new license (GPL+exception) is in place.

                          scribusdoc.h  -  description
    begin                : Fre Apr  6 21:47:55 CEST 2001
    copyright            : (C) 2001 by Franz Schmid
    email                :

 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *

#include "scconfig.h"
// include files for QT
#include <qobject.h>
#include <qdict.h>
#include <qcolor.h>
#include <qvaluelist.h>
#include <qvaluevector.h>
#include <qpixmap.h>
#include <qptrlist.h>
#include <qfont.h>
#include <qmap.h>
#include <qpointarray.h>
#include <qstringlist.h>
#include <qtimer.h>

#include "scribusapi.h"
#include "scribusstructs.h"
#include "prefsstructs.h"
#include "documentinformation.h"
#include "undoobject.h"
#include "page.h"
#include "pageitem.h"
#include "pageitem_line.h"
#include "pageitem_textframe.h"
#include "pagestructs.h"

#ifdef HAVE_CMS
        #include CMS_INC

#include <ft2build.h>
#include FT_FREETYPE_H

class UndoManager;
class UndoState;
class PDFOptions;
class Hyphenator;
class Selection;
class ScribusView;

class QProgressBar;

/**! \brief the Document Class

class SCRIBUS_API ScribusDoc : public QObject, public UndoObject

        void setup(const int, const int, const int, const int, const int, const QString&, const QString&);
        void setLoading(const bool);
        bool isLoading() const;
        void setModified(const bool);
        bool isModified() const;
/** Setzt die Seitenattribute */
        void setPage(double b, double h, double t, double l, double r, double bo, double sp, double ab, bool atf, int fp);
        void resetPage(double t, double l, double r, double bo, int fp);

         * @brief Return the view associated with the document

        ScribusView* view() const;
        // Add, delete and move pages
        Page* addPage(const int pageNumber, const QString& masterPageName=QString::null, const bool addAutoFrame=false);
        void deleteMasterPage(const int);
        //! @brief Rebuild master name list
        void rebuildMasterNames(void);
        //! @brief Replace a master page by default one
        void replaceMasterPage(const QString& oldMasterPage);
        //! @brief Rename a master page
        bool renameMasterPage(const QString& oldPageName, const QString& newPageName);
        void deletePage(const int);
         * @brief Add a master page with this function, do not use addPage

        Page* addMasterPage(const int, const QString&);

         * @brief Add the automatic text frame to the page
         * @param pageNumber page number
         * @return number of frame

        int addAutomaticTextFrame(const int pageNumber);
         * Set the left and right margins based on the location of the page
         * @param pageIndex

        void setLocationBasedPageLRMargins(uint pageIndex);
         * @brief Move page(s) within the document
         * @param from page index
         * @param to page index
         * @param ziel target to move to (page index)
         * @param art Before, After or at the end

        void movePage(const int from, const int to, const int ziel, const int art);
         * @brief Copy a page (pageNumberToCopy) copyCount times, whereToInsert(before or after) the existingPage or at the end.
         * @param pageNumberToCopy
         * @param existingPage
         * @param whereToInsert
         * @param copyCount

        void copyPage(int pageNumberToCopy, int existingPage, int whereToInsert, int copyCount);
        // Add, delete and move layers
         * @brief Add a layer to the current document
         * @param layerName name of layer
         * @param activate the layer active
         * @return Number of the layer created

        int addLayer(const QString& layerName=QString::null, const bool activate=false);
         * @brief Delete a layer from the current document
         * @param layerNumber of layer
         * @param deleteItems the items on the layer too?
         * @return Success or failure

        bool deleteLayer(const int layerNumber, const bool deleteItems);
         * @brief Return the number of the current layer
         * @return Active layer number

        int activeLayer();

         * @brief Return the name of the current layer
         * @return Name of the layer

        const QString& activeLayerName();
         * @brief Set the active layer via the layer number
         * @param layerToActivate Number of the layer
         * @return Success or failure

        bool setActiveLayer(const int layerToActivate);
         * @brief Set the active layer via the layer name
         * @param layerNameToActivate Name of the layer
         * @return Success or failure

        bool setActiveLayer(const QString & layerNameToActivate);
         * @brief Set the layer printable via the layer number
         * @param layerNumber Number of the layer
         * @param isPrintable bool true = layer is prantable
         * @return Success or failure

