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For general Scribus (>=1.3.2) copyright and licensing information please refer
to the COPYING file provided with the program. Following this notice may exist
a copyright and/or license notice that predates the release of Scribus 1.3.2
for which a new license (GPL+exception) is in place.

                          pageitem.h  -  description
    begin                : Sat Apr 7 2001
    copyright            : (C) 2001 by Franz Schmid
    email                :

 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *

#ifndef PAGEITEM_H
#define PAGEITEM_H

#include <qobject.h>
#include <qwidget.h>
#include <qpointarray.h>
#include <qptrlist.h>
#include <qpixmap.h>
#include <qvaluestack.h>
#include <qvaluelist.h>

#include "scribusapi.h"
#include "annotation.h"
#include "pagestructs.h"
#include "scimage.h"
#include "sctextstruct.h"
#include "undoobject.h"
#include "vgradient.h"
#include "text/nlsconfig.h"
#include "text/storytext.h"
#include "desaxe/saxio.h"

class ScPainter;
class ScribusDoc;
class UndoManager;
class UndoState;

class PageItem_ImageFrame;
class PageItem_Line;
class PageItem_Polygon;
class PageItem_PolyLine;
class PageItem_TextFrame;
class PageItem_PathText;

struct CopyPasteBuffer;
  *@author Franz Schmid

class SCRIBUS_API PageItem : public QObject, public UndoObject, public SaxIO

        // Properties - see
        // See the accessors of these properties for details on their use.
        Q_PROPERTY(QString itemName READ itemName WRITE setItemName DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(QString fillColor READ fillColor WRITE setFillColor DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(QString lineColor READ lineColor WRITE setLineColor DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(int fillShade READ fillShade WRITE setFillShade DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(int lineShade READ lineShade WRITE setLineShade DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double fillTransparency READ fillTransparency WRITE setFillTransparency DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double lineTransparency READ lineTransparency WRITE setLineTransparency DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(bool m_Locked READ locked WRITE setLocked DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(bool m_SizeLocked READ sizeLocked WRITE setSizeLocked DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(bool m_ImageIsFlippedV READ imageFlippedV WRITE setImageFlippedV DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(bool m_ImageIsFlippedH READ imageFlippedH WRITE setImageFlippedH DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double lineWidth READ lineWidth WRITE setLineWidth DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(QString customLineStyle READ customLineStyle WRITE setCustomLineStyle DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(int startArrowIndex READ startArrowIndex WRITE setStartArrowIndex DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(int endArrowIndex READ endArrowIndex WRITE setEndArrowIndex DESIGNABLE false)

        Q_PROPERTY(bool m_PrintEnabled READ printEnabled WRITE setPrintEnabled DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double xPos READ xPos WRITE setXPos DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double yPos READ yPos WRITE setYPos DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double width READ width WRITE setWidth DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double height READ height WRITE setHeight DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double rotation READ rotation WRITE setRotation DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double imageXScale READ imageXScale WRITE setImageXScale DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double imageYScale READ imageYScale WRITE setImageYScale DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double imageXOffset READ imageXOffset WRITE setImageXOffset DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double imageYOffset READ imageYOffset WRITE setImageYOffset DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(bool reversed READ reversed WRITE setReversed DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double cornerRadius READ cornerRadius WRITE setCornerRadius DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double textToFrameDistLeft READ textToFrameDistLeft WRITE setTextToFrameDistLeft DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double textToFrameDistRight READ textToFrameDistRight WRITE setTextToFrameDistRight DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double textToFrameDistTop READ textToFrameDistTop WRITE setTextToFrameDistTop DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double textToFrameDistBottom READ textToFrameDistBottom WRITE setTextToFrameDistBottom DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(double ColGap READ columnGap WRITE setColumnGap DESIGNABLE false)
        Q_PROPERTY(int Cols READ columns WRITE setColumns DESIGNABLE false)
        // FIXME: QMetaProperty can't translate these to/from enumerator names, probably because the
        // properties aren't moc'd in the Qt sources. They work fine in their
        // current state as plain integer properties.
//      Q_ENUMS(PenStyle)
//      Q_PROPERTY(PenStyle lineStyle READ lineStyle WRITE setLineStyle DESIGNABLE false)
//      Q_ENUMS(PenCapStyle)
//      Q_PROPERTY(PenCapStyle lineEnd READ lineEnd WRITE setLineEnd DESIGNABLE false)
//      Q_ENUMS(PenJoinStyle)
//      Q_PROPERTY(PenJoinStyle lineJoin READ lineJoin WRITE setLineJoin DESIGNABLE false)

        // This property may not hang around for too long, but should be useful
        // when testing out the pageitem refactoring work.  Setting it is unlikely
        // to currently have the desired effect.
         * @brief Item type.
         * @warning Do not set this property except for testing and debug purposes.

