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#ifndef OODPLUG_H
#define OODPLUG_H

#include <qobject.h>
#include <qdom.h>
#include <qdict.h>
#include <qptrlist.h>
class QWidget;

class ScribusApp;
class ScribusDoc;
class PageItem;
class FPointArray;
#include "stylestack.h"

/** Calls the Plugin with the main Application window as parent
  * and the main Application Class as parameter */

extern "C" void Run(QWidget *d, ScribusApp *plug);
/** Returns the Name of the Plugin.
  * This name appears in the relevant Menue-Entrys */

extern "C" QString Name();
/** Returns the Type of the Plugin.
  * 1 = the Plugin is a normal Plugin, which appears in the Extras Menue
  * 2 = the Plugins is a import Plugin, which appears in the Import Menue
  * 3 = the Plugins is a export Plugin, which appears in the Export Menue */

extern "C" int Type();
extern "C" int ID();

class OODPlug : public QObject

        OODPlug( ScribusApp *plug, QString fName );
        void convert();
        QPtrList<PageItem> parseGroup(const QDomElement &e);
        void createStyleMap( QDomDocument &docstyles );
        void insertDraws( const QDomElement& styles );
        void insertStyles( const QDomElement& styles );
        void fillStyleStack( const QDomElement& object );
        void addStyles( const QDomElement* style );
        void storeObjectStyles( const QDomElement& object );
        static double parseUnit(const QString &unit);
        QColor parseColorN( const QString &rgbColor );
        QString parseColor( const QString &s );
        void parseTransform(FPointArray *composite, const QString &transform);
        void parseViewBox( const QDomElement& object, double *x, double *y, double *w, double *h );
        void appendPoints(FPointArray *composite, const QDomElement& object);
        const char * getCoord( const char *ptr, double &number );
        bool parseSVG( const QString &s, FPointArray *ite );
        void calculateArc(FPointArray *ite, bool relative, double &curx, double &cury, double angle, double x, double y, double r1, double r2, bool largeArcFlag, bool sweepFlag);
        void svgClosePath(FPointArray *i);
        void svgMoveTo(double x1, double y1);
        void svgLineTo(FPointArray *i, double x1, double y1);
        void svgCurveToCubic(FPointArray *i, double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2, double x3, double y3);

        ScribusDoc* Doku;
        ScribusApp* Prog;
        QDomDocument inpContents;
        QDomDocument inpStyles;
        QDomDocument inpMeta;
        QDict<QDomElement> m_styles, m_draws;
        StyleStack m_styleStack;
        QString stylePath;
        QString contentPath;
        QString metaPath;
        double CurrX, CurrY, StartX, StartY;
        int PathLen;
        QPtrList<PageItem> Elements;
        bool FirstM, WasM, PathClosed, HaveMeta;