        bool setLayerPrintable(const int layerNumber, const bool isPrintable);
         * @brief Is the layer printable
         * @param layerNumber Number of the layer
         * @return Printable or not

        bool layerPrintable(const int layerNumber);
         * @brief Set the layer visible via the layer number
         * @param layerNumber Number of the layer
         * @param isViewable true = layer is visible
         * @return Success or failure

        bool setLayerVisible(const int layerNumber, const bool isViewable);
         * @brief Is the layer visible
         * @param layerNumber Number of the layer
         * @return Visible or not

        bool layerVisible(const int layerNumber);
         * @brief Set the layer locked via the layer number
         * @param layerNumber Number of the layer
         * @param isViewable true = layer is locked
         * @return Success or failure

        bool setLayerLocked(const int layerNumber, const bool isViewable);
         * @brief Is the layer locked
         * @param layerNumber Number of the layer
         * @return Locked or not

        bool layerLocked(const int layerNumber);
         * @brief Return the level of the requested layer
         * @param layerNumber Number of the layer
         * @return Level of the layer

        int layerLevelFromNumber(const int layerNumber);
         * @brief Return the number of the layer at a certain level
         * @param layerLevel Layer level
         * @return Layer number

        int layerNumberFromLevel(const int layerLevel);
         * @brief Return the layer count
         * @return Number of layers in doc

        int layerCount() const;
         * @brief Lower a layer
         * @param layerNumber Number of the layer
         * @return Success or failure

        bool lowerLayer(const int layerNumber);
         * @brief Lower a layer using the level
         * @param layerLevel Level of the layer
         * @return Success or failure

        bool lowerLayerByLevel(const int layerLevel);
         * @brief Raise a layer
         * @param layerNumber Number of the layer
         * @return Success or failure

        bool raiseLayer(const int layerNumber);
         * @brief Raise a layer using the level
         * @param layerLevel Level of the layer
         * @return Success or failure

        bool raiseLayerByLevel(const int layerLevel);
         * @brief Return the layer name
         * @param layerNumber Number of the layer
         * @return Name of the layer

        const QString &layerName(const int layerNumber) const;
         * @brief Change the name of a layer
         * @param layerNumber number of the layer
         * @param newName new name of the layer
         * @return Success or failure

        bool changeLayerName(const int layerNumber, const QString& newName);
         * @brief Does the layer have items on it?
         * @param layerNumber Number of the layer
         * @return Layer contains items bool

        bool layerContainsItems(const int layerNumber);
         * @brief Renumber a layer. Used in particular for reinsertion for undo/redo
         * @param layerNumber old layer number
         * @param newLayerNumber New layer number
         * @return Success or failure

        bool renumberLayer(const int layerNumber, const int newLayerNumber);
         * @brief Return a list of the layers in their order
         * @param list QStringList to insert the layer names into

        void orderedLayerList(QStringList* list);
        bool deleteTaggedItems();

        bool AddFont(QString name, int fsize = 10);
        bool OpenCMSProfiles(ProfilesL InPo, ProfilesL MoPo, ProfilesL PrPo);
        void CloseCMSProfiles();
        void SetDefaultCMSParams();
        void SetGlobalCMSParams();
        void ResetGlobalCMSParams();
        bool UseColorManagement();
        void loadStylesFromFile(QString fileName, QValueList<ParagraphStyle> *tempStyles = NULL);
         * @brief Should guides be locked or not
         * @param isLocked If true guides on pages cannot be moved if false they
         * can be dragged to new positions.
         * @author Riku Leino

        void lockGuides(bool isLocked);
         * @brief Method used when an undo/redo is requested.
         * @param state State describing the action that is wanted to be undone/redone
         * @param isUndo If true undo is wanted else if false redo.
         * @author Riku Leino

        void restore(UndoState* state, bool isUndo);
         * @brief Sets the name of the document
         * @param name Name for the document
         * @author Riku Leino

        void setName(const QString& name);
         * @brief Returns a stringlist of the item attributes within the document

        QStringList getItemAttributeNames();

         * @brief Replace colors of an item list

        void replaceItemColors(QPtrList<PageItem>& itemList, const QMap<QString, QString>& colorMap);
         * @brief Replace line style colors

        void replaceLineStyleColors(const QMap<QString, QString>& colorMap);
         * @brief Replace paragraph style colors

        void replaceParagraphStyleColors(const QMap<QString, QString>& colorMap);