        Q_PROPERTY(ItemType itemType READ itemType WRITE convertTo DESIGNABLE false)

        // Enumerator definitions

        /** @brief Item Type
         * Soon, item type will probably go away in favour of using
         * subclasses and checking types using more conventional methods
         * and using Qt's MetaObject introspection.
         * Multiple is used for checking in @sa Selection for all same type of items

        enum ItemType {
                ItemType1       = 1,
                ImageFrame      = 2,
                ItemType3       = 3,
                TextFrame       = 4,
                Line            = 5,
                Polygon         = 6,
                PolyLine        = 7,
                PathText        = 8,
                Multiple        = 99

        /** @brief Text flow mode
         * Describe if and how text flow around object

        enum TextFlowMode {
                TextFlowDisabled = 0,
                TextFlowUsesFrameShape  = 1,
                TextFlowUsesBoundingBox = 2,
                TextFlowUsesContourLine = 3

        /* these do essentially the same as a dynamic cast but might be more readable */
        virtual PageItem_ImageFrame * asImageFrame() { return NULL; }
        virtual PageItem_Line * asLine() { return NULL; }
        virtual PageItem_PathText * asPathText() { return NULL; }
        virtual PageItem_Polygon * asPolygon() { return NULL; }
        virtual PageItem_PolyLine * asPolyLine() { return NULL; }
        virtual PageItem_TextFrame * asTextFrame() { return NULL; }

        /** @brief Frame Type

        enum ItemFrameType {
                Unspecified =-1,
                Rectangle       = 0,
                Ellipse         = 1,
                Round           = 2,
                Other           = 3

        PageItem(const PageItem & other);
        PageItem(ScribusDoc *pa, ItemType newType, double x, double y, double w, double h, double w2, QString fill, QString outline);
        ~PageItem() {};

        virtual void saxx(SaxHandler & ) const;
        static void desaxeRules(Xml_string prefixPattern, desaxe::Digester & ruleset);
         * @brief Clear the contents of a frame.
         * WARNING: Currently *they* do not check if the user wants this.
         * The view does when these are called.
        virtual void clearContents() {};
         * @brief Adjust the picture scale, moved from the view, no view code here
         * FIXME: Move to PageItem_TextFrame

        void AdjustPictScale();
         * @brief Set or get the redraw bounding box of the item, moved from the View

        QRect getRedrawBounding(const double);
        void setRedrawBounding();
         * @brief Update the gradient vectors, moved from the View
        void updateGradientVectors();
         * @brief Move the image within the frame
         * Old ScribusView::MoveItemI
         * @todo Move to PageItem_ImageFrame

        void moveImageInFrame(double newX, double newY);

        ObjAttrVector* getObjectAttributes();
         * brief Returns a complete ObjectAttribute struct if 1 is found, or will be QString::null if 0 or >1 are found

        ObjectAttribute getObjectAttribute(QString) const;
        void setObjectAttributes(ObjAttrVector*);
  /** Zeichnet das Item */
        void paintObj(QRect e=QRect(), QPixmap *ppX = 0);
        void DrawObj(ScPainter *p, QRect e);
        void DrawObj_Pre(ScPainter *p, double &sc);
        virtual void DrawObj_Post(ScPainter *p);
        virtual void DrawObj_Item(ScPainter *p, QRect e, double sc) = 0;
        QImage DrawObj_toImage();
        QImage DrawObj_toImage(QPtrList<PageItem> &emG);
        void DrawObj_ImageFrame(ScPainter *p, double sc);
        //void DrawObj_TextFrame(ScPainter *p, QRect e, double sc);
        //void DrawObj_Line(ScPainter *p);
        void DrawObj_Polygon(ScPainter *p);
        void DrawObj_PolyLine(ScPainter *p);
        void DrawObj_PathText(ScPainter *p, double sc);
        void DrawObj_Embedded(ScPainter *p, QRect e, const CharStyle& style, PageItem* cembedded);
        void SetFrameShape(int count, double *vals);
        void SetRectFrame();
        void SetOvalFrame();
        void SetFrameRound();
        void setPolyClip(int up, int down = 0);
        void updatePolyClip();
        void updateClip();
        void convertClip();
        //QRect getRedrawBounding(const double);
        //void setRedrawBounding();
        void getBoundingRect(double *x1, double *y1, double *x2, double *y2) const;
         * @brief Check if a QPoint is within the items boundaries
         * No coordinates transformation is performed
         * @param x X position
                @param y Y position
         * @return bool true if x, i in the item

