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<title>Scribus on Windows</title>
<h2>Scribus on Windows - Read Me</h2>
<h4>What is different about Scribus ?</h4>

<p>First, Scribus was developed first and foremost on Linux and Unix systems, so sometimes the way things work are not always the 'windows way', but a more OS neutral way. Scribus also is natively ported to MacOSX and the behavior changes are mostly in the way the menus work. Second, a great deal of time and effort has been put into Scribus to generate very high quality commercial grade PDF. Provided you follow the recommended workflow in the documentation, you should have few issues with commercial printing.</p>

<h3>Hardware/Software Requirements:</h3>
<p><strong>For Windows 2000 Only</strong> - The GDI+ library from <a href=""></a>. Unfortunately, as Scribus is an open source application under the GNU GPL, we cannot include this file within the installer. Windows XP includes this library already.  </p>
<p>Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP - Windows 98 and ME have not been tested and are <strong>not supported</strong>. Any and all bug reports relating to Windows 9X/ME will be closed quickly. </p>
<p>256 Mb or more system memory - the more the better. </p>
<p>Pentium III or better - 750MHz or better</p>
<p>XP Themes Disabled - Use the  "Windows Classic" theme  is very strongly recommended on lower end systems.</p>

<h3>Before Downloading</h3>
   <li><strong>Install Ghostscript before installing Scribus.</strong> <a href="">Ghostscript 8.54+</a> or newer is recommended. This is important for EPS,PS import and printing. <strong>Note: The correct .exe name for Ghostscript is gswin32c.exe, not gswin32.exe.</strong> Setting this properly will avoid error messages on start up and Scribus will auto-detect Ghostscript's location on install. </li>
   <li>Scribus is very intolerant of poorly constructed or marginal grade fonts. Once installed, please read carefully the font setup section in the help documentation.  </li>
   <li>This is beta software which is undergoing many code changes daily. While it is fairly stable and usable, caution is advised. It is not recommended yet for production use. The underlying file format is undergoing rapid changes and will not be finished until the 1.3.4 or later version is released. </li>
 <h3>After Installing</h3>
<li>The first launch of Scribus or when a new user launches Scribus will be much longer than usual. This is because Scribus is creating a cache file of your fonts. Later re-starts will be much quicker.</li>
<li>Again, Scribus is very particular about font quality. <strong>Use of freeware or shareware fonts is not recommended</strong>. There is an extensive and informative set of notes in the online help about fonts and commercial grade printing. Scribus scans fonts on launch and will disable obviously broken or problematic fonts. These notes are based on experience both with Scribus and commercial printing. You can detect which which fonts are not loading and why, by opening a command prompt and starting Scribus as follows: <pre>c:\Program Files\Scribus\Scribus.exe -fi  or -font-info</pre></li>
<li>The full list of command line start options is <pre>c:\Program Files\Scribus\Scribus.exe --help</pre></li>
<li>The Scribus installer includes a small configuration program called <strong>qtconfig.exe</strong> located in the root of the install directory. The default is <pre>C:\Program Files\Scribus-1.3.X\</pre> qtconfig.exe is a small program which you can use to control the font and font size used in the palettes for Scribus.</li>

<p>The Scribus Team is pleased to make available the only open source page layout application which runs natively on all 3 major desktop operating systems; Linux, MacOSX and Windows. Both online and direct commercial support is available for Scribus. There is a very friendly community which has developed around Scribus with the active participation of the developers.  Enjoy! </p>

<p><a href="">Scribus Documentation Site (EN,FR,DE, PL) -</a></p>
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  <p><a href="">Scribus Bug Tracker -</a></p>
  <p><a href="">Scribus wiki (users for users) -</a></p>
  <p><a href="">Mailing list (subscription, archives etc.) - </a></p>

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