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<title>Contributions to the documentation<</title>
<h2>Contributions to the documentation</h2>

<p>This documentation website is the third generation of the Scribus documentation. The initial documents that these were developed from were written by Peter Linnell with help from Franz Schmid. As the Scribus team has grown, and the various contributions from other people has also grown, we have seen a number of additions and updates. The following table attempts to list in alphabetical order the main contributors to the documentations. Hopefully we dont miss any of you out (if so, please contact us and we will add you in):

<table border="1">
        <tr bgcolor="#dddddd"><td>Name</td><td>Contribution(s)</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Niyam Bhushan</td><td>Get Started with Scribus tutorial</td></tr>    
        <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Craig Bradney</td><td>Site implementation, management and documentation verification</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Maciej Ha&#324;ski</td><td>PHP form document</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td><a href="">Inkscape team</a></td><td>Original site layout code</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>V&#225;clav Hlobil</td><td>Title graphics</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Paul Johnson</td><td>Coding Standards document</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Riku Leino</td><td>Get Text Plugin Howto</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Peter Linnell</td><td>Main documentation</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Franz Schmid</td><td>Scribus :) and documentation verification</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Petr Van&#283;k</td><td>Scripter and Plugin documentation</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Craig Ringer</td><td>Scripter documentation</td></tr>
<table border="1">
        <tr bgcolor="#dddddd"><td>Name</td><td>Language(s)</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Frederic Dubuy</td><td>French</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Johannes R&#252;schel</td><td>German</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Louis Desjardin</td><td>French</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Volker Ribbert</td><td>German</td></tr>