        bool pointWithinItem(const int x, const int y) const;
         * @brief Check if the mouse is within the items boundaries
         * This method performs necessary page to device transformations
         * @param vport a view port
                @param x X position
                @param y Y position
                @param scale scale of the vport
         * @return bool true if the x, y is in the bounds

        bool mouseWithinItem(QWidget* vport, const int x, const int y, double scale) const;
        void copyToCopyPasteBuffer(struct CopyPasteBuffer *Buffer);
        virtual void handleModeEditKey(QKeyEvent *k, bool &keyRepeat);
        /// creates valid layout information
        virtual void layout() {}
        /// returns true if text overflows
        bool frameOverflows() const;
        /// returns index of first char displayed in this frame, used to be 0
        int firstInFrame() const;
        /// returns index of last char displayed in this frame, used to be MaxChars-1
        int lastInFrame() const;
        /// tests if a character is displayed by this frame
        bool frameDisplays(int textpos) const;
        /// returns the style at the current charpos
        const ParagraphStyle& currentStyle() const;
        /// returns the style at the current charpos
        ParagraphStyle& changeCurrentStyle();
        /// returns the style at the current charpos
        const CharStyle& currentCharStyle() const;
        // deprecated:
        double layoutGlyphs(const CharStyle& style, const QString chars, GlyphLayout& layout);
        void SetFarbe(QColor *tmp, QString farbe, int shad);
        void drawGlyphs(ScPainter *p, const CharStyle& style, GlyphLayout& glyphs );
        void DrawPolyL(QPainter *p, QPointArray pts);
        QString ExpandToken(uint base);
        bool AutoName; 
        double gXpos;
        double gYpos;
        double gWidth;
        double gHeight;
        int GrType;
        double GrStartX;
        double GrStartY;
        double GrEndX;
        double GrEndY;
        int Cols;
        double ColGap;
        double gridOffset_;
        double gridValue_;

        /** Linestyle */
        Qt::PenStyle PLineArt;
        Qt::PenCapStyle PLineEnd;
        Qt::PenJoinStyle PLineJoin;
        QString NamedLStyle;
  /** Defines clipping region of the elements; */
        QPointArray Clip;
        FPointArray PoLine;
        FPointArray ContourLine;
        FPointArray imageClip;
        QValueList<uint> Segments;
        ScImageEffectList effectsInUse;
        bool PoShow;
        double BaseOffs;
        int textPathType;
        bool textPathFlipped;
        bool ClipEdited;
        // Don't know exactly what this is, but it's not the same as itemType
        int FrameType;
  /** Interne Item-Nummer */
        uint ItemNr;
  /** Internal unique Item-Number, used for the undo system */
        uint uniqueNr;
  /** Hat Element Rahmen? FIXME: still used?*/
        bool Frame;
  /** Seite zu der das Element gehoert */
        int OwnPage;
        /** @brief Old page number tracked for the move undo action */
        int oldOwnPage;
        int savedOwnPage;
  /** Darzustellendes Bild */
        ScImage pixm;
  /** Dateiname des Bildes */
        QString Pfile;
        QString Pfile2;
        QString Pfile3;
        QString IProfile;
        bool UseEmbedded;
        QString EmProfile;
        int IRender;
  /** Bild verfuegbar */
        bool PicAvail;
        int OrigW;
        int OrigH;
  /** BoundigBox-X */
        double BBoxX;
  /** BoundingBox-H */
        double BBoxH;
  /** Zeichen X-Position */
        double CurX;
  /** Zeichen Y-Position */
        double CurY;
  /** Cursorposition */
        int CPos;
  /** Text des Elements */
        StoryText itemText;
  /** Flag fuer PDF-Bookmark */
        bool isBookmark;
  /** Flag for redraw in EditMode */
        bool Dirty;
        /** Flag indicates that layout has changed (eg. for textlayout) */
        bool invalid;
  /** Flag fuer Auswahl */
        bool HasSel;
        bool FrameOnly;
        int NextPg;
        bool isAutoText;
        PageItem* prevInChain() { return BackBox; }
        PageItem* nextInChain() { return NextBox; }
        const PageItem* prevInChain() const { return BackBox; }
        const PageItem* nextInChain() const { return NextBox; }
        void unlink();
        void link(PageItem* nextFrame);

