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#include <qlistview.h>
#include "scribusapi.h"
#include "mspinbox.h"

class QWidget;
class QGroupBox;
class QPushButton;
class QLabel;
class QString;
class QCheckBox;
class QHButtonGroup;

/*! \brief Inherited QListViewItem provides double number values sorting.
Guides lists contains double values in 1st (0) columns. Standard QListViewItem
provides string sorting so I have to create some special number related one ;)
\author Petr Vanek <>

class GuideListItem : public QListViewItem
        //! \brief Only 2 columns here...
        GuideListItem(QListView *parent, QString c1, QString c2) : QListViewItem(parent, c1, c2){};

        /*! \brief Reimplemented compare method to handle double values.
        When is no double in column col parent string compare() is called.
        \param i QListViewItem to compare with.
        \param col column to sort (0 here)
        \param asc ascendent on true.
        \retval int -1 for (x lt y), 1 for (x gt y). See Qt docs for more info.

        int compare(QListViewItem *i, int col, bool asc) const;

/*! \brief \brief GuideManager is the dialog for guides managing ;).
Its public interface is used in scrubus.cpp
ScribusMainWindow::ManageGuides() via refreshDoc().
Guides are applied via void Page::addXGuides(QValueList<double>& guides)
and void Page::addYGuides(QValueList<double>& guides).

\note Current limitations: Applying the guides on all pages with
automatic rows or columns removes old guides. To prevent guides

\author Petr Vanek <>
\author Alessandro Rimoldi
\author Franz Schmid

class SCRIBUS_API GuideManager : public QDialog

        GuideManager(QWidget* parent);

        //! \brief If there is a selection on the current page
        bool selected;
        //! \brief width of the current page
        double locPageWidth;
        //! \brief height of the current page
        double locPageHeight;
        //! \brief top margin of the current page
        double locTop;
        //! \brief bottom margin of the current page
        double locBottom;
        //! \brief right margin of the current page
        double locRight;
        //! \brief left margin of the current page
        double locLeft;
        //! \brief position of the group of selected objects
        double gx, gy, gw, gh;

        //! \brief vertical guides GUI
        QGroupBox* verGroup;
        QListView* verList;
        QLabel* TextLabel1;
        MSpinBox* verSpin;
        QPushButton* verSet;
        QPushButton* verDel;

        //! \brief horizontal guides GUI
        QGroupBox* horGroup;
        QListView* horList;
        QLabel* TextLabel2;
        MSpinBox* horSpin;
        QPushButton* horSet;
        QPushButton* horDel;

        //! \brief auto guides GUI
        QSpinBox* colSpin;
        QSpinBox* rowSpin;
        QHButtonGroup *bGroup;

        //! \brief lock the guides GUI
        QCheckBox* lockedCheckBox;

        /*! \brief Set the guides and exit */
        QPushButton* okButton;
        /*! \brief Exit without setting */
        QPushButton* cancelButton;
        /*! \brief Set the guides and keep the dialog open */
        QPushButton* setButton;

        /*! \brief Guide Gap widgets */
        QCheckBox* useRowGap;
        QCheckBox* useColGap;

        /*! \brief Apply selected guides on all pages */
        QCheckBox* allPages;

        //! \brief a pixmap preview holder
        QLabel *previewLabel;

        /*! \brief Gaps between guides.
        User can create automatic guides with an optional two gapped instead one guide.
        For example: 100mm size - guide - 100mm size will be 95mm size - guide - 10mm gap
        - guide - 95mm size (with 10mm gap) */

        MSpinBox* rowGap;
        MSpinBox* colGap;

        /*! \brief Initialise the units. Spin boxes gets pt/mm/etc. extensions here. */
        void unitChange();

        //! \brief Document measurements and metrics
        double docUnitRatio;
        int docUnitIndex;
        int docUnitDecimals;
        //! \brief how much 0.xx
        int docUnitPrecision;
        //! \brief suffix of the unit [mm, ...]
        QString suffix;

        /*! \brief A preview page pixmap holder.
        This pixmap is created only once - on the dialog opening.
        It doesn't contain any guides on it. Guides are painted in
        slotDrawPreview() on a copy of this pixmap. */

        QPixmap previewPixmap;

        /*! \brief Refresh the guides in the document while the dialog is still opened.
        Or closed (of course). */

        void refreshDoc();

        /*! \brief Create actual guides on all pages in document */
        void refreshWholeDoc();

        /*! \brief Sets the guides from the common list into the GUI.
        \param w a widget to set the values. Horizontal or vertical guides list.
        \param guides a list with values. E.g. the real document guide list.

        void setGuidesFromList(QListView *w, QValueList<double> guides);

        /*! \brief Create a list with guides from GUI list.
        \param w a widget with list of guides.
        \retval QValueList<double> a list to set as document guides.

        QValueList<double> getValuesFromList(QListView *w);

        /*! \brief Recalculate the margins and measurements for the current page.
        It's used for automatic guides position. It's called for every
        page when is "apply to all pages" switched on */

        void resetMarginsForPage();

        /*! \brief Add a value from spin box to the list.
        It's called by "add" slots AddHorVal and AddVerVal.
        \param list a reference to the QListView to add a value.
        \param spin a reference to the spin box to take a value.
        \retval bool false on no add (duplicate etc.), true on success.

        bool addValueToList(QListView *list, MSpinBox *spin);

        /*! \brief Delete all selected values from list.
        \param list a pointer to the chosen QListView
        \retval bool false on error

        bool deleteValueFormList(QListView *list);

        /*! \brief Create automatic horizontal guides.
        Calculates positions of the guides.
        This algorithm is used for guides creating and deleting too.
        \retval QValueList<double> a list with guides */

        QValueList<double> getAutoRows();

        /*! \brief Create automatic vertical guides.
        Calculates positions of the guides.
        This algorithm is used for guides creating and deleting too.
        \retval QValueList<double> a list with guides */

        QValueList<double> getAutoCols();

        /*! \brief Signal is emitt when the preview pixmap should be repainted.

        void guidesChanged();

protected slots:

        /*! \brief delete horizontal value */
        void DelHorVal();
        /*! \brief delete vertical value */
        void DelVerVal();

        /*! \brief add horizontal value */
        void AddHorVal();
        /*! \brief add horizontal value */
        void AddVerVal();

        /*! \brief change horizontal value by spinbox */
        void ChangeHorVal();
        /*! \brief change horizontal value by spinbox */
        void ChangeVerVal();

        /*! \brief Set the spin box by selected list value.
        \param item current (new) item */

        void verList_currentChanged(QListViewItem *item);
        /*! \brief Set the spin box by selected list value.
        \param item current (new) item */

        void horList_currentChanged(QListViewItem *item);

        /*! \brief Slot for automatic rows calling
        See getAutoRows()

        void addRows();

        /*! \brief Slot for automatic columns calling
        See getAutoCols()

        void addCols();

        /*! \brief Gap related widget handling (enable/disable)
        \param state enable/disable gaps */

        void useRowGap_clicked(bool state);

        /*! \brief Gap related widget handling (enable/disable)
        \param state enable/disable gaps */

        void useColGap_clicked(bool state);

        /*! \brief Commits all chasnges on exit */
        void commitChanges();

        /*! \brief Commits all chasnges and keep the dialog open */
        void commitEditChanges();

        /*! \brief Sorts the lists and create page-with-guides preview pixmap.
        This slot takes pixmap stored in previewPixmap each time
        it's called. The guides are painted on the copy of pre-created
        pixmap. Common guides are painted with black; currently selected
        guide is painded dark red and ticker. */

        void slotDrawPreview();