         * @brief Returns a qmap of the fonts used within the document

        void getUsedFonts(QMap<QString,int> *Really);
        * @brief Builds a qmap of the colours used within the document

        void getUsedColors(ColorList &colorsToUse, bool spot = false);
        * @brief Return if a color is used by a particular list of items

        bool itemsUseColor(QPtrList<PageItem>& itemList, const QString& colorName);
        * @brief Return if a specific color is used by line styles

        bool lineStylesUseColor(const QString& colorName);
        * @brief Return if a specific color is used by paragraph styles

        bool paragraphStylesUseColor(const QString& colorName);
         * @brief TODO: Reorganise the fonts.. how? Moved from scribus.cpp

        void reorganiseFonts();
         * @brief Set and get the document's unit index

        void setUnitIndex(const int);
        int unitIndex() const;
        double unitRatio() const;
         * @brief Apply a master page

        bool applyMasterPage(const QString& in, const int);
         * @brief Undo function for applying a master page

        void restoreMasterPageApplying(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
         * @brief Save function

        bool save(const QString&);
         * @brief Set the page margins. Current code uses current page only, also provide a (currently, TODO) option for this.

        bool changePageMargins(const double initialTop, const double initialBottom, const double initialLeft, const double initialRight, const double initialHeight, const double initialWidth, const double Height, const double width, const int orientation, const QString& pageSize, const int pageNumber=-1, const int pageType = 0);
         * @brief Recalculate the colors after CMS settings change. Update the items in the doc accordingly.

         void recalculateColors();
         * @brief Sets up the ScText defaults from the document

        void setScTextDefaultsFromDoc(ScText *);
         * @brief Copies a normal page to be a master pages

        const bool copyPageToMasterPage(const int, const int, const int, const QString&);
         * @brief Paste an item to the document.
         * The bulk of a paste item process runs here for want of a better place, but its a better place
         * than the view where it used to be.
         * TODO Once the pageitem restructure is done, this is probably unnecessary but it removes the
         * unnecessary part from the view for now which is overloaded with non ScrollView code.

        //TODO: void PasteItem(struct CopyPasteBuffer *Buffer, bool loading, bool drag = false);
         * @brief Add an Item to the document.
         * A simple function to create an item of a defined type and add it to the document
         * Will need extensive rewriting once we have various classes of PageItems, at a guess.
         * @param itemFinalised Used to handle item creation for undo while the user is still dragging.
         * @return Number of created item, -1 on failure.
        \param itemType type
        \param frameType frame type
        \param x X pos
        \param y Y pos
        \param b width
        \param h height
        \param w ?
        \param fill fill color name
        \param outline outline color name

        int itemAdd(const PageItem::ItemType itemType, const PageItem::ItemFrameType frameType, const double x, const double y, const double b, const double h, const double w, const QString& fill, const QString& outline, const bool itemFinalised);
         * @brief Commit item creation when a user has click-drag created an item
         * Only called from ScribusView. Note the undo target is the page, so the undo code remains their for now.
         * @return If an item was committed and the view must emit its signal, which needs removing from here, TODO.

        bool itemAddCommit(const int itemNumber);
         * @brief Finalise item creation. Simply split off code from itemAdd
         * Only to be called from itemAdd()

        void itemAddDetails(const PageItem::ItemType itemType, const PageItem::ItemFrameType frameType, const int itemNumber);
         * @brief Run this common frame item update code

        void updateFrameItems();
         * @brief Doc uses automatic text frames?

        bool usesAutomaticTextFrames() const;
        void setUsesAutomaticTextFrames(const bool);
         * @brief Load images into an image frame, moved from the view
         * @retval Return false on failure

        bool LoadPict(QString fn, int ItNr, bool reload = false, bool showMsg = false);
         * @param fn
         * @param pageItem
         * @param reload
         * @return

        bool loadPict(QString fn, PageItem *pageItem, bool reload = false, bool showMsg = false);
         * \brief Handle image with color profiles
         * @param Pr profile
           @param PrCMYK cmyk profile
           @param dia optional progress widget

        void RecalcPictures(ProfilesL *Pr, ProfilesL *PrCMYK, QProgressBar *dia = 0);
         * @brief Find the minX,MinY and maxX,maxY for the canvas required for the doc

        void canvasMinMax(FPoint&, FPoint&);
        int OnPage(double x2, double  y2);
        int OnPage(PageItem *currItem);
        void GroupOnPage(PageItem *currItem);
        //void reformPages(double& maxX, double& maxY, bool moveObjects = true);
        void reformPages(bool moveObjects = true);
         * @brief Return the x or y offset for a page on the canvas
         * @retval double containing the offset. Returns -1.0 if page not in Pages list (as -ve is not possible).
         * Mostly saves bringing in extra includes into files that already have scribusdoc.h

        const double getXOffsetForPage(const int);
        const double getYOffsetForPage(const int);
         * @brief Item type conversion functions