        PageItem *BackBox;
        PageItem *NextBox;
        uint firstChar;
        uint MaxChars;
        bool inPdfArticle;
        bool isRaster;
        double OldB;
        double OldH;
        double OldB2;
        double OldH2;
        bool Sizing;
        bool toPixmap;
        int LayerNr;
        bool ScaleType;
        bool AspectRatio;
        QValueStack<int> Groups;
        QValueList<double> DashValues;
        double DashOffset;
        VGradient fill_gradient;
        bool fillRule;
        bool doOverprint;
/* Additions for Table Support */
        PageItem* LeftLink;
        PageItem* RightLink;
        PageItem* TopLink;
        PageItem* BottomLink;
        int LeftLinkID;
        int RightLinkID;
        int TopLinkID;
        int BottomLinkID;
        bool LeftLine;
        bool RightLine;
        bool TopLine;
        bool BottomLine;
        bool isTableItem;
        bool isSingleSel;
        bool isGroupControl;
        PageItem *groupsLastItem;
        double BoundingX;
        double BoundingY;
        double BoundingW;
        double BoundingH;
        bool ChangedMasterItem;
        QString OnMasterPage;
        bool isEmbedded;
        double xPos() const { return Xpos; }
        double yPos() const { return Ypos; }
        FPoint xyPos() const { return FPoint(Xpos, Ypos); }
        void setXPos(const double, bool drawingOnly=false);
        void setYPos(const double, bool drawingOnly=false);
        void setXYPos(const double, const double, bool drawingOnly=false);
        void moveBy(const double, const double, bool drawingOnly=false);
        double width() const { return Width; }
        double height() const { return Height; }
        void setWidth(const double);
        void setHeight(const double);
        void setWidthHeight(const double, const double);
        void resizeBy(const double, const double);
        double rotation() const { return Rot; }
        void setRotation(const double, bool drawingOnly=false);
        void rotateBy(const double);
        bool isSelected() const { return Select; }
        void setSelected(const bool);
        //Image Data
        double imageXScale() const { return LocalScX; }
        double imageYScale() const { return LocalScY; }
        void setImageXScale(const double);
        void setImageYScale(const double);
        void setImageXYScale(const double, const double);
        double imageXOffset() const { return LocalX; }
        double imageYOffset() const { return LocalY; }
        void setImageXOffset(const double);
        void setImageYOffset(const double);
        void moveImageXYOffsetBy(const double, const double);
        void setImageXYOffset(const double, const double);
        bool reversed() const { return Reverse; }
        void setReversed(bool);
        //Rounded Corners
        double cornerRadius() const { return RadRect; }
        void setCornerRadius(double);

        //Text Data - Move to PageItem_TextFrame at some point? --- no, to FrameStyle, av
        double textToFrameDistLeft() const { return Extra; }
        double textToFrameDistRight() const { return RExtra; }
        double textToFrameDistTop() const { return TExtra; }
        double textToFrameDistBottom() const { return BExtra; }
        int columns() const { return Cols; }
        double columnGap() const { return ColGap; }
        double gridOffset() const;
        double gridDistance() const;
        void setTextToFrameDistLeft(double);
        void setTextToFrameDistRight(double);
        void setTextToFrameDistTop(double);
        void setTextToFrameDistBottom(double);
        void setColumns(int);
        void setColumnGap(double);
        void setGridOffset(double);
        void setGridDistance(double);
         * \brief Set the text to frame distances all at once
         * @param newLeft left distance
         * @param newRight right distance
         * @param newTop top distance
         * @param newBottom bottom distance

        void setTextToFrameDist(double newLeft, double newRight, double newTop, double newBottom);

        /**  @brief Get name of the item
         * This is unrelated to QObject::name(); the pageItem's name is independent
         * of its Qt name.
         * See also PageItem::setItemName()

        QString itemName() const { return AnName; }
         * @brief Set name of the item
         * @param newName name for the item
         * @author Riku Leino
         * Note that this is unrelated to QObject::setName()
         * See also PageItem::itemName()

        void setItemName(const QString& newName);

        /** @brief Get the name of the pattern of the object */
        QString pattern() const { return patternVal; }

        /** @brief Get the pattern transformation matrix of the object */
        void patternTransform(double &scaleX, double &scaleY, double &offsetX, double &offsetY, double &rotation) const;

         * @brief Set the fill pattern of the object.
         * @param newPattern fill pattern for the object

        void setPattern(const QString &newPattern);
         * @brief Set the fill pattern transformation of the object.
         * @param matrix fill pattern transformation matrix for the object

        void setPatternTransform(double scaleX, double scaleY, double offsetX, double offsetY, double rotation);

