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#include <scribus.h>
#include <qstring.h>
#include <qfiledialog.h>

/*! Calls the Plugin with the main Application window as parent
        and the main Application Class as parameter */

extern "C" void Run(QWidget *d, ScribusApp *plug);

/*! Returns the Name of the Plugin.
        This name appears in the relevant Menue-Entrys */

extern "C" QString Name();

/*! Returns the Type of the Plugin.
  \retval 1 = the Plugin is a normal Plugin, which appears in the Extras Menue
  \retval 2 = the Plugin is a Import Plugin, which appears in the Import Menue
  \retval 3 = the Plugin is a Export Plugin, which appears in the Export Menue
  \retval 4 = the Plugin is a resident Plugin   */

extern "C" int Type();
extern "C" int ID();

/*! Handles export. */
class ExportBitmap: public QObject
  /*! Initializing the default export variables and attributes */
        ExportBitmap(ScribusApp *plug);
        /*! nothing doing destructor. */

  /*! Type of the exported image */
        QString bitmapType;
  /*! Height of the page - exported image */
        int pageSize;
        /*! Enlargement of the exported image... 2x 3x etc. */
        int enlargement;
  /*! Quality of the image <0; 100> */
        int quality;
  /*! A place for stored images */
        QString exportDir;
  /*! Overwrite the existing files? */
        bool overwrite;

  /*! Exports only the actual page */
        bool exportActual();
  /*! Exports chosen interval of the pages */
        bool exportInterval(std::vector<int> &pageNs);
  /*! reference to the Scribus application object */
        ScribusApp *carrier;
        /*! create specified filename "docfilename-005.ext" */
        QString getFileName(uint pageNr);
        /*! export one specified page
        \param pageNr number of the page
        \param single bool TRUE if only the one page is exported

  bool exportPage(uint pageNr, bool single);