        PageItem* convertItemTo(PageItem *currItem, PageItem::ItemType newType, PageItem* secondaryItem=NULL);
         * @brief The page number of the current page

        const int currentPageNumber();
         * @brief Return true iff the passed name is not used by any existing PageItem
         *        in the same document as this PageItem.
         * @author Craig Ringer
         ** CB Moved from PageItem

        bool itemNameExists(const QString itemName);
         * @brief Set the doc into Master page mode
         * Do we need to return if the move to master page mode was successful?

        void setMasterPageMode(bool);

        /*** Is the document in master page mode? */
        bool masterPageMode() const { return m_masterPageMode; }
         * @brief Add a section to the document sections list
         * Set number to -1 to add in the default section if the map is empty

        void addSection(const int number=0, const QString& name=QString::null, const uint fromindex=0, const uint toindex=0, const  DocumentSectionType type=Type_1_2_3, const uint sectionstartindex=0, const bool reversed=false, const bool active=true);
         * @brief Delete a section from the document sections list

        bool deleteSection(const uint);
         * @brief Gets the page number to be printed based on the section it is in.
         * Returns QString::null on failure to find the pageIndex

        const QString getSectionPageNumberForPageIndex(const uint) const;
         * @brief Gets the key of the sections map based on the section the page index is in.
         * Returns -1 on failure to find the pageIndex

        int getSectionKeyForPageIndex(const uint pageIndex) const;

        void updateSectionPageNumbersToPages();

         * @param otherPageIndex
         * @param location
         * @param count

        void addPageToSection(const uint otherPageIndex, const uint location, const uint count=1);
         * @param pageIndex

        void removePageFromSection(const uint pageIndex);

        void setFirstSectionFromFirstPageNumber();
         * @brief Update the fill and line QColors for all items in the doc

        void updateAllItemQColors();

        void buildAlignItemList();
         * \brief Insert a color into the documents color list
         * @param nam Name of the colour
         * @param c Cyan component
         * @param m Magenta component
         * @param y Yellow component
         * @param k Black component

        void insertColor(QString nam, double c, double m, double y, double k);
        QMap<QString, double>& constants() { return m_constants; }
         * \brief Get the location of the page on the canvas, ie, left, middle, or right
         * Does not give information about middle left, etc.
         * @param pageIndex Index of page to find location for
         * @return LeftPage, MiddlePage, RightPage, enum from pagestructs.h