        /** @brief Get the (name of the) fill color of the object */
        QString fillColor() const { return fillColorVal; }
         * @brief Set the fill color of the object.
         * @param newColor fill color for the object

        void setFillColor(const QString &newColor);

        /** @brief Get the shade of the fill color */
        int fillShade() const { return fillShadeVal; }
         * @brief Set the fill color shade.
         * @param newShade shade for the fill color

        void setFillShade(int newShade);

        /** @brief Get the transparency of the fill color */
        double fillTransparency() const { return fillTransparencyVal; }
         * @brief Set the transparency of the fill color.
         * @param newTransparency transparency of the fill color

        void setFillTransparency(double newTransparency);

        /** @brief Get the blendmode of the fill color */
        int fillBlendmode() const { return fillBlendmodeVal; }
         * @brief Set the blendmode of the fill color.
         * @param newBlendmode blendmode of the fill color

        void setFillBlendmode(int newBlendmode);

        /** @brief Get the blendmode of the stroke color */
        int lineBlendmode() const { return lineBlendmodeVal; }
         * @brief Set the blendmode of the stroke color.
         * @param newBlendmode blendmode of the stroke color

        void setLineBlendmode(int newBlendmode);

        /** @brief Get the line color of the object */
        QString lineColor() const { return lineColorVal; }
         * @brief Set the line color of the object.
         * @param newColor line color for the object

        void setLineColor(const QString &newColor);

        /** @brief Get the line color shade */
        int lineShade() const { return lineShadeVal; }
         * @brief Set the line color shade.
         * @param newShade shade for the line color

        void setLineShade(int newShade);

        /** @brief Get the line transparency */
        double lineTransparency() const { return lineTransparencyVal; }
         * @brief Set the transparency of the line color.
         * @param newTransparency transparency of the line color

        void setLineTransparency(double newTransparency);

        /** @brief Set the QColor for the line */
        void setLineQColor();
        /** @brief Set the QColor for the fill */
        void setFillQColor();

        /** @brief Get the style of line */
        Qt::PenStyle lineStyle() const { return PLineArt; }
         * @brief Set the style of line.
         * @param newStyle style of line
         * @sa Qt::PenStyle

        void setLineStyle(Qt::PenStyle newStyle);

        /** @brief Get the width of the line */
        double lineWidth() const { return m_lineWidth; }
         * @brief Set the width of line
         * @param newWidth width of line

        void setLineWidth(double newWidth);

        /** @brief Get the end cap style of the line */
        Qt::PenCapStyle lineEnd() const { return PLineEnd; }
         * @brief Set the end style of line
         * @param newStyle end style of line
         * @sa Qt::PenCapStyle

        void setLineEnd(Qt::PenCapStyle newStyle);

        /** @brief Get the join style of multi-segment lines */
        Qt::PenJoinStyle lineJoin() const { return PLineJoin; }
         * @brief Set the join style of line
         * @param newStyle join style of line
         * @sa Qt::PenJoinStyle

        void setLineJoin(Qt::PenJoinStyle newStyle);

        /** @brief Get name of active custom line style */
        QString customLineStyle() const { return NamedLStyle; }
         * @brief Set custom line style
         * @param newStyle name of the custom style

        void setCustomLineStyle(const QString& newStyle);

        /** @brief Get start arrow index
         * @sa PageItem::endArrowIndex(), PageItem::setStartArrowIndex()

        int startArrowIndex() const { return m_startArrowIndex; }
         * @brief Set start arrow index
         * @param newIndex index for start arrow

        void setStartArrowIndex(int newIndex);

        /** @brief Get end arrow index
         * @sa PageItem::startArrowIndex(), PageItem::setEndArrowIndex()

        int endArrowIndex() const { return m_endArrowIndex; }
         * @brief Set end arrow index
         * @param newIndex index for end arrow

        void setEndArrowIndex(int newIndex);

        /** @brief Is the image flipped horizontally? */
        bool imageFlippedH() const { return m_ImageIsFlippedH; }
        /** @brief Horizontally flip / unflip the image */
        void setImageFlippedH(bool flipped);
        /** @brief Flip an image horizontally. */
        void flipImageH();

        /** @brief Is the image flipped vertically? */
        bool imageFlippedV() const { return m_ImageIsFlippedV; }
        /** @brief Vertically flip / unflip the image */
        void setImageFlippedV(bool flipped);
        /** @brief Flip an image vertically */
        void flipImageV();

