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#include <qobject.h>
#include <qstring.h>
#include <qmap.h>
#include "scribus.h"

 * \brief PluginManager handles plugin loading, unloading, and running.
 * It contains methods and attributes for plugin running and its settings
 * and returning values.
 * Derived from Franz's ScribusApp stuff (petr vanek)

class PluginManager : public QObject

        /** \brief Human readable enumertion of the plugin types */
        // FIXME: what the hell is type5?
        enum PluginType {
                Persistent = 4,
                Import = 7,
                Standard = 6,
                Type5 = 5

         * \brief PluginData is structure for plugin related informations.
         * \param pluginFile path to the share library (with name).
         * \param name a string which will be shown at menu
         * \param index black magic? FIXME
         * \param type PluginType element
         * \param menuID id for menu system
         * \param actName name of the action for this plugin
         * \param actKeySequence menu GUI key combination
         * \param actMenu first level menu
         * \param actMenuAfterName 2nd level menu
         * \param actEnabledOnStartup run it at start FIXME
         * \param loadPlugin enable or disable plugin for user
         * \param loaded is the plug really loaded?

        struct PluginData
                QString pluginFile;// Datei;
                QString name;
                void *index; //Zeiger;
                PluginType type;
                int menuID;
                QString actName;
                QString actMenuText;
                QString actKeySequence;
                QString actMenu;
                QString actMenuAfterName;
                bool actEnabledOnStartup;
                bool loadPlugin;
                bool loaded;

        /*! \brief Ininitalization of all plugins. It's called at scribus start. */
        void initPlugs();
        /*! \brief Run plugin by its id from pluginMap */
        void callDLL(int pluginID);
        /*! \brief Checks if is the plug in plugin map.
         * \return bool

        bool DLLexists(int pluginID);
        /*! unused/obsolete */
        void callDLLbyMenu(int pluginID);
        /*! \brief Reads available info and fills PluginData structure */
        bool DLLname(QString name, QString *pluginName, PluginType *type, void **index, int *idNr, QString *actName, QString *actKeySequence, QString *actMenu, QString *actMenuAfterName, bool *actEnabledOnStartup, bool loadPlugin);
        /*! \brief Shutdowns all plugins. Called at scribus quit */
        void finalizePlugs();
        /*! \brief Shutdowns one plugin.
         * \param pluginID key from the pluginMap. Plugin identifier

        void finalizePlug(int pluginID);
        /** \brief Returns human readable plugin type */
        QString getPluginType(PluginType aType);
        /** \brief Saves plugin preferences */
        void savePreferences();

        /*! \brief Input variable to the plug. */
        QString dllInput;
        /*! \brief Returning variable from the plug. */
        QString dllReturn;

        /*! \brief Plugin mapping.
         * Each plugin has its record key() -> PluginData */

        QMap<int, PluginData> pluginMap;

        /*! \brief Return file extension used for shared libs on this platform */
        static QCString platformDllExtension();

public slots:
        /*! obsolete */
        void callDLLBySlot(int pluginID);

        /** \brief Configuration structure */
        PrefsContext* prefs;