        PageLocation locationOfPage(int pageIndex);
        bool sendItemSelectionToBack();
        bool bringItemSelectionToFront();
        void ChLineWidth(double w);
        void ChLineArt(PenStyle w);
        void ChLineJoin(PenJoinStyle w);
        void ChLineEnd(PenCapStyle w);
        void ChLineSpa(double w);
        void ChLineSpaMode(int w);
        //void ChLocalXY(double x, double y);
        //void ChLocalSc(double x, double y);
        void ItemFont(QString fon);
        void ItemTextBrush(QString farbe);
        void ItemTextBrushS(int sha);
        void ItemTextPen(QString farbe);
        void ItemTextPenS(int sha);
        void ItemTextScaleV(int sha);
        void ItemTextScale(int sha);
        void setItemTextBase(int sha);
        void setItemTextOutline(int sha);
        void setItemTextShadow(int shx, int shy);
        void setItemTextUnderline(int pos, int wid);
        void setItemTextStrike(int pos, int wid);
        void chTyStyle(int s);
        void chAbStyle(PageItem *currItem, int s);
        void chKerning(int us);
        void chFSize(int size);
        //void FlipImageH();
        //void FlipImageV();
        void MirrorPolyH(PageItem *currItem);
        void MirrorPolyV(PageItem *currItem);
        void setRedrawBounding(PageItem *currItem);
        void adjustCanvas(FPoint minPos, FPoint maxPos, bool absolute = false);
        void recalcPicturesRes();
        void connectDocSignals();
        void removeLayer(int l, bool dl = false); //FIXME: Make protected once scripter function no longer uses this directly
        void changed();
        void addSymbols();
        ApplicationPrefs& prefsData;
        UndoManager * const undoManager;
        bool loading;
        bool modified;
        int ActiveLayer;
        int docUnitIndex;
        double docUnitRatio;
        bool automaticTextFrames; // Flag for automatic Textframes
        bool m_masterPageMode;
        QMap<QString, double> m_constants;
public: // Public attributes
        bool is12doc; //public for now, it will be removed later
        int NrItems;
        int First;
        int Last;
        int viewCount;
        int viewID;
        bool SnapGuides;
        bool GuideLock;
        /** Scratch space around Pages */
        double ScratchLeft;
        double ScratchRight;
        double ScratchTop;
        double ScratchBottom;
/** Minimum and Maximum Points of Document */
        FPoint minCanvasCoordinate;
        FPoint maxCanvasCoordinate;
        double rulerXoffset;
        double rulerYoffset;
  /** List of Pages */
        QPtrList<Page>* Pages;
  /** List of Master Pages */
        QPtrList<Page> MasterPages;
  /** List of Document Pages */
        QPtrList<Page> DocPages;
  /** Mapping Master Page Name to Master Page numbers */
        QMap<QString,int> MasterNames;
  /** List of Objects */
        QPtrList<PageItem>* Items;
        QPtrList<PageItem> MasterItems;
        QPtrList<PageItem> DocItems;
        QPtrList<PageItem> FrameItems;
        Selection* const m_Selection;
  /** Pagewidth  */
        double pageWidth;
  /** Pageheight */
        double pageHeight;
  /** Number of Pages */
        // int pageCount; Disabled CR no longer required
  /** Margins */
        MarginStruct pageMargins;
        QValueList<PageSet> pageSets;
  /** Number of Columns */
        double PageSp;
  /** Distance of Columns */
        double PageSpa;
 /** current Pagelayout */
        int currentPageLayout;
        /** Flag fuer Hoch- oder Querformat 0 = Hochformat */
        int PageOri;
        QString PageSize;
        /** Erste Seitennummer im Dokument */
        int FirstPnum;
  /** Flag fuer Rasterbenutzung */
        bool useRaster;
  /** Im Dokument benutzte Farben */
        ColorList PageColors;
        Page* currentPage;
  /** InfoStrings fuer das aktuelle Dokument */
        DocumentInformation documentInfo;
        int appMode;
        int SubMode;
        double *ShapeValues;
        int ValCount;
        QString DocName;
        QMap<QString,int> UsedFonts;
        SCFonts * const AllFonts;
        QValueList<AlignObjs> AObjects;
        QColor papColor;
        int CurrentSel;
        int CurrentStyle;
        int currentParaStyle;
        QString CurrFont;
        int CurrFontSize;
        QString CurrTextFill;
        int CurrTextFillSh;
        QString CurrTextStroke;
        int CurrTextStrokeSh;
        int CurrTextScale;
        int CurrTextScaleV;
        int CurrTextBase;
        int CurrTextShadowX;
        int CurrTextShadowY;
        int CurrTextOutline;
        int CurrTextUnderPos;
        int CurrTextUnderWidth;
        int CurrTextStrikePos;
        int CurrTextStrikeWidth;
        bool EditClip;
        int EditClipMode;
        typoPrefs typographicSettings;
        guidesPrefs guidesSettings;
        toolPrefs toolSettings;
        QMap<QString, checkerPrefs> checkerProfiles;
        QString curCheckProfile;
  /** Letztes Element fuer AutoTextrahmen */
        PageItem *LastAuto;
  /** Erstes Element fuer AutoTextrahmen */
        PageItem *FirstAuto;
        bool DragP;
        bool leaveDrag;
        PageItem *DraggedElem;
        PageItem *ElemToLink;
        QValueList<uint> DragElements;
        QValueList<ParagraphStyle> docParagraphStyles;
        QValueList<Layer> Layers;
        bool marginColored;
        int GroupCounter;
        CMSData CMSSettings;
#ifdef HAVE_CMS
        cmsHPROFILE DocInputProf;
        cmsHPROFILE DocOutputProf;
        cmsHPROFILE DocPrinterProf;
        cmsHTRANSFORM stdTransCMYK2Mon;
        cmsHTRANSFORM stdTransRGBDoc2Mon;
        cmsHTRANSFORM stdTransRGBDoc2CMYK;
        cmsHTRANSFORM stdTransCMYK2RGBDoc;
        cmsHTRANSFORM stdProofRGB;
        cmsHTRANSFORM stdProofRGBGC;
        cmsHTRANSFORM stdProofCMYK;
        cmsHTRANSFORM stdProofCMYKGC;
        cmsHTRANSFORM stdTransImg;
        cmsHTRANSFORM stdProofImg;
        bool BlackPoint;
        bool SoftProofing;
        bool Gamut;
        int IntentMonitor;
        int IntentPrinter;
        bool HasCMS;
        QMap<QString,QString> JavaScripts;
        int TotalItems;
        int MinWordLen;
        int HyCount;
        QString Language;
        bool Automatic;
        bool AutoCheck;
        PDFOptions PDF_Options;
        bool RePos;
        struct BookMa {
                                        QString Title;
                                        QString Text;
                                        QString Aktion;
                                        PageItem *PageObject;
                                        int Parent;
                                        int ItemNr;
                                        int First;
                                        int Last;
                                        int Prev;
                                        int Next;
        QValueList<BookMa> BookMarks;
        bool OldBM;
        bool hasName;
        int RotMode;
        bool AutoSave;
        int AutoSaveTime;
        QTimer * const autoSaveTimer;
        FT_Library   library;
        QMap<QString,FT_Face> FFonts;
        QMap<QString,multiLine> MLineStyles;
        QValueList<ArrowDesc> arrowStyles;
        QWidget* WinHan;
        bool DoDrawing;
        QValueList<int> OpenNodes;
        QTimer *CurTimer;
        QMap<int, errorCodes> docItemErrors;
        QMap<int, errorCodes> masterItemErrors;
        //Attributes to be applied to frames
        ObjAttrVector docItemAttributes;
        ToCSetupVector docToCSetups;
        DocumentSectionMap sections;
        FPointArray symReturn;
        FPointArray symNewLine;
        FPointArray symTab;
        FPointArray symNonBreak;
        FPointArray symNewCol;
        FPointArray symNewFrame;
        Hyphenator * const docHyphenator;
        bool _itemCreationTransactionStarted;
        //Lets make our doc talk to our GUI rather than confusing all our normal stuff
         * @brief Let the document tell whatever is listening that it has changed