         * @brief Set the image scaling mode.
         * @param freeScale is the scaling free (not forced to frame size)
         * @param keepRatio should the image's aspect ratio be respected

        void setImageScalingMode(bool freeScale, bool keepRatio);

        /** @brief Lock or unlock this pageitem. */
        void toggleLock();
        /** @brief is the item locked ? */
        bool locked() const { return m_Locked; }
        /** @brief Lock or unlock this pageitem */
        void setLocked(bool isLocked);

        /** @brief Toggle lock for resizing */
        void toggleSizeLock();
        /** @brief Is the item's size locked? */
        bool sizeLocked() const { return m_SizeLocked; }
        /** @brief set lock for resizing */
        void setSizeLocked(bool isLocked);

         * @brief Does text flow around this object and how
         * @sa setTextFlowMode()

        TextFlowMode textFlowMode() const { return textFlowModeVal; }

         * @brief Changes the way text flows around this item
         * @param mode true if text is wanted to flow around this object or false if not
         * @sa textFlowMode()

        void setTextFlowMode(TextFlowMode mode);

         * @brief If text should flow around object frame
         * @sa PageItem::setTextFlowMode()

        bool textFlowAroundObject() const { return (textFlowModeVal != TextFlowDisabled); }

         * @brief If text should flow around object frame
         * @sa PageItem::setTextFlowMode()

        bool textFlowUsesFrameShape() const { return (textFlowModeVal == TextFlowUsesFrameShape); }

         * @brief If text should flow around bounding box
         * @sa PageItem::setTextFlowMode()

        bool textFlowUsesBoundingBox() const { return (textFlowModeVal == TextFlowUsesBoundingBox); }

         * @brief If text should flow around contour line
         * @sa PageItem::setTextFlowMode()

        bool textFlowUsesContourLine() const { return (textFlowModeVal == TextFlowUsesContourLine); }

        /** @brief Get the frame type
         * @attention The whole concept of frame types is due for some radical
         *            re-working, so don't rely on this interface staying stable.
         *            It's here as an interim step to eliminate direct member access
         *            on PageItems.

        ItemType itemType() const { return m_ItemType; }
         * @brief Convert this PageItem to PageItem type <code>newType</code>
         * @param newType PageItem type for conversion

        void convertTo(ItemType newType);

        * Set the layer for the item
        * @param layerId layer where this item is moved

        void setLayer(int layerId);

         * @brief Check the changes to the item and add undo actions for them.
         * @param force Force the check. Do not care if mouse button or arrow key is down
         * check anyway.
         * @author Riku Leino

        void checkChanges(bool force = false);
         * @name Store undo actions
         * @brief Add an undo action to the undo guis
         * @author Riku Leino

        void moveUndoAction();
        void resizeUndoAction();
        void rotateUndoAction();
        void changeImageOffsetUndoAction();
        void changeImageScaleUndoAction();
        /** @brief Required by the UndoObject */
        void restore(UndoState *state, bool isUndo);

         * @brief Return a variant of `originalName' that is guaranteed to be unique
         *        in the same document as this PageItem.  If the passed name is not
         *        in use it is returned unchanged.
         * @author Craig Ringer
         * Usually of the form 'Copy of [name]' or 'Copy of [name] (n)'

        QString generateUniqueCopyName(const QString originalName) const;
         * @brief Is this item printed?
         * @sa setPrintEnabled()

        bool printEnabled() const { return m_PrintEnabled; }
         * @brief Tells if the frame is set to be printed or not
         * @sa printable()

        void setPrintEnabled(bool toPrint);
        /** @brief Toggle printable
         * @sa setPrintable()

        void togglePrintEnabled();
         * @brief Tells if the frame is tagged or not
         * @sa isTagged()

        bool isTagged() const { return tagged; }
         * @brief Set the tagged member for use when deleting items, instead of reselecting them.
         * @sa setTagged()

        void setTagged(bool);

         * @brief Load an image into an image frame, moved from ScribusView
         * @return True if load succeeded

        bool loadImage(const QString& filename, const bool reload, const int gsResolution=-1, bool showMsg = false);
         * @brief Connect the item's signals to the GUI, primarily the Properties palette, also some to ScMW
         * @return

        bool connectToGUI();
        bool disconnectFromGUI();
         * @brief Emit the items properties to the GUI in one go

        void emitAllToGUI();
         * @brief Get the document that this item belongs to