        void docChanged();
        void updateContents();
        void refreshItem(PageItem *);
        void canvasAdjusted(double width, double height, double dX, double dY);
        void firstSelectedItemType(int);
        void setApplicationMode(int);
         * @brief A signal for when the outline palette needs to rebuild itself
         * Emit when:
         * - An item is created or deleted
         * - An item changes page
         * - An page is created or deleted
         * - Some items are grouped or a group is ungrouped
         * This also applies to Master Pages

        void signalRebuildOutLinePalette();
public slots:
        void itemSelection_ToggleLock();
        void itemSelection_ToggleSizeLock();
        void itemSelection_ToggleImageShown();
        void itemSelection_TogglePrintEnabled();
        void itemSelection_ChangePreviewResolution(int id);
        void itemSelection_ClearItem(Selection* customSelection=0);
        //! Delete the items in the current selection. When force is true, we do not warn the user and make SE happy too. Force is used from @sa Page::restorePageItemCreation
        void itemSelection_DeleteItem(Selection* customSelection=0, bool forceDeletion = false);
        void itemSelection_SetItemFillTransparency(double t);
        void itemSelection_SetItemLineTransparency(double t);
        void itemSelection_FlipH();
        void itemSelection_FlipV();
        void itemSelection_DoHyphenate();
        void itemSelection_DoDeHyphenate();
        void itemSelection_SendToLayer(int layerNumber);
        void itemSelection_SetLineStyle(const QString & name, Selection* customSelection=0);
        void itemSelection_SetParagraphStyle(int s);
        void itemSelection_SetImageOffset(double x, double y, Selection* customSelection=0);
        void itemSelection_SetImageScale(double x, double y, Selection* customSelection=0);
        void itemSelection_SetImageScaleAndOffset(double ox, double oy, double sx, double sy, Selection* customSelection=0);
        void ItemPen(QString farbe);
        void ItemPenShade(int sha);
        void ItemBrush(QString farbe);
        void ItemBrushShade(int sha);
        void ItemGradFill(int typ);
        void updatePic();
        void updatePict(QString name);
        void removePict(QString name);