        ScribusDoc* doc() const { return m_Doc; }
        bool isAnnotation() const { return m_isAnnotation; }
        void setIsAnnotation(bool);
        void setAnnotation(const Annotation& ad);
        Annotation& annotation() { return m_annotation; }
        const Annotation& annotation() const { return m_annotation; }
        bool imageShown() const { return PicArt; }
        void setImageShown(bool);
        void updateConstants();

        void drawLockedMarker(ScPainter *p);
        /** @brief Manages undostack and is where all undo actions/states are sent. */
        UndoManager * const undoManager;
         * @name Restore helper methods
         * Split the restore method for easier handling.
         * @author Riku Leino

        void restoreMove(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreResize(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreRotate(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreFill(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreShade(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreLineColor(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreLineShade(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreName(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreFillTP(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreLineTP(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreLineStyle(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreLineEnd(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreLineJoin(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreLineWidth(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreCustomLineStyle(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreArrow(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo, bool isStart);

        void restorePStyle(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);

        void restoreType(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreTextFlowing(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreImageScaleType(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreImageScaleChange(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreImageOffsetChange(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restorePoly(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo, bool isContour);
        void restoreContourLine(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreLayer(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreGetImage(SimpleState *state, bool isUndo);

        void restoreShapeContour(UndoState *state, bool isUndo);
        void restoreImageEffects(UndoState *state, bool isUndo);

         * @brief Returns true if the actions should be sent to the UndoManager.
         * Checks the state of the arrow keys and mouse buttons. If a key or a
         * mouse button is down PageItem is under some action which should only be
         * stored after the action has been finished (to get a single undo action).
         * @return true if the actions should be sent to the UndoManager based on the
         * state of arrow keys and mouse buttons else returns false.

        bool shouldCheck();
        /** @brief Clears the current selection and selects this PageItem. */
        void select();

        // Protected members

         * @brief Frame Type, eg line, text frame, etc.
         * This will probably go away when pageitem is split into
         * subclasses.

        ItemType m_ItemType;

         * @brief Item name. Unicode. User visible (outline, property palette, etc).
         * @todo This is Annotation Name.. not item name, needs splitting up.
         * @sa PageItem::itemName(), PageItem::setItemName()

        QString AnName;

         * @brief Fill pattern name
         * @sa PageItem::pattern(), PageItem::setPattern()

        QString patternVal;
         * @brief Fill pattern transformation matrix

        double patternScaleX;
        double patternScaleY;
        double patternOffsetX;
        double patternOffsetY;
        double patternRotation;

         * @brief Fill color name
         * @sa PageItem::fillColor(), PageItem::setFillColor()

        QString fillColorVal;

         * @brief Line color name
         * @sa PageItem::lineColor(), PageItem::setLineColor()

        QString lineColorVal;

         * @brief Line shade
         * @sa PageItem::lineShade, PageItem::setLineShade()

        int lineShadeVal;

         * @brief Fill shade
         * @sa PageItem::fillShade, PageItem::setFillShade()

        int fillShadeVal;

         * @brief Fill transparency
         * @sa PageItem::fillTransparency(), PageItem::setFillTransparency()

        double fillTransparencyVal;

         * @brief Line stroke transparency.
         * @sa PageItem::lineTransparency(), PageItem::setLineTransparency()

        double lineTransparencyVal;

         * @brief Fill transparency blendmode
         * @sa PageItem::fillBlendmode(), PageItem::setFillBlendmode()

        int fillBlendmodeVal;

         * @brief Line stroke transparency blendmode.
         * @sa PageItem::lineBlendmode(), PageItem::setLineBlendmode()

        int lineBlendmodeVal;

         * @brief Is the image in this image item flipped horizontally?
         * @sa PageItem::isImageFlippedH(), PageItem::setImageFlippedH(),
         *     PageItem::flipImageH(), PageItem::flippedV

        bool m_ImageIsFlippedH;

         * @brief Is the image in this image item flipped vertically?
         * @sa PageItem::isImageFlippedV(), PageItem::setImageFlippedV(),
         *     PageItem::flipImageV(), PageItem::flippedH

        bool m_ImageIsFlippedV;

         * @brief Is the item locked (cannot be moved, resized, etc)?
         * @sa PageItem::locked(), PageItem::setLocked(), PageItem::toggleLock()

        bool m_Locked;

         * @brief Is the item's size locked?
         * @sa PageItem::sizeLocked(), PageItem::setSizeLocked(), PageItem::toggleSizeLock()

        bool m_SizeLocked;

         * @brief Should text flow around the item
         * @sa PageItem::textFlowMode(), PateItem::setTextFlowMode()

        TextFlowMode textFlowModeVal;

         * @brief Stores the attributes of the pageitem (NOT properties, the user defined ATTRIBUTES)
         * @sa

        ObjAttrVector pageItemAttributes;

         * @brief Is this item set to be printed/exported
         * @sa PageItem::printable(), PageItem::setPrintable()

        bool m_PrintEnabled;
         * @brief Is this item set to have an action done to it, eg deleted
         * @sa PageItem::isTagged(), PageItem::setTagged()

        bool tagged;
        QColor fillQColor;
        QColor strokeQColor;
        /** X position on the page */
        double Xpos;
        /** Y position on the page */
        double Ypos;
        /** Width of the item */
        double Width;
        /** Height of the item */
        double Height;
        /** Rotation of the item */
        double Rot;
        /** Element selected? */
        bool Select;
        /** Scaling X Factor for images */
        double LocalScX;
        /** Scaling Y Factor for images*/
        double LocalScY;
        /** Image X Offset to frame */
        double LocalX;
        /** Image Y Offset to frame */
        double LocalY;
        /** If the frame is reversed */
        bool Reverse;

        int m_startArrowIndex;
        int m_endArrowIndex;

        /** Left, Top, Bottom, Right distances of text from the frame */
        double Extra;
        double TExtra;
        double BExtra;
        double RExtra;
        /** Radius of rounded corners */
        double RadRect;
        //Undo Data
        /** @brief Stores the old X-position for undo action. Is used to detect move actions.*/
        double oldXpos;
        /** @brief Stores the old Y-position for undo action. Is used to detect move actions. */
        double oldYpos;
        /** @brief Stores the old width for undo action. Is used to detect resize actions. */
        double oldWidth;
        /** @brief Stores the old height for undo action. Is used to detect resize actions. */
        double oldHeight;
        /** @brief Stores the old rotation value for undo action. Is used to detect rotation actions. */
        double oldRot;
        /** @brief Stores the old LocalScX value for undo action. Is used to detect image scale actions. */
        double oldLocalScX;
        /** @brief Stores the old LocalScY value for undo action. Is used to detect image scale actions. */
        double oldLocalScY;
        /** @brief Stores the old LocalX value for undo action. Is used to detect image offset actions. */
        double oldLocalX;
        /** @brief Stores the old LocalY value for undo action. Is used to detect image offset actions. */
        double oldLocalY;
        /** Document this item belongs to */
        ScribusDoc *m_Doc;
        /** Flags and data for PDF Annotations */
        bool m_isAnnotation;
        Annotation m_annotation;
        /** Darstellungsart Bild/Titel */
        bool PicArt;
         /** Line width */
        double m_lineWidth;
        double Oldm_lineWidth;
        //Frame signals
        void myself(PageItem *);
        void frameType(int);
        void position(double, double); //X,Y
        void widthAndHeight(double, double); //W,H
        void rotation(double); //Degrees rotation      
        void colors(QString, QString, int, int); //lineColor, fillColor, lineShade, fillShade
        void gradientType(int); //Normal, horizontal, vertical, etc.
        void patternFill(QString, double, double, double, double, double);
        void gradientColorUpdate(double, double, double, double, double, double); //Cpal updatespecialgradient
        void transparency(double, double); //fillTransparency, lineTransparency
        void blendmode(int, int); //fillBlendmode, lineBlendmode
        void frameLocked(bool); //Frame lock
        void frameSizeLocked(bool); //Frame size lock
        void frameFlippedH(bool); //Frame flipped horizontally
        void frameFlippedV(bool); //Frame flipped vertically
        void printEnabled(bool); //Frame is set to print or not
        //Shape signals
        void columns(int, double); //Number, gap
        void cornerRadius(double); //Corner radius of the shape
        //Line signals
        void lineWidth(double);
        void lineStyleCapJoin(Qt::PenStyle, Qt::PenCapStyle, Qt::PenJoinStyle);
        //Frame text signals
        void lineSpacing(double);
        void textKerning(int);
        void textStyle(int);
        void textFont(QString);
        void textSize(int);
        void textWidthScale(int);
        void textHeightScale(int);
        void textBaseLineOffset(int);
        void textOutline(int);
        void textShadow(int, int);
        void textUnderline(int, int);
        void textStrike(int, int);
        void textColor(QString, QString, int, int);
        void textFormatting(int);
        void textToFrameDistances(double, double, double, double); //left, top, bottom, right: Extra, TExtra, BExtra, RExtra
        //FIXME: columns, grid ?
        //Frame image signals
        void imageOffsetScale(double, double, double, double);